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FULLfast Gum

Weight loss supplements have diversified from the traditional tablets or capsules in recent years, and are now available in numerous forms, including shakes, chews, drops and even gum. Fullfast Gum is one such product, promising appetite suppression when used regularly.

We take a look to see if this product is a viable alternative to traditional capsule appetite suppressants, or if it is merely an expensive novelty diet product.

FULLfast Gum Pros

  • Seems beneficial for those who have low serotonin levels
  • Ingredients absorbed through sublingual mucosa for quick effect

FULLfast Gum Cons

  • Expensive to use in the long term
  • Does not work for everyone
  • No money-back guarantee
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FULLfast gum

FULLfast Gum Review

FULLfast Gum Facts

  • Manufactured by FullFast
  • 16 pieces per pack
  • Chewing gum appetite suppressant

Fullfast gum is just one of several different weight loss products sold by Fullfast. Their products are designed to be used in conjunction, with a FullFast spray and a choice of diet pills as well as the appetite suppressing gum.

Fullfast appears to be a British company, although they do not reveal their postal address on the official website. They have a telephone hotline, which can be used for making orders as well as reaching customer services.

How to Take FULLfast Gum

They recommend 3-4 pieces of chewing gum per day.

Each piece should be chewed for at least 10-15 minutes, enabling the functional principles to be released completely into the oral and sublingual mucosa.

Each pack contains 16 pieces of gum, which means that each pack will last four or five days, if the instructions for use are followed.

The official website talks about how Fullfast gum is clinically proven to reduce hunger, but upon closer inspection the study addressed the use of both the spray and gum when used together, and so it is unclear how effective the gum Is when used on its own.

FULLfast Gum Concerns:

  • Possible side effects
  • Does not work for those whose large appetite is not linked to low serotonin levels
  • Expensive if used in long term

What Does FULLfast Gum Claim To Do?

Fullfast make the following claims about their appetite suppressing chewing gum:

FULLfast chewing gum is an innovative food supplement in the form of a chewing gum. When chewed, the gum releases specific functional principles that help you to follow a low-calorie diet more effectively, improving the results of the diet and helping you to lose weight. FULLfast chewing gum contains Griffonia simplicifolia, which is a natural source of 5-hydroxytryptophan, a serotonin precursor that helps to regulate appetite. Griffonia extract also contributes to enhancing your mood, together with Klamath algae. FULLfast chewing gum also contains Chromium, which helps to metabolise sugars.

So What Is FULLfast Gum and What Are The Ingredients For FULLfast Gum?

Whilst there are numerous ingredients in this product, to make a gum product rather than a capsule or tablet, the main active ingredients are listed below. The ingredients listed are for 4 pieces of gum, which is the maximum, and recommended, daily dose. It is unclear how much of these active ingredients is actually taken into the body through the process of chewing the gum.

So What Does All This Mean?

For people who have low levels of serotonin, which can cause both mood changes and an increase in appetite, consuming a supplement that contains 5HTP may help to both improve their mood and reduce their appetite. However, for everyone else, consuming Griffonia simplicifolia is unlikely to have a noticeable effect upon their appetite or weight loss. It is also unclear what percentage of the Griffonia extract is 5HTP, which would affect the potency of the product.

Chromium Picolinate has been shown to have a very minor impact upon weight loss, but would have to be supplemented in the long term to have any noticeable effect.

Whilst using medications that are absorbed through the sublingual mucosa, i.e. under the tongue, is considered to have a higher and quicker uptake of the active ingredients, this depends upon the individual ingredient itself. Not all ingredients are absorbed quickly by the body. Whilst we hope that Fullfast would have researched the effectiveness and absorption rate of the ingredients in this product, its effectiveness is not totally guaranteed.

Find out more in our weight loss sprays article.

Does FULLfast Gum Have Any Side Effects?

Some of the retailers that sell Fullfast gum claim that as the product uses no chemicals, there are no issues with side effects. This is misleading in general, as there are many natural products that contain naturally occurring chemicals and compounds. In addition to this, not all natural products are safe- just think tobacco and ma huang (the source of ephedra) for some examples.

Excess consumption of gum can lead to diarrhoea and indigestion. The consumption of Griffonia seeds, and extracts from this plant, can cause gas, nausea, heartburn and a feeling of fullness. Obviously appetite suppression is the intended purpose of this ingredient when used in Fullfast gum. When consumed in larger quantities, of 70 mg or more, side effects may also include nightmares, stomach cramps and a decreased sex drive.

Chromium picolinate can cause lowered blood sugar levels, and so diabetics should consult their doctor before taking any supplement containing chromium based ingredients. If blood sugar levels are low, people can experience light-headedness, nausea and fainting.

Any FULLfast Gum Reviews From Customers?

There are a few customer reviews that have been left on Amazon. Whilst there are a few five star reviews, the majority have felt that the product is overrated, expensive and ineffective.

Well, what can I say……. bought these a week ago and whenever I have felt hungry, just chewed one of these pleasant tasting gums and, as if by magic, my hunger has vanished. These have really helped me stick to my diet since using them. They have also lifted my mood, unlike other diet products, that have made me feel sick, dizzy or tired. Would highly recommend – 5 stars! Thank you :)

I thought id try these as i often get hungry in the late evenings and over eat.. i been using them for a week and not overeaten, they do stop you feeling hungry and lift your mood.. i was feeling really down yesterday and was thinking of comfort eating then had gum and 15 mins later, i was feeling pretty happy and the thought of food had completely left my mind.. i only have 2 a day, i think if you had 4 a day it could become expensive it’s its only downfall.

Well, it’s working. I’ve no weird side effects and I’m actually sticking to my diet. Would I recommend this Gum?… already have. I shall be buying again.

Whilst these customers have found that the product makes a significant difference to their appetites, other customers are distinctly disappointed.

Didn’t like the taste. Just like normal gum made no difference. Expensive too

It’s just expensive chewing gum.. honestly want my money back

These sentiments, that the product is expensive and is the same as regular chewing gum, with no appetite suppression qualities, are repeated amongst all of the negative reviews.

So Does FULLfast Gum Work?

Because of the nature of the ingredients and the positive reviews, it is possible that those who have benefitted from chewing Fullfast gum had low levels of serotonin in their body. This would explain why the positive reviews also noted positive changes in mood. Low serotonin levels is only one of many possible explanations for a large appetite, and so this product does not seem to be ideal for everyone.

However, for some people, this slimming aid may help to suppress the appetite between meals, reduce snacking and therefore calorie consumption, and therefore aid in weight loss. If prospective customers want to try an appetite suppressant that is based upon serotonin boosting ingredients, and the product does not work, it should suggest to them that they should try a different type of diet pill, rather than a different diet product with similar ingredients and mechanisms.

Where Can I Buy FULLfast Gum?

Fullfast gum is available from the official FullFast website, One pack of 16 pieces of chewing gum is £6.95, plus delivery. Based upon the recommended dosage, one pack will last four to five days.

The same product is sold on amazon for £3.25 per pack, with free delivery in the UK on orders of £10 or more. There are small discounts for larger purchases: a 2% discount for buying two packs, and 5% discount for buying three packs.

Fulfast also offer bulk packages, for those who are interested in the complete range of fullfast products. The larger packages offer discounts, and are sold in packages suitable for one, two, three or six months of use. The one month package includes one bottle of fullfast spray, two packs of Fullfast metabolico tablets, and 7 packs of the chewing gum for a total price of £115. The package also includes a diet plan, shopping list, meal planner and a subscription to daily and weekly emails containing tips and pointers.

What About A Guarantee

There is no money back guarantee for Fullfast products.

Watchdog Verdict

Fullfast gum appears to only suppress the appetites of some customers, but, according to reviews when it does work, it makes a significant difference not only to hunger, but also improves mood dramatically.

This seeming unpredictability with who the product works for may be due to individual differences; those who have higher levels of serotonin in their body will not notice much of a difference, whereas lower levels of serotonin are thought by some to increase the appetite (and therefore boosting them through consumption of 5HTP may decrease the appetite).

Fullfast gum may be a good product for people who want to sample a 5HTP product without buying a large amount or having to sign up for a free trial that is just going to charge the customer later. If the gum makes no difference, then the customer would know that their serotonin levels are not derailing their diet. However, in the long term, this product does become very expensive, especially as a single pack of Fullfast gum only lasts for four or five days if used as directed.

There is also no money back guarantee on this product, and it seems that it is only sold within the UK. Because it is not guaranteed to work, and there are more disappointed customers than satisfied ones, we have to conclude that whilst FullFast gum may be suitable for a small group of people, many more would not find this gum to be beneficial to their weight loss.

We reject FULLfast gum.

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