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Cryotherapy – Freeze Yourself Thin In Three Minutes?


Would you step inside a freezer naked for a few minutes if you could lose 800 calories instantly?

If the answer is yes, then cryotherapy might be your thing!

This three-minute treatment is one of the latest weight loss fads to appeal to the rich and famous. It is becoming popular with A list celebrities in Hollywood including Demi Moore and Jennifer Anniston and is catching on at upmarket health centres around the world.

Cryotherapy capsule

To take cryotherapy you stand in a deep freeze chamber, called a cryosauna dressed in only a face mask, earmuffs , socks and slippers, men wear underpants too.

The temperature drops to minus 256 Fahrenheit (minus 160degrees Celsius) and the icy cold air is delivered by liquid nitrogen gas, which engulfs your body. Once you feel painfully cold, the benefits kick in.

The procedure claims to burn up to 800 calories, release endorphins, reduce cellulite, soothe muscles and improve sleep. It is even supposed to reverse the signs of ageing.

You stay in the cold for as long as your body can take it – usually around three minutes and can leave the chamber should it all become too painful.

Cryotherapy may sound like something straight out of a science fiction film but it has been around for a while.

There is a list of top athletes and sportsmen using Cryotherapy as part of their training including football star Christian Ronaldo and the Dallas Mavericks basket ball team. Mo Farah is a fan too saying that the cryosauna,

Really helps you to recover when you’ve done a hard training or racing…

In theory, it is not so different from the old-fashioned ice bath used by athletes, which improves muscle recovery and performance.

Will this drastic training method really appeal to people who just want to lose weight? Remarkably, it seems that is cryotherapy for weight loss is becoming increasingly popular.

There are cryosaunas popping up all around the world from London to Dubai and across the USA.

Cryotherapy might live up to the claims of weight loss and anti aging but we think we will pass on this particular therapy. It sounds just too uncomfortable.

Faced with the choice of eating a meal containing 800 calories or stepping into the freezer to burn these calories off, we take the diet every time!

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