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Aduki Diet

We first heard about The Aduki Diet when a visitor asked us to give it a review. Is this another new fad diet? Or is there really some weight loss magic to these Adzuki beans?

A simple and yet effective way to suppress your appetite, that allows you to control food cravings? We take a look at this self-proclaimed “fastest selling weight loss programme in the UK”!

Aduki Diet Pros

  • Includes green tea (how much though?)

Aduki Diet Cons

  • Ingredient amounts not disclosed
  • Unreliable before and after pictures
  • Lack of money-back guarantee
Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills
Aduki Diet bottles

Aduki Diet Review

Aduki Diet Facts

  • Adzuki beans found in East Asian and Chinese cuisine
  • Two versions: Aduki Normal and Aduki Extra Strength
  • The “Fastest selling weight loss programme in the UK”… really?

The official Aduki Diet site is fairly basic and in our opinion not given too much love and attention. The stock image used in the header of the attractive, slim blonde on the beach looks great, but the contact information in the header looks to be added as an afterthought.

That said it’s great that the contact details are clearly displayed and means you can easily get in touch with the manufacturer!

Aduki Diet web

There are two strengths of Aduki Diet capsules, normal or extra strength. The manufacturer advises opting for their best seller, Aduki Extra, but if under 40 years of age and have less than a stone to lose then the “normal strength” is suitable. As to the difference in terms of ingredients or amounts between these two products we are not quite sure!

You are advised to take up to two capsules, one at breakfast followed by another one at lunch if required or as the manufacturer says “should you need a little extra help”. This means that one bottle will last 30 days if you decide to take 2 capsules per day, making it fairly expensive.

Aduki Diet Warnings

  • Lacks full ingredient profile and NO information on the differences between Aduki versions
  • Lack of any real clinical evidence that this supplement work
  • Questions over the “before” and “after” images seen on other sites

What Does Aduki Diet Claim To Do?

The first claim made by this supplement is that…

The Aduki Diet is the easy way to lose up to 3-5lbs per week.

An impressive claim and one that’s not usually made for a UK diet supplement, especially as the advertising regulators are strict on what is in many cases unsubstantiated claims!

In the “how it works” section, The Aduki Diet claims to be….

simple and effective and works by controlling your appetite. Without food cravings your calorie intake will plumet (up to 40%!) and the weight will come off.

So What Is Aduki Diet and What Are The Ingredients For Aduki Diet?

Adzuki BeansThe Aduki Diet capsules appear to work primarily as appetite suppressants so that you reduce calorie intake by simply eating less.

There are 6 active ingredients specified by the manufacturer but unfortunately NO ingredient amounts are listed! This means there is NO indication of how much is in capsule, and to be honest NO idea if sufficient amounts are available.

Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients, starting with the namesake of this product, the Adzuki bean:

  • Adzuki Beans: Also pronounced Aduki too (hence the name of this supplement) and are widely grown throughout East Asia and the Himalayas. High in fibre the beans are mostly used as a sweetener in Asian cuisine and when boiled with sugar in many Chinese dishes, such as red bean paste. The manufacturer claims the beans can promote regular bowel movements and the fibre may reduce levels of bad cholesterol. Other “evidence” is anecdotal and there don’t appear to be any clinical trials on this! Wikipedia mentions nothing about weight loss.
  • Green Tea: Potent antioxidant thanks to the polyphenols and in certain amounts with caffeine can promote thermogenosis, which stimulates increased fat oxidation. Unclear how much and of what type of Green Tea extract is included in this supplement!
  • Lotus Leaves: This perennial aquatic plant comes from the tropical regions of Asia and the Middle East. A popular ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine that’s been used to treat a number of conditions, including diarrhoea, vomiting with blood, blood in the urine, fevers and reduce muscle spasms. High in phytochemicals that can help to fight bacterial and fungal infections.
  • Radish Seeds: Said to be beneficial for the treatment of another of conditions, these include; weight loss, jaundice, urinary disorders, piles, cancer (really?), kidney disorders, insect bites, fever etc etc. In terms of weight loss, the Aduki Diet claims they can help fill your stomach and satisfy hunger without the calories. Again no references to proper clinical trials to support these claims and no idea of amounts either!
  • Poria: Said to be widely used in Asia and animal studies have suggested could be a potential immunomodulator and anti-inflammatory agent for managing diabetes and even cancer. Whilst no clinical studies support specific amounts doses used range from 3 to 45 g daily. Clearly nowhere near enough in Aduki Diet capsules!
  • Collagen: A group of natural occurring animal proteins and said to have beneficial effects on joint and bone, as well as for weight management and sport performance. Again no amounts specified and no links or clinical references to support claims.

So What Does All This Mean?

The Aduki Diet is marketed on the inclusion of Adzuki beans that make up one of six ingredients in this supplement. There is no indication of the amounts and the references to clinical studies to support the claims are tenuous, at best!

All in all, The Aduki Diet contains a group of ingredients that are likely to be far below what any of the clinical studies say has any beneficial effect.

Does Aduki Diet Have Any Side Effects?

The Aduki Diet is not addictive and claims to be suitable for healthy individuals, over 18 who have no health complications.

Caution: Seek professional medical advice if you’re taking any medication or have any medical condition. Although not stated, as with all dietary supplements not recommend taking this if you’re pregnant, a nursing mother or have a BMI of under 18.5.

Any Aduki Diet Reviews From Customers?

There are a number of testimonials on the official website, including some before and after pictures.

When checking the before and after pictures we were disappointed to find some of these pictures on other sites. A few of them can be found on Alizonne preventative and cosmetic medicine website.

Aduki Diet customer testimonial

So who has copied who? Unless the same people have taken the Aduki diet and used cosmetic therapies ;)

Update:Since publishing our review the testimonial pictures in question have been removed from the official website.

So Does Aduki Diet Work?

Tricky to answer this one as we have no idea how much of the ingredients stated are actually in each capsule!

The evidence that Aduki beans are effective at suppressing appetite is fairly weak. As with any high fibre nutrient it can help in helping you to feel full and bulk up the content in your stomach, making it less likely that you wish to eat more. For this to work a large amount of fibre content is required and unlikely to be sufficient in one or even two capsules!

We can see no real rational for the inclusion of some of the other ingredients, at least as to their effectiveness, if any here.

For example, the manufacturer claims that Lotus Leaf has been clinical shown to prevent the formation of fatty tissue in rats, and then highlights ONLY when combined with L-Carnitine. So you would assume that L-Carnitine would be included here, guess again! Why mention a study that suggests the ingredient can help with weight loss (or weight management) when they require another ingredient that’s not even here…. puzzling.

Another example can be found when looking at the information on Collagen. The manufacturer references a study that uses 5g of Collagen per day… clearly there is nowhere near 5g in the Aduki Diet capsules, so these claims are not relevant!

There is very unlikely to be anywhere near sufficient ingredients in this supplement to support the claims, weight loss or otherwise made by The Aduki Diet.

Where Can I Buy Aduki Diet?

The Aduki Diet is available from the official website with payment options including Paypal, Google Checkout and good old fashion cheque!

Costs range from £30 for the Aduki or Aduki Extra Trial pack of 24 capsules. Both the Aduki Diet Regular Strength and Aduki Diet Extra Strength cost £60 for 1-2 months’ supply. You can also find it on Ebay for similar prices.

Buying the trial pack or one bottle will cost an additional £3.95 for UK postage and £10 for outside the UK for shipping. Free delivery is available when buying two or products at the same time.

Consumer Alert: If you take 2 capsules per day then one bottle of Aduki Diet Regular or Extra Strength will ONLY LAST 1 MONTH!

What About a Money-Back Guarantee?

There is a refund policy that states you can return the product unused within 21 days to claim your money back. This is not a money-back guarantee but only a slightly longer policy required by the distance selling regulations.

Watchdog Verdict

The rather annoying ticker below the header states how easy the Aduki Diet is for weight loss, ending with “What have you got to lose?” With the fact is there is little compelling evidence to suggest this supplement can work, an answer would be around £30 to £60, depending on how much you order!

There is no indication if sufficient ingredients exist to have much, if any, beneficial effect on health and weight loss. For fibre to effectively suppress appetite you need to eat a lot, more than likely you can sensibly find in two capsules!

The potential cost of the Aduki Diet is a concern too. If you decide to take 2 capsules per day to get that “extra benefit” then one bottle of 60 capsules will only last 30 days. This means it could potentially cost you £60 per month!

The lack of ingredient amounts, questions raised concerning the before and after pictures, and potential cost mean we are going to reject The Aduki Diet.

Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

#1 Consumer Choice: Superfruit Slim

Superfruit Slim

Superfruit Slim

The most potent Superfruit diet pill on the market, includes clinically proven Raspberry Ketones, African Mango and Acai Berry.

Why is Superfruit Slim Watchdog Approved?

  • 4 strongest superfruit extracts in one capsule
  • Clinically proven ingredients
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • FREE shipping and buy 3 get 1 FREE offers!

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Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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  1. Helen says:

    Re the aduki diet, the supplier gets them direct from the factory in china that makes the pills! It’s more worrying what is in them exactly rather than the amount of each claimed ingredient. When challenged in the actual guarantee of safety of the so called ingredients the supplier claims they are sold in the Chinese version of Boots . FYI- china doesn’t have a Boots equivalent. The pills definitely work but too risky given that you don’t know exactly what is in them.

  2. Nicola says:

    I have been using these and I love than and I have tried every pill out there. The make you a little thirsty so drink up abd they have a little amphetamine feel so probably some kind if effadrine but I like em!

  3. Abby says:

    Yes everyone who takes these say they work, in fact it’s the only diet pill that does work. People have had amazing results, we are improving our website & it will be up & running very soon

  4. Juliet Green says:

    “In FACT it’s the only diet pill that does work” – quote

    How do you know it’s the only diet pill that works Abby?
    That is a rather large claim.

    So Watchdog must have all their facts wrong then.

    Are you simply improving your website cause Watchdog have slated it??
    Too little to late i’d say.


  5. Sherrie says:

    I have found these to be effective. I agree they make you thirsty and they are expensive, but they work.

  6. Dawn says:

    these sound well dodgy! no ingredients/chinese factory… come on, all the dodgy stuff coming out of china like bath salts and plant food that kids are all taking – do we need to wait for someone to die? do you have liability insurance abby?

    • Sanny says:

      Have you ever seen an overweight Chinese person???? I’ve been to the very modern Shanghai….Beijing….Xian …. and Hong Kong!!! What’s keeping these people so slim??? I’m going to try Aduki … For one month only…..I need to lose 10 lbs…..and I know I will lose that in 1 month!!

      • Watchdog Staff says:

        Hi Sanny,
        Thanks for your comment. Are you suggesting that Chinese people are slim because they take the ingredients in Aduki Diet?
        Some of us here at Diet Pills Watchdog have visited these fantastic cities too and unfortunately more and more Chinese people are getting obese, certainly in the younger population. Of course many of the rural population less so as incomes are notably less.

  7. Lyndsay says:

    I used the extra strength and they worked brilliantly. I did think £60 was expensive but well worth it. I have been to so called diet clinics and tried all the ones in Boots etc but these are the only thing that have worked for me and not had horrendous side effects. Been taking them for 12 months on and off (as recommended) and still alive and kicking and very close to my ideal weight.

  8. Jayne says:

    I have been using these pills for the last 12 months and have lost 3 stone.I am still alive and kicking – why does everyone have to be so negative and find fault in things. why cant we praise success , but i suppose thats the way people are :)
    well done ADUKI

  9. Debbie says:


    I was planning to try ADUKI tablets due to being unhappy with my appearance,and if I am honest the cost wouldnt have put me off but I was concerned on whether it really worked or whether it was another fad. I wanted to write a reply to you to say, thankyou for the unbiased review and looking into the pills in so much detail. Ultimately I am sure readers will come to their own conclusion and whether to try them or not but at least they will be more informed .Thanks to Watchdog and the reviewer who initially made contact to watchdog for advice xxx

  10. Sue says:

    After a lifetime of trying one thing and another I have never come across anything so effective. Your issue of whether or not the pills contain enough amounts of active ingredients is irrelevant as they actually work, and very well. Surely that is the bottom line. Your ads for alternative products which are approved make me question your claims of being 100% independent, sorry.

  11. Lindsey says:

    I just ordered these today. I weighed 11 stone 8 this morning and am 5ft 4. I’ll let you know if they work. So far I’ve lost 7 stone by eating less but the last 2 stone has been hanging around for 2 years now and I really want to shift it. Aduki, fingers crossed!

  12. Lisa says:

    I bought these and started taking them on Monday…….I will let you know how I get on

  13. Michele says:

    These really do work by supressing the appetite. The only thing that I have found is that they can make me feel a little nauseous for an hour or two after taking them.
    I am slightly dubious when a ‘watch dog’ type site, like this one, actually promotes other makes and brands of diet pills. I’ll stick with Aduki.

  14. Gemma says:

    Hi Nicola,

    Do they actually suppress your appetite? I’ve tried other
    And they never work!

  15. Tinker says:

    I have been taking this for 6 days now and feel ok I have the extra ones and some days don’t feel hungry at all but others I get a tad hungry, I have also been attending the gym and feel great, I used to feel very tired all the time and loved sleep, the only problem I’m finding is I’m wide awake, which is good during the day but night times are awful, I just can’t sleep!! I have done lots of searching on the net to find info about them but can’t really find anything at all, I will like to see real people’s story’s good or bad and what weight loss they have! I don’t get weighed for another two days but jumped on my own scales this morning and I’d lost 4lb, would love more real life stories on this diet!

  16. Donna says:

    I have tried these tablets on and off for the past 2 months! There’s no denying they suppress your appetite, and leave you will no desire to eat anything sweet!
    Only thing is I can’t sleep on them! I’ve tried taking normal strength first thing in the morning, and I’m still wide awake at 3am!!
    God knows what’s really in them! It must have dangerous amounts of green tea/caffeine! I feel absolutely out my face taking them!!!
    Just not enough information about these anywhere.

    • Anna says:

      hello everybody! I have been taking Aduki for two months, untill they totally stopped working even in an extra strength edition:(. Sleepless nights, strong heartbeats… really looks similar to this pills: Adipex. Please look up in internet. I’m really concern that THIS is what the Aduki really is!!!!

  17. karen harvey says:

    Hi what side effects have been reported? As on a 2day trail send would like to know .many thanks

  18. Racky says:

    I have just bought these in desperation. Have been getting depressed about weight amongst other things and downward spiraling into binge eating. I am now on day 3… I am on the regular strength and only have 1 tablet in the mornings, I have been eating what I like, and find that I’m full after a few bites. I haven’t been on the scales yet, so cannot confirm any weight loss, but I feel so much better about myself. I am actually sleeping better, because I feel better. My only side effect is that, I’m not even thinking about food whereas just 4 days ago, I was eating biscuits after crisps after kids leftovers and so on. You get the picture. Not all pills work for everyone, but these are definitely working for me so far… I have about 5 stone to loose, I’ll let you know my progress.

  19. gill says:

    Second day so I just took 1 after being up half the night so better to take the 2 tabs in morning I think.There is a pain in my bum for hours does anyone know why or is it trapped wind there?please help thanks

  20. gill says:

    Just to add Iam not constipated but I too 2 tsp of lactulose for constipation! And plenty vaseline but Im not constipated but its painful and the vaz eased the pressure of my bum passage tightening! Can anyone plse help with advice as to whats happening Thanks

  21. gill says:

    I found out your not supposed to have any other caffeine when you take them as some people can feel constipated.

  22. Liz says:

    I’ve been taking them for just over two weeks now and my appetite is certainly reduced. You have to be sensible about what you to make sure that you get all the right nutrition but I’ve lost 8lbs so far so I will keep going. Did have a couple of nights disturbed sleep at the beginning but fine now and do feel a lot better. Have tried many other expensive diets / diet classes and whilst £60 a bottle they work so for be a lot better value!

  23. Rachel says:

    Does the Aduki tablet stop your contraceptive pill?

  24. Gail F, Manchester says:

    I have noticed that you have used my testimonial in your article however the photos shown are most certainly not me. My weight problem was down to portion size. The aduki diet helped me to control this whilst allowing me to enjoy the foods I liked. I never once felt that I had to cut out my treats it was more of the case I did not have the need to over indulge. I’ve been on the diet for over a year now and have lost 3 1/2 stone. The pictures shown with my testimonial are genuine and have definately not been tampered with in any way. My loss has been gradual and for the last couple of months I’ve maintained by taking 1 tablet every so often. I have been very fortunate and have never experienced any side effects. I am very happy wityh the results I’ve achieved on this diet and would recommend it.

  25. jamila atif says:

    i started this diet in april 2013 and in that 1st month i had lost a full stone i was very happy but now taking the last bits off is getting very hard every week i am weighing myself and losing anything few weeks back i put on few pounds then it came off now its just not budging?
    i must say that this diet does really work as i do not eat crisps chocolate and dont crave any more as i used to
    any suggetions to why the weight has just stoppped and i am paying 60 pound every month but not losing it like it states on that bottle x

  26. Alison Houghton-Corfield says:

    I am a weight loss and wellness coach and this thread makes me cringe. The most worrying point I find is that someone stated they thought the product contained ephedrine as you get an amphetamine feel. Ephedrine is a prescription only medicine in the UK and pseudoephedrine is used in the manufacture of CHRYSTAL METH.

    The next thing I find increasingly worrying is that people are taking these pills and there are no ingredient lists on the bottle you could be ingesting anything is your health of so little importance to you and I bet some of you are Mums!

    There is no SAFE quick fix for losing weight/fat it takes hard work, determination, exercise and commitment. If I said to you that next tablet you take could kill you would you take it?

    Follow my blog it might just help some of you see sense oh and if you value your kidneys your heart or your sanity I’d be very careful when taking a product like this its a controlled substance for a reason.

    • Agnieszka says:

      I do agree with you 100%. Just thinking why nobody take the pill and do the test in laboratory’s. nothing will help you loose weight as hard work at the gym. People want quick and easy results but don’t see the side effects on that.

  27. Alison Houghton-Corfield says:

    Jamilia your weight loss will have stopped because all that weight you have lost will be muscle and muscle burns calories so if you lose muscle you lose calorie you need to eat lean protein and your body is lacking nutrients so it stops you losing weight and hangs onto the little nutrients it has.

  28. Dr John Wilkinson - Supplement consultant says:

    This product is the classic example of marketing but with seemingly, little science – although this doesn’t mean it does or does not work.

    From a scientific point of view I would like to see more on the safety of the product:

    Quality control procedures displaying the ingredients and amounts. The labeling should conform to the health and nutrition claims directive and food supplements directive. This doesn’t appear to have been done, based on the information presented here.

    There should be certificate of analysis for each batch produced and an agreed standard / specification which the manufacture should adhere to.

    Why? – because errors can be made and poor quality can cause illness and even long term health problems (that don’t often appear for months or even years). With manufactures (anywhere in the world not just because it is from China), this needs to be standard procedure.

    Some of the other ingredients are quite obscure. Has an independent safety assessment been made on the amounts ingested. If not, I would be happy to do this . It really helps with consumer confidence and is a legal requirement under EU food law.

  29. Katy says:

    I have been taking Aduki for 2 weeks now and have been absolutely fine, I have bought them from a beauty salon and the ingredients are listed on an information leaflet!! They don’t state the amount what’s in them but surely the woman who owns this successful business would not put all that on the line to sell these tablets if she thought the ingredients listed were not correct. I have tried lots of different diet pills in the past but never liked them as they made me feel weird due to the ingredients. I only like taking natural herbal medications now after not liking previous diet pills and I have used Aduki to replace acai berry. I am not concerned that there is anything other than natural ingredients in them as I feel normal just have a suppressed appetite. They do work aswell I have lost 6lbs so far. I would not take these pills if I had any concerns about the ingredients, surely people would not advertise and sell this if they were unsure about what’s in them because they could end up with some major lawsuits.

  30. Holly says:

    I a totally normal girl and I was working out and eating fairly healthy tried these as a saw a friend recommend them online they were expensive but worked I got extra strong ones and took one a day then after two weeks up to two a day. I lost two stone in about 2 to 3 months. This worked well for me as I’m a food fiend and like to graze but my apatite was so low I could hardly finish my meals but I was full and satisfied which was the main thing, yes you need to drink plenty of water but if you are a comfort eater than they worked well for me. You need to try though they are not magic I still walked to work and watched my foods. Take consistently too as I bought another bottle and didn’t take as consistently and I still lost weight but slowly. I,m now pregnant and planning on using aduki after baby to loose my baby weight. I was a stone away from my goal pre pregnancy. So even if I put three stones on during pregnancy I’ll only be where I was went I started aduki for that I am glad! I’ll loose it all over again at least it wasn’t three stones on top of my previous weight!!

  31. Catherine says:

    I have just ordered some more of these after taking them 2 years ago. Last time I took them I lost over 2 stone and they worked brilliantly. However, I did not like the feeling of being unable to sleep. I am now not as caffeine sensitive as I was and am happy to just take 1 pill as soon as I wake up and hopefully this will help. The pills can cause jitters, but no more than a couple of espressos would cause – don’t think there is anything dodgy in them, but I would suggest if you have a caffeine sensitivity then maybe they are not for you – for me the loss of appetite is worth a little discomfort

  32. RockyH says:

    I’ve lost over 1st in just over 6 weeks by cutting out rubbish and eating whole grain foods, fruit and veg. A lot cheaper and no side effects! Please don’t waste your money on these stupid pills.

  33. Kim says:

    I took these pills last year for three months and lost 3stone 8 pounds in that time (in 3 months). I felt absolutely fine and would definitely take them again!

  34. Chris says:

    Does it bother anybody else that this article claims to be a “review” of these diet pills, yet THE REVIEWER NEVER USED THE PILLS TO SEE IF THEY WORK?

    Am I the only one who is bothered by that?

    Many accusations are made to make people question the product’s safety, yet not one piece of evidence is presented that demonstrates the product is dangerous.

    I do appreciate that Watchdog pointed out some red flags, but how do you give a product a negative review (or even a positive one) without even trying the product?

    Ahh…gotta love the Internet…

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