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Choc Extreme Chocamine

Choc Extreme Chocamine is a chocolate supplement that according to makers Healthspark will help suppress your appetite and give your energy levels a lift. It seems just too good to be true to use chocolate to help you lose weight so is this supplement really going to promote weight loss?

Or is Choc Extreme Chocamine just an appealing novelty product designed to appeal to those of us who probably eat too much chocolate already? We find out.

Choc Extreme Pros

  • Manufactured and sold by reputable UK company Healthspark
  • Reasonably priced supplement

Choc Extreme Cons

  • Will not suit you if you are taking prescription mediation including the contraceptive pill
  • May cause side effects – speak to your doctor before taking this supplement
  • No real evidence that cocoa supplements promote weight loss
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Choc Extreme Chocamine

Choc Extreme Chocamine Review

Choc Extreme Facts

  • Two capsules per day serving
  • Buy from Healthspark and benefit from free postage worldwide
  • Contains just one ingredient – cocoa extract and is suitable for vegetarians

Choc Extreme Chocamine is a health supplement that uses chocolate and added caffeine as the active ingredients. This may sound all wrong but chocolate is a natural ingredient that may come with many health benefits.

Theobromine is the active ingredient of chocolate. It is a bitter alkaloid of the cocoa plant and is also present in some kinds of tea and natural plants and products such as kola nuts. Theobromine is a stimulant and in its purest form is used in medicine for high blood pressure and heart problems. It is a vasodilator, which means it widens the blood vessels and it may be effective as a treatment for angina.

Eating dark chocolate has recently become well known as a healthy ingredient. It has a stimulant effect and it is believed to increase the speed of the metabolism, which in turn can suppress your appetite.
In addition, there is some evidence that chocolate directly increases the pleasure hormones of the brain serotonin and dopamine. Some people say it is an aphrodisiac as well.

However, chocolate for health has to be enjoyed in moderation because in most cases the added milk and sugars make it extremely unhealthy. Dark chocolate is better for you than the type of chocolate that most of us eat on a regular basis, because it contains more natural theobromine.

Figures suggest that 1 oz of dairy milk chocolate contains around 60mg of theobromine whereas good quality dark chocolate on average around 200mg.

Theobromine is poisonous in high quantities and people who are elderly or have health issues should ensure they do not consume too much of it.

How to Take Choc Extreme Chocamine

Take 2 capsules daily with food before 3 pm.

Choc Extreme Chocamine is made by Healthspark a UK company based in Jersey. Healthspark who have been operating since 2008. The company manufacture a wide range of supplements, which they sell under their own name.

In addition, Healthspark manufacture supplements for trade customers under various brand labels. According to their information, Healthspark supplements are all manufactured in the UK according to GMP (good manufacturing practice) industry standards.

Healthspark are a reputable UK company who do not operate any dodgy billing scams. They do not offer auto shipment but you can sign up to the site and benefit from special offers and price reductions for loyal customers should you wish.

Choc Extreme Chocomine contains just cocoa extract. This equates to 96mg of theobromine, 48mg of caffeine and 40mg of antioxidant polyphenols per serving.

Although you could get all this from simply buying cocoa extract and cooking chocolate treats, of course the added ingredients such as sugar butter and flour would cause any of the health benefits of chocolate to be lost.

Choc Extreme Chocomine will not suit everyone. It has a stimulant effect and you should see your doctor for advice before you take if you suffer from health issues especially those related to heart and blood pressure.

Choc Extreme Chocamine Concerns:

  • There is more active Theobromine in 1 oz of dark chocolate than there is in a 2 capsule serving of this supplement
  • Will customers realise that this supplement may affect medication?
  • Lack of evidence to prove that cocoa extract is effective for weight loss

What Does Choc Extreme Chocamine Claim To Do?

According to the Healthspark information,

Chocamine is a natural and safe chocolate supplement that can help suppress normal appetite control and provide a mild stimulatory effect.

There are three stated benefits to Theobromine. It is:

  • Natural extract sourced from cocoa
  • Can improve the body’s potential to lose weight
  • Helps to improve mood and physical performance

The product information states,

Finally, you can enjoy the benefits of Chocolate without the sugars and fats and use this product as a modern day supplement for supporting your weight and energy.

This all sounds good but in truth, there is no real evidence that Theobromine and cocoa extract will really benefit weight loss. The product information does not provide any links or information about research or clinical findings for this purpose.

So What Is Choc Extreme Chocamine and What Are The Ingredients?

Choc Extreme Chocamine is a supplement, which contains cocoa extract as its one active ingredient. Figures here reflect the daily serving two capsules. This supplement is suitable for vegetarians:

  • Cocoa Extract (800mg): This is the only ingredient contained in this supplement and has the well known bitter taste of dark chocolate. Out of this main ingredient, the molecules are further broken down into the following components.
  • Theobromine (96mg): This makes up 12% of the formula. Theobromine is a type of xanthine so is related to caffeine and testing has shown that it does have a positive effect upon mood, feelings of alertness and it may help cardiovascular function too. One clinical study found that at normal level intakes Theobromine may have these positive effects but may be dangerous at higher levels (over 250mg per dose). However, there have been some conflicting results seen in clinical testing. In some studies, Theobromine was seen to increase blood pressure. Other tests suggest the opposite. According to medical experts taking cocoa for health requires further testing and evidence.
  • Caffeine (48mg): This makes up 6% of the content contained in each two capsule dose. Caffeine is well known as a stimulant and this combined with the Theobromine may cause a noticeable effect. Caffeine can increase the speed of the metabolism and in turn, this can help lead to weight loss. However, the caffeine count here is low. A cup of instant coffee contains around 100mg of caffeine and many people have a high tolerance to this ingredient so may not notice this supplement.
  • Polyphenols (40mg): Micronutrients found in natural foods and antioxidants that play a vital role in helping the body stay fit and healthy and essential for the prevention of infection and diseases. Fruits such as blackberries are high in polyphenols and in most cases you can obtain polyphenols (and other antioxidants) from a varied healthy diet.

So What Does All This Mean?

There is no real evidence that Choc Extreme Chocamine will help you lose weight or greatly improve your health. There may be health benefits to eating a very limited amount of dark chocolate but there does not seem to be much point to taking this supplement. You will not get the pleasure of chocolate and without this; there seems very little reason to take it.

We can find no clinical reference to theobromine being suitable for weight loss and even the so-called heart benefits of cocoa seem to be based on some uncertain evidence. While it is true that in pure form Theobromine is sometimes used to widen the arteries, this is not the same here where it is counted as part of cocoa extract.

In addition, if cocoa extract adds up to 800mg per dose out of which 184mg is comprised of active ingredients, what is actually contained in the remaining 616mg per serving? We just don’t know.

Does Choc Extreme Chocamine Have Any Side Effects?

Although cocoa extract is safe for most people, Choc Extreme Chocamine may have side effects. These may include:

  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Rapid heart beat
  • Increased urination

Some people are sensitive to cocoa and to caffeine. Side effects may include:

  • Headache
  • Constipation

This supplement may cause gastrointestinal side effects such as:

  • Gas
  • Nausea


Avoid if you are pregnant or breast-feeding.

Do not take if you have sensitivity to cocoa or caffeine.

Do not take if you suffer from a heart condition or have blood pressure issues.

It is very important to speak to your doctor first if you are taking prescription medication because cocoa can cause a long list of interactions.

Avoid this supplement if you are taking prescription medication for depression, or are on antibiotics or the contraceptive pill.

If you suffer from diabetes this supplement may increase blood sugar.

Ask your doctor for advice before you buy this pill.

Any Choc Extreme Chocamine Reviews From Customers?

There are a few customer reviews posted on the product page of the Healthspark website. Some customers have been pleased with this supplement.

One wrote,

Just wanted to say THANKS! I have used Choc diet pills since they released it a while back and have lost one stone! I love it. I just ordered 5 and saved some money… Smells great, just like Chocolate!

Another customer wrote,

They smell like chocolate and my gosh do you want to eat them BUT YOU CAN’T. Don’t be fooled into thinking these will taste as good as they smell, as this is an excellent product that has given me so much more energy and I have lost weight.

Not everyone is as pleased. A customer who is a self-confessed chocoholic did not find this supplement effective. She wrote,
I have found no effect from these tablets, I still feel hungry, still want to make my way through the Cadbury aisle like Pacman. Plus the bottle says to take before 3pm which I guess is coz of the caffeine content, so even if they did help with cravings for chocolate (which they don’t) the effect would have long worn off by my normal “difficult time” (7pm onwards). Maybe I am an “extreme” chocoholic and that’s why the lack of effect, but choc extreme did nothing for me.

We all loved the mental image of making your way through the chocolate aisle like Pacman as described by this reviewer! Elsewhere we could not find any independent reviews for Choc Extreme Chocamine.

So Does Choc Extreme Chocamine Work?

We are not sure about the sense of taking cocoa extract in supplement form. It seems a bit pointless to us when you could get more natural theobromine from eating a few squares of dark chocolate.

If you did this you could get the pleasure of actually eating some chocolate and as long as you ensure it truly is dark chocolate (70% cocoa solids) and restrict it to only a couple of squares, you may find the health benefits outweigh the added calories. It is ideal for adding to a weight loss diet and gives you a treat.

If you are worried about bingeing on chocolate, most people find that the experience of eating dark chocolate is totally different from milk chocolate bars and confectionary and does not lead to over eating.

The problem with cocoa extract is that the evidence is all a bit unproven. You cannot rely on it helping you to lose weight. If you are a habitual chocolate eater and coffee drinker, you may not notice the effects. If you do not have issues with chocolate already, there are other supplement ingredients on the market that may be more effective.

We feel that this supplement is a novelty product designed to sound appealing but without any proven evidence for weight loss.

Where Can I Buy Choc Extreme Chocamine?

You can buy Choc Extreme Chocamine direct from the Healthspark website. The company ship internationally free of charge so this is option is available worldwide.

One bottle of 60 capsules (one month’s supply) costs £9.99. If you want to upgrade your shipping to first class post, it costs an additional £2.95. Discounts are available on multi pack orders. You can pay via bankcard or PayPal.

You can also buy Choc Extreme Chocamine via from various independent sellers. However, this is not such a good deal as buying from Healthspark. One retailer is offering 60 capsules of Choc Extreme Chocamine for £19.44, so is more than twice the price of buying from Healthspark.

Choc Extreme Chocamine is not on sale from US Amazon. However, US customers can buy direct from Healthspark at no added cost.

What About A Guarantee

Healthspark will not guarantee your weight loss. However if you are not happy with your supplement you can return it within 14 days for 100% refund.

Healthspark also guarantee their prices to be better than any UK website. The information states that,

If you buy a product from us, and find it cheaper within 7 days of purchase, we’ll refund the difference. Thank you for helping us to achieve the best prices in the UK anywhere.

Watchdog Verdict

Choc Extreme Chocamine is made by a reputable UK company so you can be confident that this supplement conforms to safety standards and that the ingredients list is a true refection of the real contents. You are safe to buy from Healthspark too – this company will not rip you off or sign you up to dodgy auto billing scams.

In addition, Choc Extreme Chocamine is well priced and looks safe. That said you will need to see your doctor for advice if you have medical issues or are taking prescription medication – a point that Healthspark could have made more clearly.

Our major problem with this supplement is that there is no real reason why cocoa extract should necessarily help weight loss and we cannot see it being very effective for most people.

There is simply no evidence that this supplement will work in the way as described and although there have been a couple of positive customer comments; this is not enough to prove even anecdotally that it works.

We love chocolate and we like Healthspark but this combination is just not enough reason to add this supplement to our approved list. We have no other choice but to reject Choc Extreme Chocamine.

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