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Bystrictim is a diet supplement that supposedly gives you the same weight loss effects of gastric band surgery without actually undergoing a medical procedure. According to the advertising, it achieves this by utilizing Gastric Fill Technology or GFT. It sounds drastic, but is Bystrictin on to a revolutionary new method of weight loss?

Is it safe? Or is it simply a way of selling an overpriced diet drink? We find out.

Bystrictin Pros

  • Appears to be safe
  • Caffeine free
  • Swiss chocolate flavour

Bystrictin Cons

  • Expensive way of buying a high fibre diet drink
  • No feedback or independent customer testimonials
  • Lack of information about the ingredients
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Bystrictin Review

Bystrictin Facts

  • Manufactured by Century Sciences California
  • Comes with a free mixer container and weight loss tracker plan
  • Contains a trademarked formula called Bariaxin™

Bystrictin is a dietary compound powder that you add to a drink and use to replace one or two meals a day. It contains a trademarked formula, which is described as a revolutionary complex made up from a special formula of soluble fibres. This supposedly fills your stomach with a “blocking gel” that makes you feel so full you can’t eat and according to the advertising, will leave only 30% of available space for food. The idea is that you lose weight without effort.

Although the website markets Bystrictin as a safe alternative to gastric band surgery and promises the same weight loss effects, this diet supplement just looks like a fairly ordinary but overpriced slimming shake.

Bystrictin is hard to track down because it has not attracted any interest or feedback online. It is not on sale in the High Street, or from independent diet pill sites such as Evolution or similar and it is not stocked by Amazon.

Despite the dramatic website, which includes a lurid picture of a gastric band operation, thankfully Bystrictin is just a powder you add to water or milk in order to create a Swiss chocolate flavour diet drink. Bystrictin contains Bariaxin, which is described as a revolutionary product, but there is no information about the ingredients, although there is a reasonably high fibre content shown.

Bystrictin is manufactured and marketed by Century Sciences a very small company based in California. Bystrictin appears to be their only product.

Dr Karen VieraOn the website, Bystrictin is endorsed by Dr. Karen Vieira who has a Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Florida. She really is a doctor and has endorsed other diet supplements as well as Bystrictin, such as Capsiplex. This adds some credibility that is sadly tested due to the lack of evidence about the 11 clinical trials that the supplement is supposed to have undergone.

We would feel happier about Bystrictin if the clinical proof, ingredients and tests results were more transparent.

You can contact Bystrictin by phone and they have a customer support line.

Bystrictin Concerns

  • No customer feedback or independent reviews
  • Misleading information about how the supplement actually works
  • Lack of scientific evidence

What Does Bystrictin Claim To Do?

Bystrictin claims to contain a natural formula that creates an immediate gastric bypass effect. It does this by reducing available space in the stomach, apparently forcing you to eat 70% less and lose weight without surgery.

According to the advertising, “everyone” knows that with stomach stapling, you can lose a tremendous amount of weight effortlessly. It seems drastic to want a gastric bypass, which is a serious operation with numerous side effects, but looking at the two before and after pictures, results look impressive. However if you read the small print you will learn that one of the success stories is the co founder of the company and that results are not typical.

The high fibre content of the supplement is the active ingredient and Bariaxin the trademarked formula, does not contain any stimulants, fat blockers or diuretics.

According to the website the safe ingredients and effectiveness is:

why thousands of men and women are opting for the all-natural Gastric Fill Technology called Bystrictin

We have been unable to find anyone who has even taken this supplement so this statement is probably untrue.

What is Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Gastic band surgeryGastric bypass surgery is a medical operation sometimes used to treat morbid obesity classified as being when a patient has a BMI (body mass index) of over 40. It is not a quick fix solution to being overweight and is generally only recommended when you cannot lose the necessary amount of weight by dieting and lifestyle changes yourself. It is usually carried out for health reasons, although it can be available privately, as a cosmetic procedure.

During gastric by pass surgery, the surgeon will staple your stomach so that it forms a small pouch – the area where the food will go, and this is connected to the small intestine, bypassing the rest of your stomach. This means that you cannot physically eat too much because there is nowhere for the food to go.

It is not an easy process and certainly not effortless as described by Bystrictin. Following surgery, you have to keep to a liquid diet and follow a diet and exercise regime before and after treatment. It is painful and can lead to medical complications. A small percentage of patients die within 6 months following surgery.

A gastric bypass is not a safe cosmetic treatment. It is a serious complicated and painful medical operation that should only be undertaken if there are no other options available.

So What Is Bystrictin and What Are The Ingredients For Bystrictin?

Bystrictin is a powder that you add to water or milk in order to create a diet drink that you use to replace two meals a day. The aim is that you will not feel hungry because the high fibre content fills up your stomach space so you physically cannot eat.

Looking at the ingredients, it is hard to understand how this will work. We can see no evidence that the fibre content will create a gel in the stomach that will cause you to feel less hungry.

Bystrictin contains 110 calories per 28g serving. The exact ingredients are not specified and the salt content is high. Once you add milk, the calorie content will be doubled.

Ingredient contents:

  • Total Fat 3g (5% RDA)
  • Cholesterol 5mg
  • Sodium (salt) 120mg (9% RDA)
  • Potassium 210mg (6%RDA)
  • Total carbohydrates 11g (4% RDA)
  • Dietary fibre 6g (24% RDA)

There are also a range of vitamins and minerals at around 30% of daily value including zinc, niacin vitamin D etc.

So What Does All This Mean?

Bystrictin is trading on a strange image of a gastric band operation but really has little to do with gastric fill technology as they call it. Drinking a fibre based shake is not the same as having surgery. This is a point in its favour but we still cannot see how it will work for weight loss. This supplement looks like a gimmick and is not transparent with ingredients or product information. Although the contents are broken down into dietary information, the ingredients are not named, so you really do not know what you may be drinking.

Reduce gastic volume by 70%The claim that it can stop you eating 70% less than usual seems unlikely and has not been scientifically proven.

The recommended serving size of 28g has a calorie count of 110 and it seems likely the only way to make this drink palatable will be to add it to milk because the flavour is Swiss chocolate. This will bump up the calorie count to around 250 calories a serving and most people will struggle with drinking a Swiss chocolate flavour milk shake instead of eating a meal. It simply is not a healthy or satisfying alternative.

A point to remember is that you could eat real food and have a balanced diet for around the same daily calorie count of Bystrictin. You are advised to eat one proper meal a day while following the Bystrictin program so you may be tempted to over eat in compensation for the hunger and boredom of lasting all day on a glorified chocolate milk shake.

Diet drinks usually do not work. In some cases, they will cause weight gain because you will tend to snack and eat as well. You will probably get better weight loss effects by simply increasing your fibre intake and eating more beans and green vegetables. It will be healthier too.

Does Bystrictin Have Any Side Effects?

There is an obvious side effect to taking Bystrictin and that is flatulence. You may feel very bloated and uncomfortable and you will probably be spending a lot of time in the bathroom. You are advised that drinking plenty of water will help reduce flatulence, loose stools and diarrhoea.

Caution: You should avoid diet supplements if you are pregnant, breast-feeding or suffering from an existing medical condition.

Any Bystrictin Reviews From Customers?

There are no Bystrictin reviews from customers. Despite the claim that thousands of people have successfully lost weight by using this diet supplement, nobody is talking about it. There is no evidence and we were unable to find even one independent review.

So Does Bystrictin Work?

We think not. Bystrictin seems to be simply a high fibre diet drink that is marketed in a punchy and powerful way. Despite the claims that this supplement has been clinically tested 11 times, we can find no evidence of this happening and do not believe it. Most companies are eager to display clinical proof and provide details about how their products have performed in tests. This lack of evidence is very suspect.

Bystrictin is manufactured in a “FDA Compliant Facility” but has not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Where Can I Buy Bystrictin?

Bystrictin is available from the product website and is also stocked at one cosmetic surgery clinic in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. You can also find it via Facebook.

The starter deal costs $69.95 and comes with one canister containing 21 servings plus a blender bottle for mixing the drink and a free online weight tracker programme.

You are steered towards the Special VIP Offer, which comprises of 2 canisters containing 42 servings, plus the mixing bottle and tracker programme for $79.95.

Be warned the VIP offer is an auto renewal programme so you will be billed each month and sent fresh supplies of Bystrictin each month, until you cancel. In many cases, auto renewal programmes are not easy to get out of, so you may find yourself locked into a billing cycle for longer than you would like.

What About a Money Back Guarantee?

The company offer a 110% money back guarantee and offer to refund the full purchase price plus an added 10% as an added thank you for trying Bystrictin. This seems too good to be true so we advise you not to count on this happening.

There are no independent feedback or customer testimonials regarding the guarantee. In fairness, nobody has complained. However, they have not praised it either – surprising because it is a generous offer.

Watchdog Verdict

Bystrictin is essentially a high fibre diet drink supplement that has been marketed as an alternative to gastric bypass to appear more interesting. The claims that there are thousands of satisfied customers are unsubstantiated and there is no clinical evidence to prove that it works.

Drinking meal replacement supplements is not a healthy way to lose weight. All medical advice is to maintain a sensible diet and lose weight gradually by changing your eating habits. Replacing your meals with a chocolate shake is not good for health or morale. Eating a high fibre calorie controlled diet will provide the same weight loss results and save you money as well.

Bystrictin may work for some people but this is a very unconvincing supplement with a lack of information.

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Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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  1. Dave says:

    Excellent review of a questionable product at best. I have used it as directed for two weeks and the ” full feeling” they advertise that will reduce appetite is frankly non existent for me. I even tried placing it in a bowl to see if it “grew” or “gelled” and neither happened as well. Great idea ……….but………..

    • Houston says:

      Bystrictin has a little ingredient (one of the main ingredients) called guar gum. This is an interesting ingredient, in that it is already used extremely successfully in other applications and works without fail…. IF you have the brains to use it correctly. You have to use the right amount of water, it has to be mixed right in the first place, what drink you mix it with makes a big difference. The product is advertised on national satellite radio, so I’m sure at least a couple thousand people have taken it. There are around 20,000 albinos in the country, but when was the last time you saw one? Now take one tenth of that number (2,000) and see how much harder it gets. Now, back to the guar gum. It expands when it comes into contact with water. I can attest to this fact, because guar gum is the main ingredient in frac gel, used to fracture natural gas and oil wells. It works by expanding cracks in the rocks so sand can get in, the result being that after the biodegradable guar gum breaks down the sand is left for the oil or gas to easily flow through. Guar gum is made from a plant, 100% edible and 100% effective, if you’re smart enough to use it properly. Even professionals who use guar gum every day screw it up every now and again. The difference? when you screw up you get fatter, when they screw up it costs tens of millions of dollars in lost production over the life of the wells.

  2. DBarc says:

    Dave, did you cancel successfully?

  3. DC says:

    I actually feel the filling effect, but I probably tend to snack in the evening. I lost about seven pounds the first week, but I’ve flat-lined the second week. I feel full, and I think maybe I could do a better job of tracking my calories. I’m going to try to get back onto MyFitnessPal in conjunction and see what happens.

  4. Joe says:

    Been on it for two weeks and always have the full feeling. My one meal in the evening is much smaller because of I tend to get full much quicker.

  5. Nurse2005 says:

    I have been drinking this product for 3 weeks and have lost a total of 14 lbs. I lost 6 the first week. Although I don’t always have the fullness feeling, I have noticed that I am not able to eat as much at meals. So I attribute this to the Bystrictin. Also, another friend of mine who is also a registered RN used it and has so far lost 15 lbs. Despite the lack of feeling full, I feel this has attributed immensley to my weight loss. Keep in mind that I have a very bad back with rods on my spine and can’t exercise like I used to so this shake has helped alot.

  6. EK2001 says:

    I have purchased this product as a result of the convincing radio ad. I figured if they make such outlandish statements they must have some leg to stand on as the lawyers and FDA will be all over them. This is a SCAM. The VIP auto-renewal is pushed on you without you noticing that you agreed to it. When you call to cancel they play another game… They say — Oh — we will hold off for a month and then auto-renew again. I had to make it very clear to them that I DID NOT WANT TO RENEW and to not dare charge my card again.

    It is just disappointing to see how businesses take advantage of other’s in need and go at great length to profit by misleading and defrauding their customer base.

    It is time for someone to tell the truth.

  7. Michele says:

    I bought the product and drank my first shake today. I will post how it goes.

  8. Patricia says:

    Received product as well as non requested added charges on my cc. Requested new card rather than deal with scam artists who give my cc info to others. Beware. Have no tried product yt

  9. Ry says:

    This is nothing more than a protein shake. Does not work. They say take the shake and drink a lot of water…well no kidding you will feel full, anytime you add anything in your stomach before a meal will make you full faster..common sense. I tried this and with in an hour i was hungry again. Save your money and go by a protein/ meal supplement or a fiber supplement..its the same thing! Don’t believe me, compare the ingredients, you’ll see they have almost the same thing. I’ve been drinking other protein drinks before ameal and feel full..cheaper too! Or save and not spend a dime and drink a 1 liter of water before a meal and you will fill just a full. Stop wasting your time on all these weight lost products that do nothing for you. Read the labels, almost all will say take there product and incorporate good diet and exercise…again no kidding you’ll lose if you do that. I’ve been doing just that with no supplements and lost more weight than on anything. I love the pic on their web site that shows a skinny girl with big jeans whom I’m sure never was that big…hey just go by a larger size pants and hold it up and say look at me i lost weight!!!

  10. John says:

    I have just started 6 days on it I do not get hungry between meals yet. I have lost 12 pounds in the first week. I will let you know how how the second week goes

  11. Jim says:

    Had the stuff for 2 weeks and lost 11 lbs. I definitely feel better and my eating habits have definitely improved. I am eating healthier and smaller meals. I have tried other otc stuff without good results. So far, this one is working and hope to continue…..

  12. John says:

    I have done extensive research on bariatric surgery and you seem to have mixed all of them together under the heading of gastric bypass surgery. Banding is not bypass surgery. It is a laparoscopic surgery and is the least invasive. True, any surgery is serious and can have complications but Banding is fully reversible. by putting a band around the upper part of the stomach, you create a pouch that restricts the amount of food you can take in at a single setting. It is fully adjustable and can be removed. Your assessment of this product is accurate though.

  13. Mike says:

    I purchased the product. It is expensive. They will work with you on breaking up the payments but for a 1 month supply it runs around $90.

    I felt the product was way over rated. It did not work for me at all. I just ended up feeling bloated.

    I requested a full refund and all they would give me back was the price for one canister. I had to pay the shipping cost to return it to the of $14. So in my opinion ion that is not a full 100% money back. I would recommend you look up every ingredient on the Internet, most are safe, but a few raised my eyebrows. Bottom line this does not work like bypass surgery. I am not saying others do not have success and if you are one who is or has, my hat off too you. Good Luck for those who may want to try it. I recommend that you clarify with the company the 100% money back claim as they do not refund you the postage cost to return it to them.

  14. JL says:

    Have used it for 3 days. No real suppression of appetite. I feel hyped up like diet pills. Restlessness sleep and vivid dreams at night. It must have a stimulant .

  15. Leanna says:

    A friend of mine used this product and lost about 30lbs in 6 months with no exercise so I decided to buy it. I started using it yesterday and it does suppress my appetite. I will continue to use and write a review in the future as to my results. My only concern at this point is each time after I have taken the shake I have gotten a headache. I’m hoping it’s just a coincidence and not a side effect.

  16. Trevor says:

    My dad is on this. He just turned 60 today, and in the last 4 months, he has lost about 45 pounds. I’m surprised that its not working for a lot of people. My dad has always struggled, and he is loving this.

  17. Ann Neczypor says:

    I bought this on the “free trial” offer. Only postage required. Ha. Comes and they charge you 79.00, and sign you up for billing you every month. Nightmare. And it doesn’t work. Any protein drink will do as well. It is the 8 ounces of water all day that keeps you full. Any product that resorts to this type of trickery is not worth it. I could name a few good ones, but it would seem like I worked for them. I just hated this whole deal Stay away

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