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XLS Medical Direct

One of XLS Medical’s main products is a fat binder, which prevents some of the fat from your diet being absorbed by the body, reducing the calorific value of your meal. Whilst the tablet form of this diet pill has been on the market for several years, the company have now launched XLS Medical Direct, which is the same product contained in an easy to use sachet.

Whilst this product may be more convenient for those who struggle to swallow tablets, we take an in depth look to see if this product has any other merits.

XLS Medical Direct Pros

  • Some clinical evidence that product increases weight loss

XLS Medical Direct Cons

  • Expensive
  • Nasty side effects if consumer has fatty diet
  • Mixed reviews
  • No money-back guarantee
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XLS Medical Direct

XLS Medical Direct Review

XLS Medical Direct Facts

  • Manufactured by Omega Pharma
  • 90 sachets per box- 1 month supply
  • No need to take with water

XLS Medical Direct is manufactured by Omega Pharma product, and a part of the extensive XLS medical range.

It is the newest form of their fat binder, having been developed to be easily consumable as a sachet of powder, rather than being in tablet form (see our XLS Medical Fat Binder review). It can be taken without water, but the product works best when plenty of water is consumed throughout the day, as this prevents constipation.

XLS Medical supplementsWhilst the product cannot be purchased from the official website, customers can still contact the XLS Medical team with any queries they have about the product or their diet.

The official website also contains lots of information about the best way to combine XLS Medical products with a balanced diet. There is also an XLS Medical app, which provides the consumer with free access to their 12 week plan, a food diary and ‘gentle reminders’ to aid their weight loss journey.

XLS Medical Direct Concerns:

  • Excess fat in diet can cause unpleasant side effects
  • Needs to be combined with dieting to work
  • Seems to have a very mild effect at best

What Does XLS Medical Direct Claim To Do?

XLS Medical Fat Binder Direct binds up to 27% of dietary fats in the stomach by absorbing the fat molecules to form a fat-fibre complex. It works mechanically in your stomach and doesn’t interact with your body.

By binding with fats and preventing their absorption from the intestines into the body, the fats are then passed through the body unprocessed. This reduces the calorific value of the consumer’s meals, and so may aid weight loss. It also reduces the appetite and cravings for sweet foods, and improves gastrointestinal transit. This is because of the fibre content in Litramine.

The 27% statistic has been taken from one clinical study on the key ingredient, Litramine, and so depending upon the diet of the individual user, could bind differing percentages of fat in the stomach.

So What Is XLS Medical Direct and What Are The Ingredients For XLS Medical Direct?

Litramine, the single active ingredient in XLS Medical Direct is ‘a patented fibre complex of natural and organic plant source that is clinically proven to bind dietary fats’. XLS Medical Direct should be taken just after each main meal throughout the day.

Upon reaching the stomach, it binds with some of the partially digested fats that were present in the meal, creating what is called a fat-fibre complex, which is too large to pass through the wall of the intestine.

This fat-fibre complex then passes through the body, being expelled as a bowel movement. This process mildly reduces the calorific value of the meal, and in the long term this can lead to weight loss. Consumers need to be following some sort of calorie restricted diet whilst using XLS Medical Direct, in order to see results. Fat binders are unfortunately not a free pass to eat all the takeaways and desserts that you can, as much of the fat in each meal is still digested properly, as are all carbohydrates and proteins, which are obviously also sources of calories.

So What Does All This Mean?

Whilst using fat binders can reduce the calorific value of a meal, their use still needs to be alongside a healthy and balanced low fat diet, in order to see results. It is likely that many people who use fat binders overestimate how much fat and how many calories remain undigested from each meal, and so could overeat accidentally, feeling that it has been counteracted by the fat binding powder.

Because the product is fibre based, side effects are possible, as explained below. Consumers may also feel fuller, because of the bulk that the fibre provides in the stomach.

Does XLS Medical Direct Have Any Side Effects?

Whilst the official advertising claims that there are no side effects from using this product, customer reviews would disagree.

Many customers have experienced stomach pains and cramps, as well as constipation. Consumers should ensure that they drink plenty of water throughout the day, so that the fibre in the product can absorb enough water to pass through the bowels comfortably.

Other consumers have also reported loose stools and diarrhoea, which are both common side effects of using fat binding products such as XLS Medical Direct.

Any XLS Medical Direct Reviews From Customers?

With numerous reviews available for this product, it seems that customers are divided in their opinions of XLS Medical Direct. The majority of reviews have a three or four star rating, as they find the product to be somewhat beneficial with a few small issues.

Despite the claims that the sachets are easy to swallow and more convenient than capsules or tablets, some customers have complained that the sachets are more difficult to swallow, especially as they get stuck in the consumer’s mouth.

It’s hard to tell just how effective this product is: using it alongside a regular programme of post-operative physiotherapy makes it hard to tell how much weight loss is down to the sachets and how much down to the exercise, with only a very minimal improvement over the amount of weight loss I was achieving on physio and a low-carb diet alone (less than a pound a week). It’s also not easy to swallow – quite literally. It’s a powder that comes in the kind of long tubular paper rolls you get sugar in at cafes, and has to be taken dry because it can’t be diluted with water, which means a lot of it just clinging to your mouth or making you gag at first. It doesn’t help that much of it stays in the bottom of the tube, meaning you’ll have to do it twice. Having a glass of water standing by is highly recommended.

Consumers have also complained about the taste and texture of the product, claiming that it is in no way a pleasant product to use. There are some people who like the taste, but they seem to be in the minority.

Hey! Do you like stomach pain? Find that you’re not ingesting enough dry, coarse powder in a day? Hate money?
Then this is the product for you!
Eating well and dieting will get the job done, slowly and surely. Stuff like this, which, just to confirm, I did try for two months, is just madness. It stopped me from being able to use the loo and from being comfortable in general, and the description of how it actually works (look it up) is just horrific. Stick to how the cavemen did it, dudes.

There are numerous positive reviews as well, with varying weight loss results. Many customers have already been dieting, and their rate of weight loss increased when using this product:

These sachets have been fantastic for me. They, along with the motivation provided from the xls medical website, have helped me to lose 18 lbs in less than 3 months. I have tried many diets over the last couple of years, but none of them have worked as I have very restricted mobility due to hip problems. I can’t believe that I have lost all this weight without exercising! I would recommend these sachets to everyone. They are easy to take and are simple to fit into my daily routine.

So Does XLS Medical Direct Work?

XLS Medical Direct appears to work when used in conjunction with a fairly low fat diet. A diet containing no fat at all would not be impacted by using this product, whilst consuming a high fat diet will lead to unpleasant side effects such as diarrhoea and loose stools.

Consumers can expect their current rate of weight loss to increase marginally, but significant increases to their rate of weight loss is unlikely.

Where Can I Buy XLS Medical Direct?

The product is not available from the official website or from the manufacturers. However, there are several retail sites and shops that sell the product. Superdrug offers three different sizes of this product, 15 sachets, 30 sachets and 90 sachets. At the time of writing, the following prices were being charged, although these were described as introductory offers and are subject to change at any time:

15 sachets costs £12.99, and is enough for 5 days of use. The 30 sachet sized box is enough for 10 days of use and retails for £17.99, and the 90 sachet box is available for £46.66. Delivery is free on orders over £10, and XLS Medical Fat Binder Direct may also be available in Superdrug stores, although availability may vary depending upon the individual store.

Boots offer a 30 sachet pack for £21.59, and a 90 sachet box for £46.66 although these are both advertised as temporary discount offers.

The product is also available from Amazon, with a 90 sachet box costing £44.70, with free delivery in the UK. The website states that the RRP is £69.99, and it is unclear if this discount is temporary or not. A pack of 30 sachets costs £19.98, and a pack of 15 sachets costs £12.80. The largest box, containing a one month supply of the product, offers the best deal, but is still fairly expensive for a diet product.

Prices are not guaranteed and appear to change often.

What About A Guarantee

There is no money back guarantee on this product from the manufacturer, as they do not sell it directly to consumers. Individual retail stores may have a returns policy that covers the return of the unused product, but they are unlikely to have any guarantee that covers used products.

Watchdog Verdict

Overall, it appears that XLS Medical Direct is possibly a worse version of XLS Medical Fat Binder. It is both more difficult to take and more expensive, and despite claims that it is more convenient, many customers seem to disagree.

It is clinically proven to work, and as it works slowly this type of weight loss is healthier in the long run, but customers could achieve the same kind of results using the capsule forms of this diet supplement. It only works in conjunction with a low fat and calorie restricted diet, because the difference between calories consumed and calories processed by the body is negligible.

There is also no money back guarantee, and the customer reviews are incredibly mixed. Consumers who are considering using a fat binder may want to look at other options before considering this powdered form of XLS Medical.

We reject XLS Medical Direct.

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