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Losing weight by simply sticking a band-aid plaster to your skin and forgetting about it sounds a great idea. Millions of people have successfully given up smoking or taken HRT via patches so this method obviously works for some medical issues.

So can you lose weight in the same way and if so are Slimstrips the way to go? We find out.

SlimStrips Pros

  • Great looking website with lots of sensible advice for successful weight loss

SlimStrips Cons

  • Questionable appetite reduction ingredients
  • No evidence that suggests the ingredients will work transdermally
  • No customer feedback
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SlimStrips Review

SlimStrips Facts

  • Slimstrips are manufactured in Ireland
  • Each packet contains 30 Slimstrips – one months supply
  • Slimstrips contain only natural and herbal ingredients

Slimstrips contain a blend of ingredients that the manufacturers claim have an appetite suppressing effect encapsulated into a stick on plaster strip. The idea is that you absorb the active ingredients through the skin and this naturally restrains your appetite without you really noticing!

Slimstrips are a novel weight loss idea that seems to offer an easy way to reduce your appetite. According to the product website, all it takes are three easy steps and you are well on your way to losing weight. Just open the pack, stick a band-aid type strip on an area of skin and forget about it, leaving the ingredients to do their work.

The advertising states that you will not only eat sensibly but eat less as well, watching the weight you’ve tried to lose for years, simply melt away.

Slimstrips are based in Ireland with their head offices located in Cork City and Dublin. The Cork address is probably the manufacturing base and is situated at:

6 South Ring Retail Park
Kinsale Road
Cork City.

The company sell throughout Europe and the UK but also have offices in Spain, Argentina and in the USA.

The US address is:
1644 A Forest Lakes circle
West Palm Beach
Florida 33406- 5760

Slimstrips contain a range of what the advertising describes as “herbs plants and botanicals”. There is not an accurate ingredient profile for this Band-Aid supplement but each plaster strip contains natural ingredients including Yerba mate, Chamomile and Passion Flower.

We are impressed with the Slimstrips website. It looks very new and crisp and will work well on tablets and iphones. There is also a lot of useful information about health and weight loss via a collection of e books in PDF format held on the site.

How to use SlimStrips

To use Slimstrips follow the easy three steps:

  1. Open the packet
  2. Apply a Slimstrip to your upper arm, inner thigh or risk
  3. Go About your normal day

You can access the “Slimstrips Library” by simply touching or clicking on the QR code placed by the eBook title. (QR codes are those square bar codes that we are beginning to see everywhere and which load information direct to your Smartphone or computer)

Most of the information about Slimstrips is contained on the e book,

Where Nothing Else Works, Slimstrips Succeeds!

This information offers general advice about how to lose weight successfully and names the ingredients contained in the strips but does not explain what they actually do or how they work for weight loss.

We would have liked to see some clinical evidence about the ingredients and why this method of delivery is suitable for weight loss.

Other titles include “What You Are NOT Being Told About Diets and Dieting!”, “Binge Eating”, “The Health risk of Being Overweight” and so on.

These eBooks are just a few pages long but they offer some good general advice on losing weight, which may suit your particular condition.

SlimStrips Concerns:

  • Lack of clinical evidence to prove that these strips will do anything at all
  • We feel that the sensible weight loss information disguises the fact that the strips are ineffective
  • We are worried that Slimstrips are all style and no substance

What Do SlimStrips Claim To Do?

There is some good general weight loss advice on the Slimstrips site via the collection of eBooks/PDF files.

Most of the product information is held on the eBook “Where Nothing Else Works, Slimstrips Succeeds!” and offers some helpful advice about how to go about losing weight.

There are three main points:

  • You are advised not to skip meals but to eat until satisfied and then stop
  • Chart your progress by weighing yourself each week to reinforce your success
  • Don’t be concerned about how fast or slow you are losing weight

As the website points out, it may have taken months or even years to put on this excess weight so you need to be realistic about the time you need to take it off.
We think this seems like sensible advice.

The problem with the claims of this website is that there is so much good general advice about weight loss, the product itself seems almost a side issue.

“Where nothing else works Slimstrips Succeeds,” sounds great and the website is undeniably good quality but there is a total lack of information about what the ingredients do, how they work via your skin and what you can expect from the experience.

It is easy to get carried away with the look of it all and just forget that this company are trying to sell you something which they have not fully explained.

So What Are SlimStrips and What Are The Ingredients For SlimStrips?

Slimstrips are weight loss patches that the company claim help suppress your appetite.

We couldn’t see any ingredient amounts on the official website but the following ingredients are listed:

  • Noni: This fruit grows on the Morinda Citrifolia, a tree found in South East Asia. The fruit contains high levels of phytochemicals (natural chemicals with health benefits) including flavanoids and beta sisterol.
    The fruit is strong and bitter tasting so not often eaten, except in times of extreme hardship. Noni is believed to be effective as a topical treatment for skin conditions such as acne. However, it does not appear to have any traditional role as an appetite suppressant nor has it been clinically investigated for weight loss. Source:
  • Yerba Mate: A natural tea derived from South American plant Ilex paraguariensis. It has been clinically tested for weight loss and may play a role in lowering cholesterol, reduce adipose tissue and lower sugar levels. Yerba Mate can be effective if taken in the correct quantities. There do not appear to have been any clinical trials around taking Yerba Mate via a skin patch.
    See our previous investigation on Yerba mate to find out more.
  • Spirulina: A natural algae cultivated worldwide mainly for animal feed and as dietary supplement. It has many health benefit s and clinical testing suggests that it can reduce lipid levels and so play a role in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease as well a being a potential treatment for diabetes.
    Spirulina was used by NASA as a dietary supplement for astronauts and may have numerous applications.
  • Chamomile: Well known garden herb that is used to calm anxiety, settle stomachs and is often used as a mild sedative. The most common use is as a herbal tea and many people find this calming before bedtime.
    When used on the skin it can sooth irritation and its role here is probably to reduce any possible skin irritation caused by wearing a band-aid plaster long term.
  • Passion Flower: Attractive garden climbing plant, which may help, reduce anxiety disorders because it has been found to reduce the stress hormone cortisol when taken in extract form.
    Clinical testing suggests that Passion Flower may work as well as prescription anxiety drug Oxazepam and scientists recommend that a large-scale trial is justified. Source:

So What Does All This Mean?

Slimstrips contains ingredients with potential health benefits that may have a calming effect but there is nothing here to suggest that it will really help you to reduce your appetite, even if you took these ingredients orally.

Another problem with Slimstrips is that there is no evidence that weight loss drugs will work when delivered through the skin via a patch. There are other weight loss patches on the market and expert opinion is that these are novelty products that will not work.

Perhaps this is an unfair view because transdermal (through the skin) drug delivery is being investigated as an alternative way of taking medication but according to a scientific report in Nature Biotechnology it has yet to achieve its full potential.

According to the report,

Most of these first-generation delivery systems rely primarily on appropriate drug properties that permit absorption into the skin without significant skin permeation enhancement.

We really have no idea whether the contents of Slimstrips really have any capacity to work through the skin.


Do SlimStrips Have Any Side Effects?

Slimstrips are unlikely to cause side effects and if you vary the position of the plaster strip, you should not experience skin irritation. It seems likely that the chamomile content will minimise this too.

Caution: You should avoid if you are pregnant or breast feeding – standard advice for any supplements.

Any SlimStrips Reviews From Customers?

Slimstrips looks to be fairly new on the market and we have been unable to find any independent customer feedback.

So Do SlimStrips Work?

We don’t think that that Slimstrips will work to suppress your appetite. None of the ingredients cause an appetite suppressing effect and taking weight loss supplements via a plaster is so far unproven.

Yes, you can quit smoking or absorb HRT by a patch but the same research does not appear to have been carried out on any of these ingredients. According to the Nature Biotechnology report not all drugs are suitable for a transdermal application and there simply is a lack of evidence that this will work.

Where Can I Buy SlimStrips?

You can buy Slimstrips via the product website.

One month’s supply of 30 Slimstrips costs €47. You can make savings by buying two months supply for €79.00.

Shipping to Ireland and NI is via DHL and is free. Shipping to UK and European addresses costs an added €6.55. Although the company have a US based office in Florida, shipping to the USA is also €6.55. Shipping to Australia and NZ costs €9.95 for long distance delivery.

You can pay via PayPal so you do not have to worry about money conversion if you live outside the Euro zone.

Company do not appear to be running an auto billing/shipping scam.

What About A Guarantee?

No money back guarantee appears to be on offer.

Watchdog Verdict

We really liked the overall look of Slimstrips with its good-looking website and sensible weight loss information but we are not so keen on the product.

None of the ingredients contained in the patches are known for causing an appetite suppressing effect and there is no evidence that these ingredients will work through the skin. It is disappointing because we really wanted to like this supplement and we loved the idea of a weight suppression patch.

When it comes down to it, the problem with Slimstrips is that it probably will not work in the way as described. This leaves us no other choice but to reject this supplement.

Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

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