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There are lots of dieting options these days whether you are considering trying the latest diet plan, visiting a diet club, paying for monthly meal plans or even enjoying a dieting holiday.

Healthy livingSome options consist of basic, and often common sense advice on weight loss, whilst others can involve fairly obscure and unusual practices. From how a diet first started to covering the pros and cons, we reveal not just the story but also the real facts and whether its worth giving it a go or not.

We will cover the whole range of diets that aim to improve health and fitness as well as shifting the pounds. If there is a particular diet that interests you that isn’t covered then get in touch.

Diet Plans

Every year a new diet craze hits the market, some outshine the long-standing diet plans, and others turn into a diet fad that soon fades. With so many people regularly going on diets it looks like they are here to stay. We look at the most popular healthy eating and diet plans around.

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Diet Clubs

Having fellow dieters around can certainly motivate and help you through those tough dieting times, but do they help keep the pounds off or just end up costing you money? Very often promoted by highly inspirational founders, who certainly look the part, we reveal the both new and old diet clubs on market.

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Diet Meal Plans

Preparing and cooking healthy meals that helps you control the calories takes time and lots of effort. With our modern lifestyles, meal plans that promote weight loss have grown in popularity in recent years. From giving you options to purchase meals as you go or subscribing to meal plans that get delivered to your door, we take a look at the popular diet meal plans on the market.

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Diet Holidays

A combination of relaxation, over eating and often over indulging in alcohol means our annual holidays can make us really pile on the pounds. So how about going on a holiday to lose weight? Diet holidays are becoming increasingly popular but are very different from your normal holiday in the sun.

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