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There are a couple of diet pills on the market at the moment that promise you massive weight loss within a week. Both claim to be based on the dietary advances used in the NASA space program. We take a look at Calorie Zero Capsules to find out more.

You know that problem we all have? The one where we get too fat to fit into our space suits so run the risk of being left on our own in the Space station?

No, it’s never happened to us either, but Calorie Zero Capsules have been designed to get round this problem with a way that allows you to eat without adding calories. The same way those astronauts manage to stay slim.

Calorie Zero Pros

  • The Moonstone pendant looks nice

Calorie Zero Cons

  • Unrealistic and dangerous weight loss claims
  • No ingredients profile
  • Company has complaints from ASA
Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills
Calorie Zero Bottle

Calorie Zero Review

Calorie Zero Facts

  • Manufactured by Aquil Ltd, based in Gloucestershire UK
  • Calorie Zero is identical to US scam diet pill Zero Cal
  • Aquil Ltd have received complaints from the ASA for claims about their products

Calorie Zero is a diet pill that is described by the advertisers as being the complete weight loss package that will help you lose a stone in weight in just one week.

If you think this sounds unbelievable, it gets worse; Apparently, it all comes down to NASA and the space programme.

According to the Calorie Zero advertising, NASA have a problem with their astronauts getting too fat for their space suits. Because there is no room to exercise in space, astronauts float around in zero gravity putting on weight.

When the time comes to come home and the astronauts have got too fat for their suits, they could end up stranded in space until they have lost some of this weight!

SpacemanAccording to the Calorie Zero information, NASA have developed a special gel capsule that allows those chubby astronauts a way to eat what they want without absorbing any calories.

Remarkably, this is the gel, which is contained in the Calorie Zero Capsules. You don’t have to be rocket scientists to be skeptical of these claims.

This impression is reinforced when we looked at Aquil Ltd, the company behind Calories Zero Capsules.

They have been in breach of the Advertising Standards Agency for making false claims about a whole range of products before. They have a string of customer complaints against them and use multiple addresses.

The contact address on the Calorie Zero website is:

Aquil Ltd
The Stable House
GL54 1QX

We found this address and discovered it was a very nice looking bed and breakfast guesthouse in the countryside.

Another address that Aquil use is;

Emery House
Greatbridge Road
SO51 0AD

How to Take Calorie Zero Capsules

To take Calorie Zero, take two capsules per day with a large glass of water before breakfast or lunch. The information states that you should “Monitor your weight loss carefully so that you do not lose too much weight.”

What about Zero Cal?

US customers may be wondering what is going on here because there is an identical product on sale in the USA called the Zero Cal Capsule.

This makes exactly the same claims about NASA and the weight loss but is run by a company called Madelnet who are based at a private mailbox in Dallas.

Like Aquil Ltd in the UK, Madelnet – sometimes calling itself Global Weight Management have run into problems with the Advertising Standards Agency in the USA over making false claims about their Zero Cal Capsules.


Sad to say, there is absolutely no truth in the story about NASA and the fat astronauts so there is no special gel capsule designed for space travel weight loss.

According to all scientific information, astronauts lose weight in zero gravity, not put it on.

According to Science – The Worlds Leading Journal Of Original Scientific Research, Global News and Commentary writing at the time of the first space missions

Men returning from orbital flights have lost from 2 to 6 percent of their body weights. Similar losses occur during simulated weightlessness…


Calorie Zero Capsules do not come with any product information whatsoever. There is no ingredients list and no explanation about how these diet pills are supposed to work.

However to convince you to buy, you are offered a free trial and a free gift of a moonstone pendant. According to the advertising, even if you return your order you can keep your pendant.

Zero Cal the US version of this diet pill scam uses exactly the same inducements to get you to buy. Yes, you get a free moonstone pendant too.

Calorie Zero Concerns:

  • No ingredients information. What does this diet pill even contain?
  • Will Aquil honour the guarantee and give you your money back. Seems unlikely.
  • Company lacks credibility with a number of ASA complaints

What Does Calorie Zero Claim To Do?

According to the advertising, taking these diet pills will make you “LOSE 1 STONE IN A WEEK”.

It goes onto explain;

You can eat whatever you want, and your intake will be 0 calories! Simply take Calorie Zero gel capsules every morning, and all the calories you consume over the course of the day will quite simply be blocked – your body won’t absorb them! USED BY NASA ASTRONAUTS

The information states that;

For years now, aeronautics researchers at the NASA laboratory have been developing these amazing gel capsules that will help you lose an unbelievable number of pounds in a very short space of time, without any kind of diet or exercise and without a single visit to the gym!

They go onto explain;

The problem presented itself when the astronauts were in space, zero gravity made them weightless. Because their bodies no longer needed to exert themselves, their bodies no longer burned calories and so they put on weight.

Over several weeks they would pile on an extra 7 to 10 pounds, putting them in danger of not fitting into their spacesuit that is so vital for their return to Earth (it is precision tailored to their exact measurements, down to the very last fraction of an inch

None of this is true. NASA researchers have not been developing weight loss capsules.

(Even if they did, why would they then hand over their research to a couple of dodgy looking website marketers, one listed at a guest house in Gloucester the other at a mailbox in Texas? ).

The truth is that Astronauts lose weight in space. They do not float round in zero gravity taking diet pills.

A recent study in 2011 reported;

Bodyweight loss during spaceflight has been observed among astronauts since the early space missions. Considerable mission data has been accumulated, including data from female astronauts, on the many Shuttle and International Space Station missions

The study went on to say;

On average, space missions are associated with cumulative loss of bodyweight over time

So What Is Calorie Zero and What Are The Ingredients For Calorie Zero?

Calorie Zero and the US version Zero Cal look to be scam products designed to trick unwary buyers into parting with their cash.

We have no ingredients information and although the advertising claims that the capsules contain safe natural ingredients with no harmful chemicals, you will have no idea what you are taking.

So What Does All This Mean?

One thing only and that is to avoid Calorie Zero and Zero Cal at all costs.

Does Calorie Zero Have Any Side Effects?

Calorie Zero is likely to contain very cheap ingredients but without knowing what they are, we cannot guarantee they are safe.

Caution: It goes without saying that you should certainly avoid this supplement if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. Everyone needs to avoid Calorie Zero.

Any Calorie Zero Reviews From Customers?

The Calorie Zero website has numerous so-called customer testimonials and come with some drastic looking before and after pictures that don’t even look like the same people in both.

Susan P says;

I lost 3 stone in just 17 days. I didn’t follow any kind of diet. I carried on eating normally

Even if it were possible to lose such a vast amount of weight so quickly, this would be extremely dangerous for health.

Someone called Mylene S had a similar experience, losing 3 stone in just 16 days.

There are however plenty of comments online about Aquil Ltd and none of them are good.
One customer asked;

I am trying to find out if Aquil Ltd is a legit company. I’ve received lots of info from them trying to sell weight loss products. Each time they send something though, the reply envelope always has a different address, this time it’s Aquil Ltd in GL54 3QX, I’ve not found anything on them on the internet

Another customer reported;

I too feel ripped-off by Aquil Ltd. I sent them a Postal Order to the amount of £39.95 and have not received the product advertised in a brochure sent to me.


Aquil were in breach of the ASA (advertising standards agency) for making unsubstantiated claims for a similar looking weight loss pill called Double Shot which claimed to reduce 90% of calories.

So Does Calorie Zero Work?

No, it will not work as claimed. In our opinion there is no evidence to support their weight loss claims and therefore cannot help believe it is nothing more than a scam.

Where Can I Buy Calorie Zero?

You may receive an old fashioned sales letter through your post box. Alternatively, you can buy online from the Calorie Zero website.

A bottle of Calorie Zero contains 60 capsules and is one month’s supply.

You have a series of options to choose from.

  • Light course – Lose up to 1 stone costs £49.95
  • Strong course Lose 1-2 stone SAVE £29.95 costs £69.95
  • Ultra course Lose 2-3 stone SAVE £63.90 costs £85.95
  • Extensive course Lose even MORE SAVE £99.85 costs £99.95

All purchases come with a free moonstone pendant that the advertisers say is worth £30.00.

We are not sure how the increased strength course of tablets works out. You may be sent added bottles of the diet pill so that you can increase the dose. Alternatively, the added strength options may contain a stronger level of ingredients.

What About A Guarantee

The advertising makes a great point of stressing that all purchases are risk free and can be returned.

It states;

You are entitled to a RISK FREE TRIAL at a preferential, discounted price. If for any reason, you were not 100% satisfied with the spectacular results that you get with Calorie Zero, you simply return your order for a full refund (less P&P), no questions asked. And that’s not all! You can keep the amazing free gift that we are delighted to offer to you today.

We have been unable to find out any more about this guarantee and whether the company will honour it.

Watchdog Verdict

No question about it, Calorie Zero looks to be a scam. The advertising makes false claims about NASA and have made up a ludicrous story about the development of this capsule and fat astronauts. Zero Cal has done the same for US customers and appears to run on the same lines.

Calorie Zero promises unrealistic and dangerous weight loss – 3 stone within 17 days exceeds safe limits. Even people who are starving do not lose weight as quickly as this and the website is full of false testimonials and fake before and after pictures.

In addition, there is no ingredients list so we cannot see what is even contained in the capsules.

Aquil Ltd are notorious for making false claims about their various products and have been cautioned by the ASA. There are a string of complaints from customers regarding this company and their various products and we think it highly unlikely that they will honour this guarantee. Aquil Ltd can’t even seem to stick to the same address so who knows where you are supposed to send your returns.

Calorie Zero must be one of the worst diet pills we have ever seen. No question. We reject Calorie Zero.

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Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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  1. sandra laing says:

    Seems like they have another diet option. Slimpops which sounds fantastic until u Google and see all the other slimming aids for sale been scammed before so glad I decided to research. Another too good to b true offer

  2. Dr.J.K.Cross says:

    I haven’t bought any of the wonder product BioKrill and assumed that it was a scam.I wrote twice and asked for details of clinical trials and for details of the qualifications of their Dr. Philip Moss. Needless to say I never received a reply. There ought to be a ban on this sort of advertising by crooked companies.

  3. Irene Ransom says:

    I have bought a ‘magnetic bracelet’ (along the lines of the old copper bracelet used for arthritis) from Aquil, which has just arrived, together with an identical parcel containing ANOTHER (not ordered) bracelet. They have taken 2 lots of £29.95 from my debit card. I can’t find an email address. The bracelets were sent from Singapore, even though Aquil’s address is in Hampshire. Any advice about how to get in touch with them, please?

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