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Capsipure is a diet pill that uses the power of natural chilli peppers to help you lose weight and looks similar to the better known celebrity diet favourite Capsiplex. The big question is does taking a chilli supplement really burn fat and importantly will you get this effect with Capsipure? We find out.

Capsipure is a diet supplement that contains Capsimax Plus, a proprietary blend containing chilli extract, caffeine and other natural ingredients. According to the manufacturers of Capsimax Plus, taking this supplement will cause you to burn off over 278 calories per day without doing anything.

Capsimax Plus is a well-known formula added to chilli supplements and the sole ingredient contained in Capsipure.

Capsipure Pros

  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Cheaper than other chilli diet pills

Capsipure Cons

  • No information behind the company selling Capsipure
  • No real clinical evidence that it will help you burn off 278 calories
  • No money-back guarantee
Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

Capsipure Review

Capsipure Facts

  • Marketed in Britain, made in India and now available to US customers via Amazon
  • Each bottle contains 30 capsules
  • Contains patented chilli formula Capsimax Plus

Capsipure is a UK based diet supplement that is on sale from health food chain Holland & Barrett as well as the UK Amazon plus various other online and high street retailers.

It contains a patented product Capsimax Plus and is supposed to help you burn off weight because of the fat burning properties of chilli pepper which have this natural effect. Chilli has been well researched for weight loss and although opinion is divided about its efficacy, it may work as a simple thermogenic and help to increase the metabolism.

Taking high quantities of natural chilli pepper will play havoc with your digestion and cause unpleasant side effects, so a supplement that contains this vital ingredient minus the burn is the only realistic way to try this out.

To use Capsipure you take one capsule a day with breakfast of half an hour before an exercise workout. You are advised not to take Capsipure too close to bedtime because of the caffeine content.

Although Capsipure is a product in its own right, it does not contain anything other than the branded supplement Capsimax Plus.

Red Hot Chili PeppersIn truth, most of the chilli supplements on the market do not contain anything other than this patented ingredient and even well known Capsiplex, which has benefited from an exciting marketing plan, media exposure and has been widely touted by a long line of celebrity fans, appears to contain Capsimax Plus as its sole ingredient.

Capsipure has a more bargain basement appeal than Capsiplex and not much in the way of advertising or even a proper product website but the two supplements appear to be identical.

Capsimax Plus is made by Omni Active Health Technologies based in Thane in Maharashtra India and they also have a subsidiary office based in New Jersey USA. The company do not appear to sell direct to the public but the supplement crops up in many other diet supplements as the sole ingredient or in tandem with other natural products.

There is no information at all regarding the distributors or the company behind Capsipure.

Capsipure Concerns:

  • Very little customer feedback available
  • Some clinical testing indicates that the effect is minimal
  • Rebranded product with insufficient information

What Does Capsipure Claim To Do?

Capsipure comes with very little hype and because there is no product website, there is nothing much in the way of advertising or explanation about how this supplement works. Holland & Barrett ask the question “could chilli be the answer to the weight management mystery” and states that,

Capsimax capsicum extract gives users the maximum effectiveness of Capsaicinoids without any oral or gastric irritation

There is more information available from the Capsimax Plus website. The main selling point is that you will burn off more calories by taking this supplement than you will by trying to lose weight by exercise alone. It is claimed that Capsimax will help burn off an added 278 calories a day – the same benefit to health as a 25-minute jog or the same calorie content as a hamburger.

So What Is Capsipure and What Are The Ingredients For Capsipure?

Capsipure contains:

  • Capsimax Plus: A patented chilli extract combined with other ingredients and because this is a patented formula, there is not much in the way of detailed contents information. However, the serving size is 258.34mg contained in one capsule.
  • Capsicum Extract: The principle ingredient. Chilli peppers contain Capsaicinoids – the natural compounds that create the heat in the fruit in natural form and according to research will raise the temperature of the body thus creating the fat burning effect. However, results have not been spectacular. According to research carried out by the University of Maryland on 80 people,

Capsinoid ingestion was associated with an increase in fat oxidation that was nearly significant.

In other words, it does work a bit, but not that dramatically.

Although the advertising states that capsicum can help, you burn off an added 248 calories day, other clinical trials suggest otherwise. It is important to note that the clinical trial mentioned in the advertising was carried out on just 25 people so is not conclusive.

Capsaicinoids are being researched for a wide range of medicinal purposes including pain relief and prostate cancer.

  • Caffeine: Where would the diet pill world be without caffeine? This well-known stimulant is a staple of most diet pills and helps boost the metabolism and energy levels. Caffeine may help you lose weight but in view of the fact that the average cup of instant coffee contains around 100mg of caffeine and the amount contained in this supplement is likely to be similar, we cannot see the advantage of taking caffeine in this way. You will probably get the same effect from drinking a standard cup of coffee. Source:
  • Black pepper extract: Also called Bioperine. According to clinical testing “the thermogenic ingredient in black pepper, has been reported to increase the metabolism in rats”.
  • Niacin (20mg): This is an important vitamin B3 compound that lowers cholesterol levels and is a vital component of a healthy diet. The recommended daily intake is between 14mg – 18mg but tolerable upper intake levels for adults is set at 35mg a day by the DRI (dietary reference intake). Exceeding this dose may cause the skin to flush.
    Source: USDA Dietary Advice

The ingredients of Capsipure (or Capsimax Plus) have been tested in combination to assess the thermogenic effect on muscular strength and endurance. A clinical trial was carried out on male college students and found that “ the active supplement containing Caffeine, Capsaicin, Bioperine, and Niacin did not alter muscular strength or cycling endurance when compared to a placebo trial”

So What Does All This Mean?

Capsipure is branded supplement Capsimax Plus repackaged and renamed. The ingredients have been clinically tested both individually and as the formula and the supplement may have a slight fat burning effect.

However much of the testing has yielded very minimal effects and although the ingredients seem safe, this formula does not appear to be very effective for weight loss or helping you improve your endurance levels through exercise.

Does Capsipure Have Any Side Effects?

Side effects are not mentioned by the manufacturers of Capsimax Pure or from the company behind Capsipure. However, the caffeine content is minimal and there do not appear to be side effects from the chilli extract.

Although eating high quantities of chilli in natural form will cause gastric problems, the capsule enables the ingredients to enter your system and the capsaicoinds absorbed by the body without causing heartburn or upset. One customer experienced a slight burning sensation in the throat while taking.

The Niacin content may cause redness and flushing to the face in some cases.

Caution: Avoid if you are pregnant, breast-feeding or suffer from a medical condition. You are advised to avoid taking within 2 weeks of surgery.

Any Capsipure Reviews From Customers?

Not many reviews available but there have been a couple of positive comments about Capsipure.

One customer said,

I have lost just under a stone so far while taking these capsules. I have to admit, I don’t know whether it is these tablets or not as I have also altered my diet and upped my exercise….I do think taking them daily has made me really stick at this diet as it reminds you why you bought the tablets in the first place etc (probably psychological but it’s working!)

Another customer said;

Combined with a controlled diet, and regular exercise, these help speed up the metabolism. Would recommend it to people who have possibly given up smoking, and are worried about putting on weight.

So Does Capsipure Work?

It might work a bit. The clinical testing suggests that it has an effect but this is likely to be minimal and Capsipure itself is only a rebranding of an existing product.

Use with a healthy diet and exercise plan and you will probably lose weight but as the customer said the effects may be mainly psychological.

Where Can I Buy Capsipure?

Capsipure is on sale in both the UK and USA.

UK customers can buy Capsipure online from Holland & Barrett or from their retail outlets. One month’s supply of 30 capsules costs £25.68 but you can make savings by buying two bottles at the reduced price of £38.53.

You can also buy Capsipure from for £19.05 for 30 capsules.

US customers can buy Capsipure from for $32.06 and have the supplements shipped over from the UK for added shipping cost of $5.99. Estimated shipping time is 5 days.

What About A Guarantee

No money back guarantee is available.

Watchdog Verdict

Capsipure is essentially an existing product Capsimax Pure, rebranded and renamed.

The main problem with Capsimax based products is that although they may increase your metabolism slightly, most clinical testing has found this effect to be negligible and the advertised calorie burn of 278 calories seems unlikely.

We do not like the fact Capsipure comes with no product information or guarantee and although the price is less than the better-known Capsiplex, we simply do not trust this product. For these reasons, we reject it.

Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

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