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Best Diet Apps for Mobiles and Ipad

Are you trying to lose weight and having to guess your calorie intake each time you eat? If so an App that offers you some guidance will help. After all, without counting calories it is hard to lose weight by dieting. Some foodstuffs are obviously fattening, but there can be some hidden dangers in so-called “healthy low fat” meals too. Alternatively, not everything we think is fattening is laden with calories, so it is important to identify the “good” from the “bad” in order to make your diet work and your life a bit easier!

Mobile devicesThere are numerous diet apps available for download to your mobile or ipad that can help you eat healthily and calculate the impact of any exercise that you do. Some offer encouragement and motivation as well.

Here is a quick round up of five of the most popular diet apps available right now.

My Fitness Pal App

My Fitness Pal was voted the best diet app according to consumer feedback and has been downloaded by millions of slimmers. It is free to download and can load onto your computer as well as your mobile, apple, android or ipad. It is extremely easy to use and to navigate and possibly for this reason is the most popular of all the weight loss apps.

Weigh yourself and record your weight then simply log your food from the database and see your calorie intake. My Fitness Pal has a database of over 200,000 foodstuffs and most foods are included. It provides data on supermarket brand variations and restaurant chain meals as well.

Your regular foods are added to your personal database so after a few days you will have built up your personal list, making the process quick and convenient. If you know the calorie content of any particular food, you can upload it to the site for everyone to use.

You can also log your exercise and this gives you extra calories that you can call on to compensate. Most activities are included, from gentle running, gardening and even strenuous housework .Exercise is assessed via a calories burned calculator and encourages you to exercise in order to stay within your daily calorie target.

My Fitness PalMy Fitness Pal does not offer precise findings and it is all a bit hit and miss but this App is good and very useful. An added feature is that you can chat on the message board and invite people to join your group so it is good if you and some friends are attempting to lose weight together. The programme congratulates you if you remain within your daily intake and sends you inspirational messages. You can see your weight loss progress as you progress.

Keeping a food diary really helps you achieve weight loss success and it helps you identify the fattening foods that you eat. The My Fitness Pal App makes this easy and convenient and for many people looking to lose weight, provides the motivation you need for success.

Our Verdict

One of the best. Easy to use, free and it works.


Noom Weight Loss Coach App

Noom Weight loss coach is a free app that works for android or iphone. As with My Fitness Pal, it acts as an online calorie counter and has a crisp and easy to use interface that gives you feedback on the food you log. Foodstuffs are categorised as Super healthy, OK food and Indulgence so you can see at a glance exactly how healthy your diet is as well as the calorific content.

You can also log exercise and so track your way to a healthier lifestyle.

Most people will download the free Noom App but there is a paid version called Noom Pro. This includes the first month free and then is billed at $9.99 per month.

noomNoom Pro offers a personalised coaching experience to your needs. It will work out custom-made exercise programmes that are suitable for your level of fitness and it offers personal customer support when you need it. Noom Pro customers can also access the Noom data base and look at the content and task library.

The down side of Noom is that the free software will continue to encourage you to upgrade to Noom Pro and this can be irritating. However, the paid version at $9.99 seems expensive for an App, especially when there are so many free and cheaper alternatives on the market.

Our Verdict

The upgraded Pro version is very expensive. The free software will encourage you to upgrade and this can be irritating.


Slimming World App

Most of the major slimming clubs, such as Slimming World and Weight Watchers now have their own Apps but downloading a free App if you are not already a member only works if you are considering joining one of these clubs and are looking to experience a free taster.

Slimming World is a slimming club that offers a complete service to people looking to lose weight. You can join Slimming World by attending local support group meetings or joining online and a monthly magazine Slimming World is available too. Slimming World offers recipe tips, nutritional advice and many people have lost weight successfully by using their weight loss programme.

Slimming WorldThe Slimming World App is suitable for iphone or android device and is free to download. It offers you a free 7-day eating plan, some inspirational messages and a BMI calculator. You will need to join to gain access to the online food tracker and calorie counter but the App gives you a free taster of what you can expect from joining Slimming World.

Membership of Slimming World costs around £20 per month but this does include the monthly magazine, access to over 1200 recipes and personal support from the Slimming World team.

Our Verdict

Unless you are already a member of a major slimming club, or considering joining the App will not be very helpful.


My Diet Coach App

My Diet Coach is an App aimed at women and will help you “win the mental game of dieting” It is free to use or you can upgrade to the professional version for just 69p, so either way this is a cheap option.

My Diet Coach provides motivational messages that will help keep you on your diet and help you fight off food cravings. A handy button with a timer helps you withstand temptation – apparently food cravings only last for 15 minutes, and the programme sets helpful reminders that will remind you to exercise, weigh yourself, drink water or prepare vegetables or similar. A feature of the Pro version is the panic button that you can press in cases of food cravings that offer immediate support.

The graphics on My Diet Coach are appealing and will help you resist temptation and stay on your diet. “I will lose 30lbs in six months because I want to look great” as an example message – obviously you insert your own mission statement here is accompanied by two avatar images of women – one fat and one thin and is a surprisingly powerful reminder that keeps you on track.

My Diet CoachThe Pro version of My Diet Coach includes a calorie counter and calories burned off calculator, a BMI calculator and a diet and meal planner. There is also a diet journal for you to list your meals and a weight tracker that records your progress.

This is a popular app and according to consumers does help you lose weight. The downside is that it all feels a little bit like being nagged constantly but if this is what it takes to lose weight, then maybe this irritating aspect of the programme is worth it!

Our Verdict

Fun App that may help nag you into weight loss. Good value at 69p.


My Net Diary Calorie Counter Pro App

My Net Diary Calorie Counter Pro is a good-looking app, which works on iphone, android, ipad or blackberry and offers you an easy way to support your weight loss. It is popular in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia and has been featured in publications such as Health Magazine USA Today and the Wall Street Journal.

The App has many functions that will help you through your weight loss.

A key feature is the calorie counter, which has 530,000 foodstuffs on the database and also works when you do not have an internet connection. You can also enter your own homemade recipes and receive menu suggestions based on your usual foodstuffs.

There is a barcode scanner that can help you when you shop and the App contains plenty of information on the brands and restaurants in your location. The UK version has 90+ brands on the database including ASDA Tesco and Sainsbury products as well as Pringle Sharwoods and McCains.

The App offers a daily and weekly analysis of your progress that will show you how you can improve your efforts and dietary information is provided on the contents of your food. Sugars, fibre, sodium cholesterol levels are calculated so you can make healthy choices as well as keep your calorie count down. The App also provides an exercise calorie entry that calculates calories burnt off by exercise.

My Net Diary helps you plan for achieving your target weight and bases the calculations based on your age, gender, height and activity levels. The database provides over 500 activities and exercises that will help you include more activity into your daily life without having to visit the gym.

My Net DiaryThe App is supported by the My Net Diary website. Here you can receive more information about health and weight loss. The site provides plenty of before and after pictures of satisfied customers as well as useful dietary information. There is for example real information about diabetes and maintaining a healthy diet and you can down load the MyNetDiary Diabetes tracker that will help you control your diabetes.

My NetDiary is an extremely popular App and according to users’ feedback, many people have lost weight successfully and it appeals to both men and women.

At £2.49, this app is good value and comes with plenty of positive customer evaluation. The only downside is that it provides so much information that it can be complicated to use.

Our Verdict

Very good App with a large database for easy calorie counting and health information. Good value but some users may find it complicated to use.


Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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