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Dieters Cheating Caps

If you struggle to stick to a healthy eating plan Dieters Cheating Caps may help you “cheat” on your diet without adding to your weight. Cupcakes, pizza and fast food are no longer forbidden and you can indulge in treats whenever you want.

This is the message behind the Dieters Cheating Caps advertising and it sounds like good news for anyone trying to lose weight. But is it too good to be true? We find out.

Dieters Cheating Caps Pros

  • May work a bit
  • Does not look as bad as some of the other Nutripharm Supplements

Dieters Cheating Caps Cons

  • May work out expensive
  • Tricksy contact details and guarantee
  • Ingredients may work but are scientifically unproven
Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills
Dieters Cheating Caps

Dieters Cheating Caps Review

Dieters Cheating Caps Facts

  • Made by Nutripharm based in Utah, USA
  • Expensive postage if you buy one bottle of capsules
  • One bottle of capsules lasts between 10 and 30 days

Dieters Cheating Caps looks like a bit of fun in its multi coloured packaging and “cheating” on a diet is something that most of us do to from time to time.

However we can’t believe there is a product in the world that lets you get away with eating junk food and still lose weight and we are concerned that this idea will make you add weight not lose it. In addition, some customers have reported the pills just make them feel sick and dizzy and there have been issues about the guarantee and a lack of customer service.

Dieters Cheating Caps are made by Nutripharm LLC a Utah based company who specialise in Nutraceautical products (a cross between pharmacology and nutrition).

The company do come with some troubling history and have been linked with Blackfire Global – a payment processor who handle credit card payments and share the company address. We covered Blackfire Global in an earlier investigation.

Nutripharm are based at a business park in Salt Lake City. The address is:
3165 Millrock Dr.
Ste 500
Salt Lake City, UT 84121

We have covered many Nutripharm products for weight loss before including Fexotropin, Metabosyn and Lipo Shake and have yet to approve any of them. In fact, the name Nutripharm LLC made our hearts sink when we saw who was really behind Dieters Cheating Caps. However taking each supplement we review on its own merits, we try to keep an open mind on this one!

According to the product information, Dieters Cheating Caps will help you restrict your food cravings for carbohydrates and fatty foods. It comes with four key features;

  • Advanced Carb Blocking formula
  • Overcome Cravings and empty Calories
  • Stimulant Free Safe and Natural
  • 100% Money back Guarantee

Dieters Cheating Caps contain just three key ingredients, said to help you resist food cravings and prevent carbs from being absorbed by your body as weight.

The carb blockers are Phaseolus Vulgaris a carb blocker made from white kidney bean extract and Chitosan derived from the bones of shellfish. Carb blockers work by attaching to food in the stomach and causing nutritional fats to pass through your body as waste.

Dieters Cheating Caps also contain Glucomannan – a fibre that swells in your stomach and creates feelings of fullness.

These natural ingredients look pretty good and we like that fact that this simple product contains just three ingredients, which work in a way that is easily explained. We also like the fact that Dieters Cheating Caps are stimulant free.

The downside is that Dieters Cheating Caps does not look like a premium well thought out product. The website looks cheap and this impression is reinforced by the contact details, which go by the name of another Nutripharm product.

We can’t understand why sales (at) 7daycolonflush (dot) com is the contact email address for Dieters Cheating Caps.

To use Dieters Cheating Caps just take a capsule before what is described as a “cheat meal” to prevent fats and carbs from being stored by your body and to reduce your appetite.

You are advised to take no more than three capsules a day and it is important to take each capsule with a 16oz glass of water.

Dieters Cheating Caps Concerns:

  • Not good value. One bottle of capsules may only last 10 days
  • You may put on weight if you expect these capsules to clear up after eating fattening meals
  • Guarantee doesn’t look too great

What Does Dieters Cheating Caps Claim To Do?

According to the product website;

Who Says Cheaters Never Prosper!

The idea is that you can “cheat” on your diet and still lose weight. The website states;

For the past 10 years Dieters Cheating Caps has allowed dieters to stray off their diet and indulge in some sweet, fatty treats without jeopardizing their weight loss!

This sounds good but is it really such a good idea to get into bad eating habits and expect a product to take the consequences away?

The problem with Dieters Cheating Caps is that they will probably lull you into a sense that you can eat what you want whenever you want it. We can see that some people are actually going to put on weight with this supplement. Carb blockers do not block ALL dietary carbs and fats and although the ingredients of Dieters Cheating Caps look reasonable, they remain scientifically unproven.

So What Is Dieters Cheating Caps and What Are The Ingredients For Dieters Cheating Caps?

Dieters Cheating Caps are capsules, which combine an appetite suppressing, effect with carb blockers so that your appetite is reduced and some of the food that you eat will pass through the body as waste.

The capsules contain three key ingredients:

  • Glucomannan (750mg): This water soluble dietary fibre is sometimes used as an emulsifier and food thickener and in more recent years as an aid to counter obesity. Medically it is also used to treat constipation.
    Clinical research into Glucomannan for obesity has yielded some promising results and in one trial on 20 people, subjects lost weight over the 8 weeks trial and experienced a reduction in cholesterol and blood lipid levels taking 1000 mg of Glucomannan each day.
    Glucomannan swells up in the stomach and creates feelings of satiety. Although further research is required, it looks to be a promising ingredient. We covered Glucomannan in a previous investigation. Source:
  • Chitosan (750mg): Sugar obtained from the shells and bones of shellfish including crabs, prawns and lobsters, which have several medical applications. However, its role in weight loss is disputed. Although it is widely believed to decrease body weight and serum lipids through gastro intestinal fat binding, this function is not proven.
    Some clinical testing has suggested that Chitosan may help reduce weight but in other trials, it worked no better than a placebo.
    In one clinical trial carried out on 250 subjects by the University of Auckland NZ, the 24-week trial demonstrated no visible difference between the group taking the Chitosan supplements and the placebo.
  • Phaseolus Vulgaris (750mg): Sounds an impressive mysterious term but it is just the Latin term for “bean” and applies to all beans whether haricot, string bean or broad bean. This bean supplement is derived from the fibrous white kidney bean and is a good source of fibre and there has been clinical testing on white kidney bean extract for its weight loss benefits.
    One clinical test carried out in Rome on 60 subjects over a 6-month period found that Phaseolus vulgaris helped reduce body weight and fat mass when taken on a long-term basis. However not all clinical testing has yielded such positive results and it requires further investigation. Source:

So What Does All This Mean?

Dieters Cheating Caps contains ingredients that may help you feel full and as a consequence reduce your appetite.

However, the results of the clinical testing are not conclusive and all of these ingredients require further testing.

It is also important to note that in the clinical trials, subjects took the trial ingredients under strict conditions. This does not necessarily transfer to the effects of this diet supplement when you take it at home.

Does Dieters Cheating Caps Have Any Side Effects?

Dieters Cheating Caps will most likely have an effect upon your gastro intestinal system. You may suffer from constipation, gas, diarrhoea or similar. Some customers have complained about dizziness and feelings of fatigue after taking.

Glucomannan can be a choking risk so ensure you take this supplement with plenty of water. Glucomannan can also cause a blockage in the intestines.

Carb blockers such as Phaseolus Vulgaris can cause bloating, flatulence and diarrhoea and although they seem like an easy way to reduce the appetite, the best option is to simply include more fibre into your diet for the same effect.

Chitosan may cause adverse effects if you are allergic to shellfish and you should not take this if you are taking Warfarin or blood thinning drugs because it will interact.

Caution: Do not take if you are pregnant or breast feeding. Avoid if you are taking any other medication because the ingredients of Dieters Cheating Caps will interact. Glucomannan absorbs ingredients in the stomach and this applies to medication of all types. This especially applies if you are diabetic, taking warfarin and may even interfere with oral contraception.

Any Dieters Cheating Caps Reviews From Customers?

There are some customer reviews for Dieters Cheating Caps. There are some positive comments and some customers have been pleased with the effects.

One customer reported;

The pills fill you up if you drink the required 16 oz of water with them, then you eat your meal 30 mins later. The pills make you eat less, and drink almost all the water you need in a day.

Another customer said;

lost already 4 pounds in only one week. I recommend this product, specially for those people that like to eat some sweets and cheat

Not everyone is as pleased. One customer said:

Do not waste your money on these. I took them for 3 weeks and instead of seeing results I would have dizzy and weakness spells

Another customer reported:

I used the product for a month with little to no results. I lost maybe 2 pounds in the
30 days of use, and part of that could be because I increased my exercise.

Many customers have found the same.

So Does Dieters Cheating Caps Work?

They may work a bit. Some customers have reported positive effects but these pills are not suitable for everyone and are not for taking long term.

We are concerned about the potential interaction between Dieters Cheating Caps and other medication and we don’t like that this product is marketed as a novelty product to help you avoid adding weight because of an unhealthy diet.

To lose weight successfully you have to make permanent changes to your diet and lifestyle and that way the occasional treat will not derail your diet.

One major problem with this diet pill is that it will encourage you to place your faith in a product to remove the evidence of a fattening meal!

The ingredients are unproven so you may find you actually put on weight if you rely on it.

Where Can I Buy Dieters Cheating Caps?

You can buy Dieters Cheating Caps direct from the product website.

Each bottle of Dieters Cheating Caps contains 30 capsules (between 10 -30 days supply). One bottle costs $29.99 plus $14.95 shipping to US addresses. Express shipping costs $24.57 however, you can get free postage if you buy in larger quantities.

2 bottles of Dieters cheating Caps costs $49.95 and comes with a free gift of another weight loss product – Calories Burner 643 (we have never heard of it). 3 bottles of Dieters Cheating Caps costs $69.99 and comes with 3 free bottles of Calorie Burner 643.

You can also buy Dieters Cheating Caps via for $18.75 for a 30 capsule container.

International customers will have to contact the company for shipping charges overseas.

What About A Guarantee

There is a money back guarantee, which is valid over 90 days. The website states that the guarantee covers one open bottle of Dieters Cheating Caps and all unopened bottles in resalable condition.

There have been serious issues with the guarantee and the fact that there does not appear to be a designated customer services team for this product is of concern. You have to contact Dieters Cheating Caps via another Nutripharm product website.

Even the small print surrounding the guarantee, names Slimrexin (another Nutripharm product) as the covered product and not Dieters Cheating Caps.

In our opinion you will need to be extremely lucky to get any money back from Nutripharm.

Watchdog Verdict

Dieters Cheating Caps are marketed as a novelty product that comes with the message that if you cheat on your diet you can take a capsule and make the fat go away.

It does appear to work a bit but this is not a good way to lose weight long term. You should be able to have the occasional guilt free treat without having to compensate by taking a product and this attitude will not help your weight loss long term.

Added to this, the ingredients are unproven and will interact with other medication including the contraceptive pill.

There does not appear to be designated customer service department and the guarantee looks flimsy.

We have yet to approve a Nutripharm supplement and this one is no exception. We have no other choice but to reject it.

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