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Adipo RX

Adipo RX is a new American diet supplement that so far has generated very little attention. However, it contains some interesting ingredients and the company appears to offer a full money back guarantee. The style of the product website is crisp and businesslike and the image of this supplement is that it is backed up with some scientific proof.

We liked the first impression of Adipo RX so decided to take a closer look at this new supplement to find out more. Sadly we were disappointed.

Adipo RX Pros

  • Good looking website
  • Comes with a money back guarantee

Adipo RX Cons

  • Lack of contents information
  • Some ingredients may cause health problems
  • No customer feedback
Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills
Adipo Rx

Adipo RX Review

Adipo RX Facts

  • Manufactured in the US by Advantage Pharmaceuticals LLC
  • Contains a mix of branded patented ingredients
  • One months supply costs $59.99

Adipo RX aims to help you lose stubborn belly fat, boost your metabolism and reduce your appetite. It contains a mix of trademarked ingredients in what is described as an all-natural formula. Adipo RX is very new on the market and was set up late in 2012 so there is very little customer feedback as yet. Even their Facebook page only has a handful of followers.

Adipo RX is manufactured by Advantage Pharmaceuticals LLC, in the USA. There are no details about the manufacture of the supplement or the company behind the brand, and on digging deeper; we were still unable to find out anything about Advantage Pharmaceuticals. This is a first for us. The Diet Pills Watchdog likes to see transparency so found it troubling that this supplement comes with so few details in an industry known for scam artists and fake products.

Adipo RX contains a range of branded ingredients and the website is laid out in a no nonsense way so appeals to both men and women. The result is that it looks quite classy and understated. Clinical research is referenced and there are graphs to display how well the individual ingredients work. However, this supplement has not undergone clinical testing and despite the glossy looking general information, there is very little real detail about the contents.

Amounts are not stated and although it is easy to be taken in with the information that is on offer, if you look deeper, the lack of real and genuine product information is of serious concern.

A more serious concern is that there is no dietary advice or explanation about how this works. Even more alarmingly, the message seems to be that you can lose weight with no effort.

Adipo RX Warnings:

  • Lack of clinical proof that it works
  • Generic looking supplement made up from other branded products
  • Lack of information and full ingredient profile

What Does Adipo RX Claim To Do?

Lose inches off your waist or your money back!

Adipo RX admits to making some big claims for weight loss but states that the supplement is designed to have you “looking and feeling better in no time“. Its four major points are as follows:

  • Lose stubborn belly fat
  • Boost metabolism
  • Curb your hunger
  • 100% money back guarantee

Adipo RX web

There are four customer testimonials on the website from both men and women but the claims seem over exaggerated in claims of weight loss of over 30lbs and we are sceptical about this.

The website gains credibility by posting links to relevant clinical studies that have been carried out on some of the components of the diet pills.

So What Is Adipo RX and What Are The Ingredients For Adipo RX?

Adipo RX is essentially a fat burner and appetite suppressant. It includes many well-known ingredients mainly via trade marked products.

  • Chromax: This is a brand name for a chromium supplement. Some clinical testing has evaluated a lack of chromium as being the cause of an inability to process sugar properly and it has been researched for diabetes. However, the findings have been challenged and medical research has never found a biomedical reason for the body’s need for chromium. There have been concerns about chromium’s link with cancer and the UK Food agency are keeping their advice about chromium supplements under review after coming close to banning this substance due to health concerns.
  • Irvingia Gabonensis or African mango seeds: Grown in West Africa this is often called a Super food for weight loss, Irvingia has undergone clinical trials and has provided some very positive results for weight loss. However, the high fibre content of the African mango seeds in natural form does not necessarily transfer to taking this fruit in supplement form.
  • Fucoxanthin and standardised pomegranate: Another branded supplement. According to Adipo RX, this combination of Japanese seaweed and pomegranate seeds promotes abdominal weight loss and is a diet combination that is popular because of the fat burning effects to the metabolism. This is a popular combination at the moment but as yet has very little clinical proof to back up the claims. Although Adipo RX cites clinical evidence and provides a link to clinical trials on their website, this reference leads back to the Adipo RX page so is misleading.
  • Caralluma Fimbriata: A branded supplement that is sometimes called Indian Hoodia and in natural form is a succulent plant found in India where it is used to reduce hunger pangs. There has been some evidence that this may work for weight loss but this has not been fully evaluated. There have been issues around the importation of Caralluma Fimbriata into the USA.

As well as these ingredients, Adipo RX also contains LeanGard a trademarked blend of three patented ingredients which contains:

  • Forslean: A supplement made from Kenyan plant Forskolin and believed to build lean body mass. Often used by body builders.
  • GarCitrin: Extract of Gambooge also known as brindle berry – a Kenyan fruit known for weight loss but not widely used due to side effects including liver toxicity and the fact that a placebo works equally well.
  • Bioperine: Black pepper extract. Clinical tests reveal that Bioperine may increase the absorption of other ingredients, which will make them more effective.

So What Does All This Mean?

Adipo RX appears to be a mix of odd branded supplements put together in a new way and because the exact contents of the diet pills are not specified, it is impossible to tell how well any of these various ingredients will work together.

The contents are a blend of fairly new weight loss products and although some have been clinically tested, results are not that encouraging. Eating fresh African mango seeds Irvingia Gabonensis is a good source of fibre and will help weight loss when used as part of a diet but does not necessarily transfer to working as a supplement.

There have been health concerns around Chromax and medical opinion is divided over whether taking extra chromium is necessary.

The problem with Adipo RX is that it is all looks like a bit of a mish mash. Without the amount of the ingredients, it is impossible to see whether they will work and some of the contents are unproven. It looks as if it has been designed by a committee who could not decide, so threw in a little bit of everything. The fact that Adipo RX contains a mixture of existing diet supplements in one makes it look generic.

After all, if you bought tins of soup and blended them together it would not be your own home-made soup. It would just be a mix of products and this supplement has the same problem.

Does Adipo RX Have Any Side Effects?

Adipo RX contains some ingredients that may cause side effects. You should probably avoid if you are taking other medication such as steroids or antacids due to the chromium content. The Office of Dietary Supplements, a US Govt body recommends that chromium is best taken through diet and that many foodstuffs contain trace elements of this mineral. There is a concern about high levels of chromium causing cancer.


Forslean can cause irregular heartbeat and low blood pressure in some cases.

Gar Citrin contains Gambooge sometimes used in diet supplements and has led to liver toxicity in some cases.

Because Adipo RX is so new on the market, as yet, there have not been any reports of adverse side effects but some of the ingredients are a cause for concern.

Caution: Avoid if pregnant or breastfeeding or taking medication, including steroids or antacids. Avoid if you have heart problems or a blood pressure condition. Ask your doctor for advice if you have any concerns.

Any Adipo RX Reviews From Customers?

Adipo RX is such a new diet pill it has not yet generated any reviews. There are testimonials on the Adipo RX website and naturally these are very positive. The Facebook site has only attracted a handful of followers.

So Does Adipo RX Work?

It might. The big problem with this diet supplement is that it really does not explain how. The contents are not specified and some of the ingredients are not proven.

However, it may help increase your metabolism and as with all supplements, if you use it to support your own efforts in dieting and exercise it just may have some effect. It will not work on its own but there is not a miracle pill in the world that will make you lose weight without effort.

You take 1-2 diet pills per day with 12 oz of water before breakfast and with lunch.

Where Can I Buy Adipo RX?

You can buy Adipo RX direct from the company website or via their Facebook page. It is also now available from Amazon where it is sold by Esupplements, which looks to be an established Amazon trading partner.

One month’s supply of Adipo RX costs $59.99 plus $4.95 shipping costs to USA. A better deal is two month’s supply for $99.99, which comes with free shipping and a free unknown detox product.

One thing we really like about Adipo RX is that you can simply buy it in a one off purchase. Unlike many other diet supplements, you do not have to sign up and register first or even worse, join an auto-billing programme.

What About A Guarantee

Adipo RX offer a good money back guarantee that lasts 90 days. You simply return one empty bottle plus the rest of your order unopened if applicable and the company will fully refund your order, minus the shipping charges.

Watchdog Verdict

Adipo RX is a bit of a mixed bag but there are aspects about this diet supplement and company that we like such as the good-looking website and the returns policy. However, the lack of information about the contents is frustrating and a matter for concern due to some of the ingredients and their possible health risks.

A major problem with Adipo RX is that it once you get past the initial impression of it being a good quality supplement, there is no information to back this up.

For now, we feel that there are better and more established diet pills on the market for the same money. So we have rejected Adipo RX.

Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

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