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Diet Holidays

Do you spend half of your year worrying about how your beach body will look on your annual holiday? I think it’s safe to say that you’re not alone. So why don’t you mix it up this year, do something a bit different, and attend a diet and fitness retreat.

From holistic well being sanctuaries to intensely active boot camps, we intend to investigate whether there is a fitness holiday for everyone or whether this is just another gimmick designed to greatly damage your purse strings.

Boot Camps

Diet HolidaysThe idea of a bootcamp is to push your mental and physical capabilities to new boundaries, helping you kick-start your weight loss journey. Obviously after a week at bootcamp for most people there is still plenty of work to do. However, through completing a stay at some of these camps you are said to be set up with the necessary tools to have continued success in your weight loss journey.

These bootcamps appear to have been popping up everywhere over the last couple of years. The military style of these camps seems particularly on trend with celebrities being constantly pictured pushing tyres and struggling over assault courses. The most popular with the celebs of the world looks to be No1 Bootcamp.

This company operates bootcamps in the UK, Marbella, Ibiza and France, though exact locations are kept secret until after booking due to the exclusive clientele they cater for. Sound like you’ll need cameras at the ready doesn’t it?

With a selection of military style exercises, Yoga, and scenic hikes, No1 Bootcamp definitely seems to be a leader in the field. At there offering in Ibiza they even give their members the chance to workout to a live DJ once a week, a trip to the party island would surely be a waste without that! Yet with a £1,195 price tag, which doesn’t include flights or transfers and is based on a shared bedroom, this bootcamp isn’t cheap.

Less costly options can be found by not leaving the country. For example the G.I Jane Boot Camp in Kent offers a similar package with three days starting at £380, which is a cheaper alternative. However, this all female camp can’t guarantee the weather you’d experience in Ibiza. I know where I’d rather wake up at 5am for a morning hike.

Do you Want to be The Biggest Loser?

The Biggest Loser resorts in America, based on the hit US TV program, aim to transform the way the country views weight loss. With a results orientated approach this camp gives you the chance to learn from trained nutritionists, and train with fitness experts. From this you will receive all the guidance and assistance you need to re-educate you into weight loss success.

Again, group orientated, bootcamp style workouts are used to motivate dieters in to action, whilst world-class executive chefs prepare a menu set to not disappoint. As an award winning health resort, voted both best spa of America and best weight loss retreat in 2012, The Biggest Loser Resorts do seem to have it all. But nevertheless not everyone can afford the high price tag of $2995 per week. However it certainly appears, in this case, you do get what you pay for.

A More Tranquil Option…

If the thought of being pushed into action in a military fashion doesn’t appeal to you, there are some more relaxing choices. These are seen more as wellbeing centers rather than weight loss camps but, similar to the bootcamp style, they do aim to teach the basics of a healthy lifestyle.

With many of these about it is hard to pinpoint any particular leader in the field, mainly these are run as an extension of hotels and spas. It can be observed though that these are often more expensive than the bootcamp style, partly due to there exotic locations. From kayaking in St Lucia at the LeSport WellFit Programme, to meditation and yoga at Ananda Active in India, there is something for everyone. But only if you have the money of course!

So Should You Book One of these for your 2014 Holiday?

It is quite clear that the price associated with these holidays isn’t for everyone. But if money isn’t an issue for you then they do seem like a great way to kick start weight loss and educate you in to a healthy mindset.

These camps seem to have worked for enough people to be classed as a valid weight loss method. Although, some may find it hard to translate what they have learnt from a week away back in to normal life, the success stories are convincing. We therefore aim to investigate which retreats are worth the money and which aren’t worth leaving the house for.

List of Diet Holidays

Fit Farms

Fit farms may found like an impersonal term, but this is a popular weight loss holiday based in the UK that is aimed at people who have a significant amount of weight to lose. It is a “non boot camp holistic environment” and there is a guarantee of weight loss because of the strict program […]


The Biggest Loser Resort

There are four Biggest Loser resorts in America, located in New York State, Malibu, Utah and Chicago. These resorts offer the same conditions as on the Biggest Loser TV show, for a fee. Residential boot camps are expensive, but can yield excellent result with weight loss and a change in thinking about diet and exercise. […]


No1 Bootcamp

The No1 Bootcamp claims proudly on its official website to be the number one weight loss boot camp in the UK, hence its name. The website shows that the No1 Bootcamp offers both long- and short-term boot camps that are “the fun way to achieve real weight loss & fitness results”. Boot camps operate in […]


Bikini Bootcamp

Long gone are the days of frantically crash dieting before a holiday in the hopes of looking both tanned and toned by the poolside. Fitness holidays have dramatically increased in popularity over the past 10 years or so, with numerous resorts and private estates internationally being dedicated to placing the visitors on intense diet and […]


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