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With so many diet plan options out there, it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish which actually work. As we are all aware, there is no shortage of so-called professionals touting out the latest gimmick, but are these gimmicks realistic and attainable over a long period? The problem lies with all the conflicting advice. One minute we’re cutting out all meat, the next we’re cutting out all carbs. When we are finished taking all this advice, what’s actually lefts for us to eat?

Diet Plan InvestigationsWe aim to investigate which plans will reduce our bulging waistlines and which plans aren’t worth our time. Of course, it goes without saying, different things work for different people and personal needs should be addressed with every diet you try. But there are some glaringly obvious issues with some of these diet plans that users should be aware of.

The Popular Diet Plans

The Dukan and Atkins diet seem to be standing the test of time within the diet plan world. With a mass following these, low carb, high protein, plans can see dieters lose a lot of weight very quickly. This can obviously be extremely motivating, especially for those that have struggled with weight issues for lengthy periods. However, the Atkins diet, in contrast to the pure protein in the Dukan, allows unlimited fat during the first phase.

It doesn’t take a nutritionist to spot this could lead to high levels of saturated fat being consumed, and possible future heart problems. The restricted carbs in the early stages of both these diets could also lead to some unpleasant side effects such as; dizziness, nausea and constipation, and long term bone and kidney damage from the high protein levels. Although the first stages of these diets can be difficult, persistence through to the latter stages can consolidate and stabilise a healthy eating regime for life.

Latest Diet Plans

In the world of the diet plan, the fast diet (5:2 diet) is the one currently on every ones lips. The principle here is intermittent fasting. You eat normally for five days a week and fast, eating just 500 calories, for the other two. Sold to dieters as an easy way to weight loss for people who love food, it definitely has a huge level of appeal. Although fasting seems difficult, having just two days of self discipline within a diet seems a lot more doable than a full week of restrictions and rules.

However, there is a concern that for those who lead an active lifestyle the two fasting days are difficult to sustain. There is also unease surrounding this diet triggering eating disorders amongst the vulnerable. Despite these concerns, with a best selling book and a new success story every day, the 5:2 diet is definitely one to watch.

The Weird and the Wonderful?

How about reverting back to the food you ate as a baby? Or, the food of the cavemen? The Baby Food Diet and the Paleo Diet cover these bases. The basic plan for the baby food diet comprises of eating fourteen jars of baby food throughout the day, with the option to have a healthy adult meal for dinner. Filled with nutrients and free form additives and preservatives, jars range from fifteen to one hundred calories and, although bland and mushy, do prevent over eating.

The diets popularity within the celebrity world has led to much media attention, but let’s not forget baby food is made for babies. Although not particularly bad for you, this diet lacks fiber, calcium and vitamin D, and is not sustainable over a long period. However, using baby food as a substitute for snacking has been proven help to curb your appetite.

The Paleo Diet, or caveman diet, as it’s popularly known works on the premise of eating as they did in the Palaeolithic age. The focus is on eating only all natural foodstuffs that can be fished, hunted or gathered. Dairy, wheat and processed foods are replaced by plenty of fresh fruit, fibre and protein. By apparently working with our genetics the way food use to, the Paleo Diet aims to turn us all into the modern day Flintstones. But come to think of it, Fred Flintstone was never particularly slim.

It can perhaps be determined that the success stories associated with this diet may be just be down to the fact that it cuts out all processed foods, rather than its heavy reliance on meat. Let’s not forget the average life span of a cave man was early 20’s. Now, do you still want to give it a go?

All Natural Diets

Similar to The Paleo Diet, in terms of its natural origins, is the Raw Food Diet. Unlike the other diets mentioned, this is geared up as more of a lifestyle change. The central principle, rawism, is that a diet consisting mainly of uncooked, unprocessed plant foods is the most nourishing for the body. However, by essentially turning vegan, dieters may not be getting the essential nutrients and vitamins they need.

Opinion on this diet is varied, some claim it’s the path to perfect health, others declare it as a one-way ticket to undernourishment. Whatever your opinion, it is obvious that applying some rawism principles to your diet could be beneficial in terms of avoiding processed foods. Nevertheless, cutting out all animal products seems particularly unnecessary if you do not wish to uphold vegan values.

A lot of diet plans want us to consider more personal adjustments to our lifestyles. The Blood Type Diet is one of these. It is stated within this plan that blood type is the key to weight loss. Once you are aware of your blood type you can then exercise and eat as deemed appropriate by Dr D’Adamo, the creator of the plan.

The problem with this plan is that there is no scientific evidence connecting blood type, specific food groups, and exercise with achieving weight loss. It needs to be acknowledged that our basic nutritional needs are the same regardless of our blood type, so this diet seems pretty impractical.

Diets From Around The World

From South Beach Miami, to the Mediterranean, diet plans are springing up from all over globe. The South Beach Diet, which was originally developed for heart patients in the US, like many other diet plans, has three phases. The stage at which you are advised to start correlates with how much weight you need to lose.

With a low glycemic focus, the South Beach Diet is based on controlling blood sugar by eating low GI carbs and vegetables. Because of this, dieters are said to experience improved energy and mood levels. The main benefit with this plan though, is that the latter stages resemble more of a healthy eating program than a restrictive diet. This makes it a much more viable option for long term weight loss.

The Mediterranean Diet encourages a change in your approach to food. Rather than counting calories it is advised you adopt a Mediterranean perspective, slowing down and savoring what you eat. The diet is rich in fruit, vegetable and whole grains with the addition of healthy fats like olive oil, nuts and avocados. Meat is only consumed a few times a month with seafood being the preferred source of protein.

This change in approach to food is very similar to that explored within the French Woman Diet. Here dieters adopt a French lifestyle focusing on wholesome seasonal ingredients, even embracing chocolate and wine. Too good to be true? The guidance is limited, so it appears that way.

Keep Up-to Date with the Latest Diet Plans

With new diet crazes popping up everyday, who knows what we are going to be told to do next. One thing is certain however, some of these existing plans will be around for a long time and others will fade in to non-existence.

We aim to help you distinguish between the fads, and the diets that are here to stay. You should then have all the tools you need make an informed choice on which diet is right for you.

List of Diet Plans

The GI Diet

Originally a diet designed to help people with diabetes to control their blood sugar levels, the GI diet has become popular in recent years because of the weight loss that is often associated with it. The diet comes highly recommended by the NHS and individual medical professionals, as well as nutritionists. GI stands for glycemic […]


The Baby Food Diet

There are many fad diets that are popularised because of celebrity followers. Recently, celebrities have been linked with the highly unusual baby food diet, causing a boost in its popularity. It has generally been attributed as the creation of celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson, even though she has publicly distanced herself from the diet. The diet […]


The Zone Diet

The Zone diet was created by Barry Sears, a biochemist, and is a diet designed to provide a fixed ratio of calories that are taken from carbohydrates, protein and fats. This diet has been in the spotlight since its initial publication in the mid-1990s because of its sheer popularity, especially amongst celebrities such as Jennifer […]


Blood Type Diet

There has been a move in recent years towards diets that base their suggestions and philosophies upon scientific evidence. However, this has also lead to many diets based upon false scientific theory, that actually has little or no scientific evidence to support them. It may be that the Blood type diet falls into this second […]


Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet has been pulled into the spotlight in recent years as the relationship between traditional cuisines and the health of large populations has been studied in increasing detail. Whilst this diet does not consist of a single meal plan, its food ideology has been promoted as a healthy and viable long term lifestyle […]


Sacred Heart Diet

The sacred heart diet has been around for several years, and is marketed as a fast way to lose a significant amount of weight. The urban myth that circulates about this diet is that it was developed as a weight loss diet for overweight patients who were due to undergo surgery. The fact is though […]


Raw Food Diet

The diets that celebrities are following at any one point is always of interest to the media, especially as celebrities often follow extreme diet plans that are in themselves interesting and unusual. The raw food diet is one such diet, with celebrities such as Demi Moore publicly discussing its benefits. The health and benefits of […]



Whilst many diet plans are constructed with the aim of weight loss in mind, there are some diets that are created to improve the general health of the body, and the Dash diet is one such diet. Dash stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, and is a diet designed to help reduce and then […]


The 1200 Calorie Diet

Weight loss is achieved by mastering a simple equation. When more energy is used by the body than is consumed through food, weight loss will occur. The larger the gap between these two figures, the weight lost will be more significant and achieved quicker. This is where the 1200 calorie diet comes in. This diet […]


South Beach Diet

The south beach diet has received a lot of attention from the media in recent years, as it has gained a large following, with millions of books sold and numerous celebrities being named as fans of the diet. It is often mistakenly called a low-carb diet and compared directly with the Atkins diet. Dr. Arthur […]


The Paleo Diet

The Paleo diet is a low carb diet that mimics the diet of our hunter-gatherer ancestors from the Paleolithic era. It is also referred to as the Caveman diet. This diet has been published on in various forms over the past 20 years, but recently has found popularity in the form of the low-carb version […]


Dukan Diet

The Dukan diet is the creation of French Doctor, Peirre Dukan, and is currently the most popular diet in France, as well as being popular world over following the publication of the book The Dukan Diet. This diet has received a large amount of media attention due to several high profile celebrities being linked with […]


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