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8 Hour Night Burn

Many diet pills rely upon stimulants to boost the metabolism and increase fat oxidation in the body. This can interfere with sleep, as well as having a number of other potential side effects. Increasingly, products that contain no stimulants are being sold as diet pills to be taken late at night, such as 8 Hour Night Burn, which contains various amino acids that may increase the body’s weight loss potential.

8 Hour Night Burn Pros

  • Stimulant free, will not affect sleep

8 Hour Night Burn Cons

  • No customer reviews
  • Not enough of each ingredient to make a significant difference
  • Expensive product considering small quantities of ingredients
Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills
8 Hour Night Burn

8 Hour Night Burn Review

8 Hour Night Burn Facts

  • Only sold by Shoptopdietpills but manufactured by InnerVital
  • 60 pills per bottle
  • Contains solely amino acids

Amino Acids are either made naturally in the body, or are consumed naturally in a person’s everyday diet. Some form the building blocks for protein, and they all have a diverse range of functions within the body. Many body builders and athletes supplement a whole range of amino acids, to boost athletic performance, improve recovery times following exercise, increase muscle mass, increase the body’s metabolic rate and to increase hormone production. Amino acids are often included in protein shakes as additional ingredients. The doses usually consumed when supplementing is often several grams, but dosing varies by person and ingredient.

There is essentially no information about the manufacturers of 8 Hour Night Burn available on the websites where its sold. After some digging though we suspect the manufacturers are in fact Innervital as they share the same PO BOX address.

We have reviewed and unfortunately rejected a number of other InnerVital supplements, including Senamine, Lipofedra and Avaprex.

The only operational website that we could find to sell the product is marketed as a review website. However, the only products that they recommend are the products they sell. This mis-marketing technique is misleading for the customer, as Shoptopdietpills pretend to be an impartial company, who is actually selling their own products.

There is also no phone number to contact the company on, and live chat is only available periodically. Whilst we were researching this diet pill, there was never the option to chat with anyone, and so how often this facility is manned is unclear. There is also the opportunity to contact by filling in a contact form on their website. There is no suggestion of how quickly they will try to respond to any customer query.

The returns page opens with the following statement, complete with bad grammar:

We are confident you will have success losing weight using our top diet pills if you stick to it. You must commit to the whole diet program and continue to take the product for a minimum of at least 20 days before determining if the product has worked or not for you. If you are requesting a return before then, your are not ready. However if you have made the commitment and feel the product has not helped we will be glad to take it back for a refund.

Another term of the returns policy is that all returns must be complete with an RMA code to be accepted, and must be received by the company within 30 days from the original order date (not the date the product was received). This policy means you only have a window of less than 10 days with which to make known you want a refund (between day 20 and 30 of ordering the product), otherwise the refund in unlikely to be accepted.

Do you have a return policy if it does not work?
YES. If you are not satisfied with your results. You can return the unused product to us for a refund. This product works on about 98% of all our customers.

For the few people who do manage to get their product returned, a refund check is mailed back to the customer, but only after the 1-3 weeks processing time. This is also minus all original shipping costs and a “small” processing fee.

8 Hour Night Burn Concerns:

  • Questionable sales website
  • No customer reviews
  • Not strong enough for significant results

What Does 8 Hour Night Burn Claim To Do?

8 Hour Night Burn provides the following list of properties:

  • Amino Acids That Work At Night
  • Will Not Keep You Awake
  • NO Energy Boosters
  • NO Jittery Feeling Or Restlessness
  • Perfect Addition to Any Diet Pill or Program

It can supposedly be used in conjunction with other diet pills that are used in the day time, such as fat burners that contain stimulants.

So What Is 8 Hour Night Burn and What Are The Ingredients For 8 Hour Night Burn?

8 Hour Night Burn is a diet pill that exclusively contains amino acids. These have various properties, but in general are popular with body builders who want to boost their fat burning and muscle building potential.

The ingredient quantities are per serving size of 2 capsules.

  • Arginine (400 mg): Supplementation of this amino acid increases the production of Nitric Oxide and Human Growth Hormone in the body. This can aid recovery from workouts, increase fat burning and may increase muscle volume when used in conjunction with exercise. The recommended supplementation dose of Arginine is between 9 and 30 grams per day, far more than is included in 8 Hour Night Burn.
  • Ornithine (300 mg): This ingredient may also trigger production of Human Growth Hormone. It is usually taken in daily doses ranging between 2 and 6 grams, much more than is present in 8 hour Body Burn.
  • Lysine (100mg): L-lysine is needed by the body to manufacture carnitine, a substance that is used in the conversion of fatty acids into energy. This may aid in weight loss. The recommended dosage for teenagers and adults is 12 milligrams per kilogram of body weight per day.
  • Glutamine (300 mg): Thought to increase the immune system, as well as the metabolism. It also increases fat burning, by stimulating production of human growth hormone. Those who recommend supplementing Glutamine suggest between 5 and 10 grams per day, much higher than the amounts found in 8 Hour Night Burn.
  • Colostrum (200 mg): This has been shown to help increase lean muscle mass in the body. Not only does this improve the physique of the user, it also increases the metabolism, aiding further fat loss. Recommended doses vary between 20 grams and 50 grams per day, which is obviously much more than the 200 mg provided in a serving of 8 Hour Night Burn.
  • Ornithine Alphaketoglutarate (100 mg): Helps to speed up recovery time following injuries.
  • Glycine (100 mg): A typical diet contains around 2 grams of glycine a day, making the amounts contained in 8 Hour Night Burn to be insufficient to make an impact upon weight loss efforts. Glycine is a building block for protein, and so will be used in muscle growth when required by the body.
    Source: WebMD Resource

So What Does All This Mean?

Whilst some of these ingredients do hold some weight loss potential, the quantities used in this diet pill are widely considered to be insufficient to have any significant impact upon weight loss efforts.

For example, recommends 3 doses of 3-5 grams of L-arginine per day, in order to have an impact upon weight loss. Even higher doses of 7-10 grams, again to be taken three times a day, are recommended to increase production of Human Growth Hormone significantly, which affects fat burning. These amino acids may be worth supplementing, especially if regularly undertaking strenuous exercise, but they should be consumed in higher doses than provided by this diet pill to be effective.

Most of the amino acids in this diet pill are used more by athletes than casual dieters, as they help to repair and build muscle following exercise. This diet pill would complement exercise, and would be good to take just before a workout, to get the most benefit from the diet pill (although even this would be negligible considering ingredient quantities).

Does 8 Hour Night Burn Have Any Side Effects?

According to the only seller of 8 Hour Night Burn, common side effects include headache, low blood pressure, diarrhoea, mild nausea and vertigo. Diarrhoea can also lead to dehydration, especially if severe or persistent. Considering the amount of each ingredient per serving, the chances of developing side effects is very low.

Individuals taking MAOIs, blood pressure, or erectile dysfunction medications should not take ornithine, as drug interactions may occur.

As there are no customer reviews available, it is not known if previous users have experienced other side effects, or how severely the above mentioned side effects were felt.

Avoid if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. Not intended for children.

Any 8 Hour Night Burn Reviews From Customers?

There are no customer reviews or testimonials for 8 Hour Night Burn that we could locate.

So Does 8 Hour Night Burn Work?

Essentially, use if this night time, stimulant free diet pill will very unlikely lead to significant weight loss. The ingredients themselves may have some weight loss potential, but the doses are nowhere near high enough to have an impact upon the body’s metabolic rate.

Where Can I Buy 8 Hour Night Burn?

8 Hour Night Burn can only be purchased from Shop Top Diet Pills. A single bottle of 60 tablets, enough for a 1 month supply, costs $36.99, whilst there are savings for multi-buys. Two bottles costs $63.98, whilst 3 bottles costs $89.97, and 4 bottles costs $107.96. There is also free shipping on all products.

What About A Guarantee

The seller does offer a money back guarantee, but as we have detailed above it comes with so many disclaimers and loopholes that it is a very shady returns offer.

Watchdog Verdict

We are not impressed with 8 Hour Night Burn to say the least.

Firstly, they have posed as an impartial review site to promote and sell their own products, and then have created a ridiculous returns policy with so many catches that it is almost impossible to receive a refund. There are no contact details for the company, and even the returned products are sent to a PO box.

As it stands, the product they are selling, 8 Hour Night Burn, in our opinion is not as great as they suggest either. There are no customer reviews to indicate that the product even works, and the ingredients are not in very high doses.

Many of the ingredients are actually supplemented in protein shakes and other products frequently used within the body-building industry, and can be bought in higher doses for a much cheaper price. The price of 8 Hour Night Burn is extortionate considering how much of each ingredient is included per serving compared to how much is typically used by body builders and athletes.

Even if this particular set of ingredients appeals to you, we would suggest to look elsewhere!! We therefore reject 8 Hour Night Burn.

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