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Yet another diet pill from Utah, the diet pill scam capital of the U.S. Apidextra is another product playing on the back of a prescription drug, Apidex. With some big claims and lots of promotion on the fake review sites, we take a closer look at Apidextra and see if it stands up to the claims it’s making.

Apidextra contains what looks to be some effective ingredients that promise to increase metabolism whilst suppressing appetite. But is there really enough information available to backup these claims?

Apidextra Pros

  • Some of the ingredients could be effective

Apidextra Cons

  • No indication of ingredient quantities
  • No physical address for the company
  • Bad customer reviews for the company and people behind them generally
  • Comes from Utah, the home of many diet pill scams
Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills
Apidextra Bottle

Apidextra Review

Apidextra Facts

  • Claims to contain 8 clinically proven ingredients
  • Shipped from Utah
  • Said to burn fat, boost the metabolism and suppress the appetite

The first thing we look at with a diet pill, is where it comes from and who are the people behind the website. After a few minutes, we can usually tell from this whether it’s going to be another scam diet pill that doesn’t contain any effective ingredients and will not live up to the claims being made.

With Apidextra, it was clear straight away that it was from the stable of our old favourites Gadd Formulas. Although they have re-organized things a little and gone further underground, in order to avoid investigations, luckily they leave plenty of clues behind. We can’t say exactly what, as they monitor this site to see what we say about them, but despite making millions of dollars every year they still make schoolboy errors.

They have several different tactics that they use to promote different diet pills, and in the case of Apidextra they are going for a Doctor/ Guarantee approach. They have a nice big picture of a doctor on the main page and then push the “guarantee” as the biggest feature of the product.

Apidextra website

We find this quite confusing actually, if the product actually worked then wouldn’t it make sense to offer some evidence?

Instead they push the guarantee, which we know from previous
customers, feedback is virtually impossible to get. These are all clever tricks, by pushing the guarantee they are hoping you are thinking, “I’ve got nothing to lose, and if it doesn’t actually work they will give me my money back.” But, we know that you will literally have to jump through hoops and have the patience of a saint to actually get your money back in your account.

Apidextra Warnings

  • Comes from Utah, the home of many diet pills scams
  • No hard science behind anything the makers claim
  • Bad reviews behind the companies selling Apidextra

So What Else Are They Saying About Apidextra?

Apart from pushing the (fake?) guarantee, they are also pushing the “medical” angle. This is to make you think it’s from some clever laboratory when in actual fact it’s the same old ingredients, mashed together in a factory somewhere.

They actually say:

What’s “The Secret” that Makes Apidextra One of the Best Diet Pills That Work Fast?

Well apart from the terrible grammar, which doesn’t make sense, this is a pretty meaningless claim. A “best diet pills that work fast”, means actually nothing at all and is purely subjective. Neither “best” nor “fast” is measurable and is something they have simply made up.

Moving on, they then waffle about Apidextra being better than prescription medications (LOL), without offering any evidence either.

So What Is Apidextra and What Are The Ingredients For Apidextra?

Apidextra claims to be a metabolism booster, an appetite suppressant and a fat burner all in one! Pretty impressive we think, but what are the ingredients that will do all this? This is the “Secret” they refer too, conveniently forgetting that have stuffed these same ingredients in numerous other diet pills, that they also claim is the greatest diet pill ever invented.

Not really much of a “secret”, eh?

So on to these “secret” ingredients:

  • Phytosome Green Tea: Plenty of research has been conducted into the effectiveness of Green Tea extracts as an aid to weight loss. Unfortunately, Apidextra are claiming this refers to an amount of “150mg of Phytosome Green Tea” to back up their claims, when in actual fact the research was conducted with 300mg of “epigallocatechin gallate”, which is a specific extract of Green Tea.

    Even if Apidextra contained the correct amount of Green Tea (which we doubt), it even has half the amount needed to be effective.
  • Irvingia Gabonensis (African Mango): Again, this has been shown to be effective for weight loss and has been a fairly “fashionable” diet pill ingredient in recent times. The recommended dosage for weight loss is 300mg a day, but this has to be a specific type and quality of extract. Due to the popularity of this ingredient, then some manufacturers are using a poorer quality extract, which because it simply comes from African Mango, they are claiming it is the effective compound.
  • Cissus Quadrangularis: Also known as Veldt Grape or Devil’s backbone. The claims here are that it acts as an appetite suppressant, however rather conveniently they are not letting us know how much of this ingredient is included in the product. This is because the most effective research was done with a proprietary extract of Cissus Quadrangularis of 300mg. Once more, it is highly doubtful whether Apidextra contains the correct extract or the correct amount to be effective.
  • Co-Enzyme Q10: Some rather bizarre claims here about increasing your metabolic rate, by using Coenzyme Q10. No studies have concluded that it can be effective for weight loss and any findings so far have been disputed. Anyone with a normal diet will consume more than enough Coenzyme Q10 so its supplementation is not needed.
  • Dicaffeine Malate: A fancy term for caffeine, this has been shown to increase metabolism and decrease the appetite. No indication of the quantities included in Apidextra.

We then find 3 ingredients listed separately, but all with some big weight loss claims.

  • Mentha Longifolia: Also known as Horse Mint
  • Vitamin C: Found in plentiful supply in orange juice
  • Olive Leaf Extract: From the olive oil tree

What they forget to tell you (conveniently) is that these three ingredients refer to a study where, a specific combination of ingredients was shown to have some effect on weight loss.

This combination contained 60mg Alchemilla vulgaris L., 50mg Olea europaea L., 20mg Mentha longiforia L, 25mg Cuminum cyminum L., 7mg Vitamin C, and 148mg Tricalcium phosphate (TCP).

As you can see this bears no relation to what they have included in Apidextra, yet they still make the same claims.

So What Does All This Mean?

As is normal with these types of operation, they are very selective in how they show any evidence. No specific studies are linked to, and in most cases the ingredients that have shown any effect for weight loss are usually not included in sufficient quantities to be any use.

They like to make a song and dance that Apidextra contains 8 proven ingredients, but the numbers simply do not add up. If these diet pills contained enough of the ingredients to be effective then you would have to take many more than they recommend each day. As each tablet is between 500 and 600mg in size then the numbers do not work.

They are also very secretive about the exact composition of each tablet; this is normally a sure sign that something is not right. You cannot make an informed decision about this diet pill if you do not know what is in it.

Never consume a diet pill if you do not know exactly what it contains!

Does Apidextra Have Any Side Effects?

Its difficult to say whether there will be any side effects from taking Apidextra, as the lack of information simply makes it impossible to make an informed decision.

Any Apidextra Reviews From Customers?

There are a number of testimonials on the site but these can only be taken on face value. In our research we also found some negative reviews of the product with customers experiencing some of the side effects listed above. You will also notice that the positive reviews go back to 2011, rather strange that there’s nothing else positive to add since then isn’t it?

This is because they normally add some fake reviews when the site is launched in order to trick buyers, and in this case they have forgotten to add anymore since then.

So Does Apidextra Work?

Highly unlikely.

There’s a distinct lack of any evidence that Apidextra could work as a diet pill. The studies and evidence they produce is misleading at best, and the ingredient quantities do not add up

Where Can I Buy Apidextra?

Apidextra is available online from the main merchant and a number of fake review sites, under the control of the main merchant. The main payment processor is Pierce Hawthorne who is linked to the rest of the discredited supplement manufacturers in Utah.

Put simply Utah is the diet pill scam capital of the United States, and the vast majority of diet pill scams are in business in this State.

There are a number of reasons for this, one of them is that they a large number are ran by scammers and the other is that they have contacts all the way up to the Attorney General and U.S. Senators and Congressmen. With a whole flood of money washing about, we are talking millions and millions of dollars, and then you can pretty much do what you want.

If you see that a diet pill or other supplement comes from Utah then we urge to take caution and check them out!

Watchdog Verdict

You would likely be very disappointed if you bought Apidextra and expected it to help you lose weight.

The ingredients are not offered in large enough amounts to have any effect. There is also some dubious evidence offered, which doesn’t actually refer to anything that has been published by the medical profession.

Apidextra also comes from Utah, which is all you need to know really.

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