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Easy E-Z Weight Loss Pills

If you fancy getting some Zen into your weight loss then Easy E-Z Weight Loss Pills may be just the job. This supplement is based on an Ancient Tibetan formula and although this probably convinces no one, a lot of positive feedback for this supplement has got us interested.

We take a look into Easy E-Z Intensive Weight Loss Pills to find out more.

Easy E-Z Weight Loss Pros

  • Many people have been delighted with this supplement
  • Guarantee policy looks genuine

Easy E-Z Weight Loss Cons

  • Incomplete ingredients profile and mistakes in ingredients description
  • Can cause unpleasant and potentially dangerous side effects
  • Shipping charges expensive if you live outside the USA
Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills
Easy E-Z Weight Loss

Easy E-Z Weight Loss Pills Review

E-Z Weight Loss Facts

  • Supplement marketed by Young You a Californian based company
  • Available via
  • Not all customer feedback seems genuine

Easy E Z Intensive Weight Loss Pills are marketed by an American company Young You International. The company specialise in sourcing products from all over the world to improve health and vitality.

Young You International also market a whole range of supplements including other EZ weight loss supplements, weight loss coffee and tea and a variety of skincare.

Young You are not new to the supplement business. The company ran into trouble a few years ago after FDA lab analysis of four of their dietary supplements were found to contain undeclared Sibutramine. (See our previous article about Sibutramine).

The company fully co operated with the FDA requests and withdrew the supplements voluntarily. These were Slimbionic, One Weight Loss Pill, Slim Demand and Botanical Weight Loss.

It is not clear whether customers or even the company were fully aware of the banned ingredient and whether it showed up on the ingredients profile or not.


Easy E-Z is advertised as a fat burner combined with an appetite suppressant and energy enhancer. It contains a range of stimulants designed to boost your metabolism and energy levels and the formula contains a mix of Citrus Aurantium, Garcinia Cambogia and Tea.

The product description claims that this will not make you feel jittery or cause side effects.

Easy E-Z does not appear to contain any banned ingredients but this company does not provide much in the way of real product information. Some of the ingredients are listed but there is no evidence that there are not other ingredients contained in the formula.

Listed ingredients include Citrus Aurantium, Garcinia Cambogia and Camellia Sinensis leaf (AKA Tea). The amount quantities are not provided and given this company’s history this lack of information is of concern.

Citrus Aurantium is potentially dangerous when taken in high quantities and can lead to heart problems and elevated blood pressure.

We were disappointed to notice that the picture of the bottle of Easy E-Z has been arranged so that you cannot see the contents of the pills.

To use Easy E-Z weight loss pills just take one a day. According to the product information,

this diet pill will give you so much energy you may not want to take it just before you go to bed

Easy E-Z Weight Loss Pills Concerns:

  • Lack of product information and incomplete ingredients profile
  • Potentially dangerous side effects
  • Contains Citrus Aurantium

What Does Easy E-Z Weight Loss Claim To Do?

Easy EZ Weight Loss Pills claim to deliver seven key benefits:

  • Reduce hunger and cravings for up to eight hours
  • Break down fat deposits that are hard to shift
  • Give the body super nourishing energy improving metabolic rate
  • Average weight loss 7-10lbs in a month
  • So much energy you will not want to take it too close to bed time
  • Suitable for men and women

According to the advertising, the pills contain;

a special proprietary blend combination of herbs that reduce appetite, give sensation of fullness, boost energy, regulate metabolism and improve mental focus.

Although the label states that Easy E-Z is made to an ancient Tibetan formula there is no further explanation about this point and it seems to be there just for show. We would have liked to know more about this.

So What Is Easy E-Z Weight Loss and What Are The Ingredients For Easy E-Z Weight Loss?

Easy E-Z Intensive Weight Loss Pills are made to a proprietary blend, which means that the company are not obliged to reveal any detailed ingredients information. There may be additional ingredients contained in the supplement. The ingredient quantities may be in high or extremely low amounts.

This means we can only provide a general overview of what is contained in these capsules.

  • Garcinia Cambogia: This South Asian fruit sometimes called Gambooge or Brindleberry has been investigated for its role in weight loss and appears to have some positive short-term effects.
    There is some evidence that it can help people feel full and it may have potential for fat reduction but research is currently ongoing. One human trial in 1998 proved that Garcinia Cambogia worked no better than a placebo. Safety is also an issue. Garcinia Cambogia has not been thoroughly tested and sizes of dosage and safety limits are not known. It has not been thoroughly tested. and further research is necessary. Source:
  • Citrus Aurantium (also known as Synephrine or Bitter Orange): This stimulant raises the heart rate and increases blood pressure.
    It is believed to stimulate the breakdown of fat and boost the metabolism but there is a lack of clinical evidence to prove this. There is evidence however, that Citrus Aurantium causes heart problems and it should be avoided if you suffer from any heart related health conditions. See our Citrus Aurantium article here
  • D-Ribose: Organic compound and a type of sugar that your body produces naturally. It is often used to improve exercise performance and increase energy.
    It appears to be effective for treating coronary heart disease because it can improve the function of the heart when dealing with low blood flow. Can cause drug interactions including insulin because it can lower blood sugar. Source:
  • One of the listed ingredients is written as L-Camiline: Our research team had never heard of this ingredient and can find no reference to it in any medical journal. We can only assume this is a typo and refers to L Carnitine.
    This error does not inspire confidence that this company really know what they are doing. However, L Carnitine is an amino acid which is believed to improve athletic performance. There is no evidence it is effective for weight loss.
  • Camellia Sinensis leaf: More commonly known as tea. The description does not explain whether this is green tea or black tea.
  • Coenzime Q-10 (another spelling mistake) for CoEnzyme Q10: This substance only discovered in 1958 is similar to vitamins and is found in every cell of your body. Q10 is made by your body to create energy and repair cell damage and when taking as a supplement may have numerous health benefits. It appears to have antioxidant ability.
    Source: Web MD Co-enzyme Q10
  • Bioperine: Branded black pepper supplement. . Clinical tests reveal that Bioperine may increase the absorption of other ingredients, which will make them more effective. Source:

So What Does All This Mean?

Not a lot. The ingredients profile is woefully inadequate and how can we believe any advertising that does not appear to know what is in their own formula?

It all seems a bit slapdash to us and without knowing the true ingredients and amounts, we cannot tell if this supplement will do anything or even if it is safe. Citrus Aurantium can lead to potentially dangerous side effects and you should avoid it especially if you have any heart or blood pressure issues.

Does Easy E-Z Weight Loss Have Any Side Effects?

Some customers have experienced side effects. These include:

  • Nausea
  • Thirst
  • Stomach pains
  • Dizziness
  • “buzzing in the head”
  • Headache
  • Insomnia

One customer reported;

Tried taking on empty stomach and it made me nauseated for hours (maybe that’s the appetite control part). Next day took it with a small amount of food and was nauseated for hours (yup, that controlled my appetite!).

Another customer said;

It caused me to get extremely shaky, nauseated, dizzy, my blood pressure went sky rocketing and I had headache for 2 days in a row

Not everyone has had a bad experience but these pills obviously do not suit everyone.

Caution: Do not take if pregnant or breast-feeding. Avoid these pills if you suffer from any heart condition or have high blood pressure.
Do not take if you have any underlying medical condition or are taking medication. Seek the advice of your doctor in case of side effects and cease taking the pills.
Buzzing in the head is a common symptom of high blood pressure and several customers have mentioned this side effect.
Seek the advice of your doctor if you are diabetic because this supplement will interact with insulin.

Any Easy E-Z Weight Loss Reviews From Customers?

There are well over 200 customer reviews for this supplement at the time of writing and customer evaluation is a major part of the advertising.

This has created a positive impression for the supplement because despite the inadequacies of the product information and the potential health issues, good customer experiences are always worth listening to.

However, we do have some reservations about whether all these five star reviews are genuine. A lot of these have been left by people who have never before reviewed any other product and these people have written very long testimonials for just Easy E-Z Weight Loss and even video reports along the lines of;

Thanks E-Z Weight Loss Pills For Changing My Life

It’s interesting to note there are a surprisingly high number of lengthy positive reviews written by people who have never before even reviewed a product.

However, there do seem to be some genuine reviews too. One customer wrote:

I started using E-Z in early November hoping to keep off some weight for the holidays. I typically struggle to not gain weight this time of year. Well, not only have I not gained any weight so far this holiday season, I have been dropping pounds. I have lost over six pounds since starting to take E-Z.

Another reviewer wrote;

I would give these 6 stars if I could.. It’s THAT good. I have tried a lot of these herbal diet pills and I can honestly say this is the only one that has not only helped me lose a little weight, but it makes me feel absolutely fantastic

Not all customers are as pleased and some have complained about side effects.

Caused intestinal discomfort (BILE!), bloating, and light headedness. Lost 4 lbs in 2 weeks, but I am discontinuing because it is too hard on my system.

Is a typical comment.

Followed instructions. Did not do one thing to help me lose wt. Sounded so promising. What a disappointment. No good.

So Does Easy E-Z Weight Loss Work?

They obviously do work for many people. Despite the fact that some of the five star reviews look extremely suspect, many genuine reviewers have reported positive experiences. Many people have reported weight loss and are happy with this supplement.

This diet pill can cause side effects though and some customers have been scared by the effects ranging from insomnia to nausea, high blood pressure and headaches.

Where Can I Buy Easy E Z Weight Loss?

You can buy the supplement from Young You via
One container of 30 pills (one month’s supply) costs $40. A container of 60 pills cost $68.99. You can also try a trial size container of 10 pills for $12.50.

Shipping is an additional $5.99 for shipping to US addresses.

Easy E-Z is not on sale via Amazon UK or direct to customers outside the USA. International shipping will cost an added $35.00.

What About A Guarantee

Young You have a very good looking guarantee promising “Lose Weight or your Money Back”.

Many customers have reported positive experiences after contacting the Young You customer service department.

One customer said;

I sent a message to Young You about the pill not working and they offered to refund my money. I wasn’t asking for a refund but they were really nice and asked me to ship the bottle back with the few pills I had left in it and when I did, they credited back my account fast! I am really impressed with their company

There do not appear to be any fixed terms or conditions attached to the guarantee. If you are unhappy with Easy E Z Intensive weight loss it seems the best policy is to contact Young You.

Watchdog Verdict

We are impressed with some of the features about Easy E Z Intensive Weight Loss pills. Although we do not believe all the customer feedback, a very high percentage appears to have been left by satisfied customers who are very happy with this product.

We believe that satisfied word of mouth endorsements count very highly and real customer experiences are always worth listening to.

We like the fact that you can try out a very reasonably priced trial size for 10 days and although the terms of the guarantee seem vague, it seems that Young You are genuine in their offer to give you your money back if you are not satisfied.

The downside is that we cannot see the full ingredients list and we have real concerns about what is actually contained in these pills. They do appear to work for weight loss but are obviously not safe for everyone.

The bottom line is safety. We cannot approve this supplement without knowing exactly what is in it, or if it contains potentially dangerous ingredients. Therefore we have no other choice but to reject it.

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Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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