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Fat Magnets Plus

Fat Magnets Plus is a UK diet pill that contains a “fat absorbing” formula made from shellfish fibre complex. It is on sale online from various outlets as well as from UK retail giant Superdrug. Some customers are happy with the effects of this supplement if the feedback is anything to go by, but not everyone is as pleased. We take a look.

Fat Magnets Plus Pros

  • Easy to buy if you live in the UK

Fat Magnets Plus Cons

  • Lacks evidence that the principle ingredient works
  • Almost 50% of each capsule is filled with filler ingredients
  • Lack of information about the branded formula Chitoplex
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Fat Magnets Plus

Fat Magnets Plus Review

Fat Magnets Plus Facts

  • Marketed by Swiss Health a small London based company
  • Contains Chitoplex a fairly unknown branded supplement with uncertain origins
  • One bottle contains 200 capsules – approximately 1 months supply

Fat Magnets Plus is a UK made diet pill that comes from a relatively small London based company called Swiss Health. According to the product information, the supplement is based on a formula that was created in 1989 but as far as we can see, contains little more than a branded Chitosan supplement as well as rice powder, Ascorbic acid, citric acid and Sipernat – a silica powder.
According to the Superdrug product information and ingredients list, the principle ingredient is Chitoplex which is a branded formula made from shell fish.

Chitosan fibre is derived from shellfish bones and shells. This substance is believed to reduce fat and cholesterol levels via a fat blocking effect. The idea is that it will prevent some of the dietary fats that you eat from being absorbed by your body.

Chitosan is only supposed to block fat, not carbohydrates or sugars so it will not help you if your food weaknesses fall into this category or you drink a lot of fizzy drinks or alcohol for example. However, there is evidence that suggests that it blocks anything so it might not make any difference anyway!

Fat Magnet Plus is marketed by a UK company called Swiss Health. They are based in Kensington in London and look to be a relatively small company. They market a range of supplements but do not sell direct to the public. As well as Swiss Health Fat Magnets Plus, they also sell Swiss Health X For Women – a product designed to increase sex drive and Y For Men that does the same for men.

One Swiss Health product that appealed to us was Goodnight Stop Store – a spray you use to prevent your partner from snoring. Apparently, you just spray him or her with it and they stop snoring. Some of the Watchdog team seemed pretty interested in this particular supplement!

How to use Swiss Health Fat Magnets Plus

To use Swiss Health Fat Magnets Plus take 2-4 capsules before main meals with plenty of water – 2 litres a day is advised.

Fat Magnets Plus sounds like unique product but there is a similar supplement on the market called Original Fat Magnets which is also based in London and sold from a New Age site called Tools For Energy Balance and Health. . This contains a branded Chitosan supplement called Chitosanplex.

As far as we can make out the two products and companies are unconnected and it is impossible to say which came first, Original Fat Magnets or Fat Magnets Plus. However, the fact that Fat Magnets Plus is sold in a major UK store suggests that this one is the more popular option.

Fat Magnets Plus Concerns:

  • Could it cause an allergic reaction if you are allergic to shellfish?
  • Where is this supplement even made? Where does the seafood come from?
  • High number of fake looking positive reviews on the Superdrug website

What Does Fat Magnets Plus Claim To Do?

According to the product description on Amazon,

Fat magnets are the revolutionary new weight control capsules with the unique patented ingredient Chitoplex a mixture of special natural activators and a fibre called Chitosan an amino polysaccharide derived from shellfish shells

It goes onto explain,

The capsules allow you to eat the food you enjoy by capturing a percentage of the fat it contains in the stomach.

And concludes by saying,

The matrix formed by Chitosan and fat behaves totally differently to the way fat normally does, as bound fat can pass safely through the digestive system.

In other words, Chitosan prevents fat from being absorbed by your body by binding with it in the stomach. It then passes through your body and is expelled as waste.

So What Is Fat Magnets Plus and What Are The Ingredients For Fat Magnets Plus?

Fat Magnets Plus is a fat binder diet pill that may help you prevent some of the dietary fats that you eat adding to your body fat.

Here are the ingredients are per capsule:

  • Chitoplex (shellfish fibre complex) (250mg): The active ingredient Chitosan is obtained from the exoskeletons of shellfish such as crabs shrimp and lobster. It is highly fibrous and believed to block fat absorption.

    In molecular terms, Chitosan is a polysaccharide – a type of carbohydrate composed of D-glucosamine and D-glucosamine and is a naturally occurring sugar found in crab and shrimp shells.
    Although Chitosan is being sold in supplements, it appears to be ineffective for weight loss although it may have other medical benefits. Some clinical testing suggests that it only works in combination with a diet and achieves only very modest weight loss. It may lower cholesterol too but it requires further testing as results are questionable.

    Chitoplex is a branded supplement made by US company HBC Protocols where it is marketed as a herbal remedy for acid reflux as well as for weight loss. This company provide new age style herbal supplements and is based in California. Like Swiss Health, they look to be a very small business concern. Worryingly there is no information about the manufacturing process or the origins of the Chitosan used in the supplement.

  • Rice Powder (100mg): Highly milled rice, which has been ground down to powder and is a thickening agent possibly used here to bulk out the capsule. Rice flour is suitable for people who are gluten intolerant.
  • Ascorbic acid (51.6mg): Also known as vitamin C and very important for health. This important antioxidant and vitamin is crucial for healthy eyesight, bone health. However, you do not really need to take vitamin C supplements if you have a normal healthy diet.
  • Citric Acid (25mg): Natural acid found in fruits such as lemons and limes and used as a food additive to give a tangy flavour.
  • Sipernat (10mg): Silica used in the food industry to improve flow ability of powders.

The supplement also contains magnesium stearate and calcium carbonate in a gelatine capsule.

So What Does All This Mean?

Fat Magnets Plus contains just one active ingredient – a branded Chitosan supplement which comes from a fairly unknown small company, plus some filler ingredients. It does not inspire us with confidence given that Chitosan contains crushed up shells from crustaceans. There is no way of knowing the origins of the seafood or anything about the manufacturing process. In addition, there is a high quantity of filler ingredients in this supplement.

There is a lack of evidence that Chitosan may help weight loss and the medical opinion is that it requires more testing under more rigorous conditions. Some of the results are conflicting and the major studies have suggested that weight loss is extremely minimal. It does not seem very likely that Fat Magnets Plus will help you lose much weight and work in the way as described.

Does Fat Magnets Plus Have Any Side Effects?

It does not appear to have too many side effects although some customers have found that fat Magnets Plus has affected their bathroom habits,

I found it uncomfortable going to the toilet

Another wrote,

Be prepared to be constipated for 10 days at a time

Potential side effects may include:

  • Gas
  • Stomach upset
  • Constipation
  • Acid reflux and heartburn

You could suffer from potentially serious side effects if you have an allergy to shellfish – a common reaction affecting approximately 1% of the population. Anaphylaxis often begins within minutes of eating a problem food and symptoms include:

  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Swelling
  • Vomiting and diarrhoea

If this happens, you should call the emergency services immediately.

There is a school of thought that maintains that Chitosan, which is derived from the skeletons of crustaceans, does not provoke an allergic reaction in the same way as the flesh of the seafood. But we would not take that chance.


Avoid if pregnant or breast feeding.

Avoid if you are allergic to seafood and seek urgent medical help if you experience any of the symptoms of Anaphylaxis. You may have an allergy and be unaware of it. It can be fatal.

Any Fat Magnets Plus Reviews From Customers?

Yes, there are reviews on the Superdrug website and also a couple via Amazon. Disappointingly, many of the reviews on the Superdrug site do not appear genuine and other customers have noticed.

First up here is a genuine looking positive review from Amazon.

They are quite good – they’re not going to slim you automatically but they definitely help me. ….I use them when I have a heavy eating day and when I’m dieting sensibly. They will help you if you’re dieting properly…. My sis uses them too and sees a difference.


Good product used by loads of my friends, does what it says on the label, will definitely order more it has helped me maintain my weight.

These both appeared genuine, which not the case on the Superdrug site. This feedback comes with titles such as,

I am thin again – thanks Fat Magnets

This really works

Wow Wow Wow, this actually works

One customer was unhappy by all the positive feedback left on the Superdrug site. She wrote,

Bought these due to reviews. Did not work for me on a low fat diet and no change with these. Funny how only positive reviews are shown.

So Does Fat Magnets Plus Work?

Some customers feel that it is helping them, but the evidence is unconvincing. Most of the clinical tests have not proven any positive benefits. According to one clinical test,

The fat trapped was clinically insignificant. For men, it would take more than 7 months to lose 1 pound of body fat. For women, no fat was trapped. This product, as with other similar products, fails to meet claims.

Most of the other clinical testing suggests the same thing. Chitosan the active ingredient may work but so minimally, it is not really worth taking it in supplement form. In addition, Fat Magnets Plus appears to contain a high level of filler ingredients.

Where Can I Buy Fat Magnets Plus?

You can buy Fat Magnets Plus from Superdrug either in store or online. One container of 200 capsules (around a month’s supply) costs £19.99 with free postage to UK addresses.

You can also buy Fat Magnets Plus via Amazon for the same price. Fat Magnets Plus is not available direct to US customers or if you live outside the UK.

What About A Guarantee

No money back guarantee is offered.

Watchdog Verdict

We are feeling a bit underwhelmed with Fat Magnets Plus. Although we like that you can buy it on the UK High Street there is something about this supplement that does not seem very reputable.

For a start, there is no information about the branded supplement or the origins of the shellfish and we feel that there should be a warning on the bottle about the contents. Yes, there is a school of thought that claims that only the flesh of the seafood causes an allergic reaction but not everyone agrees with this view. Taking this supplement with a seafood allergy could be potentially very dangerous, so why take that risk?

Another issue is that Swiss Health market this supplement as containing 450mg of ingredients. What they do not point out is that 200mg of this is taken up by filler ingredients including rice flour. Chitosan the principle ingredient lacks any evidence that it works for weight loss in the way as described and it appears that feedback on the Superdrug site has been manipulated to create a false impression.

This supplement may have helped a couple of people and of course, we are all different but when it comes down to it, the principle ingredient has not been proven to work and we can see no reason for doubting overriding clinical evidence.

It is an easy decision. We reject Fat Magnets Plus.

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