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72 Hour Diet Pill

Want fast, effective weight loss in just 72 hours? Then the 72 Hour Diet Pill claims is the supplement for you! Boasting 99% consumer satisfaction we check out if this detox formula is safe and effective.

With 72 Hour Diet Pill offered “free” with a number of other diet pills, such as Lipodryl and Lipo30, we decided it was time to look at this supplement in more detail.

72 Hour Diet Pill Pros

  • None

72 Hour Diet Pill Cons

  • Expensive
  • Promotes unhealthy weight loss
  • Lacks clinical studies
  • Lacks independent testimonials
  • Possible side effects
  • Comes from Utah, the diet pill scam capital
Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills
72 Hour Diet Pill

72 Hour Diet Pill Review

72 Hour Diet Pill Facts

  • Manufactured by Doakes Nutraceuticals LLC based in Utah, US
  • Bundled “free” with other diet pills
  • NOT a diet pill but more a diuretic!

We went straight to the official 72 Hour Diet Pill website, which is essentially a one-page sales page that is very much marketed towards women. The site looks good showing the usual slim, good looking women who doesn’t need to lose any weight at all!

So who is the manufacturer?

You would find it hard pushed to discover who owns 72 Hour until you come to paying for it as nowhere on the website are they revealed! There is NO COMPANY DETAILS or address information, only a customer service number and email address.

We managed to find out that the manufacturer is Doakes Nutraceuticals LLC a company based in Utah in the US and is associated to a number of other diet pills we have rejected on this site. We have been less than flattering when it comes to diet pill companies based in Utah, this is because so many of the diet pill scams seem to come from this particular region in the US! Find out more about this company in the link above.

Focusing back on the supplement itself, 72 Hour Diet Pill as the name suggests is only to be taken for 3 days where you take 3 capsules 30 minutes with 16 ounces of water before breakfast and then again 30 minutes before lunch. The manufacturer suggests that you follow a low carbohydrate and fat diet when taking 72 Hour, including eating lots of vegetables to “maximise the body detoxification”.

Hmmm interesting, we look at this last point in more detail later.

72 Hour Diet Pill Warnings

  • Encourages fast and unhealthy weight loss likely the result of water loss
  • Possible side effects, including dehydration
  • Lack of clinical studies and independent testimonials

What Does 72 Hour Diet Pill Claim To Do?

The manufacturer claims you can lose weight fast with their detox diet pill and that results are noticeable within just 3 days!

In a matter of 72 hours the official website claims you can…

Burn Fat, Detoxify Your Body, Improve Healthy Digestion And Lose Weight in 72 Hours!

72 Hour Diet Pill Web

So after taking these pills for 3 days you should experience improved overall health, but in particular better digestive health, along with increasing your weight loss.

Safe and effective as the manufacturer claims, hmmm we are not convinced.

So What Is 72 Hour Diet Pill and What Are The Ingredients For 72 Hour Diet Pill?

Although marketed as a diet and detox pill looking at the 7 active ingredients it’s clear it’s more a diuretic than dieting supplement.

Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients in 72 Hour:

  • Dandelion Root (1,500mg): The common dandelion, which is also called Taraxacum officinale, used in food and for medicinal purposes for mostly digestive complaints. A study in 2003 found the flower extract may help to fight damage from free radicals. Overall there is little scientific evidence to support the medicinal uses of dandelion root apart from the potential to reduce inflammation and kill bacteria.
  • Juniper Berry (50mg): Comes from juniper shrub and have a bittersweet aroma. Said to have a number of medicinal and health benefits, in particular helping to flush toxins and bacteria by increasing urination and so considered a diuretic. This is why it’s often called the “Great Kidney Herb”. Favoured by herbalists to help soothe stomach complaints as it’s suggested to aid stomach health by eliminating intestinal bacteria. Aids weight loss by promoting water loss through increased urination.
  • Uva Ursi (500mg): Said to have antimicrobial properties and was a common treatment for such bladder and related infections. Contains tannins that have been suggested to reduce inflammation and fight infection. Also acts as a mild diuretic and so could trigger water loss through increased urination.
  • Potassium Gluconate (1,500mg): Important electrolyte found in a number of foods and has many essential bodily functions that include converting food for energy, heart health, bone health and muscle function. Although important, there are some severe side effects from taking too much of this electrolyte. The recommended daily dosage of potassium gluconate for adults is 4,700mg per day, consider that most of your intake will be from your diet.
  • Caffeine (50mg): Your ordinary caffeine found in popular beverages such as coffee and tea. Also found in many diet pills as it’s been proven to have temporary weight loss properties such as boosting metabolism, increasing energy levels and alertness. Contains the amount of caffeine seen in your average cup of coffee.
  • Buchu Leaves 4:1 (200mg): Grown in South Africa and taken from three species of Barosma (Agathosma plant). Has been used for centuries as an herbal remedy to treat urinary infections and inflammation of the bladder and prostate. There is no scientific evidence to justify its herbal uses but still used in a number of dieting and detox supplements due to its diuretic properties.
  • Ginger Root (50mg): Cultivated originally in South Asia now in East Africa and the Caribbean, used for cooking to aid flavour and in traditional and herbal medicine. Said to have a number of health properties such as improving digestive enzyme activity, controlling the quantity of free radicals, lowering cholesterol, may affect arthritis pain and easing exercise muscle pain. Ginger has been labelled a top 10 weight loss food a few times, more recently in the Australian News site, for its suggested fat burning qualities. There is not much ginger included here, so it’s unlikely there is sufficient ginger in 72 Hour Diet Pill to be that effective.
    Source: and – Top 10 fat fighting foods

So What Does All This Mean?

Aside from Caffeine, none of the ingredients are known to have any significant weight loss benefits at all!

Many of the ingredients appear to have diuretic properties, which mean you could be making more trips to the toilet as you may wish to urinate more.

There is no evidence to suggest you can lose any weight with this supplement!

Does 72 Hour Diet Pill Have Any Side Effects?

The manufacturer claims there should be no side effects unless you are very sensitive to caffeine. Some of the ingredients in 72 Hour do have known possible side effects though.

Some consumers may have an allergic reaction to the buchu leaf, which may cause itchy skin, breathing problems, chest pain and upset stomach. There are possible side effects from Potassium Gluconate too, such as extreme thirst, increased urination, severe stomach pain, ongoing diarrhea and vomiting.

Considering some of the ingredients are known diuretics there is the potential for dehydration, so you may need to drink plenty of fluids.

Caution: Avoid taking this supplement if you are pregnant or a nursing mother.

Warning: The manufacturer recommends only taking for 2 days as directed and waiting 15 to 30 days before repeating.

Any 72 Hour Diet Pill Reviews From Customers?

There are no consumer testimonials on the official website and we could only find 6 customer reviews on giving mixed feedback.

In January 2011, Lorie reported…

The product worked very well and I lost a few pounds. The only downside that I found was it gave me a headache towards the end of the day.

Alice was less than impressed when she reported in April 2012…

people this doesn’t work either it a waste of time it don’t do anything don’t buy this product either don’t work

So Does 72 Hour Diet Pill Work?

Very unlikely!

Any weight lost will be due to water weight that will soon come back on whilst you are rehydrated.

Where Can I Buy 72 Hour Diet Pill?

72 Hour Diet Pill is offered “free” with a number of other diet pills and from the official website. One bottle of 12 capsules, which is enough for 2 supplies, costs $19.95 (£13) with discounts for buying multiple bottles.

Considering how you use this product, there is little or no reason to buy 3 or more bottles!

The manufacturer is not BBB accredited and has an “F” rating, the lowest possible. The reasons cited are the length of time operated and the nature of the industry.

Read our Doakes Nutraceuticals article to discover our concerns with this manufacturer.

What About a Guarantee?

There is a 90-day money-back guarantee on offer from the official website.

Watchdog Verdict


The fact is 72 Hour Diet Pill is not what it says it is; it is certainly NOT A DIET PILL! Apart from a little caffeine, the same as a cup of coffee, none of the ingredients are likely to help weight loss in anyway.

This supplement is at best going to make you lose water weight, possibly causing dehydration, that’s if it even works! Any weight lost will likely be gained within a matter of weeks as this product doesn’t promote any sustainable loss in weight.

Considering you only get 12 capsules in one bottle for $20, this supplement is hugely overpriced! These days you are more likely to see this product bundled with other more expensive diet pills to make it seem like you are getting a bargain, you’re not!

This product is unlikely to be effective and promotes dangerous weight loss, for these reasons we reject 72 Hour Diet Pill.

Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

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