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4321 Shape Up

4321 Shape Up is a two part diet pill and detox system based on the idea that your body’s metabolic rate works differently at night than in day time. The pills deliver ingredients at the optimum time in order to help you “shape up” around the clock.

We take a look into this supplement to find out what this actually means and whether it will help you lose weight.

4321 Shape Up Pros

  • Inexpensive supplement
  • Available in the shops and online

4321 Shape Up Cons

  • No clinical evidence or proof that it will work
  • No explanation about what this supplement actually does
  • Some ingredients may cause side effects
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4321 Shape Up

4321 Shape Up Review

4321 Shape Up Facts

  • Made by French company Arkopharma
  • Two pill diet and detox system to take over 15 days and nights
  • Available in the UK from Holland & Barrett

4321 Shape Up is relatively new on the UK market. It comes from Arkopharma, a major French company who specialise in phototherapy, natural medicine and dietary supplements. Arkopharma have an impressive presence in 60 countries worldwide but their products are not easily available in the USA

4321 Shape Up is based on the idea of chronobiology – the study of the effects of the time of day on your body. The idea is that the nutrients contained in the pills can be delivered to your body at the best time for them to work and that your natural body clock will help them do the rest.

Although this supplement is advertised at helping you “shape up” so sounds like it is for weight loss, it is essentially a detox programme. You take it over 15 days (and nights) in order to lose some weight and presumably “cleanse” your system.

4321 Shape Up comes in the format of two diet pills; Day capsules and Night capsules. They both contain a range of herbal and natural ingredients said to work with the rhythm of your body clock.

The Day capsules are to help “eliminate, cleanse, purify and tone” your body.
The night capsules to help “detox, Fat –flush, de- bloat (is that even a word?) and relax.”

Stomach healthDespite the fact that so many weight loss products use detoxing as part of their advertising there is no scientific evidence to prove that this works or is even necessary. Medical experts agree detoxing has no benefits to health and weight loss so already we are not very impressed. See our earlier investigation on the dangers of detox diet pills.

There is very little information about 4321 Shape Up so we looked on the Arkopharma company website for more details.

It was not very helpful. It did not explain how this detox process works and the company did not provide any clinical evidence about efficacy.

We were not even given an adequate explanation of the name, beyond the vague idea of a countdown to lose weight.

All we found out was that the there are other products in the 4321 range. These include diet drinks for the world market as well as 4321 Pineapple Herganic – a diet pill aimed at the Eastern market and Shape Up Chrono Cell Actif, which looks similar to 4321 Shape Up Capsules.

How to Take 4321 Shape Up

To use 4321 Shape Up, take the yellow Day capsule at breakfast time with a large glass of water. Take the brown Night capsule with your evening meal, again with a glass of water.

Take over 15 days and nights. It is not made clear whether you should continue with 4321 Shape Up after this period or whether you should take a break.

Arkopharma are a huge company with an international presence so many of their diet product labels are written in a way that many nationalities can understand.

Max RombiThe down side is that there is no explanation about how these products work. No explanation about the key features or the advertised detoxing process.

Arkopharma are a French company based in Carros in South of France. It was founded in 1980 and today is a “European leader in phytotherapy and nutritional supplements.” Founder Max Rombi was a vet who was passionate about phytotherapy (plant-based medicine) and today this multi million company is still run by his family.

4321 Shape Up Concerns:

  • Inadequate information about how it works and what it does
  • Some of the ingredients can cause side effects
  • Detoxing does not necessarily mean weight loss and is it necessary?

What Does 4321 Shape Up Claim To Do?

According to the Arkopharma website;

shaping up is the desire to seduce” (how French!) and will help you stay as slim in the way that only French women know how.

There is a 14 second video to advertise the Shape Up diet drink. It states;

Why French women don’t get fat is as simple as 4,3,2,1 – one of the worlds leading liquid slimming solutions and detoxers.

This is a bit fanciful and there is no evidence to suggest that all French women spend any more time detoxing than women of other nationalities. The fact that France has less obesity than many other countries is probably down to diet and lifestyle and you cannot get that from a pill.

All the Arkopharma website has to say about the 4321 range is that it;

combines plants and active ingredients known to be the most effective in aiding shaping up

According to Holland & Barrett; Shape Up Day & Night has been formulated on the basis of Chronobiology; delivering nutrients to the body at the optimum time to ensure they work in synergy with the body’s metabolism for maximum efficacy.

Although that sounds impressive, you have to remember we are talking about a daytime pill and a night time pill here. It is not exactly rocket science!

So What Is 4321 Shape Up and What Are The Ingredients For 4321 Shape Up?

It is not that clear but 4321 Shape Up appears to be a two-part diet pill system that will help you lose weight via a detox.

Each capsule is equal to one dose;

Day Time Capsule

  • Green Tea Extract (85.5mg): Green tea is rich in antioxidants with positive benefits for weight loss and health. Contains caffeine.
  • Mate Extract (85.5mg): Yerba Mate has proven effective for weight loss because of its high levels of flavanoids and antioxidants. It has a stimulant effect due to the caffeine content and is often drunk as beverage similar to coffee. See our earlier article on Yerba Mate.
  • Barley Malt Powder (45mg): Barley Malt extract is rich in vitamins and minerals and is an old-fashioned health supplement. Ingredient in night time drinks Horlicks and Ovaltine. Source:
  • Kola Powder (39mg): Caffeine filled nut extract. The Kola tree is native to the rain forest. Originally, its fruit, the kola nut was one of the major ingredients of coca cola (the clue is in the name) and one of the sources of caffeine for the drink. Here in powdered form. May have a diuretic effect. (make you want to pee)
  • Fennel Powder (30mg): Common herbal extract with aniseed flavour used in medicine for digestive problems in humans and animals. Believed to have a relaxing effect upon the colon but there is no evidence. Fennel is a mild diuretic. Source:
  • Celery Powder (15mg): Celery is more usually used as a seasoning and we cannot see any special application for detox or weight loss. Some people have serious allergies to celery similar to peanut allergy.

Night Capsule:

  • Lemon Balm Extract (60mg): Natural herb well known for having sleep inducing qualities. Very good ingredient for a night time supplement.
  • Grapemax® (60mg): This branded grape extract is made by a French herbal company based in the wine area of Burgundy. Grape skins are high in Revesterol, a natural compound believed to have numerous health benefits. These include a positive effect upon heart health and anti aging. Requires further investigation.
  • Kidney Bean Powder (60mg): Good source of fibre which has been clinically tested for weight loss benefits.
    It may help reduce body weight and fat mass when taken on a long-term basis. However requires further investigation.
  • Hawthorn Powder (20mg): Hawthorne berry extract is well known as a folk medicine and believed to have a sedative effect. It also may work as a diuretic.
  • Chicory Powder (20mg): Chicory is a natural plant with a mild laxative effect. Sometimes used to treat upset stomachs and digestive problems.

So What Does All This Mean?

The Day pill contains some ingredients that may perk you up with their caffeine content plus it may have a mild diuretic effect. However we can’t really see how this supplement will help you eliminate, cleanse, purify and tone” your body.

The Night Pill contains lemon balm a natural sedative but we do not understand why you should want to take a mild laxative at bedtime. The bean extract may help reduce night time hunger pangs but the claims that this will help you detox, flush fat and remove bloating seem very unlikely.

We don’t think that this diet pill system will live up to the claims.

Does 4321 Shape Up Have Any Side Effects?

It may cause side effects. The most likely is the laxative and diuretic effect so you may be visiting the bathroom more frequently.

However, you may notice a range of side effects associated with Hawthorne. These can include nausea, stomach upsets, nosebleeds, anxiety and sweating.

If you are very sensitive to caffeine, you may notice caffeine side effects such as anxiety, jitteriness and headaches.

Caution: Avoid if pregnant or breast-feeding or have a heart condition. Avoid if you are allergic to celery.
Chicory can also cause an allergic reaction in people sensitive to ragweed and associated plants.
Do not take 4321 Shape Up if you are taking prescription medication for or have a heart condition. It may interact with medication for heart or blood pressure such as Digoxin.

Any 4321 Shape Up Reviews From Customers?

We have been unable to find any 4321 Shape Up reviews but this may be because this particular supplement is new on the market.

So Does 4321 Shape Up Work?

No, we don’t believe it does work. We cannot see what either of these diet pills are supposed to do beyond providing a mild caffeine buzz in the daytime and a slight sedative effect in the evening.

We don’t believe 4321 Shape Up will help you shape up.

Where Can I Buy 4321 Shape Up?

If you live in the UK, you can find 4321 Shape Up on the shelves of your local Holland and Barrett. It is also stocked on their website. You can also find it on sale from numerous chemists and pharmacies throughout the UK.

30 capsules (15 days supply) costs £11.25. 4321 Shape Up is available via for £11.59.

You cannot buy 4321 Shape Up from the USA but you may be able find it in some pharmacy outlets worldwide. Arkopharma sell to 60 countries including India, South Africa and Hong Kong as well as throughout Europe.

What About A Guarantee

No money back guarantee on offer.

Watchdog Verdict

We are not convinced by 4321 Shape Up.

There is no real explanation about what it will do for you and there is no evidence that it will help you lose weight. Although the supplement contains natural ingredients, these will not suit everyone and Hawthorne is well known for causing side effects. You should seek medical advice before you take it, especially if you are on medication.

The big downside to 4321 Shape Up comes in its claims that it is a detox product. Even if this is the case, detoxing does not help weight loss despite the advertising, and medical opinion is that it is totally unnecessary.

However detoxing does remains popular so if you like the idea of it, 4321 Shape Up is inexpensive compared to other products on the market. It probably will not help you lose weight but at least it won’t cost you a fortune to find out.

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