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Awesome Green Coffee

Awesome Green Coffee is a supplement that contains Green Coffee Bean Extract reinforced with added chlorogenic acid. According to the makers, a British company called, it will help increase the metabolism and at the same time inhibit the release of glucose into the body.

We take a look at Awesome Green Coffee to find out more.

Awesome Green Coffee Pros

  • Transparent ingredients list
  • Company seems reputable

Awesome Green Coffee Cons

  • Lack of evidence to prove that green coffee bean works as well as advertised
  • No independent customer feedback
  • Misleading advertising. Quotes a clinical trial but does not mention it has been disproven.
Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills
Awesome Green Coffee

Awesome Green Coffee Review

Awesome Green Coffee Facts

  • Each bottle contains 60 capsules (1 month’s supply)
  • Awesome Green Coffee is available to customers around the world
  • No money back guarantee on offer

Awesome Green Coffee is a straightforward looking supplement. It contains just one active ingredient – green coffee bean extract to which has been added increased chlorogenic acid.

Green coffee is derived from exactly the same coffee beans as the coffee we drink but in its raw unroasted state is green and contains high levels of chlorogenic acid – a natural chemical compound found in some foodstuffs including sunflower leaves and prunes.

Chlorogenic acid may have medical benefits including lowering of blood pressure but where it scores with weight loss is in its supposed ability to slow the release of glucose into the blood stream. It is often described as a natural fat burner.

Green coffee bean extract became popular as a weight loss supplement in around 2012 after it was featured in the media by US TV doctor Dr Oz – a self styled specialist in alternative health and weight loss. He described it as a “miracle ingredient” which led to numerous green coffee supplements like Awesome Green Coffee hitting the market.

Awesome Green Coffee looks convincing. The product advertising mentions a couple of clinical trials and experiments. One involved Dr Oz and a trial which he carried out on his studio audience in which participants taking green coffee extract lost 2lbs in 2 weeks compared to the placebo group who only lost 1lb.

Green coffee beansIt refers to a clinical trial headed by scientist Joe Vinson in which participants lost 18lbs in 5 months. With all this evidence we get the impression that Awesome Green Coffee is backed by science and this makes the supplement look credible and trustworthy.

This looks good but what the advertising does not mention is that much of the Green Coffee Bean Extract Research is based on a clinical trial that has since been withdrawn and Vinson has been forced to retract his findings.

The US diet pill company who paid for this clinical trial were fined millions of dollars by the Federal Trade Commission for making false claims and the so called evidence provided by Vinson was exposed as a sham.

In addition, Dr OZ has tried to distance himself from the many supplement companies who have used him as part of their green coffee bean advertising. He attempted to sue some US companies for using his name without permission.

Despite all this, the company has based much of their own advertising on the now worthless clinical trial and mentioned Dr Oz in the Awesome Green Coffee advertising. To see the clinical trial just click on the link provided by the website and see for yourself. It is clearly stated that ‘This article has been retracted’ and is dated 16th October 2014. Surely someone at should have noticed?

Not all the evidence about Green coffee bean extract is based on the Vinson clinical test.

Awesome Green Coffee also cite an earlier clinical trial carried out in Norway in 2007 which did report that, ‘chlorogenic acid has a significant effect on the absorption and utilisation of glucose from the diet.’ The trouble is that since this first trial 8 years ago , the findings for chlorogenic acid have still not been substantiated.

See our earlier investigation about the research behind green coffee to find out more:

How to Take Awesome Green Coffee

Take one (1) veggie capsule twice daily 30 minutes before meals with an 8 oz. glass of water.

Awesome Green Coffee comes from British company They are based in Nottingham.

Slimming .com sell direct to UK and to USA customers via designated distribution centres in both countries and they also ship internationally. is a portal site, which sells supplements of all types including some we have previously featured in Watchdog.

They also sell a wide range of own brand supplements under the label. It is not clear where the supplements are made but the company seem reputable and they will not trick you into any auto bill agreements.

Awesome Green Coffee Concerns:

  • The delivery costs. Why is shipping so expensive?
  • There is very little real evidence that green coffee extract helps weight loss but will customers realise?
  • If can mislead customers over clinical evidence, are they as reputable as they appear?

What Does Awesome Green Coffee Claim To Do?

According to the advertising Awesome Green Coffee has six main benefits.

  • 50% Chlorogenic Acid (potent anti oxidant)
  • Strongest and Most effective on the market
  • Chlorogenic Acid reduces body fat percentage
  • Low caffeine content
  • 100% natural. No side effects
  • 800mg Green Coffee Extract per serving

The advertising explains further,

Most Green Coffee extracts offer 20-40% Chlorogenic Acid but Awesome Green Coffee contains a whopping 50% of the potent anti-oxidant substance.


Chlorogenic acid has also been reported to enhance weight loss by slowing down the release of glucose into the blood stream and reducing the body’s absorption of fat.

That would be great news if there was really any real evidence that chlorogenic acid was proven to work but in truth it requires more stringent scientific testing.

So What Is Awesome Green Coffee and What Are The Ingredients?

Awesome Green Coffee is a diet pill that contains just one ingredient. Amounts are per serving size. It is not clear whether 1 or 2 capsules is equal to 1 serving.

  • Green Coffee Bean Extract (800mg): Natural raw form of coffee. The Awesome Green Coffee advertising mentions some clinical trials as proof of efficacy including a study in Norway which found, “that chlorogenic acid has a significant effect on the absorption and utilisation of glucose from the diet.” We looked into this and found that two small tests carried out in Norway on a total of 42 people found that coffee supplemented with green coffee bean extract may have this effect when compared to normal coffee and incorporated as a daily part of a normal diet. However, the test volunteers drank enriched coffee rather than a supplement and the weight loss results were small. It seems that chlorogenic acid does have a slight effect and may have health benefits over drinking ordinary instant coffee.

    Otherwise, green coffee has been tested on animals and in the laboratory. The most publicized clinical test was carried out in India and rewritten by two US scientists, Joe Vinson and Bryan Burnham. This claimed that Green coffee bean extract could make you lose on average 18lbs over 22 weeks without making changes to diet or exercise. Subsequently the paper was retracted and the company Applied Food Sciences fined millions of dollars for making false claims.



So What Does All This Mean?

There may be something to taking green coffee extract and chlorogenic acid for health and weight loss but these ingredients remain unproven.

The Norwegian test was focused on a coffee additive to supplement instant coffee and concluded that when compared to instant coffee it may have some health benefits. However, this was a very small test and the findings have not been repeated elsewhere.

This ingredient really lacks evidence that it will work as a supplement for weight loss. It may do something but is unlikely to work in the way as the advertising describes.

Does Awesome Green Coffee Have Any Side Effects?

Not too many. Green coffee appears to be safe but in truth has not been tested for potential long-term side effects. Awesome Green Coffee only contains minimal caffeine so you are unlikely to experience caffeine side effects. However taking high levels of chlorogenic acid may be linked with heart disease so you should not green coffee supplements long term or if you have a heart related medical condition.


Avoid if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

Consult with your doctor beforehand if you have a medical condition or are taking prescription medication in case of interactions.

Do not take if you suffer from a heart related medical condition.

Any Awesome Green Coffee Reviews From Customers?

We were unable to find any independent customer reviews. However, we did see one positive customer review on the product website.

This customer reported,

I used to take other fat burners but I got the jitters. I think it was from the high caffeine content. Since I have changed to Green Coffee my weight loss has continued without the jitters.

So Does Awesome Green Coffee Work?

It may work a bit but do not expect miracles. The evidence for green coffee as a weight loss aid is flimsy and the medical establishment advice that further clinical testing is required.

The clinical test that seemed to prove that green coffee bean extract caused extreme weight loss has been withdrawn and the supporters of this ingredient have been castigated by the authorities.

Dr OZ, one of the ingredients leading supporters, has been ticked off by the US senate for making unfounded claims about it. A leading supplements manufacturer has been fined millions of dollars for the same thing.

That said green coffee bean may work and Awesome Green Coffee would be a good choice should you wish to try it. It delivers 800mg per serving and does not contain filler ingredients – two strong points in its favour.

Where Can I Buy Awesome Green Coffee?

You can buy Awesome Green coffee direct from the website. One tub of 60 capsules (30 days supply) costs £16.46.

If you live in the USA or Canada, 60 capsules costs $26.12
European price is €19.95. For Australian customers, one tub of 60 capsules cost AU$25.34.

Shipping is expensive. For example, the flat rate shipping costs for UK customers is an added £12.34.US shipping costs an added $19.54.

You can pay via bankcard or PayPal.

What About A Guarantee

There is no money back guarantee on offer.

Watchdog Verdict

There are some good points about Awesome Green coffee. This supplement contains only this ingredient with added chlorogenic acid so if you wanted to try it, it would be a good choice.

However, we feel that the advertising is misleading because the scandal about the rigged green coffee trial is not mentioned. Instead the findings gained by this flawed evidence, such as weight loss of 18lbs over 5 months is used as a major selling point when it is not actually proven.

Another downside to Awesome Green Coffee is that although the unit price is reasonable, the shipping costs are high making the end cost to the buyer more expensive than it first appears.

Our major concern about Awesome Green Coffee is that the claims about green coffee – the sole ingredient have been inflated. We feel that this supplement may have a slight effect and will probably not do you any harm but just is not good enough to justify the price tag…

We have no issues with who appear to be a reputable company but this supplement just is not good enough to add to our approved list. Therefore, we have no other option but to reject Awesome Green Coffee.

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