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DietWorks Yacon Slim

DietWorks Yacon Slim is a weight loss supplement that contains Yacon Syrup as its principle ingredient. This natural plant extract is derived from a Peruvian fruit and according to some clinical investigation may help promote good health and help you shed some pounds as well.

We take a look at DietWorks Yacon Slim to find out more.

Yacon Slim Pros

  • Diet Works Yacon Slim contains healthy ingredients and should not cause side effects
  • Clear ingredients and product information provided by the GNC website

Yacon Slim Cons

  • The principle ingredient Yacon requires further clinical evidence and proof that it works in the way as described
  • No customer feedback
  • No money-back guarantee on offer
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DietWorks Yacon Slim

DietWorks Yacon Slim Review

Yacon Slim Facts

  • On sale from supplements retail company GNC
  • Each bottle contains 90 capsules (one month’s supply)
  • Diet Works Yacon Slim also contains Acai and Chia extracts

DietWorks Yacon Slim is a weight loss supplement that contains Yacon Syrup as its principle ingredient. It also contains a proprietary branded Acai supplement – a well-known superfruit which is combined with Chia a seed extract which is rich in omega 3.

If you have not heard of Yacon (Smallanthus sonchifolius), it is a plant which grows at high altitude in the Andes and has long been known as a sweet treat foodstuff by native Peruvians. Yacon has a large root tuber – similar in appearance to a Parsnip or sweet potato. Unlike root vegetables, Yacon can be eaten raw and has a sweet crunchy taste.

Yacon was unknown outside Peru until the 2000s but it has been attracting worldwide attention because of its potential as an aid to diabetes treatment and for its possibilities as a prebiotic and weight loss ingredient. It has become very popular in Japan where it is now cultivated, as a health food.

Yacon is a source of fructooligosaccharide, (FOS) an indigestible polysaccharide made up of fructose. FOS is also present in other natural foodstuffs including bananas, chicory and garlic but Yacon has the highest concentration of FOS on the planet!

Fructooligosaccharides have a very sweet taste but pass through the human digestive tract unmetabolised, so have extremely minimal calorific value.

In addition, Fructooligosaccharides are classified as prebiotics – healthy fibre that helps your gastrointestinal tract grow healthy bacteria. Your body needs healthy bacteria (probiotics) to maintain colon health and help digestion.

Yacon SyrupSweet tasting, no calories with a positive effect on digestion? No wonder that Yacon is becoming so popular as a weight loss supplement and ingredient!

Yacon Syrup is ideal for diabetics who want a sweet taste without a detrimental effect upon their blood sugar. It is also becoming a popular supplement ingredient and has featured on the Dr Oz show where it attracted a favourable review. As yet it has not been as hyped as other Oz favourites Raspberry ketones and green coffee extract.

DietWorks Yacon Slim is a supplement diet pill that contains the equivalent of 1 oz of Yacon syrup per capsule so seems a convenient way to try out this ingredient.

DietWorks Yacon Slim also contains a blend of Acai berry extract and Chia extract derived from the seeds of South American plant Salvia Hispanica and a food source, which is high in omega 3.

If you combine this supplement with a healthy diet and exercise regime it seems likely that it may help support health and help you lose weight. However, this is not a sure fire diet pill that will speed your metabolism and suppress your appetite. It is a health supplement and if you want to use it for weight loss, you will need to make an effort and not just sit back and wait for results to happen.

DietWorks – the company behind Yacon Slim are based in New Jersey. This company does not sell direct to customers and it is hard to find out much about them. However, we have covered DietWorks supplements before, most notably DietWorks Garcinia Cambogia, which we rejected because of the lack of evidence about the ingredient.

You can find DietWorks supplements on sale from major retail outlets such as Costco and Wal-Mart and Diet Works Yacon Slim is on sale from US supplements company GNC.

DietWorks Yacon Slim Concerns:

  • Could Yacon be the latest in a long line of so-called miracle ingredients that are later found to be over exaggerated?
  • Why has nobody left a review for this supplement? Does it even work?
  • If you wanted to try Yacon for weight loss, using Yacon syrup to replace sugar may be the better option.

What Does DietWorks Yacon Slim Claim To Do?

According to the product advertising, Yacon Slim has three functions:

  • Helps Promote Weight Loss
  • Provides Vital Prebiotic Fiber (FOS)
  • Supports Healthy Metabolism

In addition, Yacon Slim may help prevent food cravings. The product information explains;

This natural source of fiber has been shown to slow food transit time and support healthy blood sugar levels which can assist in reducing food cravings and assist in weight loss.

Despite the claims that Yacon is the principle ingredient, the ingredient list reveals that this is blended with Inulin – a chicory extract also high in FOS.

So What Is DietWorks Yacon Slim and What Are The Ingredients?

Diet Works Yacon Slim is a health supplement that may help support weight loss. Serving size is equal to one capsule.

  • Yacon Root Powder and Inulin (Fructooligosaccharide extract of chicory root) (1000mg): According to the product information, this delivers the equivalent of 1 oz of Yacon syrup per serving. Inulin is present in Yacon and is a natural fibre also present in chicory. It has the same FOS profile and according to some clinical studies, this combination is effective for the treatment of colitis by modifying intestinal flora, so is a prebiotic.

It is important to be cautious. Most of the clinical investigation into Yacon has been carried out on animal testing and human testing into Yacon as a weight loss supplement has not been extensive.

That said, results look promising. One test carried out obese pre menopausal women over 120 days reported that;

the consumption of Yacon syrup increased defecation frequency and satiety sensation

and that;

its long-term consumption produced beneficial health effects on obese pre-menopausal women with insulin resistance.


  • Acai (Euterpe oleracea) fruit powder and Chia (Salvia Hispanica) seed (50mg): Acai is a fruit, which has been classified as a Superfood because of its high levels of antioxidants. This can benefit health and weight loss because antioxidants can increase the speed of the metabolism as well as support general health. Chia is a natural seed rich in omega 3 fatty acids – crucial for supporting good health and the immune system.

So What Does All This Mean?

Diet Works Yacon Slim looks to be a health supplement that may actually support health and weight loss. However, before we all get too carried away, it is important to remember that the clinical investigation is in early stages and we have heard about so called superfoods before that look promising at first and then later are revealed to be ineffective or dangerous.

This supplement looks safe but Yacon does require further testing for efficacy and safety. Although Yacon is not generally known for causing major side effects, there has been one case of a woman who experienced an allergic reaction and went into analeptic shock following eating Yacon roots.

Does DietWorks Yacon Slim Have Any Side Effects?

We have been unable to find any reviews for Yacon Slim so we cannot bring you any true-life experiences. In addition, Yacon is in the early stages of clinical testing as a supplement ingredient so long term effects are unknown.

Potential side effects may include gastrointestinal side effects such as:

  • Bloating
  • Gas
  • Mild stomach discomfort
  • Increased frequency of bowel movements
  • Certain types of Chia may increase Triglyceride levels
  • Risk of allergic reaction


Avoid if pregnant or breastfeeding (standard advice for all supplements).

Seek the advice of your doctor if you are diabetic or taking medication relating to insulin resistance because this supplement may affect your prescription medication and blood sugar levels.

Allergic reaction to Yacon is extremely rare but it has happened and it was life threatening.

If you have a history of allergies ask your doctor for advice first.

Any DietWorks Yacon Slim Reviews From Customers?

There is no customer feedback available for Diet Works Yacon Slim.

So Does DietWorks Yacon Slim Work?

Yacon looks to be an exciting development in weight loss so if you are interested in trying it, Diet Works Yacon Slim may be a good choice. The additional ingredients Acai Inulin and Chia are known as sources of fibre and antioxidants so we think this formula could be worth a try.

However, it is important to bear in mind that Yacon has not been fully tested and in addition, weight loss results are unlikely to be very dramatic. You may find also that using Yacon syrup, as a replacement to sugar is better than taking it in supplement form as here.

We have all heard about exciting new miracle weight loss ingredients before and in our opinion, Yacon looks extremely promising but it is probably too early to know for sure. We would prefer to see further clinical testing on humans before we really can say that it works.

Where Can I Buy DietWorks Yacon Slim?

You can buy Yacon Slim from the GNC website. One bottle of 90 capsules (1 month’s supply) costs $24.99 plus flat rate shipping costs to US addresses of $3.99. If you join the GNC site, this price is reduced to $22.99 (plus shipping)

You can also buy diet Works Yacon Slim via One bottle of 90 capsules (1 month’s supply) costs $20.99 plus shipping.

Diet works Yacon slim is not available to customers outside the USA. However, you may be able to have it sent to non-USA addresses if you contact GNC.

What About A Guarantee

No money back guarantee on offer.

Watchdog Verdict

We are very interested in Yacon root as a natural weight loss ingredient. It looks very promising and although results are inconclusive, a Yacon supplement or the natural syrup may be worth a try.

We like Diet Works Yacon Slim too but it is important to remember that this is not the only Yacon supplement on the market and you may find better and cheaper elsewhere. That said there is nothing wrong with Diet Works Yacon Slim. It looks like a good quality supplement from a reputable company and we like the blend of ingredients.

It may help support your weight loss and it may be worth a try. The downside is that Yacon is not yet proven and we are concerned that time and further clinical evidence may see it go the same way as some of the other hyped miracle ingredients such as Garcinia, raspberry ketones and Hoodia.

For this reason, we cannot recommend it to our approved list. We may revise this opinion in the future but for now, we have no other option but to reject Diet Works Yacon Slim.

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