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Dare to Bare

Dare to Bare wasn’t a product we hade heard of before but after a tip off from a consumer we thought it was time to take closer look at it. With initial concerns it was going to lead us to some dodgy adult site for exhibitionists, we finally plucked up the courage to visit the website and see what we could find out.

Our initial delight to find Dare to Bare really was a diet pill was immediately tempered by what we found.

Dare to Bare Pros

  • Some potentially good ingredients

Dare to Bare Cons

  • Contains a Diuretic
  • Lack of information
  • No ingredients listed
  • No clinical Proof
Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills
Dare to Bare capsules

Dare to Bare Review

Dare to Bare Facts

  • Manufactured by Shine Tanning and Beauty Ltd
  • Claims to boost metabolism
  • Pushed in tanning salons as well as online

Featuring a garish pink design, the main website for Dare to Bare is pretty much lacking in any real information.

There are a few pages but each actually holds a minuscule amount of information. It would have been far better to put everything on one page, in our opinion as even then it would still not amount to very much at all.

Dare to Bare web

This left us in a pretty awkward situation. Without a lot to go on, it was going to be hard to bring you the in-depth information our reviews normally carry. However, we decided to plod on and try and do justice with the information we could glean.

Dare to Bare Warnings:

  • Lack of any facts or information presented
  • No ingredient quantities specified
  • Contains a diuretic
  • No privacy policy or terms and conditions on the website

What Does Dare to Bare Claim To Do?

Obviously aimed directly at women (sorry guys you don’t get a sniff at this one), Dare to Bare promises to:

Accelerate your weight loss, reduce your body fat, increase your metabolism and boost your energy levels

All exciting stuff, and something anyone struggling to lose weight would be more than happy to look at.

So what evidence is presented to support these claims?

Absolutely nothing!

It really irritates us when these websites do this. Yes it claims some fantastic effects but what is the reasoning behind all this? Its all well and good saying it does this but where are the cold hard facts to support the claims?

Dare to Bare then goes on to claim it contains 100% natural ingredients, more on this later.

So How Does Dare to Bare Claim to Work?

It claims to work by increasing the metabolic rate of the body and therefore creating a thermogenic effect. This then assists the process of breaking down and burning calories.

The first part may well be correct, an increased metabolic rate can help with weight loss. Unfortunately the second part is pretty much gobbledegook. When losing weight the body does not and cannot “break down and burn calories”. This is flawed science; the body can break down and burn fat, carbohydrates or protein for energy. The trick is to burn the fat to lose weight.

Splitting hairs? Possibly but we like to get things right.

And that is about it for how it works, nothing else is presented. No references to clinical studies or trials, or anything else for that matter.

What Are The Ingredients For Dare to Bare?

There is some very basic information offered, apparently dare to Bare contains:

Yerba Mate (suppresses the appetite), Gota Kola (eliminates excess fluids), Ginseng (increases energy), Green Tea (help regulate blood sugar levels), Caffeine to boost energy and Lecithin (Essential to every cell and organ, regulates metabolism and helps break down fat and cholesterol).

Some good possibilities here, with Caffeine, Ginseng and Green Tea having several interesting claims behind them.

But that is as far as it goes, without detailed ingredient profiles and exact quantities it is not possible to say how effective any of these ingredients could be.

The other ingredient Gota Kola is not something we have come across before.

A quick bit of research and we could not find anything published in any clinical literature that suggested it could have any effect on weight loss. It is a traditional herb that is mainly used as a diuretic. In other words it expels water from the body, this is not something we would recommend for weight loss as it can have some dangerous side effects.

See our article on the dangers of detox pills HERE.

Does Dare to Bare Have Any Side Effects?

We wouldn’t like to say.

Without a definitive list of ingredients it is not possible to make an informed decision.

Any Dare to Bare Reviews From Customers?

There are a few testimonials from consumers on the website but we have no idea how accurate these may be.

So Does Dare to Bare Work?

Again, it is not possible to say whether it will work or not. It does contain some ingredients with weight loss potential but the use of a diuretic in the mix raises a red flag to us. Any weight loss could be the result of forced water evacuation from the body. Although they recommend drinking plenty of water this is at odds with using a diuretic. We would love to see more clinical proof and reasoning behind all this.

Where Can I Buy Dare to Bare?

Apart from the main website, Dare to Bare seems to be available from a number of Tanning Salons in the UK. We have come across a similar type of product to this before called Chocolate Banana. This was also sold in the tanning salons as well.

It seems there is already made market for these types of products. People wanting to have a year round tan must also want to look slim as well so we can see the logic.

What concerns us though is the lack of retailed information provided. Maybe these potential buyers are not really bothered what they are taking?

What About A Guarantee?

There is a returns policy in place that says:

We will accept unused items for refund at our discretion

Better than nothing and it may well be possible to get your money back.

Furthermore there are no contact details for the company selling these pills, apart from the usual contact form. At the time of writing this review we also found it very surprising that there are no privacy policies or terms and conditions displayed on the website. This is a huge problem as many of the UK online trading regulations insist on this basic information being prominently displayed.

The owners seem to be Shine Tanning and Beauty Ltd who not surprisingly market a number of tanning lotions for the tanning market. It seems a diet pill was the next logical progression.

Watchdog Verdict


The lack of detail is completely off putting for us. It almost looks like a website has been thrown up with the bare minimum details in order to placate potential customers.

The lack of detailed ingredient information is not good; we would have liked to see far more detail provided. Without it none of us can make an informed decision.

In this case we really would have liked it they would “Dare to Bare” the information we all need.

Sadly this is not the case so there is no alternative!

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