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4s slimming capsules review


Just seen 4s slimming capsules online (facebook and thier website) but cant find any reviews for it. Is it any good? Please can you review this product and let me know. Andy, South Africa

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  1. Henk says:

    I was offered the options to resell these tablets, so I figured I’d better try them out to see if they did in fact work.
    I have been taking those tablets for 2.5 months (roughly) and have dropped 14kg. These tablets really do suppress your appetite! You have to drink a lot of water though, which in turn leads to an increase in trips to the toilet. I am not a very active person at all and also eat mostly bread. In the past 2 weeks I have started doing a few minutes of pushups, etc every morning as well as changing my diet from bread to more healthy alternatives.
    I did find that eating less did effect my energy levels when i did get into some heavy lifting, etc… My remedy for that was to quickly chow a sandwich or drink some sort of energy drink. Once or twice on a really hot day i found that standing up quickly did give me a slight dizzy spell, that I found was due to dehydration and it’s easily fixed by drinking energade or anything that is know to re-hydrate.
    I have not noticed any side effects besides what i have just mentioned.

  2. hanna says:

    I’ve noticed that S4 slimming and Lida Daidaihua Slimming pills has the same packaging but different ingredrients, bit curious about that

  3. queen says:

    I’m using it now for the 2nd week. Its terrible. I have insomnia. Literally don’t sleep. I lost 2 kg’s. Didn’t take it for 2 days and picked up 2 kg’s again. It feels like I’m on drugs. Grinding my jaw whole day.
    Its horrible!

    • vee says:

      On day 8. Have lost 2kg, but feel miserable. Insomnia, edgy, anxious, floaty, woozy and a bad headache. Think I shall stop tomorrow and do it the old fashioned way…. healthy eating and exercise. I really feel awful :(

      • Shantell says:

        What u are experiancing sounds to me like sugar withdrawl I get the same thing when I go on a normal diet people get addicted to sugar and its in so much of the things we eat once u change ur diet and detox it happens

    • Joe says:

      I’m a 24 year old and I’m useing the 4S slimming pills for about 2weeks now, when I first got the pills on day 2 of take’n this shit product I had very bad constipation which left me with hemorrhoids. I stoped take’n it for about a week and then started it again. One would think for the amount of money asking for these pills it would stand by it’s name and deliver :/ I’m now in the second week and how these pills are make’n me feel is not cool. I have this horrible burning feeling on my face n ears, the headache won’t go away, the stomach craps a lot, and it leaves me with back pain and mood swings.. Who ever says this shit pills has no side effects is a bullshiter and for those of you who still want to buy this product after reading all the negative. Well I guess you will be the only one getting screwed for R550 my friend!!!

      • Soma says:

        Many factors cause what you are feeling:
        1) not eating energy foods (carbohydrates)
        2) Starving yourself the entire day
        3) Not drinking enough water
        4) if the body has no fat to lose
        5) if you are weak in terms of bone structure etc.

        anycase those ugly feelings felt are for just week…our body is designed to adapt…

        • Lomie says:

          Soma – I completely agree with you. The first week is a bit hectic but you adapt. Drink the pill early in the morning, I drink mine first thing in the morning. (07:00) I do not drink it any later because of the insomnia effect it has. Drinking a lot of water certainly helps flushing out toxins etc. The side effects are worse if you do not eat/starve yourself!!

      • Vox says:

        i’m also sitting here with a burning face, dry nose and dry eyes. these pills definitely don’t make me feel good, which is why i’m online looking up the side effects.

        i drink water and eat as usual.

        my manager swears by it, so much so that she got me to take it.

        it’s only my fourth day so i’ll finish the pack to see if it gets any better.

      • Mara says:

        I know someone who take the 4S diet pills and she is very aggressive since she use it. is there any ingredients that cause that also heavy headaches

      • Jen says:

        Hi Joe, its a shame that you had such a bad reaction to this pills because myself and a lot of other men and woman used it and all of them lost weight and did not experience the side effects to that extreme. You just have to remember that the first week this pills detox your body. that is why you have side effects..if any. If you have to go on a diet now that take away all the usual nutrients you put in your body every day, your body is going to react exactly the same. I know of people who went on all kind of diets and felt exactly the same side effects that you described now. Yes i also had a little insomnia, headaches and constant thirst but i lost 10kg in 3 months and i’m still keeping it off even after i stopped using it. I did no exercise and basically continued eating what i wanted. I did eventually start making different choices when it came to food because i dont want to be on a pill for the rest of my life to keep the fat off and i dont want to continue paying this money either. I guess everyone is unique when it comes to what works for you and what not. Not everyone responds the same to products.

  4. anonymous says:

    Hi, from what age group can consume this pill?
    And is it suitable for epileptic patients?

  5. Me says:

    I just want to know if it’s safe to take these pills

  6. thanks4s says:

    I am using it for 3 months now, no side effects whatsoever, only constant thirst! This is better than Duramaine (30mg)! I have lost 14.2 kg to date. I can recommend this to anybody who is serious about loosing weight! I will not stop using it, until I have reached my goal weight.

  7. Swartblits says:

    Suppose i need to persevere.
    Can anyone give me advice on what to eat with it in the morning not to feel sick hal;f the day?
    I feel nausea and a little lethargic or dizzy in the mornings after I drink this. Any advice?

    • Elaine says:

      I am using these pills for a month. I only drink half a capsule every morning because one capsule is too strong for me. I eat my usual meals but much smaller and drink a lot of water. It is very important to still eat every meal and fruit inbetween,
      but smaller portions. Try to eat healthy. I works for me.

    • Melinda Van Papendorp says:

      I drank the pill at 6 in the morning and ate 2 bananas at 8.
      That made me feel much better. Also I ate 2 apples at 11 and at 1 I ate a salad which consists of normal salad ingredients and chick peas with a balsamic salad dressing. At night I,I had a big glass of water,cause u do seem to feel very hungry when night comes- ate one chicken breast with a lot of stirfried veggies and soya sauce. All day drank 8-10 glasses of water.

  8. Donna says:

    I feel nauseous all day.. and lightheaded.. its been 5 days and I feel awful.. but hopefully it goes away..

    • Elaine says:

      It was the same with me and I started to drink only half of a capsule each morning and I feel much better. Don’t skip you meals and eat healthy, smaller portions.

    • Jen says:

      Do you eat enough. It seems that some people dont eat anything. the pill takes your hunger away but that does not mean you should not eat. Its very very important to eat even if you have to force yourself.

      • anthea Moodley says:

        Hi there. Im all out of pills and my previous supplier is not doing this anymore. Can I get names of other suppliers in the jhb area?

  9. Marlise says:


    today’s my first day using S4 $o excited. For those with glittery feeling, try and workout 30min a day…It helps


  10. hanri says:

    Has this product been tested.It sound a lot like Simply Slim did a couple of years ago (was found to contain Sibatrumine)sam symptoms and unsafe in non regulated doses.

  11. Sue says:

    Hi guys, for those of you who feel horrible, just try it for a week or two more. I used it and literally wanted to die after day 7, I was soooo depressed and had heart palpitations and an anxious feeling all day long. But I pushed through and even got my hubby on it. It really really works! You do indeed need to drink a lot of water…not because you HAVE to but because you WANT to…thirsty all the time!

    But each body is different, so discontinue usage if you don’t feel better!

  12. Charmaine says:

    I have started these 4S pills two days ago and for two nights I was lying awake and could not sleep…I thought they said it had NO side effects??

  13. Purdy Lady says:

    Hello all,

    Started 4S sliming on the 05/07/2014

    Will update all on how it went. Starting weight 81.5kg…

    Goal weight: 55kg

    Here goes…

    Good luck

  14. Mienkie says:

    Hi all,

    I started S4 on Monday :) i can already feel in my clothes that i have lost weight im very exited. The first 2 nights i battled to sleep but i pushed through and im sleeping through :). People saying that it makes you feel nauseous and lightheaded i know these tablets make you detox so your body may be detoxing thats how i am feeling but im going to push through because they really do work!!!

    Good luck to everyone trying to loose weight :)

  15. Lisah says:

    Hi guys,

    I started this pills a month from now with no side effects nor insomnia but I am thirsty all the tym. Interms of weight I can feel the difference bt the scale its not going down. I am still the same weight that I was before I started.

  16. M F says:

    hi i have been on the pill for over 10 days now, side effects are there but i have lost 3 kg already and it feels great.I recently recognised red urine and i am worried it could be the pill and i am drinking a lot of water.”worried”

    • Deelicious Monsta says:

      Red urine?! Did you eat beetroot? Or drink cranberry juice? If not, then it means your kidneys are taking strain from these pills. STOP TAKING THE PILLS! Please!

  17. marina swart says:

    These pills Contains sibutramine or some diet mooty that is unregulated….not each pill contains the same amount of this mooty no wonder some pills make you feel sick and others not. The legal doze is 30mg of this ingredient. Some of these pills may contain double that dosage… The packaging, stamps on the box etc is all relating to the “simply slim” pills that was banned… I took simply slim and nearly lost my kidneys. Be careful of what you put in your mouth.

  18. Big big says:

    I have been on 4s for three days i feel not good ,headache,chest pains,burning body, wont sleep, dizzyness ah this pills are not good for a human being

  19. Karin says:

    I’m now on day 3 and yes did sleep well for 2 days but already lost 1.5kg and have lots of energy. I was trying to see where this tablet was Manufactured, an address or so but good not. That is a bit concerning to me.

  20. PS says:

    Hi I took the S4 pills last year in a month went from 89kg to 80kg. Then I stopped taking them. I now weigh 108kg ????????. I wish I hadn’t taken them in the first place cause now I overweight

    • Deelicious Monsta says:

      I worry about this too. It is causing thirst right? And headaches, dizziness etc….so infact this means your body is being dehydrated. Obvioulsy you will “lose” weight if you pee out all your water…we are almost 70% water not so. And then when we stop taking them, we gain all our water back and more….i wont support this product. Sorry. You may as well use crack cocaine to lose weight.

      • Sindiswa says:

        Lol, sorry but they make me feel like im about to die tjo! Thats why I came to this site. I have nauzia and feel really sick

  21. jolene says:

    The best diet pill ever! I have done all diets on the market and this pill i have had instant results. I will never change to any other diet! Just drink lots of water and do not stop eating! I have lost 22kg in 4.5 months and drop 4 sizes.

  22. Deelicious Monsta says:

    Hmm…these side effects are sounding crazy. I was told if i sell 5 packs of these things i will get a pack for free….but at what cost to these people’s health? And hey, i want to SEE pictures of this pill working please. With time and date stamp and all.

  23. Charmaine Smith says:

    Can you please tell us where do they manufacture these pills?

  24. Lotie Brink says:

    Do S4 and Lida Daidaihua have the same ingredients? Chinese dialects differ, therefor the active ingredient garcinia gambodia might have different name. Everything else is exactly the same. From usage, side effects, wording in advertisements and even packaging?

  25. Lotie Brink says:

    I have lost 12kg on S4 in 2 months. I am doing maintenance program. 1 pill every 3-4 days. Have lost 23kg in total, went from 98kg to 75kg.

  26. Sindiswa says:

    Wow this pill does wonders hey

  27. Charmain says:

    Ive been taking 4S for 3 and a half weeks now with total ease, tried staying away from sugar and wheat, drank about 3 plus liters of water per day and barely lost 2 kg. Can somebody please tell me why this is? A bad batch maybe? reading the comments made me really upset it seems to be working really well for others. Would it be worth it to carry on with these magically claimed weight loss pills. I will be so great full for your reply.

  28. Tumi says:

    I have just had this pills for two weeks and feel drowsy and loose focus at times. So I have stopped using for a while just until I’m am my own self again. At least I have lost 2kg already. But what contradicts me is that they suppress appetite but you must eat at least 6 times a day??? So I need to force myself to eat even if I’m not hungry. Maybe I confuse hunger and thirst and end up consuming anything…..who knows.

  29. AC says:

    took 4s for two weeks burning body!

  30. Busi says:

    I’ve been on 4s for about 2 weeks now. 1st day I could handle the strange buzzing feeling and felt energetic and great with no appetite….from then on side effects became worse…hot flushes, dull head ache and heart palpitations. I drink atleast 3 liters of water a day & calorie count &.mild exercisr..I have lost…0kg… i havnt taken the capsule in 2 days but i still have mild side effects! R500 later..disappointing

  31. AC says:

    how long does it take for these pills to work out your system? my body is still burning and red and feels if my tongue is burnt….. now I see my feet is swollen and I’m still drinking water as usual. I googled the ingredients and it seems if herbs can be bad for you ):-

    • Sindiswa says:

      How are you feeling now? Today I didnt take them hopefully ill be feeling better tomorrow.

    • Shantell says:

      Sounds like a allergic reaction remember like some meds some people can’t take same with some herbs as they are also medical herbs not everyone can take them does not say the product is bad its just every person is different and some herbs affect them in other ways

  32. Sindiswa says:

    These pills are dangerous, PERIOD!

  33. AC says:

    I feel better today, seems if my body is normalising again!!

  34. Dee says:

    I took these pills before my wedding last year, needed to shed just a little weight. I took one pill every alternate day. Felt jittery & nauseas first few days but thereafter it went away. I found I had alot of energy and not tired. I definately lost weight! In a month I was already fitting into those jeans that previously couldnt close. lol

  35. Stax says:

    Hi all, I have been trying to get an agent to buy the pills, but don’t seem to get any response from anyone? can anyone help me with this? thank you

  36. SE says:

    Hi all

    I have used 4S and it works I lost all my baby weight, which I tried to do for two years with a proper diet and exercise plan. However, I have found that my skin has suffered; acne on my face and scalp. Has anyone experienced this?

  37. Danni says:

    I have been using 4s for 3 weeks. I could hardly stomach food and drink 3ltrs of water daily. I eat mostly fruit during the day as my appetite is non existent. Its my 3rd week and side effects are gone. (agitated, heart palpitation, dizziness) but I have yet to date lost a single kilo. I exercise and don’t eat later than 6 and my meals are as small as my 3yr old son’s. Please tell me if I wasted R500 and went through all this horrible side effects for nothing?? Don’t know if I should continue or just give up

  38. Maddy says:

    I am trying to get a refill on my 4 S’s but so far 2 stockists told me that it was taken off the market. Does anyone know why?

  39. Des says:

    Hi – anybody know if 4S is still on the market. I have been trying to get hold of it, but everybody saying it is out of stock??

  40. smokey says:

    Have been on S4 for 3 weeks. The scale say i have lost 2kg but I can guarantee you it is just water. The side effect now are headaches and cramps. Proof it to yourself by measuring yourself.

  41. Arkaila says:

    Hi, I’m 39 and have been taking S4 for a month. I felt dizzy the first few days but no other side effects at all. Lost an immense amount of weight/fat (10kg) and I fit in to jeans I couldn’t wear for about 10 years ( … the one we all keep to assure us that one day we will wear it again … haha …). The pills take your mind off food, take graving for chocolate etc. away and make u terribly thirsty, which is perfect. I drank about 3litres of water every day. My energy was not effected at all. I feel like a new person. Just have to watch now what will happen after I finished the pills. I try to keep drinking up and eating down to healthy food.

  42. AC says:

    My agent advised me that the 4S is not available anymore with no further details. Wonder why?

  43. VDM says:

    I am looking at using the 4S can you please tell me if its a good idea? I am very over my weight and is in desperate need of losing it have tried everything please advice?

  44. Brenda Myburgh says:

    U wont be sorry i have tried dieticians, exercise,all diet products,fads,and and and…..just kept gaining weight,this works,well for me

  45. Brenda Myburgh says:

    I been on duramine till now and havent lost a thing,i have ordered my 4s and hope to loose my last 7 kg total 30 kg in 6mths

  46. Michelle. says:

    When a product becomes to popular they take it off the market.
    S.Slim the first lot worked! Then they put in to much rubbish.
    4S, SS, are all Lida DaidaiHua just the boxes are chanched.. Lida has got many fakes, but only an expered can see.. It is the no 1 slimming method in the world and in South-Africa

  47. Marie says:

    I am trying so hard to get these pills please will someone contact me I need these pills

    • Sonja says:

      I will be selling them soon again. Everybody is looking for them, I was also looking for them but found them. Keep contact.

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