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Fish Oil? Does it really help you lose weight?

According to research carried out by the University of Liverpool it does.

They carried out an analysis of 185 studies into fish oil and came up with some surprising findings.

The research found that fish oil might help you change your diet, restrain your appetite and help you get fit and healthy as well. How does this happen?

It seems that when we eat junk food that is high in refined sugars and saturated fats, it disrupts an important process in the brain called neurogenesis.

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Neurogenesis is crucially important. This process means in simple language, the generation of new brain cells so is vital for all sorts of things going on in the brain.

According to the researchers, Omega 3 – a vital fatty acid found in fish oil can stop this disruption because it stimulates the parts of the brain that controls feeding and appetite, memory and learning.

Scientists have found that junk food inhibits the brain’s control on the body’ intake of food. As most of us know from personal experience , food that is high in sugar and fats has this effect and once we start eating cakes, takeaways or high fat sugary food it is hard to stop. The more you eat, it seems the more you want to eat.

A diet that is high in Omega 3 can strengthen the part of the brain that controls your appetite so it may help you get control over your diet.

The head researcher Lucy Pickavance seems to think so. She said,

Fish oils don’t appear to have a direct impact on weight loss, but they may take the brakes off the detrimental effects of some of the processes triggered in the brain by high-fat diets.

She continued,

They seem to mimic the effects of calorie restrictive diets and including more oily fish or fish oil supplements in our diets could certainly be a positive step forward for those wanting to improve their general health.

Oily fish and omega 3 may not physically help you get thin but as a support to weight loss and general health, it definitely seems worth trying.

Back in our grandparents and great grandparent’s day, a spoonful of cod liver oil was regarded as a cure for just about everything.

It seems that although times have changed, a spoonful or capsule of “brain food” is also good for the modern problems of weight gain.