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Fizogen Cheat Tabs

Fizogen cheat tabs are marketed as the diet saver to take when people on very low calorie diets eat a higher calorie cheat meal. Whilst few negative side effects are reported, many consumers feel that the pill has no effect upon appetite, energy levels or weight loss, leaving them feeling cheated by cheat tabs.

We take a look at Fizogen Cheat tabs to find out more about this supplement.

Fizogen Cheat Tabs Pros

  • One ingredient supports modest weight loss

Fizogen Cheat Tabs Cons

  • Can be fairly expensive
  • Ingredient quantities in small amounts
  • Mixed consumer feedback
  • No money-back guarantee
Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills
Fizogen Cheat Tabs

Fizogen Cheat Tabs Review

Cheat Tabs Facts

  • Manufactured by Fizogen Precision Technologies in US
  • Contains 90 pills, which provides 30 servings
  • Can be used in conjunction with other supplements

Fizogen makes a lot of claims about its cheat tabs, including that it is an appetite suppressant, as well as being a fat and carbohydrate blocker and metabolic booster. In order to claim that their product has these properties, cheat tabs contain a huge number of ingredients. The official website and other retail pages offer very limited information about how each ingredient works. Generic terms are used to make the formula seem appealing to the potential customer, without actually providing much detail.

The instructions provided on how best to take cheat tabs is also vague. There is no maximum daily dosage stated, and it is unclear if it is safe to take more than three tablets (one serving) per day, or whether cheat tabs are safe for everyday consumption.

The formula is a proprietary blend, and so no figures are given for individual ingredient doses. This makes verifying both the effectiveness and safety of the product more difficult, which is a cause for concern.

The official website also lacks information about any scientific backing the product may have, which usually indicates that there is very little or even none. This lack of clinical studies, either conducted by the company or by third parties, is despite Fizogen’s assertation on their about page that they transform “extensive scientific research into precisely engineered formulations”.

Fizogen Precision Technologies are the manufacturers and main sellers of Fizogen Cheat Tabs, and are a US based company who have several different products to aid weight loss or to increase muscle gain.

In the past, Fizogen had a product called Off Cycle II Hardcore came under scrutiny by the FDA. The FDA and Fizogen issued a voluntary recall of the product, even after it was discontinued, as one of the ingredients, an aromatose inhibiter, did not meet the definition of a dietary ingredient, and posed a number of health risks to consumers. Whilst this does not automatically make all of their ingredients dangerous, it makes us somewhat sceptical about the company in general, and the products that they produce.


Fizogen Cheat Tabs Concerns:

  • Inadequate instructions for use
  • Unclear how active the company is; the last press release on their website is dated 2004
  • Fairly expensive and no money-back guarantee

What Does Fizogen Cheat Tabs Claim To Do?

The manufacturers of Fizogen Cheat Tabs claim that the pill is a weight loss aid that suppresses the appetite, “promotes blunted fat and carbohydrate absorption” and boosts energy levels and the metabolic rate.

The official website states that use of Fizogen Cheat tabs means;

no more stress about consuming high calorie cheat meals.

It is intended for use by people on low calorie diets, who want to minimise the impact of any higher calorie meals that they may eat.

Blunted fat and carbohydrate absorption refers to the supposed qualities of some of the ingredients. The website claims that glucomannan binds with fat in the stomach, preventing some of its absorption into the bloodstream, thereby reducing the amount of calories available in each meal. It is also claimed that several other ingredients help to prevent carbohydrates being absorbed in a similar manner, and that yet more ingredients promote the burning of carbohydrates in the body, rather than them being stored within cells.

So What Is Fizogen Cheat Tabs and What Are The Ingredients For Fizogen Cheat Tabs?

Fizogen cheat tabs consist of three different formulas, which are all blends of different compounds. The blends are categorised by their intended effect upon the body. Enzytrox is supposedly a calorie intercepting agent, and neurotrol is described as an appetite controlling blend, whilst Digestol is apparently a hyper digestive fusion.

A few individual ingredients stand out more than others for their potential to aid weight loss. However, Fizogen’s descriptions of the properties of each ingredient is often inaccurate and misleading, making it hard to trust the product. The dosing information is provided per serving of three tablets, and no values are given for doses of individual ingredients.

Each tablet contains 735 mg of the formula.

  • Glucomannan: Glucomannan is the main part of Enzytrox, the largest compound in the diet pill. Fizogen state that glucomannan works by;

    a unique fiber derived from the Konjac Root that may bind with portions of fat calories and also expand as a gel like bolus after being ingested to help users feel full.

    Studies suggest that regular use of glucomannan could lower levels of LDL cholesterol in the blood.
    The fibre does absorb water in the stomach, causing it to swell into a gel-like substance that slows digestion and fills the stomach, causing the dieter to feel less hungry between meals, and to have a smaller appetite when eating. Studies have suggested that a daily intake of 3-5 grams of glucomannan over a prolonged period of time does lead to some small but significant weight loss. However, a serving of cheat tabs contains far less glucomannan than this, and so the ingredient’s impact upon weight loss is expected to be minimal.

  • Garcinia Cambogia Extract: It is thought that this may assist with appetite suppression and enhance the utilization of carbohydrates as energy rather than being stored as bodyfat. However, research has primarily been animal based, and so it is not known if the results can be replicated in humans. The few studies in humans have produced mixed results.
    Source: WebMD resource
  • Platycodi Radix Extract: Fizogen speculates that this ingredient, may inhibit the breakdown of fats and further enhance the synergistic effect of these compounds. However, the World Health Organisation mentions no associations with the uptake of dietary fats, nor any weight loss research, leaving us highly sceptical about the use of this ingredient in a weight loss aid.
  • NEUROTROL (Appetite Controlling Blend): Fizogen describes this as a “High-tech blend of compounds, which may promote control of appetite and help user to feel full during periods of intense dieting”.
    The Neurotrol blend contains Hoodia, which is thought to supress the appetite. However, there is almost no scientific evidence to support the claims about this popular diet supplement ingredient.

  • Caralluma Cactus extract: This is another plant based ingredient that is listed as a part of neurotrol. Similar to Hoodia, it is thought to have been used traditionally to reduce hunger, and is still used today in Indian cooking. However, the clinical evidence to support what is essentially a folk remedy is lacking.
    Source: WebMD Resource
  • Jojoba seed extract: This is yet another ingredient that is included because of its status as a traditional folk remedy. Amongst other things, jojoba has been used in the past as an appetite suppressant. However, at this time, there are no high-quality human trials available supporting the efficacy of jojoba oil for any indication. It is also not clear what part of the jojoba seed is used.
  • DIGESTOL (Hyper Digestive Fusion): ‘This designer blend of compounds may gently speed and support the digestive process.’ Gently may be the optimum word here, as the official website is unable to provide any more detail about how the ingredients in their digestol mix actually work.
  • Terminalia bellerica and Terminalia chebula: Produced from Indian trees and ‘are both used for high cholesterol and digestive disorders, including both diarrhea and constipation, and indigestion.
    Source: WebMD Resource
  • Emblica Officinalis: Fruit extract is taken from the Indian Gooseberry, which has been used in Indian medicine traditionally to treat cholesterol levels and upset stomachs.

So What Does All This Mean?

Many of the ingredients included in Fizogen cheat tabs have been associated with either weight loss or appetite suppression based only upon herbal remedies and folk medicine traditions.

There is little evidence to suggest that any of the ingredients, excluding glucomannan, would have a positive impact upon the speed of a dieter’s weight loss. For glucomannan consumption to lead to any visible weight loss, glucomannan supplements would have to be taken three times daily, at a higher dose than is provided by Fizogen Cheat Tabs.

The lack of clinical trials associated with the majority of the ingredients is a cause for concern, as the full range of potential side effects is not known without numerous focused studies.

Does Fizogen Cheat Tabs Have Any Side Effects?

Some side effects have been reported by reviewing customers, including extreme thirst throughout the day. Because glucomannan and Hoodia Gordonii Cactus extract are both fibres which absorb water in the stomach, not drinking enough water can lead to constipation, stomach aches and indigestion. Some users of glucomannan products report bloating as a common side effect, but there are no users of Fizogen cheat tabs who have noted this problem, probably because the doses of the fibrous products is fairly low.

One reviewer noted that following use of the diet pills, they developed severe acne on their face.

Glucomannan can lower blood glucose levels, which is a side effect that diabetics should monitor closely. It is best to speak to a doctor about the possible interactions of any diet pill with other medications that are being taken.

Some of the possible side effects from one ingredient, Griffonia Simplicifolia Seed Extract, include gas, nausea, heartburn and a feeling of fullness. In high doses, users may also experience nightmares, stomach cramps and a decreased sex drive.

One of the sellers of Fizogen Cheat Tabs notes at the bottom of their sales page that;

Taking this product without adequate fluid may cause it to swell and block your throat or esophagus and may cause choking. Do not take this product if you have difficulty in swallowing. If you have experienced chest pain, vomiting, or difficulty in swallowing or breathing after taking this product, seek immediate medical attention.

These side effects are rare, if the user following the instructions to drink plenty of water when taking the pills.

Caution: Avoid if you are pregnant or breast-feeding.

Any Fizogen Cheat Tabs Reviews From Customers?

Customer reviews appear to be mixed, but there is a definite majority who state that the use of cheat tabs did not lead to any weight loss. Many people are disappointed with the product, even after prolonged use, removing the usual argument that it takes a while for cumulative weight loss effects to become visible. One reviewer wrote that;

After 3 months of use I can truthfully state that you should look elsewhere to help you loose a few pounds.

Another reviewer lamented that they felt cheated by cheat tab, stating that;

I experienced no decrease in appetite or feeling of fullness when taken as directed. In hindsight, the medicine may have been a placebo…

There are positive customer reviews alongside these negative ones. One customer, who described themselves as a regular user of carb and fat blockers, stated that;

cheat tabs really made a noticeable difference.

So Does Fizogen Cheat Tabs Work?

Based upon the ingredients and their quantities, as well as the few customer reviews we were able to locate, we have concluded that Fizogen cheat tabs is unlikely to work advertised.

It may be that by increasing the amount of water drunk each day, especially in taking the pills, you may mistake thirst for hunger. At most, the tablets have a very small suppression of appetite, but this will only help people who are already motivated to diet and lose weight, and any difference to the user’s weight will be more likely due to dieting and exercise efforts.

Where Can I Buy Fizogen Cheat Tabs?

Numerous online retailers sell Fizogen Cheat Tabs, at varying prices. The Fizogen website is selling a bottle of 90 pills for $69.95. They also have offers for people who are interested in buying more than one bottle, such as buy two, get one free.

Other retailers that sell Fizogen Cheat tabs include Proflex Sports, Vitasprings, and Advantage Supplements, with prices varying between $37 and $50, depending upon current discount offers. Based upon the varying prices that Fizogen cheat tabs are sold at, it is best to shop around before making any purchase.

What About A Guarantee

Fizogen does not offer a money back guarantee on any of their products.

Watchdog Verdict

It seems that Fizogen cheat tabs offer customers the opportunity to derail their diets, by letting them think that taking a few tablets will counteract the effects of every cheat meal.

Overall, we were not impressed by the ingredients list, which seems to have been taken straight out of an herbal remedy book. It seems that in terms of scientific results, and customer feedback, that there is very little evidence that Fizogen cheat tabs significantly help with appetite suppression or weight loss.

Without clinical data to support the ingredients used in a diet pill, it is impossible for us to approve it, which is the main reason why we have rejected Fizogen Cheat Tabs.

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