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Forskolin Belly Buster review


Your review on Forskolin Fuel sounds much like one I wish you would review called Forskolin Belly Buster.

The only difference is they nowhere mentioned continued billing,and yet the next month I was billed $49.95. When I called them on it they said they would freeze my account so that I wouldn’t be billed anymore,but they couldn’t do anything about what I already was billed for and yet I hadent even gotten my product.

I told them I did a fraud report to Bank of America andthey said unless I withdrew it, they could not work with me about the second billing until I withdrew my claims at the bank. I did that and email them accordingly. Within hours I got an email that said whoever I talked to must not have known my account was frozen and there was nothing they could do about that $49.95, but since my account was frozen I would not be billed anymore. I called Bank of America and told them the situation and they temporarily refunded my money,but of course I am waiting for an outcome.

I thought I possibly could have missed some of the fine print but went back and read two pages I have found listed very tiny under terms and conditions and still no mention of continued billing of $49.95 was there. When I called back the representative was hateful and said I must have just missed it but it was in there. I don’t see how a company can get away with such blatant fraud and anything you can say to help people be aware of it would be greatly appreciated.

One good thing, the bank said when it came UPS I could just mark it refused and there would be a record that they got it back as long as I hadn’t opened it. This was good advice because UPS would automatically have a tracking number, which I gave the bank, that would show that it was returned. Thank you for your excellent reviews I will use your website often and recommend it as well.

Most sincerely, Clifford

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