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Gastric Band Pill

The Gastric Band Pill from Clinico claims to give you the same weight loss effects of gastric band surgery simply by taken a herbal pill. Does this really work? Or is it just a snappy name to describe a fairly ordinary diet pill? We look at the Gastric Band Pill to find out more.

Gastric band surgery is an extreme method of weight loss that is painful and expensive. By contrast, the Gastric Band pill is easy to take, reportedly safe and cheap by comparison. According to the product information, over 10,000 people have used the gastric band pill. We investigate to see if this supplement is more marketing than substance.

Gastric Band Pill Pros

  • Guarantee on offer

Gastric Band Pill Cons

  • Insufficient ingredients profile
  • No connection with this pill and the “gastric band” name
  • No customer feedback
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Gastric band pill

Gastric Band Pill Review

Gastric Band Pill Facts

  • Manufactured by UK Herbal company Clinico
  • Each bottle contains 90 capsules
  • Comes with a free CD

The Gastric Band Pill is marketed by company Clinico who describe themselves as Master herbalists, nutritional innovators and naturopaths. This English company sell a range of products that offer natural solutions to health problems, including depression, arthritis, sexual dysfunction and cancer. They also sell natural tanning products, a pill that purportedly mirrors the same effects of liposuction and more.

The Gastric Band Pill is essentially an appetite suppressant. The company points out that the main cause of obesity is over eating so this supplement contains a range of herbs, minerals and salts specifically designed to reduce your appetite.

The first major problem with this diet pill is that the company do not give any clues about what is contained in the pills. The closest you get to a list of ingredients is a rather fuzzy photo of the pill container. The Clinico information includes some rambling customer testimonials that say how great the Gastric Band Pill is but no indication of what is in the contents. The company advise you to consult your doctor before use but with no ingredient profile there is no way you can find out before you buy. Many commonplace ingredients – such as grapefruit for example – can interfere with medication so it is important to know what you are committing to before you buy.

As well as the Gastric Band Pill, you can buy the gastric band CD, described as “Mental Gastric Band” therapy which “commands your brain” not to feel hungry. If you buy the Gastric Band Pill, you receive the CD as a free gift.

There is absolutely no connection with this pill and gastric band surgery.

Gastric band surgery is a surgical process that can be painful during recovery. A small silicone ring fitted in the upper part of the stomach controls the amount of food that you eat. This helps weight loss because you physically cannot over eat and have to keep portion sizes small. Once the gastric band is fitted, you may feel sick or vomit after eating – especially if you have eaten too much and most people soon become accustomed to eating smaller amounts and eating foods that are easy to digest. In most cases, you keep the gastric band in place for year, in some cases even permanently.

Gastric band surgery is an extreme solution to obesity. Doctors may prescribe it in some cases if a patient has a BMI over 40 but more usually, it is carried out as a cosmetic private cosmetic treatment. It is expensive and in the UK, gastric band surgery costs around £8,000. By contrast, the Gastric Band Pill is a diet pill that may have some effect as an appetite suppressant and costs £29.00.

Gastric Band Pill Concerns

  • Lack of a full ingredient profile – No amounts specified
  • Lack of independent customer testimonials
  • Lack of clinical references to support claims

What Does Gastric Band Pill Claim To Do?

Clinico claims that with this diet pill you will LOSE WEIGHT THIS TRIED AND TESTED HERBAL WAY and that;

An incredible 70% of our orders derive from customers re-ordering or buying from the recommendation of friends

We do not believe that this herbal pill has ever been tested but the company goes on to explain that you, the customer tests it yourself;

Test in your own home for 14 days. If you don’t agree that the Gastric Band Pill TM is the best weight loss aid you have ever used we will refund the purchase price to you without quibble or question.

This sounds good and we like the idea of the guarantee. What we don’t like is the idea of taking pills that we buy on the internet that do not appear to have their ingredients listed.

According to the company, over 100,000 people have used this diet pill over the 10 years and that Clinico is;

a small totally ethical family firm, with knowledge of folk medicine and the healing properties of plants and herbs stretching back to the dawn of the 20th Century

This sounds great and we are all in favour of supporting small companies especially if they are providing something different to the run of the mill big business. The problem is that this diet pill is marketed in a way that copies the big companies but without passing on any real information about the products. Including any adherence to safety concerns.

So What Is Gastric Band Pill and What Are The Ingredients For Gastric Band Pill?

The Gastric Band Pill is an appetite suppressant and the name does not really relate to gastric band surgery in any way. The contents are not revealed but looking at the picture of the label, we can see that it contains:

  • Gurana: Natural stimulant that is derived from the fruit of a Brazilian climbing plant. The fruit resembles coffee beans but contains twice the amount of caffeine as coffee. This ingredient is a common component of diet pills because of its stimulant effect and will decrease the appetite if enough is taken. Essentially, it speeds the metabolism and makes you feel too wired and keyed up to eat. Amounts contained in the diet pill are not specified. Source:
  • Yerba Mate: Natural caffeine derived from South American plant and the ingredient of a popular South American beverage, or tea called Mate. High in caffeine, the strength depends on the type of plant used. Male plants have stronger levels of caffeine than female plants and the strength depends on this and the amount of extract used in the supplement. Source:
  • Hoodia: Once the biggest thing in weight loss, today the effects of Hoodia have been largely discredited. Hoodia is a natural South African plant that is believed to have an appetite suppressing effect. See our earlier article about Hoodia diet pills.

So What Does All This Mean?

Clinico are very cagey with their product information. There is obviously a blend of stimulant and appetite suppressant ingredients so we can see where they are going with this supplement. The big problem is the lack of ingredients information and the fact that Hoodia has been shown to be ineffective for weight loss.

There may be other ingredients not listed. The only thing that it all means, is that based on such flimsy information we do not recommend you buy it.

Does Gastric Band Pill Have Any Side Effects?

Unsurprisingly, Clinico do not include any warnings or health advice about the Gastric Band Pill although they do advise you avoid it if you suffer from an eating disorder.

Based on the three ingredients you may notice a stimulant effect. If you are sensitive to caffeine, you should avoid this pill. It may increase heart rate and blood pressure. It may cause nervous anxiety, jitteriness and all the usual side effects of overdoing the caffeine.

Caution: Avoid if you suffer from an eating disorder, are on any other medication or have a heart condition. Not suitable if you are pregnant or breast feeding. Probably avoid just to be on the safe side. We don’t know what is in it.

Any Gastric Band Pill Reviews From Customers?

There is not one independent customer review for Gastric Band Pills. This product is only available from the Clinico website and if there are any negative comments, the company do not publish them. According to the company, they have 100s of positive testimonials on file from satisfied customers.

“I must congratulate you on your gastric band pills. I have lost 7 pounds and my daughter is so delighted that at the way I look that she is going to try them herself” is a typical comment.

So Does Gastric Band Pill Work?

It is impossible to say whether the Gastric Band Pill will work or not. Despite the fact that it uses Gastric Band surgery as its selling point, it really has nothing to do with this. It may help you slightly but as it all depends on the ingredients and Clinico are keeping that information secret, we feel it is unlikely to work beyond creating a mild stimulant effect.

Where Can I Buy Gastric Band Pill?

The Gastric Band Pill is only available direct from the Clinico website. It is not sold on Amazon, eBay or even by Holland and Barrett on the High Street.

A bottle of 90 gastric band pills costs £29.50 with an added £5.00 shipping charge to UK customers. International customers will need to contact the company for international shipping costs.

You can make savings by buying in larger orders. 270 capsules cost £46.00 plus £5.00 postage. All orders come with a free “Mental Gastric Band” CD.

What About Money Back Guarantee?

Clinico offer a full money back guarantee but there are not many details about how to achieve your refund. The fact that you are invited to test in your home for 14 days seems to suggest that the guarantee may only be current over two weeks. You can contact the company direct via the website by email or phone.

Clinico is based in Worcestershire but do not accept unsolicited callers. (American readers may be interested to know that yes, Worcestershire is a real place and not just the name of a sauce).

Watchdog Verdict

We do not have a very good impression of the Gastric Band Pill. Clinico have omitted all the important information that the customer needs in order to make up their mind and saying it contains natural herbal ingredients is simply not good enough.

There is no connection with this appetite suppressant with gastric band surgery and there are no independent customer reviews available.

We have no choice but to reject Gastric Band Pill.

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  1. trisha says:

    thanks for this review. I was about to buy these pills then decided to do a little research of my own. not only have you saved me £££, you may also have saved my health from further damage.

  2. karina says:

    I have used it for last couple of weeks and it seems to work on me. I have no negative comments except for not being able to sleep if taken too late. However, I am on healthy diet and I am avoiding any carbs. It does lower my hunger …

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