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Dietrex Energy Complex

Most diet pills are designed to support your own efforts to lose weight and will help sticking to a calorie controlled diet and exercise program easier. Dietrex Energy Complex on sale from US supplements company Shop Top Diet Pills is designed to complement and support the other pills sold on the site. Let’s hope someone doesn’t come up with a pill to support this one, or things could get very confusing!

Before we vanish down a rabbit hole like Alice, we take a look at Dietrex Energy Complex to find out whether this additional diet pill support is worth a try.

Dietrex Energy Pros

  • Probably will not cause too many side effects

Dietrex Energy Cons

  • No details about where this supplement is made or by whom
  • No customer feedback
  • Ingredients in ineffective amounts
  • Strict and short money-back guarantee
Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills
Dietrex Energy Complex

Dietrex Energy Complex Review

Dietrex Energy Facts

  • On sale from Shop Top Diet Pills
  • Each bottle of Dietrex Energy Complex contains 60 pills
  • Shop Top Diet Pills are still running their January offer on the front page of the website

Dietrex Energy Complex is designed to complement your diet! Or rather your other diet pill! It is on sale from Top Shop Diet Pills and according to the product information is suitable for use with the other diet pills in their range.

This supplement contains a selection of vitamins and minerals including magnesium and folic acid as well as some more unusual ingredients designed to give you energy and support your diet.

The pill contains stimulant ingredients including Taurine (major ingredient of Red Bull) and caffeine plus super fruit Acai berry extract which may help increase your metabolism.

Ingredient amount quantities are not high. There is only 100mg of caffeine for example and in much smaller quantities Dietrex Energy complex contains two different forms of ginseng, Spirulina – an algae extract and Maca – a South American stimulant.

According to the product information, this diet pill is compatible with the other diet pills on sale from Shop Top Diet Pills. Probably the most well known of these are Xenamine and also 8-hour Night Burn – we covered and rejected both of these supplements is a previous review.

Shop Top Diet Pills sounds as if it should sell a whole range of diet pills and supplements but this is not the case. There are just five diet pills on sale from this website.

Shop Top Diet Pills also sells bundles of products but appear to have given up with this idea months ago.

They are still operating a limited time offer for the New Years Resolution Kit 2014, which does not create a very good impression.

Despite extensive searching, we have been unable to find out any details such as where Dietrex Energy Complex is made and by whom. According to the product information all supplements are made in a “FDA approved facility” so it sounds as if this diet pill is made in the USA.

Shop Top Diet Pills offer two add on supplements to support the five other products they sell. This one Dietrex Energy Complex and also Detox 24 which is made by Inner Vital.

Detox 24 is essentially laxative containing Senna and other herbs to “sooth the intestinal lining”. We can’t understand how taking laxatives could be described as being in any way soothing!

Shop Top Diet Pills are not a well-known or well-established company. There is an impressive photo of their so-called head office but this turned out to be a stock photo of a real estate office.

They do not provide a customer service phone number but you can contact their customer service department via email or live chat.

The live chat was not working when we looked and judging by the tumbleweed nature of this website, it seems extremely likely to us that it never works.

The listed address is given as:

Shop Top Diet Pills
6 North Main Street, Suite 400-U
Fairport NY 14450

The product information does not advise you how and when to take Dietrex Energy Complex.

Dietrex Energy Complex Concerns:

  • Although some of the ingredients are in tiny amounts, they may cause side effects
  • Returns policy seems complicated – will this company really honour the guarantee?
  • No customer feedback, no current updates to the product website. Is this company even still operating?

What Does Dietrex Energy Complex Claim To Do?

There are three key features according to the product advertising.

Dietrex Energy Complex will provide:

  • Day Long Energy – Sustained released energy for day long energy.
  • Boost Fat Metabolism – Help burn fat and melt it away by increasing your fat metabolism.
  • Replenishes vitamins that are essential to your daily requirement.

It will;

take your diet to the next level

and is;

Designed to maximize any diet pill product and replenish any crucial vitamins lost from losing weight.

According to Shop Top Diet Pills, Dietrex Energy Complex, along with Detox 24 are;

Designed to compliment (sic) each diet pill offered on this web site

It will;

enhance your dieting and speed up the process by adding that extras punch!
Lose even more weight faster with these specialty product helpers.

The product information does not provide any explanation of how any of this works and there is no clinical proof that says it does!

So What Is Dietrex Energy Complex and What Are The Ingredients?

Dietrex Energy Complex is marketed as a support to other diet pills. It contains a blend of vitamins and minerals as well as some natural ingredients.

Serving size is equal to one capsule.

  • Vitamin B1 (1.5mg): Water-soluble vitamin, also called Thiamine that is essential for health and present in many normal foods including, yeast and cereal grains.
  • Vitamin B2 (1.7mg): Also known as Riboflavin this B micronutrient plays a key role in maintaining health. It is present in a healthy diet in foodstuffs such as dairy products, legumes and leafy veg.
  • Vitamin B3 (30mg): This vitamin is important for heart health. The RDA is 35mg for adults and when taken in high quantities it can cause facial redness and itching although this is not dangerous.
  • Vitamin B6 (40mg): This vitamin helps the body to use and store energy so is involved in many aspects of the metabolism and is vital for the breakdown of lipids. When taken to excess it can cause skin irritation.
  • Folic Acid (400mcg): This water-soluble B vitamin is important for pregnant women because it helps protect against birth defects. It is also used to prevent heart disease and strokes so is necessary in later life too. However, folic acid supplementation can interact with medication for depression.
  • Vitamin B12 (500mcg): This vitamin helps in the production of healthy red blood cells that carry oxygen around the body. Deficiency can cause fatigue and anaemia.
  • Biotin (100mcg): Important B vitamin that helps healthy skin, nerves, metabolism, and present in a normal diet without the need for supplementation. RDA is 30mcg so this is in excess of recommendations.
  • Pantothenic Acid(10mg): Also known as vitamin B5 this important vitamin plays a role in the destabilisation of fat and cholesterol.
  • Magnesium oxide (100mg): In medicine, magnesium oxide is used for relief of heartburn and sore stomach and as a short-term laxative. It is also used to improve symptoms of indigestion. Side effects of magnesium oxide may include nausea and cramping.
  • L Taurine (100mg): Clinical research suggests that Taurine improves mental performance. Taurine is an important ingredient in energy drink Red Bull. In the human body taurine is the major constituent of bile and an important acid with many biological roles.
  • Acai (100mg): Extract of natural fruit Acai which is high in antioxidants.
  • Caffeine (100mg): World’s favourite stimulant. Has an effect upon the speed of the metabolism but results have shown that this is a short-term effect once you become used to the effects.
  • Spirulina (Algae) (5mg): Edible bacteria used as whole food. It is a complete protein so called because it contains all essential amino acids and it may have health benefits. However, there are some concerns about contamination found in supplements. Very small amount here.
  • Tongkat Ali (5mg): Natural plant extract (Eurycoma longifolia) believed to have aphrodisiac effects. No evidence it will support weight loss.
  • Korean Ginseng (5mg):
  • American Ginseng (5mg): Two different types of Ginseng –both believed to work as adaptogens – general boost to health and well-being, but beware. The effects of ginseng are unpredictable and cause side effects.
  • Rhodiola Rosea (3mg): Wild plant known as golden root and sometimes taken to combat depression.
  • Maca (5mg): South American plant root, which is believed to have aphrodisiac qualities and is rich in trace minerals and amino acids.

So What Does All This Mean?

Dietrex Energy complex contains most of the vitamins known as vitamin B Complex (the 8 B Vitamins) and you could get the same results by buying a general vitamin supplement. The other ingredients such as caffeine, Acai and Taurine are in fairly low quantities.

There is 600mg of Taurine in each can of Red Bull for example whereas only 100mg here, and the 100mg of caffeine, reflects the amount contained in one cup of coffee.

This means that this supplement is not very strong and we really cannot see the point of the other ingredients. Although Ginseng comes with some health issues for example, if you are going to take something it has to be in sufficient quantities in order to actually do anything.

Spirulina has had issues with contamination due to pollution, which is potentially dangerous.

We cannot see any point in taking this supplement to support another supplement. It seems nonsensical. If you wanted to do that, a plain and simple vitamin supplement would be a better choice.

Does Dietrex Energy Complex Have Any Side Effects?

It is hard to say. The amount quantities are minimal and although there are a lot of ingredients, the low level amounts may not have much of an effect either way.

There is zero feedback available so we cannot bring you any real life experiences.

Potential side effects may include:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Laxative effect
  • Stomach cramps
  • Itchy skin and facial flushing
  • Skin rash
  • Insomnia


Avoid if pregnant or breast feeding. Seek the advice of your doctor if you have any type of medical condition or are taking medication in case of interactions. The ingredient levels are low but we would not like to pass a medical opinion and say that this means they are safe. Rhodiola Rosea and Taurine are generally not suitable if you suffer from mental disorders for example.

Will the low levels of these ingredients still cause a problem? The truth is that we do not know so stay on the safe side and see your doctor first.

Any Dietrex Energy Complex Reviews From Customers?

We were unable to find even one independent customer review despite an extensive search.

So Does Dietrex Energy Complex Work?

No, we don’t think that this is going to work.

Drinking a cup of coffee and taking a multi vitamin tablet would probably have much the same effect. In addition, if you are trying to improve your diet by cutting out the fattening stuff and eating more fruit and veg you will probably be getting the adequate daily amount of vitamins anyway.

In fairness to the advertising, it does not really claim to do anything specific. Claims like support your metabolism and weight loss do not really mean anything and as for using it to reinforce the actions of another supplement, why should you bother? This supplement just seems like an added expense and another pill to take.

Where Can I Buy Dietrex Energy Complex?

You can only buy Dietrex Energy Complex via the Shop Top Diet Pills website. You can make savings on multiple orders:

1 bottle of Dietrex Energy Complex (60 pills) costs $24.99

2 bottles of Dietrex Energy Complex (120 pills) costs $44.98

3 bottles of Dietrex Energy Complex (180 pills) costs $64.97

Dietrex Energy Complex is not available via Amazon or other online retailers.

What About A Guarantee

Yes, there is a money back guarantee but it is not that easy to claim. You must commit to the whole diet program and continue to take the product for a minimum of at least 20 days before determining if the product has worked or not for you.

Here is what the website outlines in the return policy.

  • ALL returns must be received within 30 days from the original order date.
  • Returns will be for one opened bottle only. Any other products must be sealed. Original shipping fees are non-refundable and a small processing applies to all returns.
  • All returns must have a return form included with them in order to receive a refund. Refund requests sent back without the form will be rejected. (You download this form from the website)
  • Returns sent without a return tracking number will be rejected. (please no signature confirmation as these go to a po box – this will delay your return)
  • Once a return is received and is verified as eligible by meeting the above criteria, a refund will be issued. In most cases, a refund check will be mailed. Refunds can take 1-3 weeks to process.

This means you have just 10-days to return the supplement.

Watchdog Verdict

We are not very impressed with the concept of taking a supplement to support another supplement! A better choice would be to simply take one supplement that was effective in its own right and that way you could avoid the hassle and the extra expense of an additional pill.

Dietrex Energy Complex is unlikely to do anything much. There is nothing here that will really help weight loss and although the added vitamins may do you some good, a healthy diet would be the better option. Failing that a multi vitamin or B complex would do the same job at less expense than this supplement.

It seems we are not alone in our opinion. Nobody is talking about Dietrex Energy Complex and this complete absence of genuine feedback is a concern. Added to this the tricksy looking guarantee and a website, which does not appear to have been updated since last Christmas and there is really only one possible conclusion.

This diet pill is just not good enough to add to our approved list. It is an easy decision. We reject Dietrex Energy Complex.

Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

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