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Aspire Weight Loss

Can you really lose serious amounts of weight without changing your lifestyle? According to Aspire Weight Loss, you can, simply by taken their all-natural diet pills. Aspire is a diet supplement that contains some branded formula ingredients in combination with natural products and features some slick advertising as well as a full money back guarantee.

The idea that you can lose a lot of weight without making lifestyle changes has set the Diet Watchdog alarm bells ringing, and some of the ingredients of this supplement are a cause for concern. We take a look at Aspire to find out more.

Aspire Weight Loss Pros

  • Looks professional
  • Company provide contact details and telephone number

Aspire Weight Loss Cons

  • Misleading advertising and unproven medical information
  • High stimulant content will not be safe for everyone
  • No customer reviews or feedback
Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills
Aspire weight loss

Aspire Weight Loss Review

Aspire Weight Loss Facts

  • Manufactured by Everest Nutrition Corporation
  • Contains a blend of trademarked supplements
  • $49.95 for one months supply

Aspire is an American diet pill that is designed to increase the metabolism and suppress the appetite. It contains a mix of branded trademarked products combined with natural ingredients and according to the advertising will help you lose weight. Despite the glossy appearance of the marketing, Aspire is not that well known and has not yet received any independent customer feedback.

Aspire is manufactured by Everest Nutrition Corporation, described by themselves as a leading Nutraceautical and vitamin manufacturer.

Everest has been around since 2004 and manufacture a range of health supplements aimed at a variety of conditions, although none of their supplements are very well known.

Their other products include Zernex For Men, a male enhancement supplement, Vernax For Women designed to help improve sexual performance and raise libido. They also produce Everest Prostate Plus -a prostate health supplement, Krill oil an omega 3 supplement and Joint Ease a remedy for muscular and joint pain. Aspire is the only Everest weight loss supplement.

To take Aspire you are advised to take 1-2 capsules in the morning and again before lunch. According to information many people find that 2 capsules daily is sufficient.

One of the selling points of this supplement is that you do not have to make any changes to diet and lifestyle in order to lose weight, because Aspire naturally reduces your appetite and speeds your metabolism. The Diet Pills Watchdog is extremely sceptical about this claim.

There is very little independent information about Aspire and it does not appear to have generated any customer reviews, positive or negative.

Aspire Weight Loss Concerns:

  • Lack of clinical evidence
  • No independent customer feedback or testimonials
  • Lack of ingredients profile – you do not know diet pill contents

What Does Aspire Weight Loss Claim To Do?

The Aspire advertising and product information makes some impressive claims that implies you can lose weight with minimal effort. “I lost 18lbs with Aspire – it really works” and “I lost 30lbs” etc and similar from supposedly genuine customers pictured on the website.

Aspire website

A doctor (who incidentally appears to be a stock image from well known stock image website iStock) – named as Dr Shah explains “why it is almost impossible to lose weight” and lays the blame firmly at the metabolism. According to his reasoning, the modern diet of pizzas, hot dogs and sugars slows the metabolism and has led to an “obesity pandemic in North America”. According to Dr Shah, “more and more people are overweight and it is not even their fault”.

We question the assumption that it is impossible to lose weight. Plenty of people lose weight successfully by making changes to their diet and lifestyle.

More worryingly, he says:

there are lots of reasons to take Aspire. If you like cakes, pastries and pizzas , you can enjoy them without feeling guilty”

Well maybe so Dr Shah, but just because you don’t feel guilty, it doesn’t mean that eating fattening foods is going to help you get thin. Cakes pastries and pizzas will add to your weight, no matter what you choose to believe.

Dr Shah says that Aspire will speed up a sluggish metabolism, is clinically proven to reduce the absorption of carbs, increase energy and “put you in a great mood”.

It was hard to find out much information about Dr Shah. He appears to be connected with other Everest products but information about his qualifications and training is not given. The claims he makes are not substantiated with fact and if there is any clinical evidence it is not provided.

So What Is Aspire Weight Loss and What Are The Ingredients For Aspire Weight Loss?

Aspire is essentially a fat burner and appetite suppressant combined. It contains;

  • Chromate - A trademarked chromium supplement, said to increase lean muscle and burn body fat. Chromium is being investigated for its role in the prevention of diabetes but results have so far been inconclusive. There are concerns about the safety of chromium supplements due to a possible link with cancer and the UK Food agency came close to banning chromium supplements due to health concerns.
  • Phase 2 Starch neutraliser – A patented carbohydrate blocker and a product in its own right, sold as Starchlite in Europe. Phase 2 is made from kidney bean extract and acts in the body as a alpha amalyse. This means it enables starches to pass through the digestive system without adding to weight.
  • Advantra Z - A trademarked ingredient used in many diet supplements and is a patented form of bitter orange extract. Bitter orange extract is effective for weight loss and is often used as an alternative to banned substance ephedrine. It can increase the heart rate and raise blood pressure and Syneprine – the active ingredient of bitter orange is sometimes used to treat low blood pressure.

Other ingredients:

  • Green tea extract – Well known for its beneficial health effects and powerful source of antioxidants. Contains caffeine.
  • Magnolia Extract – Believed to have a positive effect upon stress hormone cortisol and has a mild nootropic effect. So far it has only been tested on animals although it is used in traditional Chinese medicine.
  • Inositol – Compound used to treat mental disorders including ADAH and panic attacks.
  • Choline – natural substance found naturally in foods such as eggs. Most people have adequate Choline intake from diet alone.
  • Banaba leaf extract – Comes from ornamental Asian plant and believed to reduce blood sugar levels . So far this is not been medically tested on humans.
  • White Tea Extract – May help promote fat burning, rich in antioxidants and contains caffeine.
  • Bioperine – A trademarked black pepper extract that may increase absorption of other ingredients.
  • Evodiamine Extract – pepper type fruit that may have an effect upon obesity but has not been tested on humans.
  • 7 Keto – compound often marketed as a weight loss supplement despite the lack of proof and evidence.

So What Does All This Mean?

Aspire has some interesting looking contents and you may notice some stimulant effect after taking these pills. The big problem is that the amounts are not specified so it is hard to say just how effective this supplement will be for weight loss. Many of the ingredients are stimulant based and this supplement may cause associated side effects. It will probably boost energy levels and the phase 2 starch neutraliser may help you reduce your carbohydrate intake slightly.

The claims made by the product advertising are overblown. You are not going to lose 30lbs of weight within a month by taking this product alone. However it may have an effect if taken as part of a healthy eating and exercise plan.

Does Aspire Weight Loss Have Any Side Effects?

Aspire will most likely have some side effects. This supplement contains high levels of caffeine as well as bitter orange so does act as a stimulant. You may notice anxiety, sleep disturbances and it may make you jittery – especially if you are caffeine sensitive. Some of the ingredients have an effect upon mood and should be handled with care if you have a background of mental problems or addiction.

Phase 2 starch neutraliser can cause unpleasant bowel movements and flatulence.

The manufacturers do not provide adequate health information or warnings about potential side effects which we feel is a point of concern. So far there is a lack of customer feedback and no side effects have been reported.

Caution: People suffering from high blood pressure or heart problems should avoid. Seek medical advice before taking if you have a history of addiction or mental problems and avoid if you are caffeine sensitive. Aspire is not suitable if you are pregnant or breast feeding and you should take medical advice before taking if you have any existing medical condition or are taking medication.

Any Aspire Weight Loss Reviews From Customers?

So far it is impossible to find any independent customer reviews. Aspire is only available direct from the product website and is not on sale from Amazon or any other website. This means that it is very hard to find any negative feedback. The only reviews available are listed on the website or from a couple of review websites that promote the product.

So Does Aspire Weight Loss Work?

You will undoubtedly “feel” something due to the caffeine content. It will not make you lose high amounts of weight if you do not modify your diet and increase your exercise levels but it may have some effect.

This diet supplement does not provide detailed contents information so although some of the ingredients look pretty good, the company are not transparent about the exact contents of each capsule.

Although clinical references are not provided by the manufacturer, some of the ingredients have tested positively for weight loss and mood. Here are some example links:

Where Can I Buy Aspire Weight Loss?

Aspire is only available direct from the supplement website.

One month’s supply costs $49.95 or you can choose a better value BOGOF (buy one get one free) package for $149.95 which gives you three bottles of Aspire plus three bottles free.

Payment seems transparent. Aspire does not lock you into an auto ship programme.

What About A Guarantee

Although the company offer a 100% guarantee this is not strictly true. They will only refund for unopened packages and you will have to return these at your own cost within 90 days. So far there has been no independent customer feedback relating to the guarantee.

Watchdog Verdict

Aspire is a reasonably good looking diet supplement but it will not make you lose weight in the way the advertising describes. It is full of caffeine and stimulants and the inclusion of chromate is a matter of concern because of the possible link with cancer. The effects of chromium supplements still have not been fully evaluated and although they are deemed safe in the USA, the UK may ban their sale in the future.

The product advertising makes some extremely wild claims and this destroys the credibility, especially as there is not a transparent ingredients profile. You really don’t know what you are taking and how much of it.

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Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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  1. AlexC says:

    I took the pills for three months and gained 8 pounds. I even changed my diet and worked out three days a week. I filed a complaint and they just ignored me and swept it all under the rug. Do not buy these as they are a waste.

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