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Belly Blaster Super Thermogenic

Belly Blaster Super Thermogenic is a diet pill that according to the advertising will help you shed pounds of belly fat. Many of us find that weight round the midriff is hard to shift so will this supplement provide the answer? We find out.

Belly Blaster Super Thermogenic is available via Amazon where it has attracted numerous positive reviews. This makes the supplement look convincing but some people who have purchased it because of good feedback have been left disappointed.

Belly Blaster Pros

  • Listed ingredients look reasonably safe
  • Fairly inexpensive

Belly Blaster Cons

  • Conflicting information regarding ingredients, servings and contents of the capsules
  • No clinical evidence that it will work
  • No money-back guarantee
Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills
Belly Blaster Super Thermogenic

Belly Blaster Super Thermogenic Review

Belly Blaster Facts

  • No information about the company behind this supplement
  • Sold exclusively on
  • Confusing and conflicting basic information about ingredients

Belly Blaster Super Thermogenic is a diet pill that is supposed to target stubborn belly fat, love handles and hips – all the places that we are likely to store fat.
However, the clue is in the name of this supplement and blasting the belly is an appealing prospect because excess weight around the stomach is a very common problem. Not only does it look unattractive, too much fat around the stomach is bad for health.

According to medical advice, visceral stomach fat surrounds the organs and leads to diabetes and heart disease. An added complication for women is that most put on abdominal fat as they age because of hormonal changes and their drop in oestrogen levels. Most women find that stomach fat gained around the time of the menopause is extremely hard to shift.

Grabbing fat stomachBelly Blaster Super Thermogenic is not gender specific. Men will also be attracted to the idea of blasting away fat from the stomach area.

According to the Belly Blaster advertising, this supplement contains five key ingredients that will have a metabolism boosting and fat burning effect. We found this a little confusing because according to the ingredients list we could see only four ingredients.

These are;

  • Raspberry Ketone
  • Green Coffee Bean
  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • Caffeine

According to the advertising, Belly Blaster Super Thermogenic is a breakthrough fat loss formula that contains “clinically studied” ingredients.

However, we feel that there is nothing contained in this diet pill that we haven’t seen hundreds of times in the same sort of combination elsewhere.

We also would have liked to have seen some clinical evidence of these studies that they mentioned, but the Belly Blaster website does not provide this information.

Equally lacking is any evidence to back up the claims that this supplement is manufactured in a GMP (good manufacturing practice facility) or who the company behind this supplement actually is.

Instead there is a total lack of information. No address, no “about me” page, no name, no contact phone number; it seems that we are asked to believe certain facts about this supplement despite the lack of details about who the sellers and manufacturers actually are.

We are assuming that Belly Blaster Super Thermogenic is manufactured in the USA simply because that is where it is on sale, but of course it could be made anywhere.

Belly Blaster Super Thermogenic does not look like a major business concern. The company have failed to finish building their WordPress website and the fact that they only sell via enables them (or him or her) to preserve anonymity.

Confusingly the ingredients listed on the Amazon site do not match the ingredients list on the website.

According to the Amazon advert Belly Blaster Super Thermogenic contains
African Mango and Hoodia Gordonii extract, ingredients, which do not show up on the label or the product website.

Product information does not give any advice about how to take Belly Blaster Super Thermogenic or whether you take one or two servings each day. We advice not to take took close to bedtime because it contains caffeine.

Belly Blaster Super Thermogenic Concerns:

  • This supplement will not target weight from your “belly”
  • Inadequate company information – who manufacturers this supplement?
  • No money-back guarantee

What Does Belly Blaster Super Thermogenic Claim To Do?

There is a lot of conflicting information between the product website and Amazon page.

According to the product information;

Belly Blaster contains five powerful, proven Nutraceautical compounds that have been clinically studied for their effects on weight loss, especially stubborn belly fat loss.

Funny – we could only find four listed ingredients on the label.

The Amazon advert, states that Belly Blaster contains Hoodia and African mango but these do not show up on the ingredients list.

It is all very muddled and confusing.

The website goes onto say that Belly Blaster will give you:

The support of healthy metabolic parameters, such as insulin sensitivity, healthy glucose levels, and even cholesterol levels within a healthy range

This sounds good but there is no further evidence or explanation how this is achieved or what it even means.

According to the Amazon advert;

With 120 Capsules per bottle, Belly Blaster will provide a full 30 days of servings at 2 serving per day

Later on in the same advert;

The supplement is described as “Full 30-Day Supply, 60 Capsules,”

Confusing or what!

However, on the actual product tub it is stated that it contains 120 capsules. We guess this must be the accurate amount.

So What Is Belly Blaster Super Thermogenic and What Are The Ingredients?

Belly Blaster Super Thermogenic is a diet pill that is supposed to increase the speed of your metabolism so that you can burn off belly fat.

There is some discrepancy with the ingredients list and product information. We have taken our information from the label. Each serving is equal to two capsules.

  • Green Coffee Bean Extract (200mg) (50% chlorogenic acid): Green coffee bean extract has been featured on the Dr Oz show and although testing has yielded some positive results, these have resulted in minimal weight loss. Research results indicate that slight weight loss may be caused by chlorogenic acid – present in unroasted or green coffee beans, which appears to inhibit glucose into the blood stream

Scientists report,

More rigorous trials are needed to assess the usefulness of Green Coffee Extract as a weight loss tool


  • Raspberry Ketones 250mg: Much touted weight loss ingredient but without any proof that it works on humans for weight loss. Clinical testing has been extremely limited and although animal testing suggested that raspberry Ketones altered metabolism and prevented the formation of lipids and fats this effect has yet to been seen in humans. Requires further evidence and human testing.
  • Garcinia Cambogia (200mg) (50% Hydrocitric acid): This South Asian fruit has been investigated for its role in weight loss and appears to have some positive short-term effects. The rind of the fruit contains hydroxycitric acid, which is believed to have an appetite suppressing effect.
    There is some evidence that it can help people feel full and it may have potential for fat reduction and the treatment of diabetes but research is currently ongoing.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous (150mg): White powdered form of caffeine but otherwise the same as you find in an ordinary cup of coffee. Caffeine enhances energy and has a metabolism boosting effect so helps you burn off fat and calories.
    A medium sized cup of filter coffee contains around 100mg of caffeine. Source:

So What Does All This Mean?

Belly Blaster Super Thermogenic looks like dozens of other diet pills on the market and contains ingredients that may have some benefit to supporting weight loss if you use it in combination with changes to diet and increased exercise. It is unlikely to do much but you may find some positive benefits to using it and a point in this supplement’s favour is that it looks safe.

However, there is nothing here that specifically targets “belly Fat.” Weight loss does not work like that and you cannot choose which parts of the body to lose weight. The only way you can target a fatty stomach for example is to carry out some resistance training in order to convert fat to muscle.

Does Belly Blaster Super Thermogenic Have Any Side Effects?

Some customers have complained that this supplement made them feel sick and others have been concerned about the stimulant effects of the caffeine. Most people however do not appear to have had any problems.

Potential side effects may include;

  • Elevated heart rate
  • Increase in blood pressure
  • Jitteriness
  • Anxiety
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Insomnia
  • Acid Reflux

Caution: Avoid if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. Do not take if you have any kind of heart related condition or high blood pressure because of the high caffeiene content. Check with your doctor first if you are taking medication in case of possible drug interactions.

Any Belly Blaster Super Thermogenic Reviews From Customers?

Yes, and they are the usual mixed bag of opinion.

However, there may have been some manipulation going on with feedback because some of the more glowing reviews have been left by customers who have never reviewed any other Amazon products. This is often a sign that feedback is not 100% unbiased.

In addition, these glowing reviews have been voted on as helpful by so many people (an unbelievable amount of customers – in one case 46 helpful votes) that the positive reviews show up as providing a consensus of positive opinion. This gives a great impression that Belly Blaster Super Thermogenic is really popular.

The truth is that there are a lot of negative reviews too that say things along the lines of;

Doesn’t work at all and whoever says it does, must be exercising a lot.
Or maybe they work for the company.

One customer took issue with the ingredients list;

There is NO African Mango or Hoodia in this product (contrary to the description). There IS caffeine in it. To top it off, the ingredients don’t even add up to 900 mg as advertised!! E-mailed distributor for SOME explanation but to no avail. Tried it anyway upon receipt and it’s crap!! Causes acid reflux and disturbs sleep at night. Don’t waste your money!!!

Although there was a response to this email from someone who accused this customer of getting his facts wrong, the Amazon advert clearly states that Belly Blaster DOES contain African Mango and Hoodia.

One dissatisfied customer reported;

I gave this an honest try. I wanted to give it enough time to see if it would do anything. I exercised regularly, ate less, and took these as directed.
I did not lose a pound!!! NOTHING!
Not sure why the other reviews are good!

I think we all have our suspicions why the other reviews are so good!

Not all the positive reviews look suspicious though. Some customers have been pleased with Belly Blaster and have found that it has helped

This is so amazing! I’ve been taking it for a few weeks and it helps so much! I don’t want to snack all the time and I’ve lost 10 POUNDS!!! AMAZING!

Was a comment left by a customer who buys a lot of other diet pills and miscellaneous products.

So Does Belly Blaster Super Thermogenic Work?

Yes, we think it probably does work a bit for some people. The ingredients do not look too bad and some customers have felt that it has helped them lose weight.

Caffeine can cause a short-lived weight loss effect until your body becomes accustomed to stimulants. Even if it only works minimally sometimes a placebo effect will help you achieve your goals if you believe something is giving you support.

Where Can I Buy Belly Blaster Super Thermogenic?

You can buy Belly Blaster Super Thermogenic direct from Amazon.Com. One bottle of 120 capsules costs $24.85 plus shipping charges to USA addresses.

It is slightly confusing about how long this amount of capsules will last. It could be one month. It could be two months.

The website suggests that you take one serving of two capsules once a day. Elsewhere the product information points out that you take two servings of two capsules twice a day.

Belly Blaster Super Thermogenic is not available direct to customers outside the USA.

What About A Guarantee

There is no money back guarantee on offer.

Watchdog Verdict

Belly Blaster Super Thermogenic creates the impression of being a cheap little supplement marketed by a very small business enterprise. The product website is unfinished and there is a lack of information about the supplement and the manufacture, which is of concern.

In addition, the information provided on the Amazon website does not tie in with the information given on the product website despite being sold by the same company.
If you cannot trust a supplier to be straight with basic facts like ingredients, how can you trust them to tell the truth about anything else? They do not even tell you how many capsules to take every day or when to take them.

We feel that there is some trickery going on with Belly Blaster Super Thermogenic. We would not go so far as to call it a scam but we wouldn’t trust the supplement and have little confidence in the company behind it, so naturally we cannot recommend this diet pill.

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