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Devorcal is a fat burner specifically aimed to support the “Cruise Phase” of the Dukan diet. It contains cider vinegar extract and other apple-derived products, which according to the product information provides a “highly efficient calorie burner”. We take a look at Devorcal to find out more.

The Dukan diet is popular. This low carb diet comes with some persuasive advertising and many celebrities have attributed their weight loss to this diet. The Dukan Group provide an online programme as well as supplements like Devorcal to help your progress and ultimate success!

Devorcal Pros

  • Contains apple pectin and apple fibre

Devorcal Cons

  • Expensive
  • Inadequate ingredients information
  • Lack of clinical evidence that it will work as described
  • No money-back guarantee
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Devorcal Review

Devorcal Facts

  • Devorcal is marketed by the Dukan Group
  • Devorcal contains Agricine a Dukan Group trademarked supplement which contains cider vinegar
  • Pierre Dukan invented the Dukan Diet and now it is a multi international weight loss business

Devorcal is a fat burner diet pill that the makers claim will help you through the Cruise Phase of the Dukan Diet – a four-stage diet programme.

It contains natural apple based ingredients by way of a trademarked supplement called Acigrine, which is a dry extract of cider vinegar combined with apple fibre and pectin.

The makers claim that this will target both proteins and fats and help increase fat burning and calorie burning.

Apple pectin is well known for making you feel full. (If you get hungry, an apple might not seem tempting but it will make you feel surprisingly full).

However, we had not heard of apple and cider vinegar extract being touted for fat burning but according to the information,

Cider vinegar and pectin combine their effects to attack protein or fat-rich foods head-on, while satisfying hunger at the same time.

Creator Pierre DukanThe Dukan Diet was devised by French doctor and author Pierre Dukan and is famous throughout the world.

Originally the diet was marketed via Dukan’s book but now the Dukan Group an online company set up in 2008 provides support, “products and services to help fight against obesity.” Devorcal is just one in the range of products sold by the Dukan Group.

The company is headed by Dr Pierre Dukan and is based in Paris and the website is available in various languages including a designated UK site, the USA version, France, Germany and more.


What is the Dukan Diet?

There are four stages to the Dukan Diet.

The first stage is the Attack Phase where you eat nothing but pure protein for between 2 -7 days depending on how much weight you need to lose.

The longer lasting Cruise Phase allows you to add 32 vegetables to your diet and you stay on this until you reach your target weight. According to the information, this usually works out at 3 days for every pound in weight you need to lose so it can be lengthy.

The final two stages, the consolidation phase and the stabilisation phase – which you stay on for life, are all about maintaining your weight loss.

Unsurprisingly the Cruise Stage will probably be the longest and most difficult part of the plan so Devorcal which is marketed as a way to will help speed this phase up is going to be very welcome.

See our Dukan Diet investigation for more information)

As well as Devorcal, you can buy other supplements including Organic Birch Sap – a detox supplement and Konjac capsules – designed to make you feel fuller due to the Glucomannan content.

Dukan also market a range of foodstuffs such as vegetable snacks, spinach konjac tagliatele and similar.

It is important to note that you do not have to use Dukan products to support the Dukan diet and many people do not bother.

However, with the Dukan group offering online support, a weight loss forum and recipe advice it seems likely that if you join the site you will probably be tempted to buy products as well.

To use Devorcal take 2 capsules at the beginning of each meal for one month (a 3-month treatment is recommended).

Although it is designed to be used for the Cruise Phase you can also take Devorcal during the “weight stabilisation” phase if you want to reduce the effects of an over rich meal.

Devorcal Concerns:

  • Cider vinegar tablets and pills can cause unpleasant side effects including oesophageal burns and acid reflux
  • Have Dukan invented the clinical evidence for the benefits of apple cider vinegar?
  • We are concerned that Devorcal is little more than a placebo designed to support a fad diet

What Does Devorcal Claim To Do?

According to Dukan,

Devorcal is a highly-efficient calorie burner that targets both proteins and fats

and is their

internet users favourite slimming supplement.

The advertising explains;

During the cruise phase, weight loss slows down and Devorcal is there to support you by preventing the inevitable periods of stagnation that can be discouraging and lead to overeating due to lack of motivation.

Dukan go on to say:

The properties of vinegar in weight control are twofold – the first is a lysis (cell breakdown) action on proteins, while the second involves a cleansing effect on fats. It has little effect on sugars.

They do not explain how any of this works.

So What Is Devorcal and What Are The Ingredients For Devorcal?

Devorcal is a diet pill, which is specifically aimed at people following the Dukan diet and in particular those going through the Cruise stage.

It contains just one active ingredient – a trademarked supplement called Acigrine, which appears to be Dukan’s own product. There is zero information about this brand.

We cannot provide you with amount quantities and there is no way of knowing even how much combined ingredients each capsule contains. This vital information is not provided by the advertising.

  • Extract of cider vinegar: Dukan refer to studies in their advertising such as the Appleford Study to prove that cider vinegar works for weight loss. Despite research, we could not find any record to this or any others that they mention. We would not accuse Dukan of inventing this so-called evidence but it might be that the clinical tests were very small and unreported…or something…
    Cider vinegar is a popular folk remedy for numerous ailments but none of the medical claims have ever been scientifically proven. In addition, there have been issues around apple cider vinegar tablets causing injury to the throat and being a common cause of heartburn.
    The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), which regulates health, claims that manufacturers can make about products, has failed to approve any health claims for apple cider vinegar.
  • Apple fibre (25.7%): This soluble fibre helps slow the digestion and can help you feel fuller. Fibre is an essential part of a healthy diet and can help reduce cholesterol levels.
  • Apple pectin (16.4%): This natural indigestible binding agent is often used in jam making and cooking. It binds food substances together in the intestine and can increase stools. It might be effective in treating high cholesterol and reducing appetite.
    Source: WebMD resource

Devorcal also contains bulking agent: corn maltodextrin; anti-caking agent: fatty acid magnesium salts, silica dioxide. Shell:

Vegetable capsule (HPMC): Acigrine contains 71% dry extract of reduced acidity cider vinegar and 29% maltodextrin.

So What Does All This Mean?

Not much.

The principle ingredient of Devorcal is a so-called trademarked brand called Agricine, which nobody appears to have heard of. It contains apple cider vinegar which is not proven to be effective for helping weight loss and is unapproved by the European Food Safety Authority.

We quite like the apple pectin and apple fibre but feel that eating some apples will probably provide the same weight loss effects.

We are frankly surprised to see such a sub standard looking supplement on sale from such a major company. This capsule will unlikely help you burn fat and if Dukan are basing their evidence on a clinical study – such as the Appleford study, which they mention, they should have provided some links to the evidence. There is however no record of this study via medical or scientific resources.

Elsewhere there is no evidence that the ingredients in this supplement promote real long-lasting weight loss or fat burning.

Does Devorcal Have Any Side Effects?

Devorcal may have side effects. Cider vinegar tablets are well known for causing acid reflux and there have been rare cases of people suffering oesophageal injury due to the acidic content. You may notice increased bowel movements too.

Caution: Avoid if you are pregnant or breast feeding. Do not take Devorcal if you suffer from digestive problems such as acid reflux or heartburn.
Seek the advice of your doctor beforehand if you are taking medication in case of interactions. Check with your doctor first if you suffer from diabetes in case this supplement alters insulin levels.

Any Devorcal Reviews From Customers?

Although the Dukan Group claim that Devorcal is their most popular supplement, we could not track down one independent review. Devorcal is available via but has yet to receive a single feedback comment.

However, we did find one customer review from a lady in France who left feedback on the website.

She said;


This roughly translates as:

Ineffective for me.
I have not seen any difference with or without this product yet and I am fed up with the Dukan regime

So Does Devorcal Work?

No, very unlikely.

We cannot see how this supplement will help you burn fat and lose weight. There is zero scientific evidence and it seems that the only thing that Devorcal will burn is a hole in your pocket and possibly your throat.

The advertising has mentioned clinical studies, which appear to be non-existent, and the only feedback comment we could find was negative.

The Dukan diet may help you with short-term weight loss but any benefits you experience while taking Devorcal will be down to the diet and your own efforts, not this supplement.

Where Can I Buy Devorcal?

You can buy Devorcal direct from the UK Dukan website. You will need to sign up to this before you can buy.

One packet of 50 capsules will cost £15.50 and provide you with 25 days supply. Dukan advise you stay on the capsules for 3 months so it will cost you £62 .00 for an adequate supply (with a few capsules left over for the “consolidation “phase).

Shipping costs are not provided but all orders over £50.00 include free delivery.

Devorcal is not on sale from the USA Dukan website. However “Appetite and Fat Control” appears to be exactly the same product and costs $19.99 plus shipping. The same rules apply and you need to join the site in order to buy.

You can also buy Devorcal via 50 capsules costs £9.78 plus a whopping £9.99 for UK delivery.

Appetite and Fat control is available via One bottle of 90 capsules costs $16.99.

What About A Guarantee

Dukan do not offer a money back guarantee.

Watchdog Verdict

We are very unimpressed with Devorcal. There is no evidence that this supplement will help you lose weight and burn fat and Dukan have been very misleading in their claims of clinical proof about cider vinegar.

You may notice a slight reduction in appetite due to the pectin and fibre content of apples but without any ingredients amounts provided, even this is debatable. You could probably get exactly the same effects by eating a couple of apples a day.

Although we may have all heard of the Dukan Diet, this method of weight loss has been severely criticised by the medical profession.

The British Dietetic Association have branded it “unsustainable, unhealthy and not nutritionally balanced” In addition, it does not work for most people.

Although you can undoubtedly lose weight short term with the Dukan Diet, research carried out by the French Journal of Obesity shows that 75% of people put the weight back on within a year.

Most medical opinion is that Dukan diet is a fad diet and we feel that Devorcal can also be seen very much as a fad supplement.

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