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Dieting Hacks that Work

Scales with plateLosing weight can be incredibly hard. We have put together 15 easy dieting hacks that work and will help you along your weight loss journey.

Following just a few of these tips can help to shift those excess pounds ready for the New Year.

1/ Drink more water.

In many cases we confuse feeling thirsty with feeling hungry so reach for the tap before you go for the snacks.

Try drinking plenty of water before and during your meal and you will find that it helps reduce your appetite. The health advice is to drink 2 litres a day at least. It is essential for good health and great for weight loss.

2/ Eat regular meals.

It may sound counter intuitive but feeling hungry and skipping meals does not help your weight loss. A good breakfast sets you up for the day until lunchtime – a good lunch will keep you going until your evening meal. If you are stuck for an easy breakfast, try a boiled egg. An egg contains plenty of protein and omega 3 and will put off those hunger pangs until lunch.

3/ Exercise!

Before you glaze over and give up, remember exercise does not have to mean going to the gym or taking up sport. Use the stairs and not the lift, walk when you can, take up a physical activity such as dancing. Fitting some exercise into your daily routine will help increase the speed of your metabolism and get you fitter and thinner. Even cleaning the house or digging the garden can provide a great physical workout.

4/ Switch to wholegrains.

White bread, white pasta, white rice- they contain necessary carbohydrates for energy but the problem is that most of the nutritional content has been taken out so you eat a lot of these substances in order to feel full. Replace the white stuff with whole grains and you will find that you will eat much less. Wholegrains are filling and satisfying. Once you make the change you won’t believe how “empty” the refined carbs make you feel.

5/ Fibre!

It fills you up and keeps your digestive system working efficiently. Pulses and beans such as kidney beans and chick peas go well in hearty winter dishes. Fresh veg such as broccoli , cabbage and kale help fill you up. Fibre stays in your stomach for a long time so stops you feeling hungry for hours after your meal.

6/ Fruit.

Snack on fruit rather than biscuits and chocolate. If you enjoy snacking over the TV, try getting oranges or mixed fruit and nuts. That way when you absentmindedly reach for a snack , the only evidence will be a pile of peel and not a pile of sweet wrappers.

7/ Read the Food Labels.

Even if your choose the low calorie or sugar free option in many cases processed foods will add to weight gain. Beware of added sugars or fructose and read the fat and salt content. It is not always convenient to cook from scratch so sometimes you have to eat processed foods. To have any chance of losing weight you must read the labels first.

8/ Eat Slowly.

Take time over your food. Eat too fast and your brain won’t register that you are full until you have eaten too much. Food is a pleasure, not a sin so take time to enjoy it. By the time you have finished your meal you will probably feel that you have eaten enough . If you bolt through it , you may not even notice you have eaten! It takes the brain about 20 minutes for the stomach to pass on the message to the brain that it is full. Use this time wisely!

9/ Smaller plates.

Using smaller plates can help you restrict portion sizes. Some people have found that by doing this alone they have managed to lose a lot of weight.

10/ Cut the junk.

Don’t stockpile sweets and snacks in the house to be there at a moment’s notice. If you do fancy a bar of chocolate and you live in a built up area, why not walk to a shop and buy just one? At least this will give you some exercise along the way and there is no reason why you should not enjoy a sweet treat every now and again.

11/ Reduce alcohol.

Sad to say but alcohol is very fattening and will add to your daily calorie count. According to NHS figures, the average wine drinker takes in an additional 2000 calories a month and if you are a heavy drinker this figure will be increased.

Try alternating glasses of wine with water if you are drinking with dinner. Avoid drinking pints and drinking spirits with fizzy high calorie mixers like Coke.

Your alcohol calories will depend upon your lifestyle so the important thing to remember is that it is fattening and you should try to stay within safe guidelines. For women that is 2-3 units a day and according to health advice you can’t save them up for a massive weekend party!

12/ Planning.

Try to plan your meals in advance. That way you will have all the ingredients for your meal ready and be less likely to order a takeaway. Preparing your food in advance is great but not always possible, so ensure that your menu planning includes some meals that are quick and easy to prepare and cook when you might not feel like it.

13/ Allow yourself some treats.

The secret to losing weight and keeping it off is finding a way to live normally on a healthy diet. This means that you should not ban foods.

If you do have a huge list of no nos you may find that you turn to these when you are feeling down or reckless and just give up on your weight loss completely.

If you really love a fattening takeaway or bar of chocolate, have it. Just don’t do it all the time or you will be back where you started.

14/ Get some help.

If you are trying to lose weight, you are not alone. There are weight loss groups out there both online and in the real world and many people find that the mutual support you can get from joining a group or a forum is invaluable on the weight loss journey.

A supplement can help too.

After all once you have paid for something and acknowledged you are going to lose weight, a supplement can keep you focused on what you are trying to do, provide some physical support and be an ideal way to kick start your new life.

Take a look at our Approved diet pills for ideas on what supplements could work best for you.

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