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6 Week Bikini Body Diet by Nutrologie

Nutrologie is a British company offering a slimming plan that aims to help you lose weight in just six weeks. The Six-Week Bikini Body diet package is attracting media attention, some positive reviews and seems to offer a new approach to weight loss. Recently released onto the market, we take a “hot off the press” look into Nutrologie and the 6-Week Bikini Body diet.

6 week bikini diet packAt this time of the year, many of us start thinking about the approaching summer holidays, with a mixture of anticipation combined with a little dread.

Ask yourself; Are you ready to get your clothes off and step into your bikini! Or, do you need to lose weight first before you are ready to appear in public? Most of us need to lose weight before summer in order to feel confident about wearing swimwear and Nutrologie’s 6 Week Bikini Body weight loss plan looks like it may help.

After all, whatever our age, size or weight, we all want to look good on holiday!

What is the Nutrologie 6 Week Body Plan?

Nutrologie offers everything you need to lose weight in one easy package. Losing weight with Nutrologie comes down to Fitness, Diet, Meal Supplement and Diet Pills!

In this it is a unique concept because no other diet pill manufacturer or slimming plan book has ever included such a multi tiered approach.

This product has taken all of the strands of the weight loss market and woven them into one. A complete package of Nutrologie products right down to the healthy eating and exercise plan.

Contents of the Nutrologie plan:

  • Lipo tablets – fruit based tablets to promote fat burning.
  • Detox tablets – Containing herbal ingredients, “friendly “bacteria and dietary fibre to help “cleanse” your body.
  • Meal Replacement Shakes – In two flavours that you drink in replacement to some of your meals. One a day is recommended.
  • Meta lite Capsules – To take before exercising and which contain metabolism-boosting ingredients including green tea, cayenne and chromium. All ingredients that have some effect upon the metabolism.
  • Fitness Plan – Fun exercises you can do at home without equipment. Work outs last no longer than 45 minutes and targets hard to shift fatty areas, bums tums and abs. If you stick to it, you will promote fitness and lose weight.
  • Diet Plan – Based on three meals and two snacks per day. Recipes include Superfood salmon , 5-minute vegetable chilli and a wide range of recipes.

The Science Behind the Plan

Key to the weight loss is the fitness plan. Exercise helps you lose weight and speeds the rate of the metabolism and the more frequently you exercise the more you will benefit from weight loss.

Many people believe that when you exercise the only advantage is that you burn off calories but this is not so. Exercise actually increases your metabolism so that you find it easier to lose weight and it has a long lasting effect. The Nutrologie fitness plan looks good. The trainer Lex Dunn – described as a celebrity trainer by his PR Company, has devised a weight loss fitness programme you can do at home without the need of special equipment.

The healthy eating plan is also important. The plan includes a range of recipes that will maintain you over the weight loss period. We like the fact that there is a good mix of meals including some easy to prepare fast snacks as well as more elaborate recipes. You are advised to eat protein with every meal.

The Nutrologie Bikini Body Supplements

Nutrologie supplementsDespite the glossy advertising, there is very little real information about the contents on the tablets or capsules offered by the website. However, the label contents give more comprehensive ingredient information and some of the ingredients look to offer extremely good weight loss benefits. We like the fact that the supplements are made from natural and safe ingredients.

900 mg Lipo tablets Sinetrol Xpur fruit extract (sweet orange, red orange, grapefruit)

Detox Tablets

Each tablet contains:

  • Magnesium 187.5mg
  • Prune Extract equivalent to 500mg – helps ensure regular bowel movements
  • Liquorice Powder 50mg prevents constipation
  • Aloe Vera extract equivalent to 10,000mg
  • Aniseed Powder 10mg
  • L. Acidophilus 25 million units tiny “healthy bacteria” organism.

Detoxing has been largely discredited by medical opinion and has no basis in scientific fact despite it popularity as a weight loss aid. However, these tablets will help you maintain regular bowel movements.


Metalite capsules

Each does of 2 capsules contain fat burning ingredients, most with proven effects after clinical trials.

  • Green Tea extract 237.5mg
  • L-Tyrosine 133.4mg
  • Caffeine 100mg
  • L-Tehnanine 83.3mg
  • Raspberry Ketones 66.6mg
  • Cayenne Powder 33.4mg
  • Pyridoxine HCL 3.34mg
  • Black Pepper extract 3.34mg
  • Chromium 80ug

Meal Replacement Shakes

For per 35g serving with 250mg skimmed milk (Energy KJ/Kcal 875.6/206.6).

  • Protein 14.49g
  • Carbohydrates 35g (Of which sugars 31.5g)
  • Fat 1.72g (Of which saturates 0.67g)
  • Fibre 1.75g
  • Sodium 0.188g

We are sceptical about the need for meal replacement shakes. In many cases people actually eat more, because they still feel hungry after the shake and go onto eat a meal as well. Often a meal replacement shake will add to your daily calorie intake, not reduce it.

Will Nutrologie Work?

You will probably lose weight by using this package. If you keep to the plan, you cannot really fail. However ignore the exercise and healthy eating plan and it probably will not work.

This is not because the diet pills are bad, but six weeks following a healthy eating plan and exercise programme will help you lose weight much better than supplements.

However the support of the supplements will help you maximise weight loss and will help you feel well while you stay on your diet and replacing a meal a day with a supplement drink will probably help too if you don’t cheat.

Rules Help you Lose Weight

Most people find that once they impose rules around their diet, however bizarre they may be, they will notice weight loss and this is the key to this plan. The recipes look good and the exercise regime will help boost your metabolism. The diet pills will offer some support and although detox is a fairly grey area scientifically (to be honest scientists agree there is no such thing as a dietary detox) it will not do you any harm.

Nutrologie is not aiming to give you a diet plan for life, just for six weeks and although you could probably combine all the various elements, the diet capsules, detox pills and meal planner and get them independently, it probably would not save you any money or work any better.

The advantage of buying into this Body plan is that it is easy. You might think at £75.00 it is expensive but when you take into consideration the cost of some of the rival products, it suddenly does not look so bad. The supplements actually look okay and although the advertising does not go into many details, many of the ingredients have been scientifically proven to help with weight loss.

There is a case for making a financial investment in order to lose weight. Many people find that using a diet supplement keeps them committed to the regime because if they don’t it is so obviously a waste of money and feels like failure.

The big problem with Nutrologie is that if you do not have the time or the will power necessary to stick to the plan, it is unlikely to work as well as advertised.

Is Nutrologie Offering the Only Bikini Plan?

Although 6 weeks bikini body is a great snappy name, it is not an original concept. Losing weight on a latest bikini diet offered taps into an established idea and impulse to lose weight.
It seems that each year there is a new bikini diet featured in the press aimed at fast weight loss and all-body toning in order to gain this perfect summer figure.

Always offering fast weight loss, and always publicised around June in order to give followers a last chance to slim down before summer, a bikini diet is just a diet like any other. The difference is that it has this goal at the end because it is such a common impulse.

In some cases diet plans re invent themselves in summer. For example, a book called Clean Up Your diet written by nutritionist Max Tomlinson back in 2007 transformed into the Bikini boot Camp when featured by the Daily Mail.


The Downside to Nutrologie Diet

Despite the glossy advertising and positive spin on Nutrologie, this product does not provide the only way to lose weight for your bikini. Increasing your activity levels and eating a healthier diet will help you lose weight and get your bikini body, just as well as buying an expensive product like this.

The key to safe and permanent weight loss is to make changes to your life that you can live with. The NHS recommends losing 2 lbs a week as a safe target and if you stick with this, you will lose 12lbs within 6 weeks. The Nutrologie website is promoting fast weight loss, when in fact this is not good for you.

Some of the models shown on the website offer an unrealistic body image. Young girls jumping around the beach in bikinis may look great but really, are you really going to achieve the body of an already skinny 18 year old once you have reached your late 20s and over?

The Marketing

Nutrologie is a go-ahead company, which understands the need for modern marketing methods and social media. Their PR Company has ensured the maximum publicity for the product and the advertising campaign is slick and appealing. You can check out the company and receive weight loss tips via Facebook and on twitter

Although you can find Nutrologie on sale from some eBay sellers and on Amazon, Holland & Barrett are the major stockists so you can pick this up on the High Street as well as buying online.

6 Week Bikini Body Diet – The Verdict

Although the £75.00 price tag will undoubtedly put many people off there is much to recommend Nutrologie Bikini Body. If you keep to it, you will probably lose weight and within 6 weeks, you may be feeling like flaunting it all on the beach in your bikini.

However, it is expensive and it will take will power in order to stick to the exercise plan and the diet. Despite that, we feel that this new diet plan may be worth the money and provide a structured framework for weight loss. It will certainly suit some people.

A better alternative is to make permanent lifestyle changes that you can live with and in that way you will achieve your natural body shape and weight without having to go on a diet!

But of course, if life were really that easy then we would not have the obesity problem which has resulted in UK women on average the fattest in Europe.

Nutrologie Bikini Body is essentially a crash diet but it is better than most and a quick pre summer diet is always going to be something that most of us will try before the holidays. After all nobody wants the humiliation of lying on the sun bed surrounded by the super thin French!

Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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  1. Richard Greathead says:

    Hi, my name is Richard Greathead and I am the Managing Director of Nutrologie. Firstly I would like to thank you for your honest critique of the plan. We have taken on board your comments; especially with reference to the images of girls on the site and will be having this rectified; replacing them with real women and before and after pics. Do you have an email address I can contact you on? I’d like to open up further dialogue as the opinion of professionals such as yourself is very important to us. Best regards, Richard

    • Watchdog Staff says:

      Hi Richard,

      Many thanks for being proactive and taking the time to comment on our review of your slimming system.
      As with all merchants we are more than happy to clarify any points brought up and adjust our reviews accordingly in the light of any fresh information presented.
      Our objective is to offer consumers an honest independent opinion based on the facts in front of us, which has led us to being one of the most popular and trusted sources around.
      We would be extremely happy to discuss things further, I will send you an email on the one you provided and we can take it from there.
      Mike Summers (MD)

    • Danielle says:

      I have just bought this product as it was on a special offer. I am on Day 2 so very early on however I am impressed with the meal replacement shakes, as I don’t have time for lunch at work I can see this being a much easier way to make sure I have something more nutritious at lunch time instead of a coffee!

      I would like to make one suggest at this stage, maybe the pack could come with a shaker? I have resulted to a plastic bottle as I don’t have one and haven’t got round to buying one yet.

      Lets see how I get on. Thanks

  2. Leah says:

    I’ve just bought this product – very happy with everything in it and quite looking forward to the programme! I’ve taken pictures before and will be monitoring my progress each week. Ill let you know how it all goes!

  3. Debbie says:

    I havent yet purchased as I would like to know if this product can be used whilst under the GP’s advice of having an Underactive Thyroid and have been taking thyroxine for over 15 years? advise please.

  4. katie price says:

    I am very sorry to put this out to everyone but as i have had no replyfor a long timenow i feelmore people need to know. I bought this product a few months ago, i tried one shake, i didnt think much of it, it tasted vile i dont know how a meal can be replaced with something so discusting, after half an hour or so i started to suffer with this severe heart burn and came up in blotchy rashes . i have never in my entire life had an allergic reaction to anything so i knew it was the shakes because i didnt change anything else in my diet. I have sent several emails about this and have not yet had one reply. For the money i have paid i think its ridiculas no customer aftercare what so ever. I have not opened my pills god knows what they would do to me and had just the one shake. I will look forward to hearing a response after it being so long for a reply.

    • J swan says:

      interesring comments all I can say is a friend of mine has done the six week course and cheated a little ie had a kfc and a few nights out but still lost weight in the right places!!

  5. Caroline says:

    I lasted about 4 weeks on this diet. The first week I lost 5 pounds, I found the diet very filing and the milk shakes were nice. I suffered from heart burn often and I found my bowls moved more often than normal (some days I couldn’t leave the house!). I also had frequent wind – especially on the evening. By the end of week 4 I had only lost another 2 pounds and I admit I didn’t stick to the menu or the fitness plan as all that plus the pills I felt that the diet was taking over my life and it was becoming too stressful. The diet does work you just have to be committed. .

  6. Sue says:

    I bought this product hoping for a last ditch attempt at losing some weight, However, I have been quite ill (not due to this pack) and have been advised not to start the plan, so if anyone would like to offer a token gesture, its yours….

  7. kayleigh says:

    sue i am very intrested in this pack if you want to contact me via email on xx

  8. Kimberley says:

    Hi. Can this be used if you have crohns disease, im just a little worried with the comments about bowel movements and what the tablets do to the inside of you. Ie are they laxatives?

  9. Pauline says:

    My daughter has a full pack that she cannot use due to ill health, do they offer refunds?

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