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Actislim Platinum

Actislim Platinum is marketed as a 100% natural herbal dietary supplement that is even more effective than its predecessor, Actislim Ultra. So we ask can the new Actislim capsules really help you achieve your “lifestyle goals” quicker.

We look at whether the combination of natural herbs, vitamins, minerals and plant extracts in Actislim Platinum are likely to promote weight loss.

Actislim Platinum Pros

  • Ingredients revealed
  • Company contact information
  • Vegetarian friendly capsules

Actislim Platinum Cons

  • Lacks clinical studies
  • Questionable ingredients and amounts
  • Contains some caffeine
Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

Actislim Platinum

Actislim Platinum Review

Actislim Platinum Facts

  • Distributed by Studio Products, County Durham, UK
  • Available in 2 day, 1 week, 4 week and 6 week supplies
  • Latest Actislim diet pill available

Actislim Platinum has been manufactured in the UK in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practise) lab and distributed by Studio Products Ltd. This company are based in Hartlepool and appear to supply all the Actislim range of supplements including health products from Natures Bond.

There are other Actislim diet and detox pills available, including Actislim Ultra, Actislim Night, Actislim Full body Detox and Actislim Waitless. Actislim Platinum is the latest version though and been developed off the back of consumers having used its predecessor “Actislim Ultra”, wanting a more powerful supplement to combat food cravings.

The official website looks clean and professional designed and clearly displays all the Actislim range of supplements. The company address of who supplies the supplement is available in the “Terms and conditions” page under the “returns” and “refunds” sections. There is a direct order number on the official site, which is the same as Studio Products and Natures Bond sites.

After some extensive digging we could find no rip-off or scams reported online for any of the Actislim products or for the Studio Products Ltd company.

Like its predecessor (Actislim Ultra), we liked the fact that you can get Actislim Platinum in different bottle sizes, which include the 2 day trial, 1 week, 4 week and 6 week bottles. That said, we are not convinced that the 2 day trial bottle will be much use, as it’s unlikely you will see much, if any benefit after just 2 days!

You are suggested to take two capsules per day, one at 9am followed by one at 1pm. You are recommended NOT to take them any later than 3pm, most likely due to the caffeine content to avoid insomnia. Continual usage is not advised and the manufacturer strongly recommends taking the supplement in cycles of 3 months with a month off in between.

Actislim Platinum Concerns:

  • Lack of clinical studies to support claims
  • Lack of independent consumer testimonials
  • Questionable ingredient amounts, enough to promote weight loss?

What Does Actislim Platinum Claim To Do?

The producers of Actislim assert this supplement is the result of feedback from Actislim Ultra consumers who wanted a more powerful supplement.

With NEW Actislim Platinum we now have the most powerful Actislim ever now available for you buy today!

The manufacturers claim their supplement can….

help you achieve your personal lifestyle goal much quicker than other products current on the market

We can only assume they are referring to “weight loss” goals here!

So What Is Actislim Platinum and What Are The Ingredients For Actislim Platinum?

There are 8 active ingredients, including a small amount of Vitamin C in each Actislim Platinum capsule. These are:

  • Acti-Phen Hydrochloride (37.5mg): Hmmm, we could find no information on this ingredient! We did find information relating to “Hydrochloride” though. It seems that many pharmaceutical substances are prepared as hydrochlorides, so that they can quickly be released into the gastrointestinal tract. Its use and effectiveness for weight loss is impossible to answer!
  • Ginger Root Powder (10mg): Used in traditional herbal preparations and it’s said to have a number of health properties, such as improving digestive enzyme activity, controlling the quantity of free radicals, lowering cholesterol, may affect arthritis pain and easing exercise muscle pain. There is very little in Actislim Platinum to have much, if any effect.
  • Trimethyxanthine (150mg): The fancy name for caffeine! Helps to increase alertness, boost energy levels and temporary increases in metabolism in the right amounts. The quantity of caffeine here are similar to 1 very strong coffee to 2 average strength coffees. If you’re sensitive to caffeine then this may be too much!
  • Garlic (AlliSativa) Herb Powder (15mg): Garlic is claimed to help prevent heart disease, including atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and to improve the immune system. Garlic may also protect against cancer. Again very little in Actislim Platinum!
  • Chitosan Powder (50mg): Ingredient extracted from the shells of seafood, such as prawns and crabs. It’s said to treat a few conditions from Crohn’s disease to obesity. In terms of weight loss there is conflicting evidence, studies that have positive results have shown to have minimal amount of fat loss ONLY when combined with calorie-restricted diet. If you’re sensitive to shellfish then you should probably avoid these capsules!
  • Green Tea Extract 40% Polyphenols (40mg): Potent antioxidant and said to be effective as a weight loss aid. The amounts used here are tiny compared to those used in clinical studies and even other diet supplements. Unfortunately all research for the effectiveness of green tea as weight loss aid is based on a serving of 400mg. There is certainly not enough to have any affect whatsoever!
  • Ginkgo Leaf Extract 50:1 (25mg): Traditionally used as a herbal remedy for a variety of problems, from fatigue, asthma and bronchitis, but probably more well known for its benefits for improved memory. Research on memory function has been encouraging in larger dosages seen here, we are unsure what function this ingredient serves here!
  • Ascorbic Acid 97% Vit C Powder (5mg): Important water soluble vitamin that’s available naturally in some foods. The recommended daily amount (RDA) for Adults is between 75 and 90mg, so there is around 15-18% of your RDA in this supplement.

So What Does All This Mean?

Actislim Platinum provides a few ingredients in fairly small amounts suggesting this combination is more powerful than their previous supplement, Actislim Ultra. Even though this supplement is supposedly the result of feedback from consumers wishing to control food cravings, the ingredients do not appear to be strong appetite suppressants.

This is of course, unless the mysterious “Acti-Phen Hydrochloride” does this!

Considering there is little feedback online from Actislim Ultra consumers, we wonder if such assertions are simply marketing hype!

Does Actislim Platinum Have Any Side Effects?

Apart from some warnings expressed to some consumers (see caution below), the manufacturer suggests there are no known side effects from taking this supplement.

However, this version of Actislim contains Chitosan, which may cause an allergic reaction in any consumers who are sensitive to shellfish.

Caution: Consumers are advised avoiding this supplement if you are pregnant or nursing, have high blood pressure, have heart or thyroid disease, have diabetes, are an Adolescent or have caffeine intolerance.

Any Actislim Platinum Reviews From Customers?

There are simply so few independent reviews for Actislim Platinum online.

There is one negative review on from a customer who starts by saying they are “horrible tablets“. She goes on to say…

Started taking these tablets and started off on one a day as per advice from seller (reputable company) and within 2 days I had a banging headache, palpitations, heart burn like you wouldnt believe and they made me feel very very sick!! I would not advise them but people are all different so may react different but Ive read there are little to no side effects … how wrong!

Of course this is just one customer review. There are a couple of other more favourable reviews from retailers who stock the supplement, such as…

5lbs off int the first week! Fantastic! Hope it stays off!

Reported by Salomee in December 2011.

So Does Actislim Platinum Work?

Possibly, but with seemingly no research to support the claims made it’s not exactly compelling! In fact there is little information on the official website (or anywhere else actually) that offers any explanation of how this supplement is supposed to work.

The ingredient amounts are fairly low, with one ingredient seems to be only available in Actislim Platinum, that of “Acti-Phen Hydrochloride”. We were unable to find ANY information about this ingredient and how effective or otherwise it can be.

Any searches on this ingredient either show retailers advertising Actislim Platinum or information on the now banned (in the UK) or controlled (in the USA) weight loss drug, Phentemine! So what is Acti-Phen Hydrochloride?

Apart from the caffeine, it’s unlikely the other ingredients will have much, if any effect at all, weight loss or otherwise!

Where Can I Buy Actislim Platinum?

The complete range of Actislim supplements is available from the official website or from other retailers online. It’s not cheap though as the recommended retail price for a 4 weeks supply was £44.95 (approximately $70), reduced to £39.95 (approximately $65) for a bottle of 56 capsules.

Other sizes are available, from the 2 day trial version to the Actislim Platinum 6 week supply at £49.95 (approximately $85).

What About A Guarantee?

A 30-day refund is stated in their terms and conditions that allow consumers to return any opened bottles at the purchaser’s expense for a full money-back.

Any faulty items returned will be reimbursed the return postage costs paid by the purchaser too.

Watchdog Verdict

Although a nicely presented and slick website goes a long way, it fails to hide the lack of information available on this supplement. Especially on one of the key ingredients “Acti-Phen Hydrochloride”!

After looking at the ingredients, especially the amounts, it’s hard to see how Actislim Platinum will promote any significant weight loss. Considering the cost of 4-weeks supply, consumers should ask more from a supplement, certainly to be more convinced that this supplement will work.

The 2-day trial size is a nice touch, but in reality apart from knowing whether you suffer any side effects from taking the capsules, you are not going to see any weight loss in 48 hours!

The dieting and weight loss supplement industry is a tough market and Actislim Platinum in our opinion fails to deliver the goods, so we are going to reject this supplement.

Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

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Superfruit Slim

Superfruit Slim

The most potent Superfruit diet pill on the market, includes clinically proven Raspberry Ketones, African Mango and Acai Berry.

Why is Superfruit Slim Watchdog Approved?

  • 4 strongest superfruit extracts in one capsule
  • Clinically proven ingredients
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • FREE shipping and buy 3 get 1 FREE offers!

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Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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  1. Annie says:

    Actislim platinum do work!! Try them..dnt take other peoples word as we are all different!

    • jane says:

      i,ve been using these tablets for just over a month and have lost a stone and have had to make myself eat even though i,ve not felt hungry and have had loads of energy too

  2. Alice says:

    Hello fellow dieters!

    I have tried quite a few diet pills in my time and have had some success, but I have always combined them with a “controlled diet” i.e. eating very little as the pills have killed my appetite, and doing lots of exercise (5km 5-7 times per week). I do not believe diet pills are healthy or actually work. People get all excited about losing half a stone in their first week, when actually they have lost a lot of water due to these pills (water density = 1000kg/m3 or 1tonne per cubic metre – that is a lot!).

    Some pills will give you a “buzz” and you won’t feel hungry, therefore your body is being deprived of nutrients and fuel (NOT HEALTHY!). Staying on these pills may keep the weight off as you are eating less, but as soon as you stop taking them, your body WILL want to replenish and you will pile the weight back on, you will not be able to fight the cravings!

    What are you going to do? Spend £50 per month for the rest of your life on these pills? Not to mention you build up a tolerance to the caffeine intake therefore you end up taking 5 pills a day instead of 2, hence you spend more money. Come on, these are called quick fixes for a reason. Businesses know people will pay to get thin, being “slim and beautiful” is not someone we can put a price on – and the money makers know this. Just accept yourself the way you are, and focus on being fit and healthy. Invest in a push bike, have a fruit and yogurt smoothie, eat well and move a little more. By the way I am aware of the irony that as I write this, I am sitting on my bottom at my computer! I am going for a walk later.

    P.S. I have tried Actislim Platinum, AND YES THEY DO MAKE YOU FEEL SICK! They are not very nice at all. When I took the recommended dose I was very ill for 24 hours, vomiting, headache, my heart was throbbing and racing, dehydrated. I was vomiting the water I was drinking. There was no way I could take these and do my job and live normal life. I am sure if I had continued on them I would have ended up having my gall bladder out or having a heart attack.

    There are deeper rooted reasons why people over feed themselves (I think). It is better to confront these issues (Love? Career? Self-esteem? Depression?) than put your hand in your pocket for a quick fix. Don’t get sucked into a place where you are readily handing over YOUR hard earned cash for empty promises – you are smarter than that! Find the real reason you are over eating or why you want to become painfully thin. I give you food for thought (no pun intended).

    • DRainer says:

      You are so right. Thank you!

    • sarah says:

      I have taken two of theese tablets today.Ive had to get my husband to pick me up from work, as i have had shakes and palpitations,tremendous headache and on top of that severe sickness feeling!
      However my friend takes them and is totally fine.

  3. Dancia says:

    I have tried a variety of pills, diets etc. And yes, the only thing that ever worked was controlling what I eat and exercise. I gave these pills a shot, and I had no adverse effects. They curb my appetite and I have energy to do my workouts. I am doing the 2 day a week fast (500 calories) and find these pills are perfect for that.

  4. James Ray says:

    Actislim Platinum definately work for me! Never ever before has any diet pill had any affect on me. But thie one I felt working within 20 minuntes of taking itand even when only taking 1 pill each morning I have not felt hungry at all and actually went a day and a half without eating anything! I know this isn’t healthy but it does mean that I can actually control when i eat and the amounts i eat and not have to eat whenever im hungry.

    I do not praise things lightly, as i am very scepticle about such slimming aids, but this product I have actually bought the 8 weeks bottle and am proactively recommending to my family and friends.

    Don’t listen to the negative comments – TRY IT YOURSELF!

  5. Kate Brown says:

    Hi i started taking these pills yesterday and within 20 minutes could feel the effect of not being hungry in the slightest. I have 2 friends who have been on these a few weeks each, one of them lost 9lb in her first week and the other 7lb in two weeks baring in mind these girls differ in size! i dont believe in starving myself so have been having a healthy fruit smoothie and a meal, even though i could of easily not ate anything. I will report back in a few weeks time. :)

  6. Jack says:

    I tried these pills, they were great for about 3 weeks – that is they curbed my appetite and allowed me to have full control of a healthy eating pattern, that wasn’t dictated by my cravings for unhealthy foods. However after these first few weeks my body seemed to adjust and get used to the pills, and my cravings were kicking in again. There was no change in my lifestyle such as no extra stress that could potentially drive me to comfort eat. I doubled the dosage to counter the effects but to no avail – I even tripled the dosage, but I felt the same as I did before starting to take these pills. Gutted. I am not wasting my money anymore!

  7. Sam says:

    I like this product. I have lost 11lbs in 3 weeks and have to remind myself to eat throughout the day. It definitely kerbs appetite and I now manage more energy for gym sessions and find I am able to exert myself more. I have suffered no anxiety or palpertations as I have with other products. I do now suffer with a dry mouth and have to make sure I drink water at more regular intervals. Would recommend.

  8. Domonique horrex says:

    Actislim platinum work!
    Yes they make u feel like crap the first couple of days but your body has to adjust as your taking something that works! My headaches and nausea stopped in 2-3days! And ceased to exsist after :)
    In 2 weeks I lost 8lb I am also doing insanity! I needed something to curb my appitite as I was still eating loads an wasn’t losing the fat! Now I see my results and I’m pleased. Only thing I am unhappy about is losing my bust size lol
    But when your tummies shrunk too I don’t see the problem!
    And my energy is on going I love it!
    And when it says dont take after 3pm DON’T!!!!!
    I did and i woke 7 times! At 5am I just have up trying to sleep!
    Actislim platinum are the only slimming aids that have worked for me!!!
    And I would highly recommend them!
    Of course you keep up the good eating after :)
    When I find a couple lbs creeping bk I take some more.
    I don’t buy my tablets online as different companies could use different ingredients but the same bottle! I buy mine from a stall in town where if I have an issue there is someone to talk to face to face. :) :)
    P.s don’t listen to the negative comments on here some people need help to shift weight!

  9. caroline says:

    Just started taking this 2day and I took 2 tablets 2gether as it was 2 late in the day 2 take the tablets seperatly, after about 20 mins of taking them I felt ill, really dizzy and weak 2 the point I nearly fainted, really shaky, thirsty, a numbness, tingling sensation 2 my face and hands, is this normal and will it get better

  10. Sam says:

    I have been taking these for 2 weeks and have lost 9.5 pounds so they do work.
    They definately curb my appetite and especially my sweet tooth cravings which
    are the worst and have sent many a diet into orbit!
    The first 2 days were a little hard, headachy, light headedness etc but this was probably due to withdrawals from processed sugar more than anything else.
    Good luck xx

  11. Debbie says:

    I have been talking these for 11 weeks and have lost 3 stone 4 lbs so far they made me feel funny at first but that passed after a week they definitely curb your appetite the only problems I have are a very dry mouth and feeling very hot I will definitely continue to use these to help me lose a further 2 stone

  12. Kate says:

    Bought mine from Amazon and have been taking 2 a day for the past 7 days.
    I took my first one at lunchtime on a Frida having been awake since 8am, I didn’t sleep until Sunday 1am. I was wired and I’d been a a huge charity festival thing all day on the Saturday. On the Sunday evening I had a chicken Korma curry and I’d been out for a meal with the family on another day in the week and that included pudding.
    My starting weight was 18st 6lb (yes I’m MAHOOSIVE). I’ve lost 6lbs in my first week.
    They give me a boost if energy so I move more and my appetite isn’t what it was (I had some seriously hollow legs).
    They work.

  13. kellie says:

    Well I started the pills yesterday morning, It certainly worked straight away curbing my appetite, I didn’t seep very well last night and had palpitations through night too, But I’m willing to put up with this for a few nights if the weight comes off. I really hopes this works xxx

  14. Jane0001 says:

    Well I started this today – bought a 4 week trial and have read numerous comments. Having given up smoking 4 years ago (after 30 years of it) I put on 4½ stone. Doctors were happy to help with the smoking but not interested in weight!!! Have tried many a diet but being over 40 now makes dieting so much harder. My sweet tooth craving has been my downfall. Funny I can give up ciggies but not food! Probably because I love food! The side effects I expect – having done Atkins you get all such side effects anyway and that’s with food! Have taken one tab so far – not sure if im gonna try one a day or two yet – will see what happens in the next few hours. I am a member of slimming world but cant follow it because of my cravings! Whilst you can eat loads it aint sugar. Am hoping this will take the edge off the cravings and leave me free to eat healthily under the diet plan. Only plan to use these for a month or so to give me that boost but am open minded. At 16½st and 5ft4 something has to be done. 40 mins in nothing at present. Am studying at mo too so if this gives me any brainpower much welcomed lol. Check in again in 2 days x

  15. Stacie says:

    I found I have lost 9lb in about 3weeks don’t have any side affects not got anymore energy:-( but I know they are working as I just don’t feel hungery I have 6week platinum and night ones, my mum tried the ultra slim and felt quite ill only managed then 1 1/2 days as they made her feel really poorly. Think everyone is different try them for yourself GOOD LUCK ALL I’m pleased with the results I am getting :-)) x

  16. ola says:

    We all different.Tried the 6 weeks and am loving it all the way.It does curb your diet and makes you energetic despite the fact u eat less.i drink loads of water and stopped all junks hence my weight has dropped drastically. Would recommend to anyone interested in loosing weight.

  17. Jennifer Robertson says:

    Hi , well iv tried last year for a few days just on one
    They made me feel really sick and funny …. So I stopped
    But they did make me feel less hungry .i stopped cos I hated feeling
    Sick .
    Well 3 days ago I decided 2 try again, well I’m fine this time !
    Stopped snaking and don’t feel sick !
    And I doing 2 a day didn’t sleep very well but all ok ,
    I go away in a week and I’m going 2 take them with me .
    Think I have more energy too . Only lost a pound at mo but sometimes with me it all just comes of together .
    But I’m going 2 stick with it . I’m defiantly eating less without
    Trying …. So em we will see . Jx.

  18. Katy Francis says:

    I have just been told by someone at Studio products that “Acti-Phen hydrochloride” is Geranium extract, supposed to suppress you appetite.

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