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The benefits of sharing the dieting experience with a buddy have been extensively researched. Having fellow dieters around can certainly increase motivation and spur those who don’t want to let the group down on to diet success.

A recent study suggested people who diet alone only have a one in five chance of keeping the pounds off for a month or more. This alone proves the huge influence that group support can have. Despite this fact, not all these clubs have the answer.

We aim to lift the lid on what goes on behind the closed doors of these clubs and reveal what works and what doesn’t within this extremely competitive market.

So what are the most popular clubs out there?

Weight Watchers

Diet ClubsIn the world of the weight loss club Weight Watchers really has stood the test of time. As arguably the biggest name in slimming, the brand unquestionably has a strong base of followers. From famous faces like Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Hudson to your next-door neighbour, you wont need to go far to find somebody who can explain to you how it works.

With two diet programs on offer, Weight Watchers endorses a reduced calorie, low fat diet. The points plan permits you to eat and drink whatever you require as long as you stick meticulously to your daily point allowance. On average most people are allowed 20 points a day, but this varies depending on your current weight and what you aim to lose.

The other option is called The Core Plan. This sets out a list of healthy foods like fruit, veg and whole grains that are not limited in quantity. You simply eat until you feel comfortable. The idea with these two programs is that you switch interchangeably between them until you find what works for you.

A classic membership involves joining one of the many local Weight Watchers meeting groups and attending once a week. During your first meeting you and your group leader will discuss your weight loss goal and what the best course of action is for you. Meetings from this point will then consist of a confidential weigh-in and a thirty-minute motivational discussion. After an initial £9 joining fee, each weekly class costs £4.95. Online resources are also available with a similar subscription fee if attending weekly isn’t for you.

With a relaxed atmosphere, and a simple to understand points system, Weight Watchers is definitely hard to pick fault with. However, if the two diet options don’t work for you it can be costly. After all, people want to lose pounds from their waistlines and not from their pockets.

Slimming World

Set up in 1969, Slimming World aims to offer support to those trying desperately to shed the pounds. With around 300,000 attending meetings every week, their bodyOptimise programme promises dieters an average 2lb weight loss each week. Through using a system of Free Foods and Syns, dieters are taught which foods are high in fat and sugar, and which foods can be eaten in abundance. This is all displayed in a fairly easy to understand booklet that is given to you upon induction. By offering dieters a healthy meal plan and the chance to use fifteen syns (treats) a day, Slimming World aspires to change dieters eating habits for a lifetime and not just until the weight has been lost.

Like Weight Watchers, Slimming World offers both weekly meetings at your local club and online membership. Weekly membership is slightly cheaper than that at Weight Watchers at £4.25 per meeting. Although cheaper, Slimming World does appear slightly more daunting to new dieters. It requires substantial time and effort in working out exactly what you can eat and in what quantities you are allowed. It should be acknowledged that accurate scales are definitely a must!

Rosemary Conley Club

Rosemary Conley diet and Fitness clubs offer something different to the others mentioned. These clubs offer both dietary advice and exercise all in one class. With meetings lasting around an hour and a half, weigh-ins are followed by a short motivational talk, then the room is cleared to allow for an exercise class. During the quick motivational talk awards are given out to those who have performed particularly well during the week. This adds a certain level of competition to the club that some might find motivational. However, this obviously doesn’t suit everyone.

With an ever-adapting series of diet plans, the Rosemary Conley club definitely has plenty of options to try. Currently the favoured program is named, “The Fat Attack Booster Diet”. All of the plans set out a variety of carbohydrate and high protein meal options, all low fat and low Gi. Due to this Rosemary boasts potential weight loss of a stone in seven weeks.

The exercise classes within this club really are what set it apart from the rest. Although not a requirement, it has been said to really help dieters kick-start the next week by getting them off to a good start. With membership prices at around £5, it certainly seems like you get your monies worth with this one.

Keep Up-to Date with the Latest diet Clubs

The most popular, and up and coming Diet Clubs have undoubtedly made a huge impact on the lives of slimmers allover the world. However, with huge sums of money invested into the marketing of these clubs we aim to explore whether they go any further than just looking the part.

List of Diet Clubs

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Weight Watchers

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