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Easter Eggs? Now is the time to choose!


Easter is fast approaching. The spring flowers are out, the weather is improving and we know Easter is coming because the shops are stocked with Easter eggs.

If you are trying to lose weight, it can be difficult to avoid all that scrummy chocolate. But Easter wouldn’t be Easter without an Easter egg so there’s no getting out of it. You are probably going to have to eat and enjoy Easter egg, especially if it has been given to you as a gift.

Easter Bunny

So what can you do?

The best thing is to minimise the damage so now is the time to drop some hints to loved ones. That way you won’t be faced with the temptation of a huge Easter egg crammed with fattening sweets and choc.

A large Easter egg can check in at around 1700 calories after all so it will seriously derail your diet if you give into temptation and eat all of it. Avoid that temptation and go for something smaller and maybe more sophisticated.

A dark chocolate egg can be a good choice. Dark chocolate (70% cocoa solids) is less fattening than milk chocolate and because it is so satisfying and rich, it is hard to eat too much of it.

There are plenty of good quality dark chocolate Easter eggs out there and because they are more expensive, you get the feeling that you are enjoying a sophisticated treat that is yours alone.

Take a look at Lindt, Thornton’s and Green and Blacks for inspiration. Aldi have also come up trumps again and are selling a range of dark chocolate Easter eggs.

One that caught our eye in Aldi is the Moser Roth dark chocolate egg range. These small Easter eggs contain only 33 calories each! They are small true, but with this low calorie count you could enjoy a few of these eggs over Easter without derailing your diet. They won’t break the bank either and they come in some great packaging that looks pretty upmarket.

If you can’t abide dark chocolate, your best solution is to go for small and fancy over large and extravagant. If you are the type of person who can’t see an open Easter egg without eating all of it, the best solution is to ensure that the eggs are so small you can eat one at a time over a period of days.

However, is all this really important? Easter is traditionally the time for a bit of a chocolate binge and we all deserve a break and some indulgence.

Successful weight loss depends on finding a way to live happily and healthily, so if chocolate is your thing, perhaps once a year a fattening Easter egg is something to enjoy and not feel guilty about.

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