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We reveal the best diet pills that can help you lose weight. Very few Diet Pills are good enough to hit the Approved list.

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Latest Diet Pill Reviews

Pro Supps’ DNPX

As new information and research becomes available about commonly used diet pill ingredients, it becomes apparent that some ingredients carry a high risk of serious side effects. These are sometimes banned by numerous countries, and the diet pills that contain them have to be reformulated to stay legal. One such product is Pro Supps’ DNPX, […]


Greenceutics Green Pura

There are literally hundreds of diet pills for sale on the web retailer amazon, with many of them listing very little information about the product itself, or the company that manufacture it. One such product is Greenceutics Green Pura, a green tea supplement. We take an in-depth look at Greenceutics Green Pura below, to see […]


Shapeology 15 Day Cleanse

One of the side effects of taking a cleansing product that contains laxatives is weight loss. This has led some people to use these cleanse products as weight loss aids, even if that is not their expressly stated purpose. Below, we take an in-depth look at one such cleansing product, Shapeology 15 Day Cleanse. Shapeology […]


Latest Consumer Reports

Youth H2O review

I would be interested in seeing a review of Youth H2O. Thank you


ZETATRIM fat burning formula

Hi, I have been looking for a review on ZETATRIM fat burning formula and not find one. Can you look into this one and let me know if worth buying as seen it on ebay. Ta, S


Pure genix garcinia have caffeine?

Does pure genix garcinia with green coffee have caffeine?


PurSlim terms and conditions

i wish to report that because i did not read all of the T&C i fell victim to allowing to this internet scam. Before my full next delivery they have already taken £300.16 from account.


Raspberry keytone proslim review

Signed up for free trial 12 February 2015 and cancelled within the agreed timescale. payment taken 26 February even though cancellation sent by email 20 February As the payment made using credit card thought that as payment not authorised and no goods sent to me transaction fraudulent I would be covered under credit card fraud […]


Latest Investigations

XLS Medical Supplements: Which One is Best for You?

XLS Medical is a trusted weight loss brand across the UK and Europe. You can find a variety of XLS products on the shelves of many retail outlets including Boots and the overriding impression that this company provide good quality weight loss supplements which are safe to use. XLS Medical Fat Binder is the most […]


Dieting Hacks that Work

Losing weight can be incredibly hard. We have put together 15 easy dieting hacks that work and will help you along your weight loss journey. Following just a few of these tips can help to shift those excess pounds ready for the New Year. 1/ Drink more water. In many cases we confuse feeling thirsty […]


How Many Calories Are In The Average Christmas Dinner?

According to a recent article, over 7000! The average person will consume around 7000 calories in food and drink on Christmas Day, and then spend the whole of January trying to work it off. The best of it is, most of us are oblivious. Obviously. it’s one of the most indulgent days of the year, […]


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