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Dukan Diet Appetite and Fat Control

Dukan Diet Appetite & Fat Control is a Dukan diet supplement on sale from the official US Dukan Diet Online Store. It is suitable for all phases of the diet and may be effective if you hit a weight loss plateau. This supplement contains apple based ingredients so looks pretty safe at first glance.

We take a look at Dukan Diet Appetite & Fat Control to find out more.

Dukan Diet Appetite and Fat Control Pros

  • May help with appetite control
  • Some positive customer feedback
  • Inexpensive

Dukan Diet Appetite and Fat Control Cons

  • The principle ingredient is apple cider vinegar, which does not have any proof that it works
  • This supplement may help committed Dukan fans but might be ineffective for supporting general weight loss methods
  • May cause gastro intestinal side effects
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Dukan Diet

Dukan Diet Appetite and Fat Control Review

Dukan Diet Appetite and Fat Control Facts

  • Dukan Diet Appetite & Fat Control is an official Dukan product
  • Contains apple related ingredients
  • One month’s supply costs $19.99

Dukan Diet Appetite & Fat Control is a weight loss supplement specifically designed to be used as part of the Dukan diet.

The idea is that this supplement will help counter the plateaus and weight loss stagnation commonly experienced on the diet by increasing metabolism, breaking down fat and regulating bowel movements.

Dukan Diet Appetite & Fat Control contains apple related ingredients. The principle ingredient is apple cider vinegar extract plus apple pectin and apple fibre. According to the product information, this will provide the support that you need to crack your diet.

Apple pectin is well known for making you feel full. (If you get hungry, an apple might not seem tempting but it will make you feel surprisingly full). However, the claims around apple cider vinegar as a fat burner are more uncertain.

The Dukan Diet?

The Dukan diet is a weight loss diet invented by French doctor Dr Pierre Dukan. It requires you to eat a high amount of protein and only limited quantities of fruit and vegetables.

There are health concerns. Medical findings report that the Dukan diet is associated with causing high blood pressure, heart disease and liver problems and being a probable cause of diabetes.

The British Diabetic Association has named it as one of the top five worse diets of the year for the past few years. However, the Dukan diet has its fans. This low carb, protein rich diet allows you to eat as much as you like by following the rules of the programme and keeping to set ingredients.

There are four stages:

  • The Attack Phase: The most intensive where you eat almost nothing but protein for between 2 -10 days or until you have lost around 6lbs.
  • The Cruise Phase: This lasts around 15 weeks and allows a limited choice of fruit and vegetables to the diet.
  • The Consolidation Phase: This allows some carbohydrates to your diet.
  • The Stabilization Phase: Or rather the permanent change to your lifestyle.

To find out more about the Dukan Diet, take a look at our earlier investigation.

According to the product information, Dukan Diet Appetite & Fat Control is suitable for any stage of the diet but is most likely to be effective during the difficult weeks of Cruise Stage.

How to Take Dukan Diet Appetite and Fat Control

Take 1 capsule with each meal 3 times daily. Can be used during any phase of the diet.

Dukan Diet & Appetite Control is an official Dukan product that is sold from the official USA website. The company is headed by the inventor of the diet, Dr Pierre Dukan and is based in Paris. There are other versions of the website available in various languages including a designated UK site, France, Germany and more.

You do not need to buy supplements from the online shop to follow the diet but if you use the Dukan website for advice you can also choose from a range of products that may offer support.

Other Dukan supplements include pre packed diet foods and a range of supplements including Whoosh – a herbal diuretic, Cellulite Control and Slimming Tea. Dukan also market a very similar supplement to Dukan Diet & Appetite Control called Devorcal. This supplement looks very similar to this one but contains a trademarked formula called Acigrine®.

Devorcal is not available to US customers but is on sale from the UK and French versions of the Dukan website.

Dukan Diet Appetite and Fat Control Concerns:

  • The side effects. May cause heartburn or irritation to the throat
  • Might not be very effective
  • May help support the Dukan diet but possibly ineffective for other weight loss methods

What Does Dukan Diet Appetite and Fat Control Claim To Do?

According to Dukan, the ingredients contained in this supplement offer numerous benefits:

Apple cider vinegar:

  • Increases metabolism and breaks down fat
  • Supports healthy blood sugar levels
  • Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels already within the normal range
  • Reduces water retention
  • Improves skin appearance

Apple fiber:

  • Helps to eliminate toxic metals, such as mercury, cadmium and lead.
  • Apple pectin:

    • Regulates bowel movements
    • Improves the absorption of nutrients
    • Removes toxic metals from the body before they are absorbed

    There is no explanation how any of these ingredients really work and there are no links to clinical evidence provided by Dukan.

    So What Is Dukan Diet Appetite and Fat Control and What Are The Ingredients?

    Dukan Diet & Appetite Control is a supplement that Dukan claims will support weight loss and get you through difficult weight loss plateaus. Each capsule is equal to one serving.

    • Apple Cider Vinegar (250mg): Cider vinegar is a popular folk remedy for numerous ailments for everything from arthritis to head lice but despite that, none of the medical claims have ever been scientifically proven.There is no evidence that Apple cider vinegar will increase the metabolism and burn fat as the advertising claims. Clinical testing in Japan, carried out by a condiment manufacturer suggested that cider may help reduce cholesterol levels but this ingredient does require further independent clinical testing. There may be health concerns about taking apple cider vinegar tablets. They can reduce potassium levels and there have been issues around apple cider vinegar tablets causing injury to the throat and being a common cause of heartburn.
    • Apple Pectin Powder (200mg): This natural soluble fibre may help lower cholesterol levels and can add bulk to stools so is an effective remedy for diarrhoea.Pectin can cause feelings of satiety too so can be useful as an effective appetite suppressant. According to Dukan, it can also remove dangerous ingested toxins such as mercury, lead and arsenic. This may not be as outlandish as it sounds because we are all routinely exposed to pollution. The downside is that there is little evidence to prove these claims.
    • Apple Fruit Powder (50mg): This contains apple fibre and looks similar to pectin and according to the product description will help regulate bowel movements and remove ingested toxins. As we all know, an apple a day keeps the doctor away and this natural fruit is high in antioxidants and fibre. Apple fruit powder may help control diarrhoea and constipation and there is some evidence that it may help promote modest weight loss.

    So What Does All This Mean?

    Dukan Diet Appetite and Fat Control may help reduce hunger pangs by causing feelings of satiety thanks to the fibre and pectin content but we feel that Dukan should have provided more information about what this supplement is supposed to do and where they got their evidence.

    In truth, the evidence for the ingredients is patchy and there is no real proof that this supplement will work as described.

    We are concerned about the risk of taking high amounts of apple cider vinegar because it is known for causing gastro intestinal side effects.

    Does Dukan Diet Appetite and Fat Control Have Any Side Effects?

    Dukan Diet Appetite and Fat Control may cause some side effects. The apple cider vinegar powder may cause irritation of the throat, such as a burning sensation, and this ingredient is also well known for causing acid reflux.

    You may notice increased bowel movements.


    Pregnant or lactating women, diabetics, hypoglycaemic, and people with known medical conditions and /or taking drugs should consult with a licensed physician and /or pharmacist prior to taking dietary supplements.

    Any Dukan Diet Appetite and Fat Control Reviews From Customers?

    Many customers are satisfied Dukan Diet Appetite & Fat Control with and feel that it has helped with weight loss on the Dukan diet. One lady reported,

    It does help with appetite control, Fat control I can’t know for sure, but what it is REALLY BEST FOR IS CONSTIPATION from the high protein diet! Protein BINDS and bogs you down! This product is made from APPLE CIDER AND APPLE PECTIN AND APPLE FIBER, THAT’S ALL FOLKS! It’s affordable and it works for me :)

    Other comments include,

    LOVE IT.!!! It works and it does the Job, as in what the bottle reads…


    It really helps with hunger control. I take it before meals and really cuts my appetite! I will buy one more bottle because works!

    Not everyone is as pleased.

    Like all diet products that I have tried, they work for a while until my body gets used to it. It does curb the appetite temporarily.



    So Does Dukan Diet Appetite and Fat Control Work?

    Dukan Diet & Appetite Control may help if you are focussed on the Dukan diet. The pectin content seems to help promote feelings of satiety and help appetite control; however, there is no evidence that it will help fat burning.

    The European Food Standards Agency, which regulates the health claims manufacturers can make about their products, has not approved any health claims for apple cider vinegar.

    EFSA rejected a claim that Apple cider vinegar could regulate or normalise weight. The claims that cider vinegar could regulate bowel movements, improve skin or improve digestion, as claimed here were also rejected.

    Despite all the claims for this well-known home remedy, apple cider vinegar does not have any evidence to back these up.

    That said the pectin and the apple powder may help support weight loss.

    Where Can I Buy Dukan Diet Appetite and Fat Control?

    You can buy Dukan Diet Appetite & Control from the official Dukan diet website. One bottle of 90 capsules (1 month’s supply) costs $19.99.

    You can also buy a pack of four months supply of Dukan Diet & Appetite Control for $53.98.

    Delivery charges are calculated in accordance with delivery rates as set out on the website.

    You can also buy Dukan Diet Appetite & Control via USA Amazon.
    One bottle of 90 capsules costs $16.99. Shipping charges are free on orders over $35.00.

    Dukan Diet Appetite & Control is also on sale via Amazon UK.
    One bottle of 90 capsules (1 months supply) costs £21.80 and includes free shipping.

    What About A Guarantee

    No money back guarantee is on offer.

    Watchdog Verdict

    If you are taking the Dukan Diet, you may find that this supplement offers some support. Taking a high protein diet can cause constipation and Dukan Diet Appetite and Fat Control may ease this problem. In addition, there is some evidence that pectin can help you feel fuller for longer so this supplement may help restrict hunger pangs as advertised.

    We like that this supplement looks fairly safe. It will not suit you if you suffer from acid reflux owing to the apple cider vinegar, but if you do not have any adverse effects, this supplement is one of the safer products the market.

    Will it help you lose weight? If you are already doing the Dukan diet, you will lose weight. However, this will be because of your own efforts and not this supplement.

    Although you can undoubtedly lose weight short term with the Dukan Diet, some depressing research carried out by the French Journal of Obesity shows that 75% of people put the weight back on within a year.

    However, our interest lies with the supplement here and not the diet plan. There are some good points about Dukan Diet and Fat Control – the price is good, it seems to work for some people and it seems fairly safe.

    However, we feel it is too specialised to recommend for general use so have no other option but to reject this supplement.

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