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Diet Meal Plans

Cooking and preparing healthy meals to control your calorie intake takes a substantial amount of time and effort that we don’t all have. The busy modern lifestyle most of us lead does not lend itself to healthy living in the slightest; this is where the diet meal plan comes in.

Simply by ordering from a selection of meal choices online, or over the phone, your pre-made weight loss meals are delivered straight to your front door.

Sounds ideal doesn’t it?

We take a look at the available options, costs involved and the pros and cons of this rather novel way of dieting.

Most Popular Options

Jenny Craig claims to provide you with the delicious food you crave for the weight loss results you want. With a variety of different healthy food programmes to choose from there does appear to be plenty of choice. The calorie levels for every programme are designed for weight loss results of around 1-2 pounds a week, which definitely seems achievable. The food also looks remarkably tasty, which does appear to be rare for this sort of thing. I certainly wouldn’t say no to cinnamon French toast of a morning and a turkey burger for lunch.

They also offer the opportunity to track your progress online providing useful insight in to your weight loss journey. For people who are less motivated and in need of more support they have consultants set up in centers across the US and available over the phone. This interaction has been found to add an extra dimension of accountability to the diet, helping encourage dieters to keep going through the hard times.

Diet Meal DeliveryDiet Chef is similar to the Jenny Craig offerings, you order online from a range of over 100 freshly prepared meals and receive your order in the post within 2-3 working days. There is also apparently no need to store the meals within a fridge of freezer, which is undeniably convenient, however it is questionable how fresh the food can actually be to not require anything but to be shoved in the microwave. Though with research indicating diet chef is more than three times more effective than dieting yourself, the 1,200 calorie plan is geared up to lead you too significant weight loss.

Body Chef, with a confusingly similar name to diet chef, also sets out a 1200-calorie meal plan but with the unique selling point of being ethically sourced and free from colourings and preservatives. Although exact details of meal plans are not made clear on the website they do appear to produce designer diet plans based on popular diets such as the 5:2 diet and the Atkins. This approach would definitely be helpful to those who wish to follow these diets but do not have the time to fully participate.

Rosemary Conley, a favourite in the UK weight loss scene, amongst everything else also offers a selection of diet meal plans. Like most of these companies, they claim to do all the hard work for you. Rosemary offers her dieters a selection of food boxes to choose from, with most including a range of somewhat tasty looking ready meals, soups, snacks, and cheeses. The idea here being that you piece together items from the box to make up your own two-week meal plan. This is commonly seen as an extension of the diet and fitness classes explored further within the diet clubs section.

What Sort of Prices Are We Looking At?

None of the options above are cheap or even remotely affordable in our eyes, but if money is not an issue for you then they do have enough supporters to back up their weight loss claims.

Jenny Craig appears to be the most expensive of the meal plans we’ve found. Depending on the plan you choose enrollment fees can be as much as $99 with a further $19.99 and that’s before you’ve even ordered any food. The cinnamon French toast and turkey burger mentioned earlier come in at $5.09 and $5.69, when adding an evening meal and snack to this it can be as much as $20 extra a day. With a failed attempt to enter the UK market we can’t help but feel this is due to the extremely high price tag.

Diet Chef and Rosemary Conley are both cheaper than this. Diet chef price their most popular eight-week plan at £47.50 a week, expecting you to lose one to two stone over this period. Rosemary Conley’s food boxes for a two-week package are priced at £5.71 a day, which does seem a lot more reasonable. However, the food box, alongside the diet club doesn’t seem quite as good value.

What are the Pros and Cons?

The main disadvantage to these meal plans is clearly price. It can be assumed an average dieter would not be able to afford any of the options above. It also remains to be seen whether the quality of these dishes matches up to the extremely high price tag. The fact that most of them don’t require refrigeration and need three minutes in the microwave doesn’t fill us with hope.

Aside from the obvious, it can also be observed that these plans do not aid in supporting a whole lifestyle overhaul. Because they are, in the most part, made for you, the learning process of preparing manageable meals and understanding calorie control means that weight gain is likely once the meal deliveries have stopped. Families may also struggle at meal times, as these only tend to cater for one.

The pros might not be as clear as the cons but they definitely exist and are worth noting. I think we can all appreciate how much time we would save in the day if our meals were delivered to us, not to mention the joy we’d experience not joining the queues in the supermarket each week. Another clear benefit is that the opportunity to make bad choices is diminished slightly by not having unhealthy options available in the cupboard in the first place. However, let’s all be honest, we all have a secret stash of goodies hidden somewhere.

Plans such as Jenny Craig that offers personal consultation either over the phone or face to face have been proven to greatly aid dieters. Having that extra support network can really help when times get tough and you’re close to throwing in the towel.

Keep up-to Date with Diet Meal Plans

These diet meal plans undoubtedly have the potential to improve dieter’s lives considerably. Although this is the case, the huge sums of money required to participate could be seen by some as a huge barrier. Due to this, this option is not for everybody. However, if you think this could be for you then read on for our more in depth reviews.

List of Diet Meal Plans

Exante Diet

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Cambridge Diet

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Medifast Diet

There are plenty of meal replacement programs currently available, all of which have different pros and cons. The medifast diet is a highly calorie restricted diet that is aimed at morbidly obese dieters. Unlike many other meal replacement programs, it offers transition and maintenance phases to help make the weight lost on the program a […]


LighterLife Fast

The 5:2 diet has taken the diet world by storm over the past year, with it being named as one of the most searched for diets in 2013. The diet involves eating around 2000 calories five days a week, and eating only 500-600 calories for the other two days a week. This should lead to […]


Rosemary Conley

Rosemary Conley is the face of her own range of diet programs, diet books, exercise classes, cooking and diet range, and home-delivery diet plan. Rosemary Conley Diet and Fitness Clubs are a franchise-based organisation that runs weekly meetings for dieters to meet, track their weight loss, share advice and tips, and to engage in 45 […]


Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig is a home delivery diet plan that sends nutritionally balanced and calorie restricted meals to dieters, allowing them to easily follow a weight loss plan. The program also offers support via the official website, over the phone, and in person with Jenny Craig Consultants. Jenny Craig was established by Jenny Craig and her […]



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Slim Fast

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