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Boot Camp Body T6 Thermoblast

Boot Camp Body T6 Thermoblast is a British made diet pill on sale from Slimming Solutions a major UK weight loss retailer. It is a fat burner, which contains raspberry ketone, and the claim is that it will kick your metabolism into overdrive so you can burn off more calories. We take a look.

According to makers Boot Camp Body, T6 Thermoblast has had a major overhaul and is back on the shelves with a brand new formula and brand new name. This supplement has replaced Boot Camp Body Weight Management Capsules but with zero feedback on Amazon and only three reviews on the retailer’s website, has anyone even noticed?

T6 Thermoblast Pros

  • Contains some reasonable ingredients
  • Slimming Solutions are a reputable company

T6 Thermoblast Cons

  • Total lack of ingredient amounts information
  • Limited customer feedback
  • No money-back guarantee
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T6 Thermoblast

Boot Camp Body T6 Thermoblast Review

T6 Thermoblast Facts

  • On sale from Slimming Solutions, based in the UK
  • Costs £19.95 per container
  • Comes in tubs containing 90 capsules or 45 days supply

Boot Camp Body T6 Thermoblast is a fat burning diet pill that is designed to help boost your metabolism and make it easier for you to burn off fat more effectively. According to the makers, it also helps reduce water retention, reduces food cravings as well as help you burn off fat, thanks to your increased metabolism.

The ingredients look reasonable and include some caffeine-based ingredients and amino acids plus some more specialised weight loss ingredients.

These include Konjac root known to help promote feelings of fullness, African mango and bladderwrack.

We like the fact that the named ingredients look safe and should not cause too many side effects, however we are less impressed with the lack of information about the amounts. Without contents amounts, you will not know how much of anything is really contained in each capsule.

How to take Boot Camp Body T6 Thermoblast

To use Boot Camp Body T6 Thermoblast, take 2 capsules daily.
You are not advised whether you should take the 2 capsules together or separately. However you do it, we suggest you take them earlier in the day rather than later because of the caffeine content.

The Boot Camp Body range of products come in some distinctive packaging that is designed to look like the footprint of a boot and will appeal to both men and women.

Other products in the Boot Camp Body range include Boot Camp Body Meal Replacement Shake for Women – a high protein shake that you take in place of meals, and the Boot Camp Body Slimming Wrap that you use to reduce cellulite.

Although Boot Camp Body products are fairly well known and have been featured from time to time in the media, it is hard to find out any background to the company who produces these products.

It is also difficult to find a full list of Boot Camp Body products and remarkably Boot Camp Body lacks a website.

Instead, Boot Camp products are mainly sold via Slimming Solutions – a UK website that specialises in weight loss products.

You can also find Boot Camp Body products on sale via eBay and

T6 Thermoblast Concerns:

  • We do not know much about the company behind Boot Camp Body
  • The ingredients amounts! How much is actually contained in these capsules?
  • Lack of customer feedback is a concern

What Does T6 Thermoblast Claim To Do?

According to the advertising,

T6 is one of the strongest fat burners on the market right now.

We are finding this claim hard to believe because to our eyes this diet pill looks pretty average.

Three are three key features to the supplement:

  • Brand new formula
  • Natural weight loss supplement
  • Burns body fat

Describing a supplement as a brand new formula does not really work when we have no idea of the old formula and little idea of this one.


It contains a special blend of Raspberry Ketone as the main ingredient along with a combination of various powerful fat burners, putting this supercharged formula in a league of its own!

The product information goes on to say:

Water can be stored in your body as a result of a poor diet and other supplemented products so if you want to get in the best shape of your life T6 Thermoblast is the one for you.

Is this really true though? Does your body store water because of a bad diet? We don’t believe this claim and trying to lose water weight often leads to you becoming dehydrated.

We feel that this statement is there purely as something to say and we can find nothing in this diet pill that will act as a diuretic although caffeine can have this effect on some people. We feel they are clutching at straws with this claim.

So What Is T6 Thermoblast and What Are The Ingredients For T6 Thermoblast?

Boot Camp Body T6 Thermoblast is a diet pill that may offer general support to weight loss but lacks ingredients information apart from naming the ingredients. Without knowing how much is contained in the capsules, it is impossible for customers to really be able to judge the effects before they try.

  • Green coffee bean extract: Unroasted coffee beans can cause some weight loss and clinical research results indicate that weight loss is small but real. This ingredient has featured on the Dr Oz show and experts recommend that the optimum daily dose of the green coffee extract is 1,200 to 1,600 mg. Will there be enough in T6 Thermoblast to cause an effect?
  • Raspberry Ketone: Much touted weight loss ingredient, which may help weight loss, but it has not been clinically tested on humans. Animal testing indicated that when taken in extremely high doses it altered the metabolism and prevented the formation of lipids and fats.
  • Caffeine: Staple ingredient of most “energy enhancing” diet pills and can temporarily promote weight loss and speed the metabolism. Some people react strongly to caffeine others do not appear to notice the effects. There is around 100mg of caffeine per cup of instant coffee.
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine: Amino acid that is produced in the body and helps you produce energy. Taking in supplement form can be effective for some medical conditions, including memory loss but there is no evidence that it helps you lose weight
  • L-Tyrosine: Is an amino acid, which you can obtain through diet if you eat meat. It is believed to help training and is popular with body builders for this reason. L Tyrosine raises adrenaline levels and can make you feel too on edge to eat.
  • Konjac Powder: This contains glucomannan an indigestible fibre that stays in the stomach and helps reduce appetite by making you feel full. The EFSA recommended dose for this effect is 1000mg per serving three times a day. Source:
  • African Mango: When taken in doses of 300mg per serving, African mango seems to be effective in reducing hunger pangs and lowering cholesterol according to limited clinical testing.
  • Capsicum: When taken in sufficient quantities, some research has indicated that high levels of capsaicoinds increases the metabolism and promote fat burning.
  • Bladderwrack extract: This seaweed sea plant is high in iodine and is sometimes used to treat thyroid conditions. Based on animal testing bladderwrack may lower blood sugar levels but the safety and effectiveness for human use has not been established.
  • Chromium Piccolinate: This trace mineral is believed to promote muscle growth and fat burning so a popular diet pill ingredient however there is no evidence that proves it actually does this. Chromium can be dangerous in high quantities and is linked to causing liver and kidney problems.

So What Does All This Mean?

Boot Camp Body T6 Thermoblast contains some reasonable looking ingredients like konjac and green coffee bean extract that come with some evidence that they may help weight loss.

The major problem is that the amounts are likely to be in insufficient quantities to get any effect at all. In most cases, any clinical evidence is based on much larger doses than is likely to be contained in these pills.

In fairness we do not know this for sure, because the Boot Camp Body have neglected to provide this information but it seems highly unlikely to contain 1000mg of konjac and 300mg of African mango for example.

Does T6 Thermoblast Have Any Side Effects?

We cannot find any independent feedback for T6 Thermoblast so we cannot bring you any true-life experiences and without adequate quantities information it is hard to judge side effects based on ingredients.

It may contain high levels of caffeine, which may pose some problems for some people.

Chromium may be a concern. This trace mineral is linked to causing liver disease and kidney problems and should only be taken in minimal quantities.

Potential side effects may include;

  • Headaches
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Changes to mood
  • Anxiety
  • Increased stress
  • Elevated heart rate
  • Increase in blood pressure
  • Increased risk of suffering from liver or kidney problems

Caution: Avoid if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. Do not take if you suffer from any type of heart condition or high blood pressure.
Do not take if you are being treated for a thyroid condition or have problems with kidneys or your liver. Seek the advice of your doctor if you are taking medication in case of interactions.

Any T6 Thermoblast Reviews From Customers?

According to Slimming Solutions, three reviews have been left by customers on their site for T6 Thermoblast but we were unable to view them.

Elsewhere we could not find one. In addition T6 Thermoblast is on sale via but at the time of writing lacks any customer feedback.

So Does Boot Camp Body T6 Thermoblast Work?

We don’t think that T6 Thermoblast will do very much. Despite containing some good ingredients, it seems highly unlikely that many will be in sufficient quantities to have much effect.

In addition, we are concerned about the chromium content – an ingredient where less is certainly best.

Customers certainly have not been flocking to buy T6 and talk about it and this is often the sign of a mediocre product.

Where Can I Buy Boot Camp Body T6 Thermoblast?

You can buy Boot Camp Body T6 Thermoblast from the Slimming Solutions website. One tub of 90 capsules (45 days supply) costs £19.95. You can make savings by buying in bulk. 6 tubs of T6 Thermoblast costs £69.95. Shipping on all orders is an added £2.99 to UK addresses.

You can also buy Boot Camp Body T6 Thermoblast via for the same price.

This supplement is not available direct to customers outside the UK but Slimming Solutions will probably be happy to ship to your address. Try contacting them for more details.

What About A Guarantee

There appears to be no money-back guarantee by Slimming Solutions.

Watchdog Verdict

Boot Camp Body T6 Thermoblast is certainly not the worst diet pill we have ever seen. It contains some reasonable ingredients and is unlikely to cause too many side effects. However, with a total lack of amounts information we cannot say for sure whether it is safe or whether it will have any effect upon weight loss. A lack of customer feedback is not a good sign either.

When it comes down to it, this supplement looks fairly mediocre. It is reasonably priced and Slimming Solutions will not rip you off or sign you up to a dodgy payment plan.

But is “not too bad” a reason for buying anything? We don’t think it is.

This diet pill is just not good enough and unless we get some more information about what this diet pill actually contains we have no other choice but to reject Boot Camp Body T6 Thermoblast.

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