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With a promise to get you “Results in just 4 weeks,” ApidexTrim will certainly appeal to those looking for a quick weight loss solution. The other bonus is that it’s targeted specifically at women; surely this is going to be the answer to all those prayers?

Is ApidexTrim really the diet pill you have been searching for all this time, or is it another over hyped and under performing diet pill from the experts in the marketing department?

ApidexTrim Pros

  • Nice looking site

ApidexTrim Cons

  • No testimonials
  • Claims don’t match up with research
  • Ships from Utah
  • Linked to a host of rejected diet pills
Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

ApidexTrim Review

ApidexTrim Facts

  • Based in Utah, USA
  • No evidence it can work
  • Contains a third or less of the ingredients that they base the weight loss claims on

The website for ApidexTrim has been well made with the use of blacks and golds to give it an air of credibility. With a lovely slim woman and big guarantee badges all over the place it is hard to not be impressed at first sight.

It’s only when you dig down to the finer details that you see that it’s not just a diet pill but also claims to promote skin beauty. This is sounding even better, not only can you lose weight but you are going to get fantastic looking skin as well.

ApidexTrim Warnings

  • Comes from Utah
  • Confusing evidence presented
  • Ridiculous claims with no evidence to back it up
  • Lack of customer reviews

What Does ApidexTrim Claim To Do?

ApidexTrim claims to be a blend of vitamins, nutrients and minerals that work in combination to then burn fat, suppress the appetite and increase lean muscle. There is also a “beauty complex proprietary blend” included which claims to have positive effects on the skin.

Still sounding good so far, but how exactly does it do this?

Apparently there is a blend of 22 ingredients in each daily serving size of 2 capsules.

When we have looked at other diet pills that contain this amount of ingredients in a small serving size we usually find that they fall well short of the mark. By ramming so many ingredients into the pills then in most cases they are such low quantities that they then become effective.

So What Is ApidexTrim and What Are The Ingredients For ApidexTrim?

With a diet pill containing so many ingredients it’s a bit difficult to know where to start. Let’s split things down to the separate “blocks” of ingredients. This gives us a vitamin blend, a weight loss blend and a beauty blend.

Vitamin Blend

  • Vitamin C: Contains 30mg, which is 50% of the daily value
  • Vitamin D: Contains 400iu, which is 100% of daily value
  • Vitamin E: Contains 30iu, this is 100% of daily value
  • Vitamin B6: Contains 25mg, which is 1,250% of daily value
  • Folic Acid: Contains 200mcg, which is 50% of daily value
  • Vitamin B12: Contains 100mcg, which is 1,666% of daily value
  • Biotin: Contains 3mg, which is 1000% of daily value
  • Chromax: Contains 333.5mcg which is 33% of daily value

These are all fairly standard vitamins and could offer some support to the body. Unfortunately no reasons are given as to why these vitamins are included in ApidexTrim. They may all be helpful with weight loss or for skin condition but without any evidence presented WHY they could be helpful it leaves the rest of the claims fairly empty.

Weight Loss Blend

This is where the weight loss magic is meant to happen. What ingredients are included for weight loss and what is there to back the claims up?

  • CFU Probiotic Blend: 1 billion CFU, whatever that means! Some research has linked a healthy gut with the body being more effective at working but no further details are supplied on the ApidexTrim page.
  • 1,3,7 Trimethylxanthine: There is 200mg of this ingredient on a daily serving. You may well know this slightly better as Caffeine, a staple ingredient in most diet pills.
  • IGOB131 Irvingia Gabonensis: A rather fancy title for good old African Mango, in this case it contains 100mg. This is one of the key ingredients and the basis for the bulk of the claims being made. They say the research showed an average weight loss of 28.1 pounds.

    What they don’t tell you is the research was over a period of 10 weeks and the subjects consumed 300mg per day. ApidexTrim contains a third of the amount needed to have any effect, yet they claim the same weight loss effect. It looks like they need to do their maths again. We have an in-depth review of African Mango HERE.
  • Green Select Phytosome Green Tea: A 100mg serving of this green tea extract is included here. Unfortunately all research for the effectiveness of green tea as weight loss aid is based on a serving of 400mg. Again ApidexTrim falls woefully short of having enough green tea extract to have any effect.
  • Satiereal: Another new ingredient that is suddenly becoming fashionable, this is an extract of saffron. No evidence is presented as to why it could work and at present clinical research is not able to prove any effect on weight loss for this extract. ApidexTrim contains 58.84mg, which seems to be a random number plucked from thin air. The only research we could find suggest 176.5mg per day, again more than triple that which is in ApidexTrim.
  • CoQ10: This is a coenzyme found in sufficient quantities in any normal diet. There is a serving of 33.35mg per day in this product but common advice shows we need 3-6mg per day for a healthy lifestyle. No evidence that increased supplementation has any positive effects.

We had high hopes for the weight loss aspects of this diet pill but as you can see the quantities fall way short to have any potential effect.

Beauty Complex Proprietary Blend

A proprietary blend means you can lump a number of ingredients together and not disclose how much of each is included. In this case we see a blend of 151mg of:

  • Resveratrol 50%
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • DMAE
  • Collagen Type 11
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Idebenone

A brief description of each of these ingredients is given, however no clinical evidence is presented as to why they have any effects on the skin.

So What Does All This Mean?

We think ApidexTrim was made up around the table one morning.
It looks like the guys in the marketing department decided to take some ingredients from existing diet pills but only use a third or less to save money.

They still make the same claims as they do when using the full amounts but hopefully no one will notice.

Instead lets add a “beauty blend” and claim some weird and wacky stuff about skin beauty. No matter that there’s no evidence to back up what they are saying, it will surely appeal to women even more now. After all who doesn’t want to lose weight AND have better skin, right?

Does ApidexTrim Have Any Side Effects?

The area of concern would be the beauty blend as it is very lacking in detail. The weight loss ingredients have been pared down so much they are not likely to have any effect, good or bad.

Caution: ApidexTrim does contain a fair amount of caffeine so anyone sensitive to this should be careful.

Any ApidexTrim Reviews From Customers?

Sadly no. Normally these types of sites have some very dodgy looking testimonials, which in many cases are shown to be false. In this case they have not listed any, maybe some will come later.

We found a number of reviews for the product itself on fake review sites and only one on Amazon dating back to February 15th:

Apidextrim Amazon review

Of course you cant read much in to one review as everyone is different.

So Does ApidexTrim Work?

We would be incredibly surprised if ApidexTrim actually worked.

The weight loss claims they make are for ingredients 3 times as powerful as they are using. This is very misleading and without further evidence presented should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Likewise there is nothing offered to suggest it could have positive effect on skin beauty.

Where Can I Buy ApidexTrim?

It is available from the main website at a cost of $49.99 per 1 month supply. The payment processors are Pierce Hawthorne who has connections with a number of supplement companies in Utah.

As Utah is a hotbed for scams then we would always exercise caution when dealing with companies from this region. Definitely a case of buyer beware.

No company details appear anywhere on the site which is always a warning sign.

What About A Guarantee?

A 90-day guarantee is offered, which is generous in this industry. We have no idea how difficult it would be to get your money back. The lack of a company address on the site would suggest it might not be that easy.

Watchdog Verdict


There are simply far too many weaknesses behind ApidexTrim in order for us to approve it.

As soon as you put a high number of different ingredients in a diet pill you start to get diminishing returns. Any claims you rely on simply will not wash any more, as the research referred to always uses far more than what is included.

Couple this with the lack of company details, any clinical research and some shaky looking claims it simply does not look good enough.

Yes the site looks great, but sometimes you have to take a peak under the covers and what you find may sometimes be a little disturbing!

Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

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