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Adepix is a diet pill that claims to “Lose Weight Quicker” so naturally we were intrigued enough to take a closer look. Will Adepix be the answer to your weight loss struggles or is it another case of the facts not being able to support the hype?

Is it true a diet pill can be backed by real science to produce real weight loss? Let’s see what we can find shall we?

Adepix Pros

  • Has a nice video

Adepix Cons

  • No ingredient profile
  • Ships from Utah
  • Linked to a host of rejected diet pills
Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills
Adepix bottle

Adepix Review

Adepix Facts

  • Based in Utah, USA
  • Claims the product itself is backed by clinical tests but this is not true
  • Lacks ingredient profile

The official website for Adepix is very simple and cleanly built, with a nicely produced “testimonial” video taking pride of place at the top of the site.

It features an attractive female Doctor who is virtually certain to be fake and be a stock image. This nice picture along with the “Real Science” reference and the bottle design, mimicking a prescription drug is meant to lull you into thinking it is some sort of medically approved product.

Adepix web

We often see this happening with these types of products. There is nothing wrong with leading you to think it might be medically approved is there? Well we think otherwise, you have to question the intentions of the diet pill producer doing this. But if Adepix really is medically approved, then all well and good. We’ll soon find out.

Adepix Warnings

  • No idea what is in it
  • Comes from Utah
  • Confusing evidence presented
  • Is not clinically tested despite claiming so

What Does Adepix Claim To Do?

The main claim is that Adepix will make you “Lose Weight Quicker With Adepix’s Safe, Clinically Proven Ingredients.”

It backs this up by saying that Adepix is “backed by proven clinical tests,” but this is misleading. The ingredients might be backed by tests but the product is certainly not. Splitting hairs maybe but seeing as this is the main claim of the whole website then we feel it is an important one.

So What Is Adepix and What Are The Ingredients For Adepix?

Let’s see exactly what the ingredients are for Adepix, after all the whole product is based around the ingredients so it will be good to see exactly what we are getting.

  • African Mango (Irvingia Gabonensis): Currently a very popular diet pill ingredient, African Mango was featured on Dr Oz a while ago where it was hailed as an excellent aid to weight loss. A study was conducted in Africa where subjects where given a supplement of African Mango extract and showed large weight loss results over a period of 10 weeks. The extract has to be a specific type and strength in order for it to be effective, and also has to be taken in a certain quantity.

    We take a look for more detailed information with regards to the concentration of African Mango in Adepix but could not find this information anywhere on the website! Without giving this detailed information a product claims are pretty much worthless, how can we make an informed decision if we are denied the facts?

    You can read more about African Mango here where we do an in-depth study in the claims and evidence surrounding this ingredient.

  • Caffeine Anhydrous: An ingredient in many diet pills, caffeine is said to help boost the metabolism and aid fat burning. Once more no details are given as to the exact amounts of caffeine in Adepix. This could potentially be bad news if you are susceptible to high dosages of caffeine, without knowing the exact quantities it is hard to know if it could be a problem for you.
  • Phenylethylamine: Often referred to by its abbreviated name, PEA, this ingredient has been dubbed the “love drug” due to the claims that it acts on the brain to give good feelings. It is claimed to be an aphrodisiac and to suppress the appetite but there is very little research to suggest it could be effective for weight loss. No indication is given to the quantities included in Adepix.
  • Hops: There are some claims based around a study undertaken in 2005 on the effects of using Hops on Mice who were fed a high fat diet. There is no evidence to suggest Hops could have any effect on weight loss in humans. Yet again no quantities or details of the type of hops included in this diet pill. As a result it is not possible to see whether it could have any beneficial effect.
  • Alchemilla vulgaris, Olea europaea, Cuminum cyminum and Mentha Longifolia: More commonly known as Lady’s Mantle, Olive Oil, Cumin and Mint. A study was undertaken with very strict quantities of each ingredient in a strictly controlled experiment. The result was that subjects lost a quantity of weight over a period of time; however this was with a specific type and quantity of the ingredients taken 30 minutes before each meal. Again we find it impossible to find out how much of any of these ingredients is included in Adepix.

So What Does All This Mean?

Far from being clinically tested itself, Adepix does contain some ingredients that might be useful for weight loss. What is of huge concern though is that none of these ingredients are written down or specified anywhere on the site. We find that very unhelpful to potential consumers as it is not possible to find out either if Adepix could work or if it safe to take.

Quite literally they have said: Here’s a diet pill, it’s got some stuff in it and you will lose weight!

How you can make an informed decision based on the total lack of information is beyond us, but we guess some people are taken in by the claims without doing the necessary research required.

Does Adepix Have Any Side Effects?

Possibly. With no ingredient profile shown it is hard to tell whether the ingredients are either in sufficient quantities to be effective or in too large a concentration to give you side effects. There is not even any indication of how many tablets a day to take or how many you are actually buying!

Any Adepix Reviews From Customers?

Usually these sites include a few reviews from satisfied customers but his time we have just the one in the form of a video. This is from “Jessica” who is a nurse and has used Adepix to lose a few pounds and get into an old pair of jeans from High school.

The video looks very professionally made and is quite convincing but a bit of digging and we find that things are not quite what they seem. “Jessica” happens to come from Utah, which is precisely where Adepix hails from. Also any student of body language would tell you that by constantly looking up to her right when she is speaking means she is visualising what she is saying. In other words some Psychologists would suggest that she is “making it up.”

We have no evidence one way or the other to suggest that “Jessica” is “making it up” but do suggest it is taken with a pinch of salt. In every picture we could find of Jessica she looks absolutely stunning with not an ounce of excess fat on her, so we wonder what here motives for taking Adepix could possibly be? It couldn’t be that she has been paid to “make it up” could she??

You decide.

So Does Adepix Work?

Maybe, maybe not.

The total lack of any evidence and a dubious looking testimonial are not exactly confidence inspiring. Admittedly some of the ingredients could be effective but if we don’t know what they are we can’t make the right decision.

Where Can I Buy Adepix?

Adepix is available online from the main website, with payment processing undertaken by Doakes Nutraceuticals who have ties going back a number of years to Gadd Formulas, amongst others. These are all companies either based or controlled from Utah, and have a quite terrible history of ripping off consumers.

It is very hard to get any real information about whom you are dealing with as everything is made to be as obstructive as possible.

We also find it suspicious that they use confidence inspiring logos like those of VeriSign, Sitelock and McAfee all over the website but do so in a way that breaks the terms and conditions of these companies. If you see a VeriSign logo then it has to be clickable to see if the company really is verified but they fail to do this. Quite possibly because the website is not actually verified at all?

Adepix is also recommended by a number of fake review sites and affiliates. Usually they gloss over the facts and simply recommend that you buy the product to earn a commission. We could also have done the same and said Adepix is the best diet pill ever but we are staying true to our core values and looking at things objectively whether we get paid or not!

What About a Guarantee?

Adepix comes with a 90 days guarantee but we have no idea how easy it would be to get a refund. Based on the track record of Utah based diet pill companies then it might not be very easy at all.

Watchdog Verdict


Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

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