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Colovox is a supplement that promises to improve your digestive system by removing “toxic waste” from your body. This two-part system comes with companion product Puravox designed to replenish your body once you have undergone the cleansing process.

We take a look at Colovox to find out whether this supplement will do what it claims and whether or not it will help you lose weight.

Colovox Pros

  • Contains ingredients that may lower cholesterol levels

Colovox Cons

  • No medical evidence
  • Misleading advertising claims
  • Will not promote weight loss
  • May be unhealthy for some individuals
Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

Colovox Review

Colovox Facts

  • Supplement marketed by Nutripharm LLC
  • Utah based supplement company linked to payment processor Blackfire Global
  • Medical community claim detoxing not healthy

Colovox is a supplement system that according to the product advertising, will remove many of your health problems by cleansing and detox and help you lose 20 lbs in body weight.

The idea is that this supplement will cleanse, detoxify and replenish your digestive system so that you will look and feel great.

The supplement is on two parts; Colovox and Puravox both containing natural ingredients that supposedly create these effects.

PuravoxColovox contains fibre, as well as 14 cleansing ingredients said to be good for colonic health, and Puravox is a blend of 18 herbs supposedly to cleanse vital organs.

This may sound satisfying but detoxing and cleansing must be one of the most over hyped and pointless exercises in the supplement world!

Why? Because it is complete nonsense and has no basis in medical fact.

According to ALL medical advice, detoxing is unnecessary and potentially dangerous to health. The idea that toxins build up in the body is not founded in scientific fact because our bodies can filter out and eliminate most ingested toxins via the liver and kidneys. See our investigation into detox diet pills here.

Despite all medical evidence there is something about the idea of detoxing and cleansing that has real appeal. People are attracted by the promised health benefits and it has been popular since Roman times.

In recent years it has become a mainstay of the supplements industry. It seems it is something we want to believe.

Speaking in an interview in the Daily Mail, Ursula Arens, a registered dietician and spokesperson for the British Dietetic Association said,

it’s ridiculous to think of your digestive system and your colon as a purification plant or a sewer that needs to have its pipes flushed through and a holiday

You cannot “cleanse” your vital organs with herbs either.

Source: Daily Mail article

How To take Colovox

For Colovox (stage 1), take 2 capsules each morning with 8-12 ounces of water. Follow with Puravox (stage 2) by taking 2 capsules each afternoon with 8-12 ounces of water. The two-part system takes one month.

Colovox is marketed by Nutripharm LLC, a Utah based supplement company we have had numerous dealings with before.

The address is:
Nutripharm LLC
3165 Millrock Dr.
Ste 500
SLC, UT 84121

The company’s other supplements include Metabosyn, Fexotropin, Dieters Cheating Caps and more. We have covered Nutripharm supplements before and have yet to approve any of them.

Nutripharm LLC is also associated with some questionable business practices and uses a payment processor called Blackfire Global. We covered Blackfire Global in a previous investigation.

Colovox Concerns:

  • Taking laxatives and diuretics long term is dangerous to health
  • May cause people with real medical problems to see this supplement as a cure
  • Total waste of money – it will not help you lose weight long-term

What Does Colovox Claim To Do?

According to the Colovox advertising;

Recent studies show that the average person may have up to 20 pounds of undigested waste rotting in their stomach and stuck along the walls of their intestines.

Going on to say,

This not only causes weight gain and bloating, but it also forces poisonous toxins to spread throughout your body, which have been shown to be the cause of:

  • Constipation
  • Fatigue
  • Parasite Infection
  • Protruding Belly
  • Haemorrhoids
  • Yeast Infections
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Headaches and Backaches
  • Acne

People selling cleansers, including this one are always quick to talk about “rotting undigested waste” in your body, well, guess what? It is called your digestive system!

Your body converts the food you eat to energy and nourishment, and expels the rest as waste in the normal way. It is a natural bodily function.

Weighing scalesIt is very unlikely that your body contains 20lbs of this waste matter unless you are suffering from extreme constipation.

In most cases, constipation can be cured by making dietary changes such as eating more fibre, taking exercise and drinking more water. More effective than supplements and laxatives.

However, if you do suffer from severe constipation it is important to see your doctor. It is possible it is caused by an undiagnosed medical condition and leaving the condition for too long can even become life threatening.

As for the claim that Colovox removes “parasite infections” again we strongly urge you to visit you doctor.

Parasites such as hookworms pinworms and whipworms require prescription medication to eradicate them from your system. Luckily, in the developed world, these human parasitical infections are rare and are usually caused by drinking contaminated water and inadequate hygiene around hand washing and faecal matter.

One statement that astounded us was that according to an article written by the company, some customers have lost 20lbs of faecal matter! How can they possibly know this?

We find it hard to believe that people are weighing their own excrement and if this is true, we urge that they seek psychiatric help immediately!


So What Is Colovox and What Are The Ingredients For Colovox?

Colovox is a two-part supplement system that aims to remove a problem that does not really exist, in the hope of you losing weight and feeling better.

Colovox is stage one of the process and contains high levels of fibre which may cause a laxative effect. It contains 1500mg of active ingredients.

  • Psyllium Husk: This fibrous material is made up from the husks and empty seed pods of a native Indian and Pakistani plant. They are indigestible and are a good source of fibre and this ingredient is found in OTC laxatives including Fybogel.
    Psyllium husks can cause allergic reactions and the FDA has warned that this material can cause choking. It is very important to take with plenty of water to minimise the risk of swelling in the throat or oesophagus. Source:
  • Visco Fiber: Branded supplement derived from the cellular walls of oats and barley. and believed to lower cholesterol levels and blood sugar.
  • CoroWise: Branded plant sterol extract which has been clinically proven to reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol. Used in numerous foods and drinks that are described as low cholesterol or heart healthy such as Minute Maid premium heart wise fruit drink. Source:
  • Litesse: Branded polydextrose supplement recognised as a fibre and used in the food industry to add low calorie low cholesterol bulk to dairy products and baked goods.
  • Fibersol 2: branded low calorie fibre bulking agent added to a variety of processed foodstuffs to “maintain or improve a product’s desired attribute”. Source:
  • Linum Life Flaxseed Lignan: Branded flax seed supplement may have many health benefits. Lignans are one of the major classes of phytoestrogens, which are estrogen-like chemicals and act as antioxidants.
    There is strong evidence that flax reduces cholesterol levels and there is some support for the use of flax seed as a laxative due to its dietary fiber content. Excessive consumption of flax without liquid can result in intestinal blockage. Source:
  • Vitaberry: Trademarked blend of fruit extract powders, which are high in antioxidants. This brand is made exclusively for the diet pill and Nutraceautical industry.

Colovox also contains Apple pectin, Fenugreek seeds, Buckwheat and Grapefruit pectin, all ingredients believed to lower cholesterol levels and high in fibre.

Puravox is Stage 2 in the process and is described as the “natural body purifying formula”.

It contains a huge number of ingredients, many of which are familiar in culinary use. Many have a diuretic or laxative effect but amounts are likely to be in minimal quantities.

  • vitamin c
  • vitamin e
  • magnesium
  • L. Acidophilus
  • Milk Thistle
  • Dandelion root diuretic effect
  • Uva Ursi
  • Buchu leaves
  • Ginger root
  • Hyssop has effects on gastrointestinal system
  • Wormwood – ingredient of spirit drink absinthe. Dangerous in high levels
  • aloe vera
  • cascara sagrada – powerful laxative
  • cranberry extract
  • pomegranate extract
  • Acai
  • chamomile
  • turmeric
  • apple cider vinegar
  • slippery elm – laxative effect
  • pepper mint
  • lemongrass
  • pumpkin seed
  • marshmallow
  • Cinnamon

So What Does All This Mean?

Colovox Stage One contains high levels of dietary fibre and will probably cause a laxative effect. However, there also may be some health benefits to the capsules around the lowering of cholesterol levels.

Puravox is not as easy to evaluate. Some of the ingredients are potentially dangerous for health, some are healthy, but the sheer number of ingredients suggests that individual ingredients are present in very tiny quantities.

Expect to be spending a lot of time in the bathroom.

Does Colovox Have Any Side Effects?

It could have any number of side effects. Colovox looks safe but will have a laxative effect. We are not as sure about Puravox – it may cause numerous side effects with the vast number of ingredients. It will have a diuretic effect.

You should ensure you drink plenty of fluids so you do not run the risk of dehydration.

Taking laxatives for a month or more may interfere with your digestive process, cause you to become dehydrated and lacking in vital minerals and salts. In addition it may lead to not being able to open your bowels without assistance.

Caution: Do not take if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. Avoid if you are taking medication because the fibre content and laxative effect may counter the effects of the medicine. This also applies to oral contraception.
Ask your doctor for advice before you take this supplement.

Any Colovox Reviews From Customers?

We were unable to find any independent reviews for Colovox.

So Does Colovox Work?

No. It will not help you lose weight. Detoxing and cleansing the colon is unnecessary for health and well being and it is impossible for it to work in the way as described.

It may help you lose some weight short term due to the laxatives and diuretics but it will not help you lose body fat.

However, some of the ingredients in Colovox may help to reduce cholesterol. We cannot see any benefits to taking Puravox at all.

Where Can I Buy Colovox?

You can buy Colovox direct from the product website.

Surprisingly for a product you are advised only to take for a month, you can buy this supplement in bulk.

One months supply (1 set of Colovox and Puravox) costs $39.99 plus $4.95 shipping charges to US addresses. 2 sets (60 days supply) costs $69.99 and includes free shipping and a free gift of a 3 days detox product. 3 sets (90 days supply) costs $99.99 \and includes free shipping and 3 free bottles of the 3-day detox product.

You can also buy Colovox via Amazon .com. The two-part system costs $34.95 for 30 days supply and includes free shipping.

Colovox is not available direct to customers outside the USA.

What About A Guarantee

Yes, there is a 90-day guarantee. You are advised to contact customer service and they will give you instructions on how to return your order. This offer is good for one fully used bottle and all unused bottles in resalable condition. You will have to pay return shipping costs.

Watchdog Verdict

Colovox is a supplement that promises to give you a detox and cleanse your colon. All medical advice is that this does not work so it does not matter what is contained in this supplement, it will not do what it promises.

We do not urge that you take laxatives and diuretics on an ongoing basis. It can lead to dehydration and digestive problems. If you remain unconvinced by this opinion, we urge you to visit your doctor for medical advice before you buy.

In addition if you suffer from constipation or believe you maybe suffering from some kind of internal parasite infection you should certainly see your doctor so you can receive the proper medical treatment.

There is no choice. We reject Colovox supplement.

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