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Boots Carb Control

If you struggle with restricting your appetite for bread, pasta and rice, Boots Carb Control may provide an answer. This supplement has only one purpose and that is to block some of the carbohydrates that you eat from being stored by your body as fat.

We take a look at Boots Carb Control to find out more about it.

Boots Carb Control Pros

  • Available in Boots stores
  • No stimulant side effects

Boots Carb Control Cons

  • May cause unpleasant side effects
  • Unlikely to be effective long-term
  • No money-back guarantee
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Boots Carb Control

Boots Carb Control Review

Boots Carb Control Facts

  • Sold by Boots in the UK and not available to international customers
  • Contains 60 capsules per packet – up to one month’s supply
  • Contains trademarked bean extract Captocarb as the active ingredient

Boots is one of the UK’s best-known retail companies. The business was established in 1849 by John Boot and today the shops are a feature of most if not all British shopping centres and High Streets. The company merged with Walgreens in 2012 so Boots may one day become familiar to US customers too.

Boots still has its head office in Nottingham – the location of the original chemist shop.

Boots Carb Control is an own brand diet pill of the type commonly known as a carb blocker. The aim is that you can reduce your calorie intake by preventing some of the dietary carbs that you eat from being stored by your body as fat.

Many people find that their weight problems are caused by the excessive consumption of carbs and if you are one of those people who pile too much rice or pasta on to your plate and have bread with everything, this supplement may help you.

If you combine taking this supplement with a healthy eating plan and increase your exercise levels, this may be enough to help you lose some weight.

Carbs help us feel full and many of us do not feel satisfied until we have eaten too many carb heavy foods and experience a feeling of satiety.

During the digestive process, the body converts the carbohydrates in starchy food such as rice and pasta into sugar by breaking down these fattening molecules with alpha amylase. This is an enzyme found in the pancreas. Once these molecules have been turned into glucose they are either burned off through exercise or stored as fat. In most cases stored as fat!

How to take Boots Carb Control

To use Boots Carb Control, take two tablets if you are having a meal containing large amounts of complex carbohydrate.

Take 1 -2 tablets before any other main meal.

Take before meals and do not exceed taking more than 4 Carb Control tablets within 24 hours.

A rest period of 3-5 days is recommended after every 30 days of taking this product.

The way that a carb blocker works is by preventing this starch-digesting enzyme from absorbing the carbs so that they pass through your body without adding to fat.

The Boots Carb Blocker will not prevent against simple carbs such as dietary sugars. In addition, it will not block fat – also a major cause of weight gain. This diet pill has one simple job and that is to block complex carbs and save adding to your calorie intake.

It is important to remember that not all complex Carbohydrates are bad for your health or your waistline. They are essential because they provide the body with fuel for energy, which is stored as glucose.

However, foods, which contain carbohydrates such as refined white flour, have little nutritional value and require that you eat more of them to feel full.

Sadly, much of the Western diet is heavy in foodstuffs made from refined carbs and processed sugars. Although unrefined carbs can add to weight too, the fact that they contain fibre makes them more filling to eat making you are less likely to over eat. In addition, unrefined carbs are less likely to contain added sugars. This means switching to unrefined carbs such as wholegrain bread or pasta may help you solve your carb problem without the need for any self-control or a carb blocker!

Boots Carb Control Concerns:

  • Only aimed at a narrow market – people who struggle specifically with over eating carbs
  • Some clinical evidence has suggested that bean extract is ineffective for weight loss
  • Not effective for a lasting weight loss

What Does Boots Carb Control Claim To Do?

According to the product information;

Boots Pharmaceuticals Carb control may help reduce the absorption of calories from complex carbohydrate. This in turn reduces your total daily calorie intake

The product information is very clear and specific about who may benefit from taking these tablets. It states that this product;

Would be suitable for those trying to lose weight, to prevent continued weight gain or to help maintain bodyweight following a weight loss diet. It can be useful for those who have a preference for foods containing complex carbohydrate; such as bread, potatoes, pasta and rice.

So What Are Boots Carb Control and What Are The Ingredients For Boots Carb Control?

Boots Carb Control contains only one active ingredient and this is a trademarked supplement called Captocarb. Each tablet contains 100mg of this active ingredient.

CaptocarbCaptocarb contains a glycoprotein complex derived from Phaseolus Vulgaris also known as the common bean (string bean or haricot bean). It also contains Simethicone – a pharmaceutical anti foaming agent.

According to some research, glycoproteins in high concentration have the ability to bind and inhibit the activity of amylases and reduce the net absorption of glucose. Because undegraded starch is not digestible, this then passes through the intestine intact. Once it reaches the colon, the gut microflora uses intact starch as a nutrient source, fermenting it, and producing short-chain fatty acids and gases as late metabolic products.

Simethicone is an anti foaming agent that is used to reduce this bloating, discomfort and flatulence caused by the excess gas.

Captocarb is classified as a Class 11 medical device, which puts it in the same category as wheelchairs and infusion pumps.

This is because it can block carbohydrate digestion without causing any pharmacological, immunological or metabolic effects on the human body. Essentially a class 11 medical device can work with the body without having a pharmacological effect. According to research;

Class 11 medical device are held to a higher level of assurance than Class I devices, and are designed to perform as indicated without causing injury or harm to patient or user

Source: Medical Class II device: Wikipedia

Captocarb is manufactured by SIIT an Italian manufacturer who specialise in innovative health food supplements and is the active ingredient in other European carb blockers. These include Full Fast 2 Block and Kilo Cal Medical Slim – two carb blockers on the Italian market.


So What Does All This Mean?

Although the active ingredient Captocarb appears to work and the company provides evidence of weight loss throughout animal experimentation, the carb blocking function of P. vulgaris is not completely proven.

According to most scientific opinion;

A variety of dietary supplements are presently available as slimming aids, but their efficacy has not been proven. One such slimming aid is the bean extract, Phaseolus vulgaris.

Scientist urge that larger and more rigorous trials are needed to objectively assess the effects of this herbal supplement.


This supplement might help you lose some weight but despite the fact that Boots Carb control comes from a reputable company, the weight loss effect remains unproven.

In addition, there is a question around whether you really need this pill. If you have a problem with over eating carbs, including more fibre into your diet may provide a better solution.

Simply switching from unhealthy refined carbs to whole-grains may be just as effective for weight loss as taking a supplement.


Does Boots Carb Control Have Any Side Effects?

You may notice some side effects. According to the Boots information these may include soft stools, gas or a laxative effect and you are advised to cease use for 72 hours and see your doctor if these effects persist.

Carb Blockers in general can cause an upset stomach and many people who try this method of weight loss often find they give up because of unpleasant digestive side effects.

Caution:: Avoid if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. Do not take Boots Carb Control if you are allergic to beans and see your doctor first if you suffer from diabetes because this diet pill may alter your blood sugar levels.
You should also take medical advice if you are taking medication because of possible interactions. Carb blockers can prevent the absorption of drugs and vitamins.

Any Boots Carb Control Reviews From Customers?

Although Boots Carb Control is probably selling in high numbers through the numerous Boots retail outlets, nobody appears to be talking about this particular supplement.

You can buy online from Boots and the website carries thousands of products, many of which have been reviewed by customers. However not this one. At the time of writing, not one person had bothered to write a review for Boots Carb control.

So Does Boots Carb Control Work?

We think it may work a bit. The big question must be whether this is an effective way to actually lose weight. Taking a carb blocker may prevent some of the carbs that you eat from adding to fat but changing your diet to include more fibre is a healthier and cheaper option.

One problem with taking a pill to compensate for an unhealthy diet is that it is not sustainable. Either you stay on the pills forever or you change your eating habits. Anything else is a quick fix solution that may bring about some modest weight loss initially but will probably see the weight pile on once you stop.

The other problem with Boots Carb Control is that most people do not struggle just with this one food group. This pill will do nothing to stop you adding pounds to your weight via dietary fats and simple carbs such as sugar.

Where Can I Buy Boots Carb Control?

If you live in the UK, you can find Boots Carb control on the shelves at any branch of Boots in your local town or shopping centre.

You can also buy online via the boots website. Each bottle contains 60 capsules so should be around one month’s supply and costs £19.99. Standard shipping to UK addresses costs £2.95.

Boots carb control is only available for shipping to addresses within the UK and Northern Ireland and BFPO addresses.

What About A Guarantee?

No money back guarantee on offer. If the tablets do not work for you, you cannot obtain a refund.

Watchdog Verdict

Despite the fact that this supplement is sold by Boots, we are not impressed with this supplement or the concept of carb blockers in general. Boots Carb Control addresses only one weight loss issue, which is eating too many carbs, and most people cannot put their weight gain down to this reason alone.

This supplement is expensive too and at £19.95 a month, when considering you could probably save your money and put it towards buying more whole-grains so that the carbs that you eat may contain some nutritional value and not just add to your weight.

Taking a pill to clear up after eating too much is not a long lasting way to lose weight and will do nothing to promote long-term health and weight loss.

Yes, it may work a bit but we just don’t think it is worth the money or the effort. It seems we are not alone in this feeling judging by the total lack of customer feedback.

For all these reasons, we reject Boots Carb Control.

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