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Guide to Refunds from Free Trial Diet Pill Scams

Free trials for diet pills have been a huge problem in the U.S. for a number of years but now the scammers are hitting the U.K. hard. With a fairly untapped market of fresh victims we look at how you can protect yourself and fight back in the war against the conmen.

Avoid free trial scamsWe have had hundreds of people contacting us, mostly after falling for the sneaky tactics these people use to trick you out of your money. In some case it can be nearly $200 per month, which can be a huge financial loss to most people.

The common way is to trick you in to signing up for a “free trial” of a diet pill but then hidden in the small print you have unwittingly signed up for a recurring subscription. They do this by using some tried and tested tactics that lull you into a false sense of security. When you are at your weakest they strike and before you know it you learn a very hard lesson, everything is not always what it seems.

So how can you protect yourself from these scammers, and more importantly if you have been a victim then how can you get your money back.


This way you avoid the potential pitfalls completely. 99.9% of diet pill free trials are a scam so this way you know you can’t fall for it.

Do you honestly think these people would be giving away a product for a few dollars shipping out of the goodness of their hearts? Absolutely not, it is well crafted con that has only several winners, but none of them will be you.

Here’s a handy video produced by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that explains Free Trial Offers in more detail:

But I’ve Already Been Scammed, What Do I Do Now?

1. Don’t blame yourself

These guys are extremely skilled and have finely crafted a very lucrative con, which makes them millions of dollars every week. As such you have fallen for a sophisticated scam that has affected millions of other ordinary people just like you.

As such do not blame yourself for falling for their tricks and do not take it personally. Try and remove your emotions and look at it in a business like fashion. Of course this is easily said than done but it’s the first step to fighting back.

2. Gather Information

So now you are going to get everything together that you can. Grab a notepad and write down everything you know so far:

  • Company name, address and telephone numbers
  • Company website
  • Any terms and conditions you can find
  • Where did you see the advert (if you can remember)
  • Delivery dates
  • Billing dates
  • All your credit card or bank account details
  • Anything else you can find

This way you now have everything at hand. Keep an on going diary of phone calls, emails and letters you send just in case you might need it later

3. Contact the company

Keep Calm and Carry OnNow that you know you have signed up for the recurring billing the first thing to do is contact the company and explain the situation. This is easily said than done, as normally they make it as hard as possible to cancel, after all this is how they make the vast profits.

There should be a U.K. phone number for support if it is a U.K company, however many of these people outsource the work to call centres. These are usually based in Utah in America, as this is the home of most of the diet pill scams online.

So sit down with a coffee and keep going until you get to speak to someone. We have heard all sorts of stories of being cut off repeatedly, put on hold for long periods, then if you do get through getting passed from pillar to post. This is where you need to keep going, do not give up and keep trying; you may strike lucky and be answered quickly.

Once you manage to get through remember to keep calm. Think business like and despite wanting to maybe scream and shout at them, then whatever you do try and keep control. Speak firmly and in an authorative manner with one eye on the ultimate goal, getting out of this with everything cancelled and your money back.

Simply state the facts, you have been misled into signing up for the trial and wish to cancel with immediate effect. In most cases the person on the other end of the phone is only paid a few dollars per hour as an employee. They are only trying to earn a living working in a call centre so stay polite and firm, and then explain the situation.

They do not usually have the authority to deal with it themselves and normally need to “go off and speak to my manager”, but stay persistent and you should get the answers you are looking for.

These call centres are also targeted on how many refunds they can turn away, so it is better for them to fob you off. But keep at it and you should get there.

4. Cancelling a U.S. Based Free Trial

If it’s a U.S. phone number then they are under some very strict rules from the FTC. Some of the things that might apply to your scenario could be:

  • You got to the offer by clicking on an advert from a fake news site.
  • The fake news site said the trial was completely free.
  • It was implied on the website that the trial was completely free.
  • You had to submit your credit card details before the terms and conditions were shown.
  • The terms and conditions did not appear directly above the submit button.

FTCBecause the FTC are much stricter with what can and can’t be done with free trials there is a much more rigid structure in place. Falling out with them can prove very expensive so the companies will do everything they can to stay off the radar.

You can use this to your advantage, if you find you are getting nowhere then mention that you will be contacting the FTC with immediate effect. Remember this is only for U.S. based free trials.

The FTC works to prevent fraudulent, deceptive and unfair business practices in the marketplace and to provide information to help consumers spot, stop and avoid them. To file a complaint or get free information on consumer issues, visit or call toll-free, 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357); TTY: 1-866-653-4261. Watch a video, How to File a Complaint, at to learn more. The FTC enters consumer complaints into the Consumer Sentinel Network, a secure online database and investigative tool used by hundreds of civil and criminal law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and abroad.


In most cases they will cancel the contract and reimburse you the money they have taken. Legally it has to be cancelled anyway, but it can sometimes be a goodwill gesture for them to give you your money back. At this stage, keep calm and remain firm.

One thing on your side is that the FTC is not only going after the companies processing and supplying these diet pills but also the affiliate networks and affiliates themselves who are placing the adverts that lull you in the first place.

As such if you got to the site from one of these fake sites then ultimately the company is paying for these leads, I many cases the company themselves place the fake adverts so its worth pursuing this angle.

5. Cancelling A U.K. Based Free Trial

As we have said before, the U.K. is a new place to target so there’s been an explosion of these trials in recent times.

Although most of the people behind these scams are American, they are now setting up a limited company, usually with hidden addresses. This is so they can avoid potential problems with the FTC in America where they can be liable of fines worth millions of dollars if they are caught.

The U.K. is much further behind and the Office of Fair Trading is only just catching on to what is going on online. There are also much slacker rules about what they can and can’t do and say, but importantly there is one piece of legislation that can be on your side.

This is the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000.

This is a very important piece of legislation and in most cases these companies ride completely roughshod over it. One part of it specifically relates to selling online via a website so in our case it fits perfectly.

The onus is for any business selling online to comply with these regulations, which are designed to try and protect the consumer from falling victim to scams. There is a specific “cooling off” period designed to protect customers.

If you buy anything online from a U.K. based company then you are covered under these regulations.

The key here is that they must by law provide you with certain “Prior Information.“ If even one of these things is not done then they are acting illegally.

The information, which MUST be given to, you include:

  • Name and address of supplier (PO Box is no good)
  • Description of the main characteristics of the goods
  • Price including all taxes
  • Delivery costs
  • Arrangements for payment and delivery
  • Existence of a right to cancel
  • Minimum duration of contract
  • Whether you must return the goods if you cancel
  • Conditions to cancel the contract
  • Geographical address to address complaints

All this must be given in a clear and comprehensible manner and must be confirmed in writing. There is specific reference to a “durable medium” which does not include having the terms on the website only.

This can include email, so unless you had a confirmation email after you had placed the order for the free trial, which included all the details in a clear way then the contract is possibly null and void.

Some companies have the terms and conditions on their websites, which must be viewable before you sign up. However they must provide these in writing (email) as well.

So now we know what the company must legally supply, if at any stage you feel that the company has failed to do any of the above then it has breached the regulations and the contract is potentially illegal.

If they are using a PO Box then this does NOT meet the regulations. They must have a valid physical address and not a virtual one.

Rights to Cancel

Under the distance selling regulations, a customer has a right to cancel within a set cancellation period (the cooling down period),

The cancellation period starts on conclusion of the contract.

This is extremely important as it varies as to when you received the additional information they legally had to send you.

If the additional information, clearly setting out the contract, is sent before or at the time of delivery of the goods then the cancellation period is 7 working days, beginning on the day after the goods were delivered.

This is important, as there is usually a delay in sending out the goods on the free trial. In many cases they are not sent until the 14 (calendar) day trial period is up, they then lock you in to the contract. However under the regulations then you still have the 7 working days to cancel.

Most of these free trials will not have sent you the additional requirements in writing as per the regulations.

This is where it gets interesting, because you still have 7 working days if you receive the additional requirements setting out your rights after you receive the goods!

This is catch 22 for the scammers. By failing to send out the additional requirements after you placed the order (by email or in writing) then they have failed to comply with the regulations.

But, if they send them out after you get the goods then you still have 7 working days to cancel.

So what Do I Do Next?

Now that you are aware of the Distance Selling Regulations then this is the time to ring them up requesting a cancellation of the contract. You should also send an email as well.

Explain that you have been misled by the advertising which led you to their website, and that you believe they have not complied with the regulations by failing to provide you with all the information in the contract in writing.

Occasionally they will agree to the cancellation but will only offer say 50% of what you have paid. This also breaks the regulations, as they must pay back everything:

3.48 The DSRs require the business to refund any money paid by or on behalf of the consumer in relation to the contract to the person who made the payment. This means the full price of the goods, or deposit or pre-payment made, including the cost of delivery. The essence of distance selling is that consumers buy from home and receive goods at home. In these circumstances, almost every case of home shopping will involve delivery of the goods ordered and so delivery forms an essential part of the contract.

Source: Office of Fair Trading, Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000

Hopefully this should be the end of it, you should have got a full refund if you follow this through. The rules are there to protect the customer so use them properly. If they do not comply with the regulations and they are a UK company then you are in your rights to report them as well.

Remember, keep calm and stick to your guns.

6. Getting Your Money Back Through The Bank

Credit CardsIf you have approached the companies correctly and they are still refusing to play ball (highly unlikely), then the next step is to approach your bank or credit card company.

You must explain that you have had money taken from your account which you believe is fraudulent.
You can only do this if you believe that the company is in breach of the Distance Selling regulations as we have set out above (for the U.K.) or the FTC Free trial rules for the U.S.

You can not say it is fraud if they have completely followed all the regulations, and it is an oversight or mistake on your part that led you to sign up for the free trial. In this scenario at least you will have got the contract ended but may have lost the money from the first payments.

At this time you will be assigned up for a CPA or Continuous Payment Authority. Your bank will tell you to contact the company to get the payments stopped. Do this in writing and by email (to the company) by requesting that the payment authority is terminated.

However, you have the right to cancel them directly with your bank or card issuer by telling it that you have stopped permission for the payments.

Your bank or card issuer must then stop them – they have no right to insist that you agree this first with the company taking the payments.

Be aware, though, that you will still be responsible for paying any money that you owe, if you have not cancelled the contract.

Again keep calm and stick to your guns, the bank must act in your interest so don’t let them fob you off. If not you can always report them as well to the Financial Services Authority.

Another option is to ask for a “chargeback” for the money that has been taken from your account. The company then has to prove to its own bank (who processed the payment) that it acted 100% legally and complied with all the laws necessary. It must also prove that you were not misled or miss-sold and if it can’t do this then you will have the money refunded.

7. Learn The Lessons

Hopefully you will have managed to extract yourself from this whole mess and can move on with your life.

Remember that 99.9% of free trials are a scam, these people are manipulating people in order to make vast profits for themselves. They have no morals or guilt about what they do so fight them and get your own back! Always keep this in mind when you are dealing with these people, you have the moral high ground.

Please do not confuse all diet pills with these free trials. There are many decent companies offering good products amongst all the rubbish and scams out there. This was why this site came about, to try and offer objective advice on diet pills so that ultimately the consumer gets a good product from a good company at a good price. Please see our list of approved diet pills that we feel you can order without any nasty shocks.

If we can stop one person from signing up to one of these scams, or help one person get their money back after being duped then it will have all been worth it. Please post a link to this page on any forums, Facebook pages and Twitter where this sort of thing is being talked about. Hopefully with some hard work and a bit of luck we can get these horrible free trials finally banned altogether.

Disclaimer: Please do not take any of the above as legal advice. We are not qualified lawyers and as such can’t offer legal advice. We are consumer advocates so are offering our views and opinions from the point of view of the consumer. If you are in any doubt over what you have read, then please get proper qualified legal advice before going any further.

Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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  1. shazz says:

    Completely Bogus Company … Bluffdale

  2. Missy says:

    Bad company practices, stay away from this one (Apidextra). They don’t refund your money as promised!

    • Jennifer says:

      I’m so sorry you’ve been scammed by a company named Adipaxtra… but that should have been a dead give away, since Adipax is a prescription diet pill.

  3. Paula says:

    Does anyone have an address for slimtoneplus/bodycleanseplus??

    • Margaret says:

      Hello Paula,

      I too am trying to get the full address for slimtoneplus etc. I phoned the company and after about 20 mins got to speak to someone. The address I was given is 222 Shannon Airport House SFZ Shannon, County Clare, Eire. I can’t find a postcode for them as yet. Hope this helps.

      • sam says:

        hi, i am now trying to send mine back, i have got the same address as you, do you think it is a bogus?? i’ve contacted my bank to block any more money coming out and cancelled the trial with an e-mail with the company but i’m not sure what to do now. send them to that address or what??


        • Pennie Laine says:

          Sam, I only signed up to the free trial yesterday 27/8/12, I have cancelled via email and followed there return ref email, it has all gone via thier auto email service so I contacted my credit card company and they have said they will block any payment requests, they have asked me for the company details, I noticed that you said you had blocked them could you help me out with the company details as I can not find the details anywhere

          • gill says:

            Pennie, the company dont give out any details, even on the letter that arrived with the goods. They will only contact you via an e.mail and then they give you a special code and the address (which is Shannon airport) to return the goods registered post.
            This is the e.mail address that i have been using since my order arrived and today 3/9 they e.mailed me, enclosing a special code number and the address to return my goods, which is Shannon airport.
            Take care phoning this company as the call centre is in Utah. US. !! Just e.mail & e.mail over and over.

      • Glenis Alder says:

        Yes that is correct address, there are no post codesin Ireland except Dublin apparently.

      • stephanie says:

        they emailed me date was 2nd october see this address?

        Dear Customer,

        Thank you for the request to cancel your subscriptions to the Slim Tone Plus and
        the Body Cleanse Plus auto ship programs; this has now been done for you.

        The bottles were sent to you as part of the auto-ship program you signed up for
        when you bought the Slim Tone Plus capsules, patches and the Body Cleanse Plus
        Trials. The terms for these offers were clearly displayed on the order pages.
        These terms state:

        By placing your order today you’ll be shipped a 30 day supply of Slim Tone Plus
        (you just pay P&P). If you feel Slim Tone Plus is not for you, cancel within 14
        days from the day you first ordered to avoid the purchase fee of £37.50 per item
        and enrolment in the auto-shipment program, which sends you a bottle of Slim
        Tone Plus every 30 days starting 30 days after your trial period starts, at the
        low price of £37.50 per item. By ordering you agree to the full terms and
        conditions shown here. To cancel any time call 0844 745 9698. (Terms are the
        same for Body Cleanse Plus.)

        You may return the last shipments sent to you on 20/09/2012 for a refund of £75
        (we do not refund our £4.95 shipping charges) for the Slim Tone Plus, and £37.50
        for the Body Cleanse Plus(we do not refund our £4.95 shipping charges). We must
        receive them back within 30 days of them being sent to you. UK distance selling
        regulations actually state that you must notify the company about your intention
        to return a product within 7 days of receiving it. We give you 30 days but are
        unable to offer refunds on products not returned within this time.

        We do appreciate that it’s not always convenient to get to a post office and we
        are therefore willing to offer you 50% off the cost of these orders. This means
        you can keep this latest order of Slim Tone Plus and just pay £37.50 instead of
        the normal £75.00, and the order of Body Cleanse Plus and just pay £18.75
        instead of the normal £37.50.

        If you would like to accept this 50% off and keep your latest order to continue
        your weight loss program, please respond back by email within 30 days of
        shipment date to confirm you would like 50% off.

        If you would still prefer to return your latest orders, we recommend returning
        them with Recorded Delivery, as this will ensure that the products have been
        received by our warehouse staff. Also, please include full name and postal
        address inside the package.

        The Return address is:

        Vision PO Box 111
        C. Clare

        If you require further assistance, please respond to this email, ensuring the
        ticket number is left in the subject line.

        Many Thanks,

        Slim Tone Plus Customer Service Team

        • Margarita mc cooey says:

          I wish to return these items to you. And cancel subscription. Could you forward an address

          • Watchdog Staff says:

            Hi Margarita,
            We do not own this product or have anything to do with Slimtone Plus or any diet product on this website. You will need to get in direct contact with the company concerned in order to cancel any auto-billing subscription.
            This is lots of advice in the this article and from other consumers who have commented too.
            We wish you the best in getting this resolved as soon as possible.
            Diet Pills Watchdog

        • linda says:

          how do i get my money back for product i did not recieve the company has taken moneys again and no product

        • Katharine Rack says:

          I have Sent so many emails regarding getting my money refunded and no response!
          I phoned the number lots of times and it tells me someone will email me and it never happens.
          So now you tell me how to get me refund as frankly the company is a joke and rip off!

      • Sasa says:

        I have just cancelled Ketone Premium Trial. The address I have to return Trial products to is Ketone Premium Returns, PO Box 113, Shannon, Co Clare, Ireland. They do not usually have post codes in Ireland. So hopefully this might help you. Strange tho’ it is Shannon as trial items arrived with UK post mark but no return address. Also had no confirmation email as promised and have tried for days to get through on phone. When it gets to phone number it says it does not recognize the phone no! I have printed it out as proof and wished I had never applied. Webpage led me to believe it was a Channel 4 TV trial

        • biz says:

          ive cancelled via my bank who are refunding my money to me i as i was not given any notice of a charge due to come out of my account and get a new account all together

          • biz says:

            Sasa i tried the phone number and got the same reply as The number not recognized sooo upset with myself for not being extra careful, they took two lots of £75 but ill only get back the 2nd payment they tried to take. I have never received any other products from them other than the trial pill which ive only used 2 would happily send it all back

        • Yaz says:

          Hi Sasa

          I have also purchased the ketone premium and the cleanse premium from ketone premium webiste, i’ve emailed them saying i wish to return the prodcuts although im worried they will still take the £75 from my account. Can u advise on this? have you contacted your bank? i paid by debit card, i dont know what to do. Im going to see what the bank can do for me to avoid an money being taken from my account.

          • Sarah says:

            I’ve cancelled my debit card. The bank have put it down as ‘lost’ so they can’t take anymore money out. Going to return things as not at this address.

          • susan says:

            I got caught out with the ketone and nutra green scam.After receiving then products I rang their customer service and was given reference numbers and told to sent them back to a PO box in Scotland.Which O did .Then I received an email saying I had 90p credit on my account so presumed all was well.A month later they charged my credit card for both products almost £180. When I called them they said they did not receive the products. My credit card company has frozen the amounts while it conducts an investigation and has blocked any further payments to them.As yet I dont knw if I will be liable for paying to my credit card company eventually or npt.

        • jackspratt says:

          I like many got sucked in by this free trial. I had to return it to a uk address from Ireland. Looks like those who order itand are living in the uk have to return to a P.O. Box in Ireland. For me I had to return to a uk P.O. Box. I cancelled before the product was dispatched and they still sent it. The problem is that with an address using a P.O.Box number, means it can sit there for weeks. Make sure to use recorded delivery as it can be tracted

        • alison says:

          hi sasa i also cancelled this trial sent everything back to the address you state noticed yesterday have still taken money out my bank have tried ringing but carnt get to talk to anyone trying now through my bank to get money back total scam also sent email with no response

        • claire says:

          Hey Sasa, I used the exact same company. I even cancelled the next day after ordering (04/02/2013) and they still took money out of my account a month later (04/03/2013)! They had even confirmed via email that the auto shipment had been cancelled on the 13th Feb!! I sent back the products in time (very difficult if you’ve never sent anything to Ireland before!). I contacted my bank to see if they could get my money back and they are hoping to sort it on Monday, they are very aware of the situation with Ketone Premium. I just need to prove to them that I cancelled the ‘contract’, which is illegal anyway it seems. Can’t wait for the Office of Fair Trading to catch these scammers!

      • mary says:

        There are no postcodes in County Clare. Just address County Clare, Northern Ireland – it will get there. Good luck.

    • Gillian says:

      The Return address is:

      222 Shannon Airport House
      SFZ Shannon
      Co Clare.

    • Steffiegirl says:

      Hi Paula,
      I haven’t even received mine yet but cancelled it ayway because it’s a scam. The address I was given is: Slimetone Plus Returns, PO Box 111, Shannon, County Clare, Ireland. But you must have an RMA numberwhich appears to be your original order number plus a load of other numbers. Can you let me know what you did in the end.
      Cheers Barb

    • bec says:

      hi paula, i was given the address as
      PO box 111
      c. clare ( i think this should be co.clare)
      they do not have post codes, but i am yet find this as a valid address.

  4. elaine says:

    I have been trying to contact the company for 4days now but no luck does any one know if I can stop the bank before any money go out

    • maria says:

      I have cancelled my debit card to ensure that no further monies are taken from my account.
      The address of 222 shannon airport house, county clare is the address that slimtone emailed back to me to return the pills I have googled this address and it is a valid address in county Clare Ireland. I will be sending the products back by recorded delivery so that I have evidence that they have received them
      i cancelled my subscription by email and have received a reply from them by email saying they have cancelled the subscription
      so hopefully by returning the pills this matter will be closed

      • gill says:

        Can I say it is no good cancelling your debit card because my bank told me that this company can get your new card number and you are back to square one. Hope this makes sense, i tried to cancel my card and bank said \i will have to wait until the first payment is made then they can help!!!!! I am very nervous about all this, I have sent two e.mails cancelling this body cleanse but have had nothing back. i too can see the very small address on the packet of Shannon airport, surely this has to be like a PO. box address which is wrong, but do you think sending these things back will work?

    • Christine says:

      Hi i cancelled my debit card and cllosed down my account. A real pain but better than them robbing me!! I have tried cancelling over the internet but its not letting me

  5. Janice Holmes says:

    How do I find the email address for Slimtone Plus? I can’t find it anywhere on the amazon website where it’s advertised? I’ve been scammed & been told by my bank I must email them first.

      • Andrea says:

        Glad Im not the only one as I too am trying to return products and stop payments with my bank. However I didnt get an email from them when I cancelled and am a bit worried now

        • gill says:

          Andrea, same here, but getting an e.mail back is only an auto-matic reply, I have e.mailed twice now and got back an immediate reply from this auto. thing, it is not from the real person. I am going to send an e.mail every day now, also I am sending it ‘flagged’ and if after the seven days is up I will return the packet to the Shannon airport address which is very tiny on the front of your address label. Then I will bombard the bank and get them to help me which so far they have been unhelpful.

    • gill says:

      Surely Janice, if you purchased through Amazon, you can get a full refund and no quibble, get in touch with Amazon straight away, they are a decent firm and tell them all about the product & the scam, they will be pleased you told them.

  6. jessica says:

    Hi ive sent my diet pills back and ive since recieved an email saying they have recieved the pills etc and any ongoing subscriptions and fees will be cancelled when i checked my bank ive noticed 75.00 has been taken out which would be 37.50 x 2 im so angry as i had only used 3 tablets and 1 patch so ive emailed them 3 times and told them to re imburse my money but just keep getting an automated response saying there dealing with my enquiry. Has anybody got any advice as what to do please.

    • gill says:

      Think you have to go your bank now and tell them this payment is unauthorised and fraudulent and they should be helping you. Read the above info. carefully and make notes, then bombard the bank and dont take ‘no’ for an answer. Ok?

    • fionn says:

      oh ive being caught too.. ot first pack in jan2013.. 85euro gone from a/c…. sickened .. same in feb , canceled in feb , another 85e gone, and same only few days ago .. emailed them and got and automatic email response and a ticket id number… sowhat now.. my back sayiny they wnt a letter that ive written to this”slimtone” people…

  7. savannah says:

    heya ive just subscribed to slimtone and now ive read this i dont really know what to do ive rang the number which was given several times and the caller says enter the number and press hash ive dont that god knows how many times and she keeps repeating i have had no email which i was ment to be given and i dont know what to do now!

    • gill says:

      Savannah, dont panic, I have done the same thing but am getting results. I got my parcel on 31st Aug. and panicked when I read this page. I e.mailed them at and told them i want to cancel and NOW. I heard nothing and by Monday, today, I e.mailed again and said that I had been to my bank and was going to go to the office of fair trading etc……. well I had a reply this evening saying send by reg. post back to the Shannon airport address and they gave me a unique code number which you need before you do anything. So e.mail them and tell them you want to cancel etc. and wait two days and if needs be send that e.mail again with added extra wording telling them you are not happy. Ok? Have a go. and be strong.

      • gill says:

        Savannah please note sorry gave wrong e.mail, it is this :

        Ok? When you send your e.mail (do it tonight) you will get a reply immediately but it is only an automated response reply, so wait until you get a proper reply from the un-named firm!!!

    • jessica says:

      Just keep emailing them and tell them you have read up on them and they are a scam and you want all your card details removed and your money refunded send them an email at least once a day and contact your bank asap explain what happened most banks are fully aware of this scam and normally refund your money once you tell them you have returned the pills etc hope this info helps let me know on your progress. The email is

  8. sue1968 says:

    hiya i signed up to slimtone plus and cleanser tonic and have had bad side effects my doctor has told me not to take them anymore, i have only took 3 days worth, i have tryed to call this company over and over again and had no reply they do not answer the phone i have sent emails to cancel everyday and have had no reply, i have asked my bank to not let any more payments come out of my account following the bad reviews and they have agreed to not let them take money out, i do hope this will be the end of it need to send back the product wear do i send it to pls can any1 help and will this be the end of it if i have cancelled payments via my bank does anybody no please

    • gill says:

      Sue, read all of the above letters and you will find out your info. but you need to have a code from this company via e.mail before you can post anything off. Where are you e.mailing to? Look above and there are two e.mail addresses choose the one you need and try again. (slimtone plus or bodycleanse) I e.mailed, got my code and posted mine off today cst £8.29!!!!! as the address is Ireland. As long as your bank are helping you that should be a good start but keep checking your account and make sure there are no monies being taken by this firm. Keep positive and strong, tell them in your e.mail that you have been unwell etc. make them listen to you. They should answer back in two days. Good luck.

    • jessica says:

      Hey sue hope your feeling better now, you need to read all the comments all the information is there for you and the address which you email the company on good luck sue.

  9. jessica says:

    Thanks for your reply gill, ive been in touch with my bank and they have said it isnt fraud its a dispute and they have had dealings with slimtone plus. I’m going to keep fighting to get my money back as i think its disgusting that this company thinks it can get away with it. I will let you know what happens.

    • gill says:

      Jessica, Surely this payment is UNAUTHORISED then?? Because you didnt authorise it!! I would challenge the bank quite honestly. I have just posted my stuff back @ cost £8.29 to Ireland!!!!! I am now going to wait to see what happens next. What a game, its ridiculous this is allowed to happen but the PO. told me today, Ireland is another country and not the UK. so it is more difficult to get results. I am so angry that I have been duped in this way. But I will fight to the end!

  10. jessica says:

    Hi savannah i suggest you phone your bank and get the payments for slimtone blocked and just explain the situation with this company that scams people good luck and keep us posted

  11. gill says:

    either depends on the product you purchased. Ok.

    • jessica says:

      Hi gill finally ive had some good news spoken to my bank lloyds tsb in the disputes department explained what happened with slimtone plus and they have had 100s of complaints and are aware of the situation they have refunded the 75.00 which i will get back tormorrow and blocked any future payments. I’ve also had a email back off slimtone plus saying they have refunded the amount which they took which to be honest did shock me. I want to say to everyone whos has been scammed by this company to not give up and let them get away with it i am prove you can get your money back and get this company STOPPED.

    • geoff says:

      i hope good news i to have sent lots of emails but still no answer but i did get through to teliphone and was given a number to confirm cancilation and was told
      the would answer by email
      if any items are despatched i wiil return but they said i had to keep first shipment
      and would be charged £18.75 ? i will just send them back hope this helps
      note the phone number they request is your home number which you gave at start
      so try ringing again and follow there instructions good luck

  12. tasha says:

    hi ive jus recieved my slimtone plus capsules after relaising this was a scam i emailed them yeterday asking to cancel it i then gt a automatede email back ? im nw panicing tht they are going to try and take loads of money frm me what do i do now ?

    • gill says:

      Read all the above responses Tasha. Same happened to me, the auto response at least means they have received your e.mail, wait for two days and if nes. send e.mail again and again. You need to get a proper e.mail with a special code number before you send anything back! Postage back is expensive but never mind that, also ring your bank and try to block any payments to this company. Ok.

      • jessica says:

        Morning gill thanks for the message, have you had anymore messages from slimtone yet? and are the bank looking into it for you ?

        • gill says:

          I am in Limbo at mo. Jessica, just a waiting game, I sent parcel yesterday with ‘airsure’ via the PO. at cost£8.29! So i am now waiting to receive that e.mail to say its all over! I have told my bank and I keep checking my balance (I bank online) and if anything happens I will be straight to the bank for help. They did tell me (bank) that they couldnt help until any monies had been taken! Scary or what?

          • jessica says:

            Its a horrible thing to go through gill, that company dont realise how much stress its causing people like me and you i bank online too and im still waiting for the bank to re- imburse this £75.00 they said it would take 24 hrs but its well over that now think im going to have to phone again and ive also emailed slimtone plus and asked them when i will be recieving the refund they said they had put back. All whats happened has taught me a lesson NOT to order trials for diet pills again !!!!! EXPENSIVE PRICE TO PAY TO WANNA LOSE WEIGHT oh well guess im going to try holland and barratt they have loads of fat burners etc. Try not to get too stressed out gill.

          • gill says:

            Jessica, have replied to you here because underneath your last reply there is no red reply tab!!
            Hope you can see this!
            All I can say is, why dont we all join our local Slimming world club, LOL. and eat sensibly and hopefully lose weight that way, I dont really like ‘tablets’ anyway so not sure why I sent for these things!! Think I read that it aids weight loss etc……. and was fooled. :(
            Never mind and never again, how can we show this rotten firm up! Maybe go to the newspapers??!!?
            I will settle down once again as soon as this is all over.

    • jessica says:

      Hi tasha, please dont panic too much we have all been scammed but you dont give in to them i sent my diet pills back by airmail letter from the post office and it cost me 2.93 for the 2 lots of tablets plus the simtone patches and i sent them from bham to ireland. Make sure you put your name and address in the padded envelope with a rma number if you get one by email if not dont worry as i didnt but i still sent them back and they recieved them. Also just let your bank know what s going on with slimtone plus how you have been scammed as pretty much all the banks are aware of this company and ask them to block any future payments. Good luck tasha keep us posted. jess

  13. Sam says:

    I placed an order for both of these products today in seconds of placing the order i read reviews and these messages, i emailed both companys instantly twice and contacted my back, i removed all funds from my bank so the first initial payment for the “free trail” postage and package cannot be taken as there are no funds available and i do not have an overdraft therefore the order cannot be processed making the contract void (thats my hopes) does anyone think that what i have done will work as no payment from either company has been taken nor will they be able to take so therefore they shouldnt even send anything to me.

    • gill says:

      Hhhmmmm. not sure about removing all funds from your bank Sam. All I can think is that they will take the funds, regardless of an empty bank acc. and then you will be overdrawn and the bank can charge you for being overdrawn. On the other hand if you close your bank acc. that would be different, maybe ask your bank to re-open a new one if you need to.
      I think you may be alright though, as you say there are no funds and therefore they might not process the order!
      Its all a waiting game, i am still waiting to hear that all has been cancelled and I am keeping a close eye on my bank acc.
      I wish there was some way we could warn others people, dont you?
      Keep checking everything Sam, and let us know what happens.

      • jessica says:

        HOORAY finally the money has been refunded back into my account all that emailling paid off. Defo agree with the slimming world lol !!!! hows your complaint going gill? jess

        • gill says:

          Jess, wonderful news, TG. for that.
          I have heard nothing, buy maybe no news is good news……. who knows, I keep checking my account though, paranoid or what? Lol
          Slimming world here we come Lol. (much cheaper and safer)

          • admin says:

            Hi Gill,
            We wanted to say thanks for you’re fantastic contribution to this site. You have no doubt helped many consumers tackle this problem and given hope that they are not alone.
            Slimming World offer some good products, which we will be reviewing soon, so keep an eye out.
            Thanks again, we really appreciate you’re involvement and support you have given other consumers.
            Diet Pills Watchdog Team

        • Jaclyn says:

          Hi Jessica, I’m really grateful for all of the advice you have posted on these people after I got caught out. I got my RMA numbers yesterday and posted the tablets back via international recorded delivery. I was just wondering whether you had any problems with them saying they havent received the package as the post office told me that you can only track it as far as the UK boarder? I wouldnt put it past Slimtone to try and weasel out of refunding people with this excuse. I just wondered if you had any thoughts?

          • gill says:

            Jaclyn, the same happened to me, I e.mailed them a rather curt e.mail threatening all sorts if they didnt reply to me. They replied saying they had not received my parcel, I went mad, I tracked the parcel through the PO. and they told me it had been delivered, so I e.mailed again and this time told them to dare to charge my account, that I was going to the OFT. and even to the police, it took three more days before i got an answer to tell me my order had been cancelled. I was not going to give in to them, they were like you said trying to weasel out of refunding but now I am glad to say it is all over for me.
            By reading all the letters on here it sounds like this company will try everything to get out of giving our cash back.

        • robyn dejoode says:

          Hi who did you email I cant find a email adress

  14. admin says:

    Thanks for all your comments. We are glad the post has been informative and we hope useful for consumers who have fallen for so called “free trial” scams.
    Please remember though that there are decent retailers and manufacturers out there, not all are just after you’re money but offer reasonably priced, good products.
    After being the victim of such scams it’s not surprising the last thing you wish to do is shop for other diet pills. With this in mind, why not enter our free monthly prize draw where you can win a free bottle?
    Here is the link:
    We will be announcing August 2012 winner on Monday!
    Thanks again for your comments and contributing to the site.
    Diet Pills Watchdog Team

    • lisa says:

      Hi everyone, this is my story so far ..ordered ketone premium and cleanse premium 11 days ago p+p 4.98 came out same day never received email confirmation read these reviews and canceled my debit card 9 days ago bank said that would stop them taking any more funds received package yesturday with patches I didn’t order (10 days after order was made) sent email “” today requesting cancelation of “autoship programme” and Returns number for each product of which I will only be sending 50% back as this is the stated requirement on the leaflet provided I get them sent back within the 21day time frame since ordering. Good luck everyone!

  15. PJ Livings says:

    Thank you dietpillswatchdog for your help and advice on these pages. I fell for the SlimTone scam last night just before I found this website. I saw something on Facebook about Adele having lost 2 stones and followed the link leading to an apparent magazine page where the product was mentioned cleverly as if the staff writer was testing it and found it to be fantastic. I researched raspberry keytones online and all sounded interesting, so followed the link to the free trial for SlimTone and ordered the free products. Something about the confirmatory emails didn’t seem right. Further searches uncovered this website and I was so glad of your voice in the darkness. On SlimTone’s phone number, I could not get past the recorded message asking me to input my phone number, but I emailed them citing their lack of complance with the distance selling regulations you outlined above. Only had an automated reply so far. Today I called Visa and they were very helpful. They will prevent any further payments going out, although I’ve lost the delivery charges but that’s not too bad. Visa are cancelling my card and sending me a new one. Thanks again for spot-on advice. If I ever feel inclined to buy diet pills online again, I will check here first!

    • admin says:

      Thanks for getting in touch and reporting you’re experiences.
      It’s unfortunate that companies who employ such tactics damage the reputation of the supplement industry, particularly the weight loss one! There are honest, reputable retailers who do confirm to the various regulations, who do not rely on tricks to promote their products.
      We should add that NOT ALL Raspberry Ketone supplements are marketed as “free trial” scams.
      Thanks again.
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team

    • gill says:

      PJ.Livings…….. I wonder if we all write to Facebook or contact them to tell them about this company, do you think they might help, if enough of us do it??

  16. catherine says:

    Hi, yes i purchased the colon cleanse pills. checked this forum unfortunately after i got the free trial. I phoned to cancel after 6 days, an american accent on automated system gave me details of where to send the tablets back to. They also offer you to keep the remaining tablets at a price of approx £18, I didnt want to keep them, so a number was given to me to attach to the tablets on return. Unfortunately the american lady spoke to fast with the numbers, and there were many of them on the code, that i had to listen quite a few times, hopefully i wrote the right ones down, she was so difficult to understand and spoke so quickly. I sent off by registered post, it cost me £7.00 to send to Ireland. i have kept my post office tracking receipt. I got in touch with my bank as i ordered these with my credit card, and was told to wait and see if any monies were taken out of my account, and then they could do something. I am sending an e-mail to this company tonight to say that i have sent the tablets back. Hopefully this will be the end of the matter.

    • gill says:

      Fingers crossed Catherine, as you can see all the above have been ‘caught’! You have done all the right things, brilliant.

  17. LYNN says:

    Hi everyone, I have just sent off for my free trial then read these pages of complaints..I am horrified!!! I have emailed them straight away to cancel my free trial before shipping. I found a site that advised to tell them that I would contact the trading standards if this was not done as they wouldnt have time to ship the goods or take money from my bank.I shall be going to my bank tomorrow to stop them taking money, I do feel stupid and should have known it was to good to be true. Many thanks for all your comments it has made me feel a little better to no that I am not alone, this company need to be exposed!!!!!

  18. georgia says:

    on friday i did the same thing signed up for my free 14 days trial for slim tone tablets etc after reading the news article about that lady susan taking the free the free trial and it working,then just last night i looked it up on the net to see the reviews about it and realise they were a scam this the second time ive put my faith in these faults companies,but this time i hope ive been quick off the mark ive already filled out a cancellation form to them before they have even sent the pills to me or removed money from my bank.hopefully fingers crossed they wont continue to process any of my ialso sent a text to them to let them know their company is a scam.

  19. gill says:

    Georgia & Lynn, think you will find they will post your parcel anyway because that is what they do, they want you to receive your goods so they have got the chance to charge you etc. STAY CALM. (unlike me. Lol) e.mail them again and again, follow advise from above (on this page) and then when you get your RMA, returns code, send tabs. back, dont open them or they charge even more, I sent mine by ‘airsure’ £8.29 !! and have heard nothing from them, i dont know if they received them or not. Such a rude company.
    Jessica…….not heard back from FB. but boy did I enjoy writing my complaint :)

  20. gill says:

    Jessica, after spending £8.29 on postage and then having to write another e.mail to this flaming company, they have e.mailed me today 11/9 to say they havent received my parcel!!!!!! I am furious, I do have all my receipts but am wondering if this is this company’s way of trying to charge me the full price after 14 days etc. I have e.mailed again and told them to even dare to take money from my account and see what happens!
    I just wish this was over.
    Have tracked parcel it WAS delivered on the 7/9/12 !!!!! What are they playing at?

  21. gill says:

    Interesting info. we could all inform the police online if we want to :

    here is what they say about Fraud:
    Fraud is when trickery is used to gain a dishonest advantage, which is often financial, over another person.
    There are many words used to describe fraud.
    Scam, con, swindle, extortion, sham, double-cross, hoax, cheat, ploy, ruse, hoodwink, confidence trick.

    Thought this was worth reading, I am about to report this online to the police if the bodycleanse company keep telling me they haven’t received my parcel, which I know was delivered on the 7/9 !

    • geoff says:


      • gill says:

        Sorry Geoff, just read this, didnt know the action fraud wont help….they did help another lady on here and she said it worked for her, luckily i didnt have to go that far but maybe the AF. police are overloaded with queries and cannot cope. Thanks for telling us though.

  22. Mum0f4 says:

    The returne address is Slim Tone Plus Or BodyCleans Returnes
    222 Shannon Airport House,
    SFZ Shannon
    Co Clare.

  23. Becky W says:

    Hi all,
    I also applied for the free trial in Sunday and they have arrived today!! I feel so stupi and can not believe that I fell for this. I read the fake news article and saw that it had been featured in DAily Mail and Tv so thought it must be true. I have emailed the company but have only had the automated response!!! I’ll try again tomorrow and speak to my bank about cancelling the order. I had NO idea that you were signing up for a monthly order, I didn’t see ANY terms or conditions.
    Thank you do much to all of you for your invaluable advice and fingers crossed this company will be closed down as soon as possible!!!! ????

  24. Jaclyn says:

    Hi there, I am ashamed to say that I also fell for the ‘Free Trial’ Scam from Slim Tone. I constantly feel sick when I think that I have done this to myself. I wasn’t aware that they would charge me £37.50 and then £18.00 for these tablets. I have contact the company and closed my account to stop them sending me any more these tablets, I have also contacted my bank to ask if they can stop them taking anymore money. My bank told me that they could not stop them, but they could investigate if they took anymore after the account with slimtone was closed.

    I have sent lots of emails to Slimtone and Body Cleanse but obviously they don’t want to reply to me. My next task I think is to start phoning them. I was just wondering whether two return codes are needed as both bottles arrived in the same envelope? Hoping that someone will read this and advise me of what to next. I’m so destressed and upset that this has happened. I should have known better and wont ever try this again.

  25. gill says:


    Dear gill,

    Thank you for using BodyCleanse_Trial_UK. This email is to inform you that your subscription status has been recently updated and any ongoing or all future charges have been cancelled as per your request.

    If you have any questions about the cancellation of this subscription, or if you would like to re-activate the same in the future, please feel free to contact our Customer Service team.

    Boy am I glad this is all over now.
    Good luck all you others. read the above info. and keep strong in your fight against this company. :)

    • Jaclyn says:

      Hi Gill, Thanks replying to my earlier post. ( I couldnt put it up there, I dont know why!) The company has of course claimed to have not yet received it. I do have an email saying that my account has been closed and that I will not receive any more shipments. So I hope they dont charge me anymore, I just want my refund now, but I have a feeling that they are going to try and drag this out. as long as possible. Still, never mind I have emailed them the tracking number and will phone in a day or two, unless you could think of anything else I can do in the meantime.

      Thanks for your advice

      • gill says:

        Hi Jaclyn, found your reply, what I did was scan the post office receipt and sent that in yet another e.mail!! Have you put a block on payments at your bank? In another e.mail (dont phone, its too expensive) I would not only scan the receipt but tell them you are going to the Office of fair trading (even if you are not!) and the bank wont accept any more monies going out……just tell them all these things in a threatning sort of manor, this is what I did, boy was I cross, and it worked, think I also mentioned the police, actionfraud. etc Dont be nice Lol. They need to know who they are dealing with! Each e.mail might take a couple of days so hang on in there. Ok. Hope this all works for you. good luck. Gill.

        • Jaclyn says:

          Hi Gill,

          I sent them another email yesterday informing them of the tracking number and that I knew the package had been delivered.

          This 72 hour automated thing is just another way for them to avoid responsibility as I was very assertive in my email and amazingly I had another email back from them on the same day telling me that they are going to process my refund for both items!

          They said it might take 5 working days but at least I am getting somewhere now lol! I will let you know what happens!
          Big Thanks

          • gill says:

            Good news Jaclyn, i am pleased for you. You have to be tough with this lot as you now know!! Look forward to hearing even more good news and glad to have been of help.

  26. Lesley says:

    Hi. I also got scammed after reading an advert showing a channel 4 reporter who had supposedly taken slimtone plus and body cleanse. I decided to send them back as I did not use them so I was googling the address when I came across a site saying it was all a scam. Firstly I went to my bank to stop any further payments and secondly I wrote a letter of complaint saying I believed I had even scammed according to the watchdog website and that I would report them to the OFT and other various official bodies. I also cancelled any further shipments.

    I returned them to a PO box address which is on their website thinking nothing would happen. However, shortly after I received an email frm slimtone plus saying that my order had been cancelled and I would receive a refund of £75. At the same time I received an email from body cleanse saying that my order had been cancelled and I would receive a refund of £37.50. I though to myself, oh yeah! Anyway for the last few days I have been checking my bank account and guess what, no money. However, I have just checked my account and da da my money has been refunded.

    I suggest that you persevere and find that PO box address and send your complaint and pills there. It worked for me so maybe they have realised what trouble they are in and have decided to do the decent thing. I doubt it, but if it worked for me it could also work for you

    • leanne says:

      Hi Lesley. i have also been scammed by slimtone plus and body clease plus! what is the PO box address or if you do not know it then please tell me where i can find it! and what i should say in my letter. please advise!!

      • Lesley says:

        Hi. Just found it from my proof of postage. It’s PO box 4802. S10 9FE. Hope you get the same result as I did. Lesley

      • gill says:

        Leanne, take your time and read all the responses above, it will tell you word for word what to do Ok. ? You need to e.mail and cancel your account, tell them you will report them to the OFT. cancel the payments at your bank and tell them also that you have done this. You need to receive a long RMA. number which you have to put on the front of the returns packet, without this you will be charged. An e.mail takes a few days to get through so be patient, but if you dont hear after 4 days, keep e.mailing until you do. When you return your package get a receipt, this is very important. Have a go and see what happens. Gill

  27. geoff says:

    you don’t get out so easy i thought i was home and dry but
    i rquested a RMA no on 12th sept and repeated request to the 15th and gave up
    and just sent the goods back on 15th with recorded del
    17th sept they have just sent me RMA numbers 2 with 17 digets to add to confusion
    i informed them this was to late
    they now say failure to prvide the RMA no could mean i still will be charged
    its now cat and mouse with my band they have withdrawen funds twice
    and my bank has refunded same
    what next can any one help

    • gill says:

      Geoff, you needed that RMA number!!!! because they can now say that you have not returned the pills. I would e.mail and say you will report them to OFT. also to the police if need be, say you are fed up with being taken for a ride and you want a refund. now and fast ! You could scan your receipt and send with the e.mail so they know you mean business. Keep checking your bank acc. but also make sure you have put a block on more payts. You could close your account, drastic I know but you are in a different position having returned your goods without that RMA. Let us know what happens. Gill

  28. gill says:

    Anyone new coming on here needs to read this 1st:
    either depends on the product you purchased. Ok.
    Keep calm, persevere and be strong. You will get there in the end.

  29. Jaclyn says:

    Well after about a week of hell I finally got my refund from these people!! I am going to be watching my bank account like a hawk to make sure they don’t take anything else and they will no all about it if they do as I have emails from them confirming that my account has been cancelled! Just want to say a HUGE thanks to everyone for their advice on here – in particular Gill who has helped me through the whole thing. It obviously goes without saying that I will never be doing anything like this ever again!

    • gill says:

      Thank you Jaclyn for those sweet & kind words, I am glad to have been of help and so pleased that your nightmare is over. Like you I keep checking my bank account, Lol, not that I’m loaded or anything but what is in there is mine!! and how I agree with your last statement, Never again, it has to be sensible eating from now on without the help of ‘diet pills’, we dont need them, we just need a healthy sensible diet, by the way good article in the ‘daily mail’ today 20/9, all about diet pills and the horrors of taking them, quite sad stories, everyone should try to read this, its in the femail section.I am so glad I didnt take mine.
      Take care now. Gill. :)

  30. Angela says:

    Can anyone advise under what name they take the direct debit- is it Slimtone? They haven’t taken any money from my account yet, and although I’ve emailed and canceled, and told them NOT to debit my account, I would like to tell my bank not to pay it, but don’t know what name they present the direct debit in.

    Be grateful if anyone can let me know this.

    • gill says:

      Hi Angela, sorry I have been away and just seen your mesage. If this helps my payt. was on my account as Body Cleanse. So presumeably yours will just say either the same as mine or Slim Tone.
      I do hope you have sorted things out.

  31. steph says:

    I too fell for the facebook advert with adele. i rang to canel this morning only to told i ad to pay £37 or send the bottle back costing £8+. i complained to the man that it was in fact in no way a free trail then was is! he said it doesnt say anywhere that it is free and that i havent read the terms and contitions properly. i am so annoyed with myself for getting into this situation. very misleading advertising!!!

  32. Kath says:

    Just got a bank statement, bodycleanse have taken £107.50 out of my account on 24th Spetember and I have received no goods. I phoned by bank Nationwide they were not very helpful – I need to go into the bank and cancel my card – as the co. have got my card details – they cannot stop the payments. What is the best way to get hold of them? The phone was useless and I spoke to nobody, and it has cost a fortune to phone the 08447459698!!

    • gill says:

      Dear Kath, like us all above, we have been caught too! Now to action, you are best to e,mail them straight away, be strong in your e.mail and tell them you are taking action, that you have cancelled your card and closed account (you dont have to do any of these by the way) say you are contacting the police and the OFT. also be threatening in your tone. I did all this and made it work for me. The main thing is you need their confirmation and RMA.number if you are returning goods.before you do anything. I dont understand why you have been charged and received no goods! That should be called fraud in your banks eyes,(taking money without goods) so go and pester them for help and dont take NO for an answer. The e.mail address is this
      Keep e.mailing, daily x 2, if needs be and wait for an answer. Please read all the comments above for info.
      Also go to Facebook and report this advert, I did. :
      If enough of us do it they might stop the advert!
      Good luck. Let us know what happens.

  33. B says:

    I fell for the Slimtone scam on Monday and feel so silly as I am usually very careful about things like this. I have obtained my RMA numbers from the automated voice and have posted the products back via recorded delivery (on Thursday). I also cancelled the bank card I used to pay for the ‘free’ trail. But someone wrote that cancelling the bank card alone is not enough as they can still take money out. Is this true? My bank (HSBC) said that there is no way for them to as long as the card has been cancelled. Has anyone found it to be otherwise? I really don’t want the anxiety of chasing them for a refund. Thank you.

  34. stephanie says:

    how i get cancelled my bank to stopped them?

  35. stephanie says:

    they had told me return address is vision Po Box 111, shannon, C.Clare, Irelsnd,

    im unknow if address is 222 Shannon, airport house, 5fz Shannon. c.clair, Ireland.


  36. Christina says:

    I’ve also been a compete sucker and received my slim tone and body cleanse plus pills today. Thanks all for the advice but I would like to add that you need to telephone your bank and cancell your debit card details, which I have done and have done with previous scammers. Please note that this will resolve the issue the company will not have the ability to retrieve your new card details like I’ve read above, this is not true!! If your bank is refusing then I suggest that you call the follow day and report your card lost or stolen. I will be sending these pills to the address advised and sending these people a email!! Big lesson learnt!!!

    • gill says:

      Christina, I do agree with all you have said but my bank, Barclays, told me this company will not stop at anything to get their money and that they can debit our accounts regardless!! I’m not sure if they can do this or not now, used to work for them but before the days of debit cards etc. !
      I told the company in my e.mail that I had cancelled my cards and put a block on my acccount (I hadnt though) and if they dared to take any money I would be after them etc etc…… have to be tough and keep very strong, tell them you are reporting them to OFT. and then it is all a waiting game. Luckily this worked for me.

  37. Philippa says:

    This has all been so helpful, thank you!
    No money has been taken out of my account but I am sending back body cleanse plus and slimtone plus today (1 week after ordering). Do I need to put the body cleanse and the slimtone in different packages or can I put them in the same package with my RMA numbers?
    Thanks everyone!

    • gill says:

      Phillipa, I would send them together as you only have 1 RMA number, get a receipt from the PO. though and keep hold of it, I had to send an e.mail showing a scan of my receipt because they tried to tell me that they hadnt received it!!! They are a tough lot to deal with, that is why you have to do all that it tells you above!!
      Good luck now.

  38. lorraine says:

    hi guys i have been scammed to i am just going to post them back today 11th oct 12 i have paid just the postage 8 somthing. i went to the bank told them about the auto payment thing and they cancelled my card and said it will be a differnt number accross the middle as the old number is now reported lost they will not be able to us it. im very angry about this the adddress i have is vison po box 111 shannon co clare to sent them back when i put the letter in should i say they have been rumbled as a scam and let rip or not.

    • gill says:

      Lorraine, I wouldnt let rip in the letter enclosed with your returns just in case they try to take more money in spite. You could send an e.mail afterwards when you know that you are in the clear.and tell them not to even think about taking money etc. do read all the advice above and you will see how many of us have been caught. Make sure you have a receipt from the PO too.and keep it safe. the address is: PO box 111
      222 Shannon Airport House,
      SFZ Shannon
      Co Clare.
      Hopefully you have got your RMA number, about 17 numbers long! because that needs to go on the front of your returned packet.
      Good luck now.

  39. vicky says:

    I feel an absolute fool!! I purchased both free tirals of the slimtone/ clensing products and then read up about the scam.
    I cancelled my card stright away and called the company, although its all computor operated and says its cancelled, however they will be taking a charge of £35 and £18 from my account.
    I called the bank to make them aware and they said the transactions went through and are pending, so there is nothing they can do untill the money has been taken out and i can call back to claim my money back.
    I pray that I do.
    I feel like a first class idiot and very angry at myself for being lead into this. I have also emailed the company to cancel and make clear that i do not want any product sent out to me and no money taken from my account. (I do belive i am being hopefull that they wont send them or that they wont take my money) But I do hope not. I am hard on cash as it is and very worried!
    Lesson definitly learned.

  40. vicky says:

    I have my RMA numbers, although i have cancelled my card, so will they be able to refund me my money once i send the products back!?

  41. gill says:

    Good question Vicky!! As long as you have not opened the products either, if you have they will charge you anyway.
    I would be very firm with them, send them back a.s.a.p. get receipt and then keep e.mailing until they answer and tell you what they have done. I do hope you get your refund, I didnt cancel my card because I was told by my bank that they can still debit me. So just keep at them and see what happens. Good luck.

    • Watchdog Staff says:

      Hi Gill,

      Can we just say how grateful we are for all the help you are giving to other consumers who have been taken in the by scams out there. Its heart warming to see someone giving something back to others and makes our job worth doing.
      As we can only report what we find and what is reported to us, then its great to get real feedback from real consumers who know first hand what it is like to deal with these guys.
      Once again many thanks :)

      Diet Pills Watchdog Team

      • gill says:

        Hi Watchdog team, You are most welcome, this kind of thing makes my blood boil so if I can help in any small way then I am more than willing. :)

  42. vicky says:

    Thanks Gill!
    Well I sure hope they can’t take any more money from my account.
    Not opened any of the products that was sent to me, will send them back and keep on at them, hopefully I will get some money back.
    I am just very grateful that I didnt lose hundreds like some people have with this scam!
    Thanks again Gill. Will post back once/if i get a result!

  43. juliet says:

    hi Gill, I fell for bodycleanseplus free trial, I took one tablet and it made me sick. I want to return rest the unopened packages and stop my card. what should do since I can’t remember my RMA number?


    • gill says:

      Juliet, sadly you have opened your pills so you will be charged. Also you need to have a RMA. number to return goods, so e.mail them, be firm, say you want to cancel immediately and do not want to be charged next month, you can say you will report them to OFT. and that you have cancelled your account/card and that they will not be able to take any money from your account (all this need not be true but be forceful anyway). Keep e.mailing if they dont answer and when sending an e.mail mark it with a red flag to mark it urgent. If they have given you any ref. numbers quote those too. Ok
      Re-read all I have said above and act quickly.
      Let me know!

  44. Daniela says:

    Hi, same problem here. I just want to return them. I have my RMA number but the address they gave me is different. It is also posted above. The 111, not the 222.
    The ones that got results, which is it? thank you

    • gill says:

      Hi Daniela,
      support (at) bodycleanseplus (dot) com
      The address is,
      PO box 111
      222 Shannon Airport House,
      SFZ Shannon
      Co Clare.
      As you can see the PO box number is 111
      and the airport address is 222. OK.
      Get them sent straight away and hold on to your receipts.
      Hope it goes well for you.

  45. jess says:

    The best way is to cancel your bank card if you can afford to wait a few days for a new one to come. i did this the day after as i was worried they would try take more than the delivery. i have just rung my bank again today to block slimtone but they said now i have applied for a new card no more money can be taken from that account. i am about to send the pills back today.I think there are two address’s i was given the po box 111, shannon,county clare, ireland. i will send this recorded delivery. either way my bank card is cancelled so they wont be taking any money from me.

    number to ring 08447459698 dont enter your number, wait a min cos they give you options. wait for the option to speak to an advisor.i rung at 9am got through straight away. i used a works phone as i can imagine costs will be high.

    • gill says:

      Jess, all calls go through to UTAH, USA !! So its too expensive to phone, and there is only one address, look above, it is a po. box at Shannon airport. To send anything back you need to have a ‘RMA’ number, very important, which you can get if you e.mail the company and they e.mail it back. Please read all the info given above because we have all been though this process and my bank told me that the company can still debit your account once they have your details so keep an eye on things. Ok

  46. Carol says:

    I sent my pills back too. With the reference number they provided. I cancelled on 8 October and was charged £75.00 on 30 October. How to I get my money back??

    • gill says:

      Carol, go straight to your bank and say that this debit is unauthorised and has been taken from your account under false pretences. E.mail the company every day if needs be and tell them that you will report them to the OFT (office of fair trading) if they dont refund your money straight away, be very strong and dont take NO for an answer. The bank should be able to help block any more payts. from being taken. Hope this works, it should do.

  47. gill says:

    Click Here To Get A Free Trial Of SlimTone Plus
    Enter promo code “SLIM” to reduce shipping from £4.68 to £2.49!

    Click Here To Get A Free Trial Of BodyCleanse
    Enter promo code “SAVE” to reduce shipping from £4.68 to £2.49!

    The free trial offers end on Sunday 11 November 2012 , so be sure to act now!

    I SEE THE ABOVE ADVERT IS STILL GOING ON, ON FACEBOOK, AS ALWAYS I CLICK ‘Hide this advert’. to the right of the advert, then I click ‘misleading’, just to keep FB. informed ! The more we all do this hopefully the better. This advert features Adele.

    • nicky says:

      hi also got sammed got wind of the scam alomost immediately emailed them not to send the prodcts but as to be expected they went ahead and sent the products. called my bank to expain the whole situation and my card was cancelled so they willnot be able to take any more money from me apart from the postage for the fake products i received. i am definitely not paying any postage to have the products sent back to them if they want their product they shpuld send me a free post envelope and i would quite happily sen dit back to them.

    • nicky says:

      thats good keep up the good work

  48. gill says:

    Nicky…………you are the first on here to retain your products and wait for a free post label to be sent to you!!!!!!!!! You are being very brave and would like to know the outcome, as you can see from the comments above we have all been scammed but have sent our products back by post after being told a special RMA. number which you get from the company. The company usually debit your account for any products retained, so keep any eye on your bank account and please let us know what happens.

  49. janet says:

    just phoned pointpay on 020235880269explained slimtone plus is taking money out of my bank and i cant get in touch with them they took my details and they said they will block any money coming out my account wither it will work i dont know but its worth a try

  50. rebecca says:

    hi please may somebody help me i signed up for this scam to feel like a right muppet i will be sending the products back in the morning unopened. is best for me to cancel everything with my bank

    • gill says:

      Rebecca, read all the comments above and then step by step follow them. Do not send anything back until you have the correct code (RMA number) which they have to give you. E mail them, daily, if you need to. Do not ring them, it costs too much and yo are ringing Utah. USA. Ok
      Good luck. Gill.

  51. Sorcha says:

    I also fell for it! I live in Ireland so I’ve to post back to England, it’s a total scam because I’ve been reading other posts and English ppl need to post to Ireland. I’m a little worried, I rang my bank and cancelled my card and the bank told mr they couldn’t take any money as the card was cancelled. But I’m reading here people cancelled there card and they still took money. How did they do this??

    • gill says:

      Sorcha, do not post to England as the parcels go to Shannon Airport. Well at least that is where we had to send them. Read all the above and follow instructions, e.mail company and be strong and straight to the point. Get RMA number and address, which should be Shannon Airport. Once this company have got your account details apparently they can also get your money!! Make sure your bank is aware that you want payments cancelled straight away. Ok Hope this helps.

      • Sorcha says:

        Hey when I rang the help line the girl gave me address in England. I sent the an email asking why I had to send them to England and everyone else is sending to Ireland of course no one has got back to me. I rang my bank they said they shouldn’t be able to take money but if they do I can claim it back as I didn’t give them permission to take the money! I hope this doesn’t happen as I know it won’t be soo simple to get back.

        • gill says:

          Sorcha, you need to e.mail again and ask for the RMA number, very important, send an e.mail every day if you have to until someone answers. DONT phone as the call goes to USA. ok. Then post to address at the airport. Ok.
          PO box 111
          222 Shannon Airport House,
          SFZ Shannon
          Co Clare.
          Also make sure you get that return RMA number (about 12 digits) and write it on the packet.

          • Honey says:

            Thanx Gill for all your advice on here….OMG, I thought I was an intelligent woman, but I too have been duped into the slimtone plus scam!!! I was on a familiar safe website when the advert came up and I ordered my “Free Trial”. as soon as I had ordered it, I thought to myself somethings not right here and thought I would be card cloned. I ordered on Thursday and pills arrived on Saturday, the colour drained from me as I read the “small print”. How stupid am I. realising what had happened I imediately tried to contact the company, not easy!! I returned to the web site I ordered them from to get any info I could and then came accross this site too with info on what to do if you are scammed. I have found all your comments so reasuring and realise that anyone can fall for these scams and I not stupid at all.
            I sent four emails on sunday (am early, as I could not sleep with worry) stating I wanted to return packets, unopened as I could’nt take pills for medical reasons and just got an automated response, saying someone will contact me in 72 hours. Time wasting!! Monday morning I went straight to my bank and they were very helpful and understanding (it helped they were women staff so I didnt feel so embarassed) :) The card department said I should be ok as I have reported it early and she took details to block payments to the scammers but only after they have taken the P & P out. As soon as that shows up on my statement I have to call them back for them to write to the scammers. If the scammers do take any money after that, then it will go into dispute, the bank will pay me and the bank will get their money from scammers. I hope I have got there in time!! She said not to cancel my bank card, it wont help. Good….xmas is coming….I need it :)
            I checked emails today, no news only a strange FEDEX label, no address but a 19 letter/digit code at the start of the email. It dosent say who it is from. Is this my RMA code???Does any one know? where do they expect you to send it if they dont tell you??
            Oh the stress…..I have not told husband….he will think Im daft :) and I will defo NOT buy anything that is FREE again!!!

    • Daniel says:

      Hi, please could you tell me the UK address that you were given, it may be useful in trying to gain redress in the UK.

      Many thanks

  52. Jade says:

    I’ve just seen that this is a scam. These were shipped to me on 25th November. I just called them and pressed 1 to cancel the order (so I’m within 14 days).I understand that I must now return all but 14 days worth with the special codes. I will now call my credit card company to cancel any debits but I don’t know who the creditor is. Please let me know if you think I’m covered from all angles? Worried.

    • Honey says:

      Hi Jade, This is awful isnt it!! and the phone number is in Utah USA, so I am just emailing them constantly. Have you opened the packets?? I think if I send all products back unopened then I should not be charged….and why cant I charge them P & P which is about £10 registered to Ireland? I still dont know why they havent sent me a return address…..oh…hang on a minute…..of course……delay as long as pos to get your money :( Im so angry with myself for being duped…..grrrr

      • Honey says:

        This is the email I just recieved………….after my four very polite emails………………

        Dear Customer,

        Thank you for the request to cancel your subscriptions to the Slim Tone Plus and Body Cleanse Plus auto ship programs; this has now been done for you.

        Please note you are still required to pay for the products you have received after your 14 day trial period. The offer you have signed up for is to try Slim Tone Plus capsules, patches and Body Cleanse Plus for 14 days before you pay. These are not free or a 30 day trial, it does not say this on our website

        If you do not wish to pay for the products you have received after your 14 day trial period, you must return at least half of the contents to us within 21 days of ordering. This is all in accordance with the terms and conditions that you agreed to when you placed your order. You can see our full terms by going to http

        We do however appreciate it’s not always easy to get to a post office and that some people sign up to our offers without actually reading the terms.

        We are therefore willing to offer you a 50% discount on the products you have received, meaning you will pay just £37.50 for the month’s supply of Slim Tone Plus capsules and patches, and £18.75 for the month’s supply of Body Cleanse Plus.

        If you would like to accept this 50% off and keep your latest order to continue your weight loss program, please respond back by email within 21 days of shipment date to confirm you would like 50% off.

        If you would still like to return your order and not pay for it at all, please send it back to the address below and write the RMA number on the outside of the envelope. Please note payment will automatically be taken on day 14 but this will be refunded if you return it before 28/12/2012. If you return the product after 28/12/2012, we are not able to offer you a refund or ship the product back to you.

        Please make sure you include your name and address including postcode inside the envelope so we know who has sent the order back and we strongly advise you to use a recorded mail service which costs just a few pence more to ensure we receive your items.

        Your RMA number for the Slim Tone Plus capsules and patches is: 20753523768154645
        Your RMA number for the Body Cleanse Plus is: 20753533768158670

        Write this on the outside of the envelope and post it back to:

        PO Box 111
        C. Clare

        If you require further assistance, please respond to this email, ensuring the ticket number is left in the subject line.

        Many Thanks,

        Slim Tone Plus Customer Service Team


        • Joan says:

          I have been having fun trying to return the pills & patches to them ! ! What a scam this is … The print at the bottom of the advert is so tiny that I couldn’t even read it & had to print it out but THANKS to you got their physical address as there was absolutely nowhere that I could find it & the hassles were unreal.. The courier who took it to the UK is noow delivering it to the phyical address that you supplied. I have been telling everyone that I can about this so I am hoping that it makes a big difference in SALES ! ! Must just get my money back & then I will be happy but it wont stop me from spreading the word ! ! Wish their was place to put it up on their website but t wont allow you to put negative things ! !

          • gill says:

            Joan….did you see this advert on facebook? If so there is a link above where you can write to facebook and complain about this advert. I have done it, not sure if they listened but I felt better. Also on FB if you see this advert click on link to left of advert and ‘hide advert’ then click ‘misleading’. If we all do this something should get done eventually. Hope all goes well.

  53. gill says:

    Honey, just post them back a.s.ap. with the RMA number on packet and send 1st class, cost about £9 (which you wont get back) the address is not quite correct here it is :
    PO box 111
    222 Shannon Airport House,
    SFZ Shannon
    Co Clare.
    Then post haste. Put all in one packet for safety. Keep receipts very safe, you might need them later and you can track the parcel online too. Ok. Hope this all works, its better to lose the postage money than the scam money that this company want!
    Hope all goes well.
    JADE: keep e.mailing the company, dont phone Ok. follow all advise above because it works. We have all been caught.You need that RMA number to put on packet and the address is above too. Good luck. Gill

    • Honey says:

      All seems to be going too well…..Im nervous!
      Thursday: Order some rubbish pills online
      Friday: Spend day oblivious to scam
      Saturday: Pills arrive….notice the contract….feel sick & panic
      Sunday: Send four very polite emails saying cant have tabs due to docs advice & IBS
      Monday: Contact bank & tell them I’ve been silly & recieve an email from scammers with address and RMA code….suprised it was so quick!
      Tuesday: P&P gone from bank account so can contact visa to block any further payments, return pills/patches to scammers & email them to let them know I will be tracking parcel. Managed to lose 18 pounds….£15 in P&P back and forth and 3lbs in stress… god, those pills do work :)
      Wednesday: ? feel like this aint over yet but lovely lady at visa assures me everything will be ok and if money goes out the bank will refund me then they get money from scammers….a good night sleep tonight I hope ;)

  54. Annie says:

    oh. just ordered them and feel very stupid for not checking details.
    so I have emailed asking to cancel.
    Do I just send them straight back, registered post, and cancel through bank?
    looks like that’s the best way from reading these messages.
    dirty scammers.

    • Honey says:

      Hi Annie,
      Dont feel stupid, the lady from my bank said bless us girls, we will do anything to lose a few pounds!! We wont be the first or last to get stuck into this!!
      You must keep emailing them and wait for a RMA code. Dont send anything back with out that code!!! I said I had medical reasons so dont know if thats why I got a reply so soon, and I was extremely polite, until they rob me!!Tell your bank what has happened &they will tell you what to do. My bank knew the company straight away and has been dealing with them for ages. Unfortunatly the T&C covers them & they are not breaking the law!!
      Email them again tonight, tomorrow & again tomorrow until you get a reply with your RMA code.
      Dont panic, your bank will look after you. They will refund you if the scammers take any money after you have cancelled your order and returned goods back and got your bank to stop funds. The bank then gets the money from the scammers.
      Good Luck, I’ll keep in touch and let you know how my story pans out…..fingers crossed all is ok :)
      Cheers Honey

      • gill says:

        Well done girls, looks like you, Honey & Annie are on the ball. Keep e.mailing Annie and almost threaten them in your e.mail with Office of fair trading etc…… Think you could take a leaf from Honey’s book and say you cannot take them for medical reasons, why not say that, they need not know the truth and as they replied so quickly to Honey then I would go down that route to be honest.
        Honey you have done everything to the letter. :) Brilliant.

  55. Claudia says:

    wow what a shock team. I feel so stupid but thang god for this site.
    Ordered mine on 24/11 it arrived some time later by then I had forgotten I’d ordered. when I opened the box I thought it was very fish that there was no covering letter and no company details. I had the flier and quite frankly went into panic/denial mode and tried to forget about it. Only today I decided to google and shock horror here I am.
    I have bought the two types of tablets and have sent an email to both addresses am I dealing with the same company? Should I get this RAM code from each or will one (if I am luck enough to get one) surfice?
    I received an outo reply from Slimtoneplus straightaway and another email see below:

    This message serves as confirmation that you are now successfully registered in our support center.

    Registered Email: [email address removed]
    Password: [password removed]

    You can visit the Support Desk at any time by going to [URL removed]

    Please do let us know if you have any questions.


    Customer Support
    Support Center: [URL removed]

    Is that them?
    Will call the bank tomorrow I am so scared now. Is it right tha cancelling the credit card and getting a replacement wont do the trick?

  56. gill says:

    Right Claudia, don’t feel stupid now because we all have been caught! Start e.mailing straight away and send one a day and keep e.mailing until you get a reply. If you only get one RMA number then post them all back together in one packet, it will be cheaper that way (£8+ to post registered). But you need them to tell you the RMA 1st. Write that on front of packet and in e.mail use a ref. number in the subject line.
    Mention that you cannot take them because of medical reasons, this was Honey’s idea above and a good one too. Also read carefully what we have done and you will be successfull. Cancelling your card I was told by B…y’s bank is no use but as long as your bank know about this payt. they can help you if anything should happen. As long as you tell Slimtone not to take any money or you will take action, they hopefully will sit up and listen. Good luck.

  57. Honey says:

    Thanx Gill :)
    Yeh I noticed when I opened up packet that the ingredients on bodycleanse were basicaly laxatives!! If I want laxatives I’ll go to chemist and get some and not pay £37.50 + P&P !! Then I thought I’d email them saying doc said dont take them due to stomach problems and IBS, rather than let on I know its a scam because I thought they would take longer to reply, as read in the above comments from others, thats how it seems they work. Take as long as pos to reply to us to waste more time on your 14 day deadline. I was suprised I recieved my email within 24 hours. Maybe the IBS thing did work?? Worth a try. And stay polite….lots of please and thank you’s and lots of I look forward to hearing from you, thank you for your help etc :)
    Another tip….I noticed my automatic email I recived from them went straight to my junk mail box which gets emptied after 10 days. I marked it as safe and it moved to inbox so I can now keep all emails as proof ;)
    It’s been 8 days from start to end….so far….my parcel should be with them tomoz and that is within my 14 day “trial” period so they should not take any money. To make sure I will call Visa again and double treble check they will be blocking payments and if money does come out to make sure I will be reimburst.(my spelling is awful) :)
    I have also noticed that the advert for these pills is everywhere….I wanted drawing paper….”lose 2 stone in 3 weeks”. I needed some tropical fish food….there it was again flashing away at me…”new miracle diet”. So easy to click on link and get sucked in. Everybody is always looking for a quick diet fix so we are certainly not stupid as I called myself 100 times after this nightmare began.
    Good luck everyone!

  58. Honey says:

    sorry, me AGAIN!
    Just reading my email I recieved and I still think they will try and take my money??
    this is copy/paste section of my email:
    Please note you are still required to pay for the products you have received after your 14 day trial period. The offer you have signed up for is to try Slim Tone Plus capsules, patches and Body Cleanse Plus for 14 days before you pay. These are not free or a 30 day trial, it does not say this on our website

    ***If you do not wish to pay for the products you have received after your 14 day trial period, you must return at least half of the contents to us within 21 days of ordering. This is all in accordance with the terms and conditions that you agreed to when you placed your order.

    If you would still like to return your order and not pay for it at all, please send it back to the address below and write the RMA number on the outside of the envelope.
    ***Please note payment will automatically be taken on day 14 but this will be refunded if you return it before 28/12/2012. If you return the product after 28/12/2012, we are not able to offer you a refund or ship the product back to you.

    Defo contacting Visa again :/

    • gill says:

      Honey. its a nightmare indeed but keep strong and you dont have to be too polite in your e.mails anymore, once they receive your tablets back then get stroppy and let them know you mean business and you will report them etc etc…… dont have to actually do all these things but it helps to let them know you are on to them. As long as your bank are aware of these payments arriving sit tight and hingers crossed hope it has worked. When i returned my tabs they told me they hadnt recieved them, so I went mad, via e.mail and I checked online and they had been delivered, cheeky lot, anything to delay time etc. but it ended well for me, so I hope the same happens for you. If you see these adverts think you click them off??? I do on facebook and I also tell FB that they are misleading. Anything to try to get rid of them has to be the way forward!

  59. Claudia says:

    Thank you so so much to Gil and everyone who have contributed in here.

    I wrote to them in the middle of the night as I couldn’t sleep having read just about everything on this site. I got an auto reply straight away and as it turned out I received the stantard reply with the RAM and you can keep the stuff for half price etc etc but as Honey said it went to my junk box and I didn’t realise. So I followed it up with another email. Anyway, I finally returned the items yesterday via airsure as it is not possible to have signed delivery for a PO Box address. All in all I am £15 worse off and still worried. It is hard earned money and these scumbags have no right to get away with daylight robbery in that way. I have been courteous so far but have to wait and see. I was givem to RAM ref numbers but I sent a single parcel quoting both refs.
    All I will say is that without this forum I would have been none the wiser. Thank you all for sharing your experience and knowledge.
    Seems like we all could do with shedding a few extra pounds. There is a FREE diet which I can’t remember what is is called but basically you fast for a whole 24hrs dinner to dinner. Basically you eat normally (no abuse of course) then fast for two days. during the week. You can chose which ones. Google it and you can find out more. It is very hard to get used to but I think it works. Just a thought but please read up on it before hand and be sensible. I wish we could all get together at Costa or something when everything is over and joke about it over our skinny lates.
    Will keep you posted.

    • gill says:

      Claudia….glad you have now returned this stuff….but the waiting is the worst bit, you will be worrying until it is all over. Dont think these ‘scumbags’ have ever returned anyones postage I’m afraid, think you will find we are all out of pocket but I for one are glad to have washed my hands of them, the £9 postage to my mind was the best thing to pay just to keep this company off my back! I know you think £15 is a lot of money but think of what they could take from you!! Keep any eye on your bank balance and if any pay’t is taken then report it as fraud, because it is and you didnt authorise it. Ok. I think that from now on we should all follow normal diets by eating less fat, cakes, biscuits etc. think we all know what we have to do :) there is no quick fix, is there?? Hope all goes well Claudia.

  60. Honey says:

    Cheers Gill,
    I recieved my copy of the letter B…..ys bank have sent scammers today. feel very dispondent as it says I should allow 31 days for the cancellation to take effect!!! that means i will be charged next week by scammers and its gonna be so much hassle to get money back. I will go into bank on Monday with letters and if they cant help me I will move all my money into savings and cancel my card and close my bank account. Plenty more banks out there…….bummer… online shopping for xmas, so better do shopping tomoz :)
    Thought it was going too well Grrrrr :(

    • gill says:

      Honey……..this is where you have to start to get angry, send another e.mail saying all the things that I have mentioned above……Office of fair trading, say, ” dont dare to even think of debiting your account” etc. get cross and tell them you have returned the goods and thats the end of it all. Think you will be Ok. they send out these letters all the time hoping someone will crumble and they can then start charging them etc. I like the idea of clearing your account into a savings, but take care you dont go overdrawn, that will cost you! You posted back everything in good time so it should all be over now!! Hopefully. :) Let us know. We need good news before Christmas time so we can all enjoy.
      Gill :)

  61. Laura says:

    HELP!! I ordered slim tone plus they came today then I saw the t&c’s and nearly fell over with it being so close to Xmas I ha opened the pills to have a look and now I want to send it all back! I calle the line which took me to an automated person where I pressed numbers it Said I have cancelled but I need to return it what is the address and does anyone have the email address for me to send them an email? Did anyone who has been caught out actually try any of them! Please help girls!!!

    • gill says:

      Laura,……have you read any of the above?? If not please do, all the info is there,
      The address is,
      PO box 111
      222 Shannon Airport House,
      SFZ Shannon
      Co Clare.
      You must get the RMA.number before you return your goods and it is such a shame that you opened them because I’m afraid they will charge you now. Dont phone because you are put through to Utah. USA !! far too expensive, so e.mail and e.mail every day until they answer, use the guidance above (go to top and read all) MAke sure your bank are aware of what ‘s happened and sit tight, be patient but firm, all should be well eventually. Ok

  62. Alison says:

    I too fell for this and I am now worried sick about them taking money from me after the 14 days. I spoke to my credit card company straight away to block payments, but they said they could not block a payment, I would have to dispute it, after the company have taken the money out. I cancelled my card and they sent me a new one, but then I found out that this was a waste of time, because when the company take the £75, it will just be transferred to my new card number. So all the hassle to change my card number with other company’s was for nothing. I did return the products unopened on the same day that I received them, with RMA numbers, but I still have no confirmation from Slimtone that they have received the items back, so I am sure that I will be billed shortly! I was given the PO Box address to send them, but post office would not send recorded to a PO Box, so I had to use the 222 address instead. However, my tracking barcode only tells me that my parcel has been received by the Eire post office for delivery in that country. That’s as far as the tracking goes!! So, after worrying every day about the stress and time that will be involved to send in copies of everything to my credit card company to dispute this so that they can ‘help’ me get money back, when it is taken, I decided to ring them today and cancel my credit card that I have had for 15 yrs altogether. However, I have just been told by them that even if I cancel my card and close the account the cpa will still continue as I am cancelling my card, not my cpa. I don’t understand how they can get the money from me if I cancel the account, but apparently I am powerless. This has made me so angry, there is nothing I can do to resolve this. My credit card company will not block any payments, just dispute them when they happen. I asked if this could happen every month, to which they said that the company would usually give up taking them after three months of having to refund. But what if they don’t refund? What if my credit card company have as much luck getting replies from them as I have done? I have certainly learnt my lesson, and will not use my card for anything like this again. There must be a way we change the laws about cpa. If you are reading this after you have subscribed, like many of us, good luck in resolving the situation. If you are reading this as research, please do NOT go anywhere near this company. I am so cross with myself, because usually I think about things before I do it and google and research first. This was the only time that I acted without checking first, because I was so convinced by the channel 4 representatives testimony. I am kicking myself every hour of every day that I am dealing with this mess.

    • Watchdog Staff says:

      Hi Alison,

      Thanks for taking the time to share your (unfortunate) experience. We know it must be tough at the present time but stick to your guns and you will be fine.
      We have a fantastic contributor called Gill who has been through exactly the same things you are doing and has lived to tell the tale!
      At the end of the day you have done nothing wrong and have been a victim of circumstances. The banks are actually on your side and will do their best to help you but you have to be persistent.It may not seem so right now but you will come out of this OK in the end. :)
      Good luck with your progress, and please keep us updated.

      Diet Pills Watchdog Team

    • gill says:

      Alison……..try the e.mailing daily method with a firm reply telling them you are on to them, you will report them to OFT. etc etc…….please read all the above responses and you will see how many of us have been stung by this company. As you have returned the goods and they have been received (as your tracker says) then to my mind any monies taken from your account is fraudulent, so tell your bank you are not pleased with the way they are dealing with this, surely they have got to help you? I just sat tight with my bank and kept an eye on my balance daily, but carried on e.mailing until i got a response. Hope all goes well, what a nightmare.

  63. Honey says:

    All is good, Gill!!
    I went to bank on monday and told them about letter from visa & my bank lady said she will check every day to see if any money comes out and phoned on Thurs to say nothing has come out.
    In the mean time, on the same monday, I phoned Visa and said about the 31 days as written in their letter and the chap said “Oh, thats our old standard letter we send out, the block on the payments actually is affective straight away…..we must get that letter changed”
    I told him they bloody should as I had no sleep for two days worring about it!!
    The parcel arrived back to them on the 10th, (2 days before my 14 day trial was due up & they were due to take first instalment) I tracked it, and the address they gave is slightly dif to the one you have but use either one….it gets to the same place
    Anyhow, back into the bank today, Monday, and checked again and no money has been taken, so I will keep any eye on my account as this Thursday will be my 21 days of this nightmare and dont want any money disapearing over xmas when Im too busy
    I think I am pleased to say that this is the end…..only took 10 days to get it all sorted, so as long as people block them straight away and get their RMA code, they shouldnt have any problems. Good Luck Everyone….I’ll say goodbye to this nightmare now and NEVER do this again
    Thanx Gill for your help & hope I have been some help to others as well, My advice….Sort it as quick as pos and an inward giggle…… the Scammers now probably have been inundated with people sending emails cancelling their orders due to IBS x

    • Honey says:

      Hi Alison,
      I sent my parcel registered post, through post office to the post box address and it arrived there fine. Track your parcel now through ‘an post’ it is the Irish post service (I found online when I couldnt find my parcel)!! Type in your receipt number as you do for royal mail. Be patient….it is a slow site and they will send you a conformation email when it is delivered and who it was signed for by.
      I dont understand why tour credit card company are being so unhelpful :(
      I have a visa debit card through Barklays bank and they put a block on straight away. They do say if any money that has been taken out they will do a charge back where they give you money & they get it back from scammers….. a long old hassle….wouldnt it be easier for the bank just to put a block on it straight away??
      I hope you do get this sorted….it is horrid and we all feel stupid, but clearly we have all been duped. I was convinced by the C4 lady too :(
      A lesson we have all learnt now, I told myself off constantly for days….how could I be so stupid.
      Take care & fingers crossed for you :) x

    • Gill says:

      Hi Honey……what a stupid bloke at Visa, you would think that they should be on the ball and any letters going out would be correct!!!! Unbelievable really.
      So pleased all is now sorted with you, its funny you know but I keep checking my account even now, just in case!!
      Have a lovely Christmas now, I was pleased to help you out and now you have taken over as ”medical advisor” Lol. Heres hoping that we have enough info. on here to help the many others that will follow. Gill x

      • Honey says:

        Hi Gill
        I still check site also to see if I can help anyone :)
        I still check bank account to see if Ive been robbed :(
        Sure we will be in contact again, have a great xmas ;) xx

        • Gill says:

          Honey, sorry just found this little note far up the page!! You sound just like me Lol. checking everything, twice. :)
          Happy Christmas to you too, relax now, it’s over!! :)

  64. claire halstead says:

    Hiya I have just fallen for this scam. I only ordered free trial of rasberry pills but declined the bodycleanse. As soon as I have seen it is a scam which was half an hour later I requested the RMA code which they have sent. I have also cancelled my debit card. Please can you tell me what else I need to do. I am so worried about this now

    • Gill says:

      Claire, you have done the right thing……….now read all the above and see what we have all recommended you do. Post pills back a.s.a.p with your RMA code written on the front of the packet, keep PO. receipt and then you can track things. You needn’t have cancelled your debit card, just make sure your bank knows all about this company and ask them to stop payts. A very good tip is to write a note in with your return pills saying you cannot take these due to medical reasons (even if not) they will sit up and listen (this was Honey’s idea) also keep e.mailing them if you have to until you finally get them to say they have cancelled everything. Ok ?
      Good luck now. Gill

  65. Watchdog Staff says:

    Some great news has come through, the ASA have upheld 5 complaints against slimtone plus for misleading customers.
    Thanks to everyone who has given feedback and especially Gill. In some ways this is a small victory as they have said they are stopping this promotion very shortly, so hopefully others will not fall for this same scam.
    Here is the link:

    • Gill says:

      Hi Watchdog……that’s brilliant news…’s hoping no one else will have to go through this again. I am thrilled to bits. :)
      I just wanted to say it has been a pleasure to help out I hate being conned and I really hope it helped others out too.
      Happy Christmas all.
      Gill x

      • Watchdog Staff says:

        Good news indeed. It’s exactly what’s needed to further expose this misleading marketing practice.
        We have no doubt that other similar products will appear (if not already) but we will be ready and will warn our visitors when we come across them.
        Thanks again Gill for being so proactive on this site. We know we have but also lots of consumers have found your comments incredibly useful.
        Merry Christmas from us @ Diet Pills Watchdog too!

  66. Gill says:

    Watchdog, have found that they are still advertising on Facebook today, featuring Adele and saying FREE DIET TRIALS :


    ”Here’s How You Can Try These Free Diet Trials For Yourself

    Follow the links to the free trials I have provided and know that you are getting quality products that work – no strings attached! Remember, the best results are from using both products together. I’m not as confident that you will see results like what I achieved if you only use one. Besides, with the discounted shipping costs you’ll be on your way to looking much slimmer and better for under £5.

    But hurry! Our report has generated a lot of buzz and these free trials won’t be available forever!

    Good Luck with your weight loss! ”
    Finish quote.


    Click Here To Get A Free Trial Of SlimTone Plus
    Enter promo code “SLIM” to reduce shipping from £4.68 to £2.49!

    Click Here To Get A Free Trial Of BodyCleanse
    Enter promo code “SAVE” to reduce shipping from £4.68 to £2.49!

    The free trial offers end on Wednesday
    19 December 2012 , so be sure to act now!

    • Watchdog Staff says:

      Yes Gill, it looks like it is still going to be a long hard battle with them.
      Although they said they would be stopping this scam “shortly”, unfortunately that can mean anything. A day? a week? A month?………you get the idea.

      And as soon as this one stops another will spring up in its place, but fear not we will carry on the good fight with the help of our fantastic contributors like yourself, and maybe one day they can stop trying to scam good people out of their hard-earned.

      We can but wish in the spirit of the season :)

      • Honey says:

        Good News Watchdog team!!
        I have just been back online to see the advert I was sucked into and shocked how I thought it was FREE!! My ad was on LIVESTRONG website ‘my plate’, (good for keeping a food diary…..using pen & paper now in the kitchen instead)
        It does not say FREE :(
        It says” TRY SLIMTONE PLUS”
        “WORRY FREE”
        “ORDER NOW”
        I really thought it was free….powers of persuasion!!!
        I also believed the TV reporter :(
        Lesson learnt & hope they go away but I do believe they will come back in another disguise….robbing us that want to lose a few pounds not £’s !!
        Seasons Greetings to you all
        p.s. I’ll still check my bank account during xmas period….paranoid now :(

        • Gill says:

          Honey you sound like me ‘paranoid’ as well, but you cannot be too careful. If you see no. 66 above, this is the advert I found on the 19th and it does say very clearly ‘FREE’ trial, found this on Facebook and I still mark this advert as ‘misleading’, hoping it will help. I had to laugh at the new wording on your advert ‘WORRY FREE’, they must be joking.
          I just hope more people read all this before they buy, but not sure they will.
          Seasons greetings to you too.
          Gill :)

  67. Gill says:


  68. Janet Talsma-James says:

    I have just been conned out of one hundred and seventine pounds by slimtone. I spoke to a very slick customer advisor who said that the trial would only be free if i returned the remainder of the product back before 14 days. I argued that this was not a free months trial as had been suggested in the advert. More slick gobbledigook was spouted at me and I just cancelled any future payment and got off the line because I was feeling like hurling abuse at them and I know that is a means to no end. I feel very angry at being conned this way. I have since found a site which sells the exact same product at the price they had suggested they would charge me. half of me is tempted to try the product anyway at this more realistic price . Has anyone out there found that it actually worked?

    • Watchdog Staff says:

      Hi Janet,
      Sorry to hear you were “conned” like so many others have been.
      As regards the diet pills themselves and whether they work, we would suggest you question the morals of a company who have caused so much misery and despair to so many people.
      As you can see from the ASA adjudication, it has been proven that they have misled customers with both the “free trial” and the claims they make about the product.
      For most people this is all they need to know, but of course it’s your personal choice so go with what you feel comfortable with.
      good luck,
      Diet Pills Watchdog

    • Gill says:

      Janet, get on to your e.mail and send them a reply saying that you want a refund, that you will report them to OFT. and dare them to take any more money from your account, go to your bank and complain and tell them that this amount was not agreed by you and therefore they have ‘stolen’ your cash. E.mail them daily, the addresses are above, just keep pestering them until they send you the RMA. number that enables you to post them back. This all takes time but keep at it. Why did they ‘steal’ £117?? What did you order? Also do not purchase anymore of this rubbish as they seem to be just Laxatives, which we all know about the effect that these have on our bodies. Tell this company in your e.mail also that you cannot take them due to a medical reasons, being IBS and your doctor has said so (this is honey’s idea) ASK FOR A REFUND. and be sensible about your diet, remember there is no quick fix. Hope all goes well, read all the above for any more advise. Gill

  69. Gill says:


    QUOTE = ”Here’s How You Can Try These Free Diet Trials For Yourself

    Follow the links to the free trials I have provided and know that you are getting quality products that work – no strings attached! ” CLOSE QUOTE

    • Sheelagh says:

      Hi Gill can you help me, I fell so stupidly for this scam and signed up for ‘free trials’ of both body cleanse and slim plus on 8/1/13, I havnt received the goods yet and I don’t have an order number (which is requested when I go to the cancelation page on the website). I dont know if i got an order number when i ordered but i deleted the page and i never received a confirmation of order email so i have no order number. Can I email them today without an order number and just say I want to cancel? The only information I can give them is my name and email address until i receive the goods and i’m hoping the order number will be with the documentation with the goods when i receive them. but I’m worried i will not receive the goods till after the 14 day trial period then they will charge me. They have just taken the postage charges so far. I contacted my bank today who said they can’t actually block any further payments but have asked me to put it all in writing to them so that they can then dispute it if the company tries to take any further money from my visa. So basically my question is what can I do today with no goods as yet and no order number??? By the way well done on all your amazing work to help people with this. Would you mind cc ing your response to my personal email address as I’m not the most techi and might miss your response. Thank you so much

  70. Thel says:

    Foolishly, I accepted the 50% off and completed the month’s supply. Total rubbish, no weight loss at all.

    As mentioned by others, steer clear of this scam. Have told Slimtone Plus that no weight loss experienced and their comment is that people vary in what they lose! Nobody else has told them that they haven’t lost ant weight with these pills!!!!! I don’t believe that for a start. Have requested refund.

  71. Sheelagh says:

    Hi Gill just to say I read most of the above and so I sent them an email just now informing them that i was now aware of the scam and that the AMA had recently upheld complaints against them and saying I wanted to cancel my order and any other products with immediate effect and requested an RMA number for both products. I received an email back with a ‘ticket number’ which I think is just an enquiry number. They said in their email that there is currently a delay in responding to emails, I assume this delay will take longer than the 14 trial!! I am going to email every day keeping my ‘ticket number’ in the title so they can see its the same enquiry each time. I am also going to print out each email for a week and then send these copies into my bank along with my letter outlining what’s happened. Any further advice much appreciated. Thanks

  72. Sheelagh says:

    Sorry Gill me again, just getting the hang of this, my original comment to you was a ‘reply’ to your comment no.69. Thanks

    • Gill says:

      Hi Sheelagh, I dont have your e.mail address so cannot reply direct to you…….but you seem to be following all the advice correctly. Well done. Keep e.mailing until they send the all important RMA code, its a waiting game but tell them when you you 1st e.mailed to cancel and keep telling them all the info. I have mentioned. There is bound to be a delay this time of year (Christmas etc.) Also add that you cannot take these tablets as your doctor has told you not too, medical reasons, (this is not the truth, but its a good ploy) say you must cancel immediately and that you need an answer. Be patient, although it is nerve racking and hopefully you will hear soon.

      • Gill says:

        ps. each e.mail I sent, I added some more info. to it. so it didn’t look the same each time and you are right to put the ticket number in the subject title, brill. Not more you can do just yet, keep strong :) you have followed all instructions well. Gill

        • Sheelagh says:

          Gill thanks so much for your response and advice. Still no goods arrived and no response to my emails but I will keep emailing every day. Thanks again. Sheelagh

          • Gill says:

            Sheelagh, maybe you caught them in time before they have sent anything out to you and maybe you wont be charged now!!! If that is the case then well done. Keep an eye on everything though just in case.

  73. victoria says:

    I also fell for this scam :-(! I did it on Saturday night (2 days ago), I have rang up the bank and cancelled my card…would they still be able to take out the money now my details are different? No money has come out of my account so far?
    God I am so angry with myself!!!!

    • Gill says:

      Victoria, i was told that this company can still take the money from your account once they have your original details, I am not 100% sure this true though but you need to keep a close eye on things just in case. Ok.

  74. Rachael says:

    Hello everyone! Unfortunately I got sucked in by it all too! I realised just after I placed the order when I FINALLY got access to the terms and conditions! :-( I haven’t yet received the tablets so I don’t know if I should apply to return now or when I get them? I am also extremely confused as to how cancelling your card wouldn’t work? As I went to my bank today and explained all and they suggested cancelling the card! Any insight on this would be helpful! As if they can’t access more of my money I would rather just destroy the tablets than send them back for them to reuse them to scam someone else! Also the name it is going by now is Ketone Premium and colon cleanse, is this the same with anyone else? It has the same customer service number as you have posted above! Thanks!

    • Rachael says:

      Also should have said I got no email confirmation after signing up!

    • Gill says:

      Rachael,, the tablets usually arrive very quickly, so I would e.mail straight away and tell them you want to cancel, use some of the above suggestions in your e.mail and send an e.mail daily until they answer. You need a lonf return number which you have to put on the outside of your package, RMA. number. Dont destroy the tabs. as they will charge you heavily for them, return them complete, and yes I have nticed this company now are called ”The Ketone Premium Slimming Patch”
      SO BE AWARE EVERYONE, WATCH OUT FOR THE NEW NAME! Also the address is now 113, @ the airport. I suppose they think that by changing their details we would all be duped into buying a new product!!!!

    • Grace says:

      Hello Rachael,

      I received my products today (so embarrassed I fell for this scam)! I have cancelled by calling the number 0844 745 2161 (automated service) I have also emailed (no response as of yet). They have already taken a payment of £37.50 from my Credit Card. I contacted them today and they have stopped any future payments being taken. I would really suggest that you do cancel your card as that way they wont have your 16 digit card number, security code ext so therefore, they cannot take any payments from you. Your card can be replaced within 3-5 working days.

      I hope this help and good luck :)

  75. Joanne says:

    I Have also fallen for this scam :(

    The company is also going by the name ketone premium and colon cleanse and same as Rachel i have not received an email confirmation.

    I have contacted my bank santander – and currently awaiting a response to see if i can block any payments, I signed up on the 10.01.13 and the shipping fee was taken on 12.01.13 but nothing since.

    I have also emailed the company but no response as yet.

    Can’t believe i’ve fallen for such a thing – kicking myself!!!

    From the above comments i assume i continue to email until i get an RMA number so when the poducts finally arrive i can return and track immediately!! Hope i can sort out this mess!!

    • Gill says:

      Well done Joanne you have followed all the correct rules by reading all the info that’s been posted. Keep e.mailing and keep fingers crossed :) It will be alright in the end.

      • Sarah says:

        Hi Gill,
        I have been scammed by ketone/cleanse premium and going through the phases to try and get my money back, I was wondering if you recieved your refund? I have read your above comments but couldnt see anything (but Ive probably missed it).
        I am so disgusted by this company!

        • Gill says:

          Sarah. I was lucky in the fact that they didn’t charge me for anything because I ‘threatened’ them with allsorts, all I lost was the original charge, the ‘free’ trial charge and I lost my postage £8 + , but to my way of thinking I was the lucky one, it could have been worse. If you read high up above, many did get refunds but it takes time. Hang in there and be brave.

    • elizabeth says:


      I have fallen for this too. I got an RMA number tonight by calling the number they providedon the leaflet with the pills. The address I have been given is

      • elizabeth says:

        Sorry for some reason my email submitted before I had finished emailing. PO Box 113, Shannon County Clair. even though I have the RMA number I will still be contacting my bank to cancel my card as after finding this page and all your comments I dont trust them. I never received an order number or any email confirmation either.

        • Dave says:

          I didnt get any email or cofirmation either. No invoice or statement in the package when it arrived. just a leaflet in with the 2 lots of tablets and the patches. Used for 5 days and felt bloated and strange!!. Then they took the rest of the payment off my card!!!. still no communication from them so I understand the 7 days cooling off period under the distance ordering law must start form the day I got the delivery and leaflet??. Anyway I have cancelled on their website but was advised not to give any more info to them by my credit card company and they have blocked any more payments and are contacting the company for me to get a refund back to my card. (They have more powers then we do) and they even said dont worry about returning the products, as long as I have cancelled in the time (which i have) they will do the rest. If you ring the number supplied it will cost you a fortune as its an 0844 number. Good luck – but the lesson here is… If you are ordering on the Net us your credit card not your Debit card…or maybe just dont be caught in the first place. It makes me feel so stupid I got caught in the first place.

        • Gill says:

          Elizabeth…..just send them back a.s.a.p. keep receipt safe and e.mail them daily to tell them this and ask them not to dare touch your bank account etc……as has been said, keep strong, I didnt cancel anything, it was scary but my threats in my e.mails seemed to work!

  76. shelley says:

    I also got conned by this company, there was an advert on Facebook with a picture of Nigella Lawson. I bought the Ketone premium and Ketone Cleanse for £2.49.
    I was concerned after I made payment as it said I would get a confirmation email which I didn’t get.
    I received the product about 3 days later, by chance I went on their website and read the terms and conditions and was shocked to see that they would take a further £75 the following month. nowhere at any time of ordering this product did I see this otherwise I wouldn’t of bothered.
    Immediately I went on their website and cancelled my supscription, I did this by entering my email address as I didn’t receive any order number.
    I will be sending the package back tomorrow, I also emailed cancellations to explain that I wish to cancel.
    I am going into my bank on Monday to hopefully cancel any next payment they will try to take.
    I think I’ve learnt my lesson now.

  77. shelley says:

    I also forgot to mention I did receive an RMA number on their website, which I had to write on the outside of the package to be sent back

    • Gill says:

      Well done Shelley, you have done everything correctly, keep an eye on your bank account any payt. they try to take out from now will be fraudulent, tell them this in an e.mail to them, if you have read the info above I e.mailed them daily until they told me it was cancelled.
      Please go onto this link above and report this advert direct to facebook, I did it, it only takes a moment and the more of us that do it, the better. :)

  78. JAS says:

    Hi i also fell for this scam, i realised it was fraudulent as soon as they didnt send me an order confirmation after they processed the payement. I have emailed thm and have recieved my products and am unsure hwere i need to send them to. in the email i was told that i would need to send them to;

    PO BOX 113
    Co Clare

    is this correct?

    • elizabeth says:

      Hi Jas

      That’s the address I was given last night, I got it from the automated reply having used the phone number 0844 745 2161 which was on the enclosed leaflet. You apparently need an RMA Nos to return but you need to listen to all their speal before you get to that.
      Also if you have trialled both products you need two RMA numbers so you need to call again and choose the option for the other product. The RMA number is very long so you need to press options to have it repeated, so keep your wits about you, as they say the wont accept the return without the number.

      They will also ask you over and over again to keep the product and only pay half price, so be careful which options you chose.

      I have taken the step of cancelling my card so they cannot charge me any further costs.


    • Gill says:

      This is a new address as you will see from all our troubles above! They think that by changing the address maybe we will all think it is a different company.
      E.mail them……and every day…until you get a reply. You need the RMA. number to return any goods or they will charge you, cancelling cards does not mean they cannot get their money so beware and be vigilant.

  79. Catherine says:

    I also fell for this scam through an ad on facebook. As soon as I realised what I’d done I rang my bank to cancel my card, the bank Halifax told me it would not necessarily stop money being taken as they would already have my details! I never received a conformation email about my order. The pills arrived friday with no invoice outlining sale, cost, terms and conditions, returns etc, so am I right in thinking they have breached the regulations of the distance selling 2000? having received no paperwork or email. On friday I sent them an email pointing this out and to cancel with immediate effect, on checking my emails today, I’d received an email telling me the email sent friday had been delayed in sending!! Does this mean it has been blocked?? Sent the pills back today at a cost of £10.97 recorded del and tracked, also took photo’s of lables on package for proof, I also included a strongly worded letter. As a last resort I will close my bank account, drastic I know but only way to be 100% sure, complete nightmare

  80. Catherine says:

    Update…I have just checked my emails again, and the email sent friday (status delayed) has now failed because it can’t connect to their server! This is very worring, has anyone else experienced this?

  81. barbara says:

    hi…im here too…so stupid…can someone conferm to me that even they change the pobox to 113 the address is 222 shannon airport house
    SF2 shannon co clare ireland?and please,when i recive the order do i have to buy another envelop to send it back….
    please i need help

    • barbara says:

      hi,still here..waiting some advive…please…i got the rma number,i have the address,i cancel by phone, i email to them..what now… when i will rewcive the parcel,what do i have to do:unopen and resend in another envelope… paniking…please any answer will do…HEALP

      • Grace says:

        You NEED to cancel your card. The bank/credit card company will send you a new one within a few days if not they will keep taking payments.

        Good Luck :)

        • barbara says:

          do i have really cancel my creit card?
          do you know the real address?
          i found this one:222shannon airport house,sfzshannon co clare ireland….international delivery recorded?
          thank you.. i needed some answer…just to carry on…and don give up

      • Gill says:

        Barbara……… need the RMA number first, very important…..this number is about 12 numbers long and needs to go on the front of your envelope. and yes they have changed their address, it is now
        PO Box 113
        Co Clare
        Dont panic but I know how you feel……dont open the envelope if it is in tact…….cover over your address and put the 113, number in its place……you need the RMA number on this label, very important. DONT CANCEL YOUR CARDS AS THEY CAN STILL GET THE MONEY, BUT HOPE IT WONT COME TO THAT. BE STRONG HERE..

  82. Sarah says:

    I can’t get any RMA numbers from them, I’ve emailed them repeatedly, left messages on the website……. No joy! I don’t know what to do next, don’t want to cancel my bankcard or change my account! HELP!!!

    • Grace says:

      I think it’s best if you do cancel your card. They will send you a new one in 3-5 working days and that way you won’t be out of pocket.

    • Gill says:

      Sarah….There is no need to cancel your card because they can still get the money if they need to, it is only incovenience to you. E.mail again and again with your ref. no in the subject column. Tell them ”’ your doctor has told you that you cannot take these pills and you need to return them a.s.a.p” (this was Honey’s idea and a very good one too) tell them you will report them to…..the police… the OFT….and if they dare to take any monies out of your account you will have them for fraud etc…none of this of course is true but they need to be warned that you will not fall for this scam. Ok. It seems harsh but you have to be one step in front of them. Of course let your bank know what is going on and they will help you out when the time comes. Sarah…check the e.mail address I wouldnt be suprised if they have changed that too. Hope all goes well.

      • elizabeth says:

        HI Gill I think you do need to cancel your card. My provider advised me to do so saying that once I had cancelled then any further charges made by them would be recovered by the provider and I would not have to do anything. The charges wwould go to the old card and because I had cancelled I would not be responsible.

  83. Mary says:

    I fell for this scam too!! God help me. Would you believe I live about 20 mins from Shannon Airport and the address they are giving me to return the products is to one in England. Unbelievable! They just want to delay things and charge my account. I also cancelled my card and my bank, Bank of Ireland, told me that no money would come out going forward. I hope this is the case. I wasn’t going to bother spending more money in sending them back. Now I don’t know what to do after reading the comments above. HELP!!!

    • Gill says:

      Mary…..This happened to another lady on here, she lived in Ireland and was told to post to England, how crazy is that. Try to e.mail and cancel a.s.a.p. mind you , you have cancelled your bank account so they cannot find you now! Why not drop the packet off at the airport, addressed to PO Box 113 and then you you know they have been returned, just a thought.

    • Daniel says:

      Hi, please could you tell me the UK address that you were given? It may be very helpful in tracing the company in the UK.

      Many thanks

  84. Grace says:

    I never fall for things like this and I am embarrassed to say that this one got me. I ordered on Saturday 19th Jan and today have cancelled. The number puts you through to an automated service (dodgy) I also sent two emails via the websites. No proper contact details what so ever! I have just had a payment of £37.50 taken on my Barckaycard Credit Card. I have just got off the phone with them and they have stopped any further payments being taken. They said to call back next week and they will help me get a refund of the £37.50 (I can swallow that as long as no other payments get taken)!

    If I can offer any advice it would be to contact your bank/credit card companies and either get them to stop and further payments or just cancel your card and get a new one. That way they wont have your details and therefore can’t take any more money.

    I now how you all feel, it’s just awful that these websites are allowed to operate.

    I hope you manage to get it resolved.

    • barbara says:

      how did u manage to speek with them?have u got a different number?can u give vto me?PLEASE?!!1

      • Gill says:

        Barbara…..remember all calls to this company go through to UTAH, USA. AND COST A FORTUNE. so be aware, you are dealing with a very sneaky firm who have changed their products names since I got mine (bodycleanse) and think they are now calling items ‘Ketone’ etc. They have changed their address and could possibly have changed their e.mail address too.
        ( HAS ANYONE AN UP TO DATE E.MAIL ADD. FOR THIS COMPANY PLEASE. ) It would be good if you could put it on this page and then it will help others. Barbara read all the above and see what we have all done, keep on track and do things step by step, if will work, hopefully.

  85. caroline says:

    Hi has anyone had trouble with ketonepremium…?
    I ordered the free trial and decided to cancel it, within the stated 14 days I must add, after ringing a daff number and sending 8 emails asking to cancel my autoship and asking for a returns address to send back full unused products, which is the order of cancelling stated in there leaflet, I’ve had no reply…… I’ve contacted my bank so say no more payments to this company, which untill another payment comes out they can’t start anything with them…..
    Tue 29th jan is when they next take money, hopefully not but we all know it will happen,
    Has anyone else had trouble with this company, ketonepremium

    • Gill says:

      Caroline… you can see above many of us have been caught by this company that keeps changing its products names so we think it is a new product…..but they are all the same company…..a company running a scam and yes Ketone premium is the same company as all the other products that we sent for, just a new name. So do as we have done above and get them returned a.s.a.p. Good luck.

    • kirsty says:

      Hi, I panicked when my parcel from ketonepremium came and i read the small print. I emailed and got instructions and ref number. I was told it has to be with them by 12 feb. Post Office sent it off by airmail yesterday to PO box 113, Shannon, CO Clare, Ireland at a cost of £2.93. I have not been to my bank yet (dont have internet banking) as I didnt think they’d be able to take any more money out except the postage they charged, GOD i hope not! I will go today and cancel. I paid with debit card. Should I try to call the company as the site I went to to cancel seemed simple and straight forward and it did say my account was now cancelled???!! Anyone got any advice, really panicking.

      • kirsty says:

        sorry, i been back on web to check cancellation policy and it does not say its cancelled it just says if they receive package by 12 feb no further monies will be taken from account.

  86. nikki says:

    anyone have the email address for cleanse tone the webite has no contact email address?? please!!
    feel sooooooooooooooo stupid have cancelled my card, bank stating they cannot help stop any payment so ive cancelled card as i uathorised it! steep learning curve!!!

  87. kirsty says:

    Email for ketone&cleanse premium that i have is support @ Web site is phone no is 0844 745 2161 ( but automated answer machine)

  88. jenna says:

    Completely scammed by ketone and cleanse premium! I am sure the terms and conditions were not readily available before I signed up for the postage on the free trial. Anyhow, they took the £70 whatever for ketone and £30 whatever for cleanse at midnight last night. I can’t believe I didn’t see this coming. I have cancelled on their website and have cancelled my bank card. However bank said this cannot stop them taking more money if they want to. They did say they were aware of this scam company and that they will look to get me my cash back but can’t guarantee anything. Wondering whether to persist with my own hounding of this ‘company’ with emails or to leave it up to bank. Either way I’m feeling pessimistic about getting money back!

    • Gill says:

      Jenna…..I would hound them and what with the bank hounding them too you have more of a chance of getting a refund!! E.mail them daily and let them know that you ‘are on to them’……I do keep telling folk on here that it is no use cancelling your card…..this company will stop at nothing to get your money, this is what they are good at, getting as much from us as they can. I do hope you get the answer that you need and that your refund will appear.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi, i’ve also fell for this scam after placing my order on monday 21st Jan but as yet not had my free trials, and when i email them i don’t get a reply. I’ve contacted my credit card company who have been brilliant and they are on the case as i’ve not received the goods and they will reimburse me the costs. Their security team are on the case and it appears on my statement there is a transaction for 51p for an international company that i do not recognise and they think it might be from them too. My card has been blocked and my credit card company will be in touch in the next 7 days with the outcome. I did raise concern that this company may try and deduct further monies from my card but they said they couldn’t see any further requests but now that its been passed to the Security department i should try not to worry. I am concerned as going on their website to cancel the orders you need to have the goods and it shows me that i need to return them by the 18 january following delivery of 21st January yet a week on i’ve not had them. I can’t believe i’ve been so stupid and fell for this

  89. Catherine says:

    I emailed again today,2 emails previously sent failed, I got an automated reply stating an agent would get back to me as soon as possible, I was also given an ID Ticket number ( not to be confused with the RMA number, its different) to be used in the subject line of email to ensure my email replys are tracked appropriately. It also said due to technical issues they are running behind replying to emails, but hope to reply within 72 hours. I canceled on their website on the 21/01/2013 and returned the unopened pills on same date. The parcel was delivered to them on the 24/01/2013 I tracked it. The date they gave me to send back by to avoid any more payments is the 13/02/2013 so well within that date. I’ve threatened them with police if they try to take more money. So we will see what happens next. Has anyone else been told an agent would get in touch and been given an ID number? Oh btw they included a link on the email to track the status of the ID ticket number???????

    • Gill says:

      Catherine…..I was given an ID number and it went into my subject line every e.mail without fail, also in that same e.mail they said an agent will be in touch, well I never gave them a chance I started to threaten them with everything if they didnt cancel my order, you seem to have followed all the correct rules here Catherine, keep an eye on things though, they tried to tell me that my package didnt reach them until i scanned the tracking ticket and told them when package arrived, they changed their minds then and backed down, they certainly try all sorts to get out of refunding.

  90. Nikki says:

    I have recieved email stating the contract again but as I has stated to them I took a photo of the terms and conditions given to me at time of purchase and they are very different to the ones they show later and have sent today! The trial is halved and price halved too, the cost is 37.50 and 16.75 if I send back early but on the one they send you when you want to cancel its £75 halved to 37.50!!! I cancelled day after order and its been 6 days no pills yet? Couldn’t I just send back to sender when they come??? I’ve got my Rma number and have sent them the pics of the two different terms and conditions??? What does everyone think it been 6 days since my order and I cancelled my card and said to bank , bank said they can’t help and I’ve heard they can still take the money??? What shall I do??

    • Gill says:

      I also got the same e.mail with the contract on it but I ignored it and e.mailed them every single day until they sat up and listened to me. I was very abrupt and to the point and threatened to go to OFT…etc. & police and dared them to take my money….it worked. If you have no pills hoe can they charge you and if they do it will be ‘fraud’…..e,mail and tell them this too. Hang on to that RMA number but also add that number as a header to your e.mails and keep an eye on your bank account in the meantime. Yes they can still take the money (dont know how!!) and if they do your bank should help you.

  91. Natasha Wilkinson says:

    I too have been scammed, however I realised fairly early on and followed their terms and conditions about returning 1/2 the trial and did so as soon as it arrived. I had 16 days between sending the pills etc back and the cut off day for not being charged. However they charged me £37.50 3 days before cut off date, causing my bank acc to go overdrawn and my bank have charged me £8 for it. I e-mailed the scammers and contacted my bank. I spoke to a lovely lady who has blocked my bank card from them and the bank will now contact this company demanding my money back. She said they have had many phone calls from similarly affected people. Time to get BBC’s Watchdog on the case maybe!

    • Gill says:

      Natasha…..good idea to get BBC. involved….you could e.mail them and ask them to help. Let us all know what happens. This firm will stop at nothing to get our money ‘for nothing’!!

    • caroline says:

      But how did you know where to return them? I too realized it was a scam very early on, but I’ve had no confirmation email, so have no order number, so therefore can’t get an RMA. I’ve had no response to any emails and I’m afraid to send them to the Shannon address some people have mentioned above in case this isn’t the right one. How did you get an address for return & what is it please?

  92. Daniel says:

    Good afternoon all, please could anybody tell me the UK address that they were given to return the products (I think this mostly applies to purchasers in Ireland).

    It may be very helpful in tracing the company in the UK.

    Many thanks

    • Gill says:

      Daniel….this company originate in UTAH. USA. and just use Irelands airport as a glorified post office. There is no address (as far as I know) in UK and yes you are right it only applies to Irish purchasers, which is crazy, they are giving everybody the runaround so they ‘give up’ and accept the goods and get charged, this is how this company works its a huge scam and they need showing up, however they keep changing their name and addresses, a crafty move which keeps us all on our toes.
      ps. Look through the responses above for UK. info. Daniel, not sure if there is any.

      • Daniel says:

        Thanks Gill, nobody has listed the UK address they were given. A quick web search indicates that the Body Cleanse Plus website is registered to an address in the London borough of Barnet (NW7).

  93. Sarah says:

    been scammed into buying this stuff only just found this website and realised what I have done arghh originally ordered for my mum and she doesn’t know, i’ve noted everything down and sent 2 email messages now just waiting for a reply if not will be ringing them tomorrow.

    • Gill says:

      Do not ring Sarah as the call goes through to UTAH> USA and costs a fortune. Keep e.mailing and be tough and strong in your responses, they will soon listen. One idea (from Honey) was to add to your e.mail…..that the doctor has told you not to take these for medical reasons!!!! ;) a very good ploy, which works. Keep strong now and make a note of everything, keep notes and let your bank now too.

      • Sarah says:

        I decided that im not gonna ring them since my last post gill, I cancelled online on this website and got me RMA’s even tho I haven’t received my order yet soon as they arrive will be sending them straight back, oh and will be contacting my bank tomorrow ;0)

        • Sarah says:

          gill, I am thinking of contacting trading standards by email but the thing is what should I put in the subject line?

          • Gill says:

            Sarah….put something like …….Re. Diet pill company a complete scam!……or Help, I have been scammed by a diet pill company……
            sorry if this sounds strange…it’s difficult isnt it?? :)

  94. Chris says:

    Scammed = feel silly!!! Followed instructions on here about cancelling and getting RMA numbers. I also called Barclaycard and cancelled my card so they can’t take any more from that card and then emailed at the support email address pointing out that I had only ordered a few hours earlier and that I wanted to cancel immediately and not to send the goods, if they did, I would not send them back. I attached the emails with the RMA number and made it very clear that I didn’t want anything to do with them. Only got automated reply, so emailed again, but didn’t get the automated reply. This was Monday, so know doubt will get pills and have to go through all the hassle of sending back.

    • Gill says:

      Chris…….no doubt you will certainly have the hassle of returning but go with it, at least you have the RMA, which is very important. Keep e.mailing until they respond, its the only way. :)

  95. Sarah says:

    contacted my bank but proper failed at that cos I forgot my security number so their sending new one out in the post but that could take upto 7 days and I cant wait that long it needs sorting now did find a email for enquires so sent them an email, mum is going to kill me cos her wages go into my bank account.

  96. Sheelagh says:

    Hi Gill and everyone recently posting here,

    I fell for the same scan and was so annoyed with myself, I thankfully found this website and followed Gill’s instructions exactly and was successful in having my orders cancelled with nothing but the postage of the tablets charged to my account. Firstly thank you SO much Gill for your help, and everyone else who has given advice here. To those of you in the process of sorting this out, follow Gills advice exactly and you’ll be successful. This is what I did,
    Rang the number provided, I got through to an pre recorded message in a different language so I didn’t know what buttons to press to speak to someone!!
    Then I did all my communication via email,this is the best way.
    I emailed them two days after I placed my order (so the products hadn’t arrived) with the following email…..

    I ordered the slim tone plus and body cleanse free trial on 7/1/13. I wish to cancel this order IMMEDIATELY and request that you DO NOT send me or charge me for any further products with IMMEDIATE EFFECT. I have since read extensively that this is a huge scam and am aware that the ASA have recently upheld complaints against your company for misleading customers. I have contacted my bank today to inform them of the situation. I note you have taken the postage of €3.49 for both the body cleanse and slim tone plus on 9/1/13. DO NOT attempt to take ANY further money from my account or I will immediately report your company to the OFT. I am requesting that you send me TODAY an RMA number for both products and a return address so that I can return them IMMEDIATELY once I receive them.

    They sent me the RMA number 3 days later, the products did not arrive for a full week so I was worried I wouldn’t be able to return the products within the stipulated time frame but the day I received them I put the whole package in a Jiffy bag with the RMA numbers on the outside and sent them ‘next day delivery’ (this does not require a signature on delivery, I chose this because I was given a PO box address to return to). It took them a good 4 or 5 days to email me to say my order had been now cancelled.

    Just a tip, get a tracking number when you are posting the goods back so you have evidence that you have posted the goods. When i emailed them to let them know I had posted the goods back and that it was one day delivery so I was expecting an email the following day with confirmation that my order had been cancelled, they emailed back asking fir the tracking number so that they could ‘process the cancellation quickly’.

    Each email I sent I kept the ‘ticket number’ (that was in the title of their first email to me) in the top bar, and every email I was very forceful and repeated that I would report them to the OFT.

    By the way my bank also told me the company could still charge my card even if I cancelled it, but that they would contest any attempt to take further money from my account. I kept copies of all my correspondence with slimtone to present to my bank if needed, and informed slimtone in each email that my bank had been informed of the situation and would be contesting any attempts by them to debit my account further.

    So my advice like Gill is remain very forceful ineach email, do not be nice, and keep emailing them again and again.
    Thanks so much again Gill for your help,
    Good luck everyone,

    • Gill says:

      Sheelagh….you are too kind and I thank you sincerely….you have followed all my instructions to the letter…well done you, you did everything correctly and I hope ‘new’ people will see what you have done and follow your instructions too. You say that you have kept all correspondence, well I still have mine too and it was many months back now but I am still scared of this company and would not dare trust them, maybe one day I will delete them!! Lol.
      What makes me stay here and help folk is the fact that I really hate these scammers and wanted to tell folk that they can undo what they have done very easily if they do it step by step and keep e.mailing!! (not phoning)
      Cheers Sheelagh, lets hope you have heard the last from them now. :)

      • Sarah says:

        Gill, ive emailed trading standards and attached the web page where you can click on the links for these tablets and sent the Ts&Cs too, crossing my fingers I get a good reply.

        • Sarah says:

          Also emailed OFT ;0)

        • elizabeth says:

          Sarah will you give me the contact details for OFT & trading standards. I have returned my packages I phoned and got RMA NOS as they would not respond by email. I checked my call log on BT and the call only cost me £1.92 even though it had gone through UTAH but it was on a weekend late at night so maybe that made a difference. I have tracking nos and it says they have been delivered back. To date they are still saying they dont have them and are hassling me every 2 days. I too cancelled my card, and my card provider has told me if they take anything since cancellation I will not be liable as when I cancelled no further payment had been taken. So it is now with my card providers security. I wish I had never heard of these people. I am getting so tired with all this..

          • Gill says:

            Elizabeth……they kept telling me that they had not received my pills back but I scanned the PO receipt and e.mailed that to them with a rather curt message saying ‘they had got my pills and if they dared to touch my bank account I would report them to, OFT & TS and Police etc……….they soon listened because I threatened them. Think you will be alright as you now have your bank on your side.

            SARAH…what security number are you waiting for?? Dont wait..get onto bank a.s.a.p. as they need to know what is going on. Ok.

          • Sarah82 says:

   this is the one based in notts which closer to me reason why I used this email address.

  97. Gill says:

    Brilliant Sarah……maybe we should all do it!! I have told Facebook but I still see the adverts, so I might re-do that one. Let us know if you hear anything please and if they want back up, I will gladly help. :)

    • Gill says:

      PS. our comments above are a little out of order…so hope we can understand who is talking to who!!! Lol

      • Sarah82 says:

        I know just realised theres 2 sarah’s will change mine lol

        • Sarah82 says:

          im with Halifax so when you call you got to give them a 6 digit number security number but I mistakenly forgot mine then remembered soon as I finished talking to them so maybe I did panic abit lol

  98. Bettyb023 says:

    Hi there, likes many of you I was taken in by this scam. I only realised when I was trying to find a street address to return the items. As I can not return them by airside as its a post box. Can someone please confirm what street Address to send to if I’m told to return the items to PO box 113, Shannon co clare.
    I have emailed them for an address but as per usual they are delaying their response. I only have up to 6/2 to return them.
    I sent them another email advising them that I have spoken to my bank and that I am disputing the 2 x £37.50 and 1 x £75. I only ordered 2 items but was sent 3 and of course charged for 3. My card didn’t go through the 2nd time so I had to use a different card (also part of their scam??!!!!)
    I told them I want a response tomorrow Friday so I can post the items.
    Lets see what happens……
    I would appreciate an address for the po box 113 I’m posting from the UK.

    Many thanks

    • Gill says:

      PO Box 113
      Co Clare
      Bettyb023….this is their new address…they keep changing their ID. This is a different address to the one I used but they are getting craftier by the minute. Good luck, maybe send an e.mail every hour and mark it with a red exclamation mark to let them know you mean business, be strong and to the point. !

  99. Jackie says:

    I have just been scammed and am so frustrated!!!

  100. Sarah82 says:

    I got a reply back from trading standards theres nothing they can do but they have told me to contact CACS and action fraud, ive contacted action fraud last night.

    • Sarah82 says:

      ive also just got off the phone to Halifax this person was more understanding than the last one he said they cant block the payments but will refund me them everytime the company takes money out of my account but what I am also going to do is walk into my local branch and force them there and then if they will block any further payments.

  101. Nerfaz says:

    Hi everyone, I’m embarrassed to say that I also have fallen for the Ketone/Cleanse Premium scam. I just wanted to comment on what I have done to try and stop this company from taking advantage of me anymore! I was told on the cancellation website for the products that I had until the 1st January to return the products – considering I sent them back on 21st I know this was enough time. I wasn’t even offered signed delivery as it’s a PO BOX address.

    Anyway – I looked at my online banking yesterday (01/02) and surprise surprise! They’ve taken the money anyway. This is what I’ve done so far:

    1 – Emailed the customer service department ( once last night and once again this morning stating that I am aware that they are not acting by the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 and therefore means that they are acting illegally. I also stated that I have proof of my cancellation and sending the pills back to them. I told them that all I wanted was a full refund of £112.50 and that would be the end of it but if they didn’t then I would be taking legal action. I was strong and to the point but not rude so that they knew I was in control.

    2 – I then phoned my bank (NATWEST) this morning to see if they could refund the £112.50 and I was told that the payment was pending at the moment and they could not do anything until the money had left my account complete – which is annoying but at least they said they can help after this had happened and give me a number to call. Also I just wanted to clarify for any NatWest customers out there that were confused like me by some of the posts above stating that even if you bank card is changed they can still get into your account and take more money. After speaking to a very helpful assistant on the phone, I was reassured (after asking 3 times) that once your bank card has been cancelled and a new one has been issued – THEY CAN NOT TAKE MORE MONEY OUT OF YOUR ACCOUNT! This is because they need the current card number, valid to/from dates and the security code in order to access your money. She reassured me that the (now) old card has been made completed invalid and that is NO LONGER working at all. This means this is the end of them taking any money out of my account. She also gave authorization numbers for both the transactions which I have emailed to them which means they can cancel the transaction on their end.

    Sorry this is so long but I just wanted to tell everyone what I did in case someone else is out there panicking about what to do and how to get their money back. I will keep you informed and let you know if NatWest are actually able to refund me the money (by the way I payed with a Debit Card) or if I get a reply from the company themselves. Don’t beat yourself up people it won’t help and they’ve managed to fool a lot of us!

  102. Sarah says:

    Eventually had the balls to tell my mum this morning when the pills arrived she went mad nearly had a heart attack I burst into tears, did ring Halifax to try to cancel my card but they said it wouldn’t work that they can still take out my money but will refund me once the first payment comes out. just wish this never happened I don’t need the stress I suffer with anxiety and depression and all I wanna do is cry all the time..

    • Gill says:

      Sarah…take heart now….we all make mistakes and all will be well in the end. At least the Halifax will help you and yes sadly this firm can still take your money even though you have cancelled your card!! Its unbelievable.
      Look after yourself now. As you can see we all have been duped by this scam. :( But most of our stories ended happily. :)

  103. pauline says:

    i have fallen 4 same trick read leafletwhen it arrived an realised i would be paying 4 free trial so rang tel no 2 cancel which u could only use if it was ordered on phone so got it back up on computer followed to cancel but have not had reply .i will be on to my bank first thing in morning and will send email why cant someone stop them

  104. Debbie says:

    Hi everyone, could I please ask, has anyone on here actually had money taken from their account after cancelling and blocking their debit card? There seems to be a lot of confusion over this particular point with some banks advising that these scammers can still take money and some others advising that they can’t. I’m with Santander and i’ve spoken with 5 different customer services reps who’ve all given me differering advice. I’ve been told that cancelling my card will stop them taking money (so I cancelled it), then I was told that it wouldn’t stop them and that i’d have to close my account to be certain. So I went into my local branch last friday to close my account and to open a new one but was I advised that it’s not necessary to close my account and that having already cancelled my card I would be safe. The rep I spoke with in branch was adamant that they can’t take money after a card has been cancelled, however, she did put a note on my account to say that i’d come into the branch because I was very worried and that i’d received conflicting advice. She also said that other bank reps may have advised that there’s still a possibility of money being taken because the banks will never give an absolute guarantee to anyone about account security. So what’s the truth? Has anyone here cancelled and blocked their card but still had money taken from their account? Many thanks.

    • Nerfaz says:

      I would like to know the same thing! Im with natwest and the advisor I spoke to on the phone told me that they cannot take the money out of your account if you card had been made invalid but people are still saying they can and its making me sick with worry!
      If anyone could let us know if they cancelled their card but still had money taken out so I could also go cancell my account if need be. thanks

      • Charlotte says:

        I would also like to know this, my bank (HSBC) told me that there isn’t any way of them being able to take money out of my bank as they have invalid card details, which completely makes sence to me and I really don’t understand why or how people are saying that it doesn’t make a difference??

  105. Sheelagh says:

    Yes Gill I also have kept copies of every correspondence with the company as I’ m so scared!!! Afterall they have my card details now, and even though they cancelled my order, they are such an unethical organisation I feel like they could take money from me at any point. I presume that this company is still going because not enough people know how to get out of this situation so don’t fight it, therefore they make so much money out of them. They are absolute scum, and count your lucky stars that you have found this website people!

    SO, do NOT give up everyone, do everything Gill advises you and you will get a result. I reckon they chance their arm big time and if you sound like you know what you’re talking about, although they string it out and make it really hard, they eventually tow the line with these people, but with the people who don’t appear to know how to fight them, I reckon they take them to the cleaners, thats where they make their money.

    SO, be VERY forceful and stroppy in your emails and HOUND them. Do NOT give up, don’t let this company rob you, you will succeed if you persevere.
    Good luck everyone,

  106. Claire Martin says:

    Please help , I have sadly been taken in by this company and currently have not recieved any e/ mail regarding information about my order.
    I have tried to cancel by phone but they require a order number which I do not have and than cut me off, I have also tried to cancel by e/ mail.
    I checked by bank and the have taken two payments for the trail and I did not even order the cleanser !!
    I contacted my bank but they said they could not do anything at this time as I had agreed to the £2.49 but would take action if they take anymore …
    Very upset and dont know what to do ?

    • Gill says:

      Claire…….read below what Maria suggests……I am thinking now that they are changing their system, yet again, to keep us all on our toes! Before it worked by e.mailing daily BUT it seems now they are not answering like they were a couple of months ago. However dont give up e.mailing because I truly believe that if you e.mail then your written word is evidence that you have been writing to cancel. Try to get online like Maria did and try to cancel on there. Forget the £2.49 !! but be aware in case they try to take more and that is where your bank will step in and help. Keep strong and try to contact daily and be very forceful in all you say…..Ok? Read all info on here for advise.

  107. Nikki says:

    Company have ensured they’ve cancelled products sent back at a cost of £9.79 the Royal Mail cannot do recorded delivery to that address apparently just tracked ;-( hope it works!! And bank useless!

  108. Maria says:

    I fell for this too, sent numerous emails and just received an automated response saying about the 72 hour reply etc etc. After hours of searching I actually found a website where you can obtain a RMA number:

    Enter your email address you provided when ordering the product and it takes you to the cancellation page, make sure you cancel both the Ketone and Cleanse otherwise you will still be charged for one of the products. It says you will have about another 2 weeks to cancel. Do not believe this as you will be out of your 14 day trial period. I sent mine off today with a tracking number after making my initial order on the 25th January, so it should reach them tomorrow, once it has been signed for I can trace it and make sure it has been received. I’ve also cancelled my card to ensure they do not take any further money than the initial shipping fee from my account. All I can say is that it’s a lesson learnt, I never usually sign up for these kind of things however, I was caught off guard as I’m going on holiday in 3 weeks and thought it may help. I will let you know how I get on. – ABSOLUTE ****!!!!!!!

    • Jenny says:

      February 6th
      Hi, Like many of you I can’t believe I’ve fallen for this scam.I’ve been nearly 2 hours reading through the above and trying to take out the best information.
      Have followed Marias advise and got a RMA number from even though I have yet to receive any product and as yet no monies have been taken from my bank.
      Hopefully I have managed to cancel in time as I only placed the order yesterday afternoon. I wish I had found this site sooner.
      I have filled in and sent the cancellation form which is under the contact us link at the bottom of the Keytone web page. Don’t fill in the form that pops up first but the one through the pink link.I am awaiting a reply.
      I have also informed them that I have taken advise from OFT,trading standards and my bank.Hopefully this will make them realise they are not going to win.

  109. Jenny says:

    Hi Like Claire I have contacted my bank LTSB and they have advised me that they can’t do anything until there has been a transaction through my account.But they are monitering my account and will help should any monies be taken which are unauthorised.
    Interestingly when I told them the name of Ketone, they knew all about them.Obviously this is a major problem.

  110. Steph says:

    I fell for this scam … i phoned up and got an automated system- with no option to speak to anyone. On the last option, ib accidently knocked my phone and ended up buying the lot! I tried ringing again and was engaged. no option to talk to a person!

  111. Charlotte says:

    I went to cancel online to get Number we need and I can only successfully cancel one if them when I click on the link ‘cancel cleanse premium’ it comes up ‘you are only allowed to accept one offer in there browsing session’!!! Grrrr. I have got one number but it says I can only send one parcel back and they want it before the 4th March even though I haven’t even received it yet!!! I cancelled my card the morning after the night I ordered it so I am assured they can’t take any money off me. I do t know what to do!!!! I’ve emailed them and got nothing back but an automated response. I don’t know whether to just ignore them now, I’m not sending one packet back in its own I can’t afford two lots of shipment!! Has anybody kept the pills and cancelled their card??? PLEASE HELP!!!

    • Sarah says:

      charlotte go back on that web page again to cancel the other lot of pills it only works after you cleared your history from your laptop/pc, I did the same thing got both RMA numbers and sent 2 lot of pills together.

  112. Jenny says:

    Hi Further to yesterday I have now had the delivery charge taken from my account but nothing taken for any products.This deduction was taken about 2 hours after I had cancelled my order,I have emailed them again to say I’m not happy.I have yet to receive any communication from them either confirmation of the original order or confirmation of the cancellation. I am watching my bank account carefully.

  113. Karen says:


    Today I managed to cancel through and received a cancellation number, however when I tried to go back through the link to cancel Ketone premium I was met with the following message ‘you are only allowed to accept one offer per browser session’ a little strange seeing as there were initially two options/buttons to cancel both products. I have received an email with one cancellation number and I have re-emailed customer support requesting a full refund as the advert implies that the offer is for a ‘FREE TRIAL’ so being able to TRY the product for FREE which is in fact not the case. I have called the number provided on the website also 0844 745 2161 which gives you an automated response to type in the telephone number that you placed the order with, a little difficult when you have done it through an advert for an online Womens’ Health magazine with an attached article of a reporter doing the said trial.
    I am now waiting to hear back from them.

    • Debbie says:

      log out of your PC and back in then you’ll be able to open a new browser session and cancel the 2nd product. I had to do this too. Don’t even bother calling them – once you’ve got both of the RMA’s then email them and include the RMA numbers in the email. They will still send you the pills – I received them even though I cancelled online and got my RMAs just a couple of hours after i’d placed the initial order.
      No matter what you do they will force you through the procedure of returning the pills and they will still attempt to take payment from you on day 14.
      Here’s the response I finally received after hassling them for 3 days:

      Also please see the comment i’m going to list separately from this one about bank account details … it’s relevant for everyone who’s been scammed ….

      —–Original Message—–
      From: Stephen Blake []
      Sent: 06 February 2013 10:08
      Subject: [#GST-746-82693]: Order Cancellation

      Dear Customer,
      Thank you for the request to cancel your subscriptions to the Ketone Premium and Cleanse Premium auto ship programs; this has now been done for you.
      Please note that when an order is placed, it’s sent directly to the distribution company and immediately printed and packed ready for shipping. Our shipping department will dispatch your product soon and you will be receiving them within 1 to 2 business days.
      Please note you are still required to pay for the products you have received after your 14 day trial period. The offer you have signed up for is to try Ketone Premium and Cleanse Premium for 14 days before you pay. These are not free or a 30 day trial, it does not say this on our website If you do not wish to pay for the products you have received after your 14 day trial period, you must return at least half of the contents to us within 21 days of ordering. This is all in accordance with the terms and conditions that you agreed to by ticking the box on our order pages.
      We do however appreciate it’s not always easy to get to a post office and that some people sign up to our offers without actually reading the terms.
      We are therefore willing to offer you a 50% discount on the products you have received, meaning you will pay just £37.50 for the month’s supply of Ketone Premium, and £18.75 for the month’s supply of Cleanse Premium.
      If you would like to accept this 50% off and keep your latest order to continue your weight loss program, please respond back by email within 21 days of shipment date to confirm you would like 50% off.
      If you would still like to return your order and not pay for it at all, please send it back to the address below and write the RMA number on the outside of the envelope. Please note payment will automatically be taken on day 14 but this will be refunded if you return it before 28/02/2013. If you return the product after 28/02/2013, we are not able to offer you a refund or ship the product back to you.
      Please make sure you include your name and address including postcode inside the envelope so we know who has sent the order back and we strongly advise you to use a recorded mail service which costs just a few pence more to ensure we receive your items.
      Your RMA number for the Ketone Premium is: …. .Your RMA number for the Cleanse Premium is: …….
      Write this on the outside of the envelope and post it back to:

      PO Box 113
      Co Clare.

      If you require further assistance, please respond to this email, ensuring the ticket number is left in the subject line.

      Many Thanks,
      Ketone Premium Customer Service Team

      • Debbie says:

        In response to the query I posted on here on 3rd Feb about whether or not they can still take money from your account even if you cancel your bank card …. i’ve finally managed to speak with the dedicated security team at Santander and they’ve explained the situation in detail …

        YES THEY ABSOLUTELY CAN STILL TAKE MONEY FROM YOUR ACCOUNT EVEN IF YOU CANCEL YOUR CARD – they are cleverly exploiting a loophole in the system (those are those are the words of my bank security).
        Because we all signed up “willingly” to their terms and conditions by placing these orders and providing our card details to them this company have a legal right to request payments from our bank accounts. The Visa Debiting Service (who handle all card payments {for all banks}) are legally obliged to provide this company with the payments they request from us and, even if you cancel your card and get a new card number, the Visa Debiting Service are still legally obliged to provide this company with the details of your NEW bank card to allow them to collect payment.

        The only 100% way to stop this company taking any money from you is to close the bank account associated with the card which you used to make the payment to them. All legal obligation on the part of Visa Debiting Service ends there – they cannot and will not issue details of any other bank accounts you may hold.

        I’ve spent 2 days transferring and closing all my direct debits to a brand new bank account and am just about to close the old one. I’d much rather do that to stop them taking any money than have to go through the process of trying to raise a dispute to claim back the money which I know these people will take on day 14.
        I suggest you all consider doing the same for peace of mind, because once they have your details there’s nothing to stop this company taking additional payments in a month or two even if they say they’ve cancelled your subscription.
        Let’s face it, we all know they’re unethical and have absolutely no scruples.

    • Sarah says:

      Karen go back on that web page again to cancel the other lot of pills it only works after you cleared your history from your laptop/pc, I did the same thing got both RMA numbers.

  114. Ray McGill says:

    Ketone premier tablet caused me considerable pain and discomfort, over priced and
    not required. Impossible to speak to the supplier !

  115. Alex says:

    what if you made an order today and you cancelled the order straight away and if i cancel my payment to via my credit card payment will they still ship the product?

    • Sarah says:

      yes, I did the same thing 4 days later the pills arrived.

    • Gill says:

      Yes Alex, they will ship to you, nothing will stop it. ! You then have to go through all the stages written above…………….a pain I know, but you have to do it or get charged.

      • Alex says:

        so i have cancelled my card they only took the shipping fee, i have emailed them yesterday saying to cancel my order and that i have recieved the RMA numbers online with confirmation that my account has been cancelled, but havent had a reply. THis morning i recieved an email saying they have shipped the pills, so if i return them back once they arrive its done? i have made a screen shot of their cancellation form ” your ketona permieum account has been cancelled ” and the details of RMA numbers. THanks!

  116. Gill says:

    Hi all………have been investigating online re. debit/credit cards and the cancelling of them. I have been saying all along it is no use cancelling your cards because you can still be charged and this is always the case when you sign up to any ‘free trials’ because you are automatically put on a recurring monthly fee, unknowingly ! The scammers have got you and will happily charge you £29+ per month unless you cancel and quickly………..but you can threaten them saying that you are going to report them to all and sundry, also you have put them onto a ‘chargeback’, this will worry the firm because it means if they charge your account and their fee gets returned they in turn have to pay a fee for that too. OK. So this is well worth a try. Of course you have to inform your bank about it all and mention chargeback, keep all correspondence and details to show if needed, also be extremely aware of phoning as this CALL GOES TO UTAH. USA. and is very expensive.
    Check on the website ‘Sitejabber’, I tapped in……’how to get a debit/credit card refund if you’ve been scammed’ and the above is the results. :)

  117. pauline says:

    had 2 emails from them 2 day one telling me they had cancelled the payments and the other one telling me if i keept it i could have it half price it will be in the post 2 moro .my haifax bank was very helpful and if they do manage to take any money they will refund it within 24 hrs so feel very lucky your site with all this information was there to help me than you

      • Priscilla says:

        Hi Gill, I’ve just find out about ketone premium scam just now. I have received my pills today.and I will go to the bank first thing in morning to close account and reopen a new one they’ve taken the £ 2.49 what worries me the most is the fact that they could take more than what I thought. What else can I do ?… Please help me.

        • Gill says:

          Priscilla…so sorry I didnt see this message til today.You have done everything right so dont worry too much, if you have closed your account that should be an end to it, have you posted the pills back yet?? and did you get your RMA number from them?? I know its a while ago, just wondered how you got on?

  118. Becca says:

    thank you so much for this information!!! you have been a godsend. i am on the phone to my bank as a write to you and they are closing my account. if it is the only way i can stop those evil con men then so be it….

  119. Becca says:

    update: info from nationwide, it may differ for other banks but unless they got a account number / sort code – nationwide would never give out new card info after you have cancelled your card. and the card that is reported stolen is useless as they put a block on it.

  120. Becca says:

    BTW – i have just attempted to log in to order with false details – the terms and conditions box is automatically ticked so surely this means that legally you have not accepted the terms and conditions???

  121. Sam says:

    The return address that I will be sending mine back to is, ketone premium returns, po box 113, Shannon co Clare , Ireland …. Is this correct , I have also had to cancel my bank account just in case, I hope this works and that I will be safe, I’m so embarrassed that this has happened to me x

  122. Sarah says:

    I got a real response from them sent them an email asking if they have or haven’t received my pills blah blah this is what they said, someone called Hena Stella

    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for informing us that you have sent the products back. If you have a tracking number-Barcode(recorded delivery) or the SCANNED copy of proof of postage receipt for the returned products, please provide it to us. This way I can process your returns at the earliest.

    If you require further assistance, please respond to this email, ensuring the ticket number is left in the subject line.

    Many Thanks,

    Ketone Premium Customer Service Team

  123. Jenny says:

    Hi Surprise ,surprise, even though I cancelled my order within 20 hours of placing it, and obtaining a RMA number the tablets have been delivered today.There is no paper work with them just a leaflet.
    I will be sending them back this afternoon by trackable post with a very strong worded note inside.I will also be sending them yet another email to confirm my proof of posting and that I had actually cancelled after advise from my GP.
    As yet they haven’t taken any monies from my bank,only the postage cost, but I am checking it every hour. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.
    One thing I did find was that their emails to me had actually gone into my Junk mail which could have meant I missed deadlines altogether.It may be worth checking your own.Another thing if you enter a mobile number on your order it will not be recognised by their automated phone service.

    • Patricia says:

      After reading the comments on this site, getting all my emails marked ‘failed delivery’ and not finding the correct website to get the RMA numbers, I posted both sets of pills to the PO Box 113, Shannon, Co Clare, Ireland address I’d seen on here. I put my name and address inside and on the back. I sent it with tracked postage, but of course they wouldn’t have RMA numbers on.

      Today I found the message on this site saying go to http;// to get separate RMA numbers and cancelled both accounts. It says on the cancellation page:
      ‘Please write the RMA number prominently on the outside of your package. We cannot apply the return without the RMA number.’

      I have cancelled the credit card I used. They’d only taken postage & packing from it before I did.

      What is the email that people are using to contact them? I used ‘’ which is on their leaflet that came with the pills but after initially saying it’s delayed for 72 hrs it comes back as undelivered.

      Has anyone sent back the pills without the RMA numbers, but managed to cancel online, kept copies of this and cancelled their credit card? Do you think this will be enough now?

  124. Jen C says:

    Hi. As you can probably guess, I fell for it. I ordered Ketone Premium (which came as pills and patches) and Cleanse Premium. This was on the 8th of January. The package arrived the following week, the 15th. When they arrived, I read the leaflet, I saw that it said there would be no charge (other than P&P) at time of ordering. However, as the website called it a free trial, I assumed (stupidly) that referred to subsequent deliveries, and that as long as I cancelled the autoship, I would be fine. On the 23rd, the charge came through, £75.00 from Ketone and £37.50 from Cleanse. As I do want to lose weight, I thought I could cope with the first charge, but then I delayed cancelling the program (another stupid mistake) until yesterday, 8th February, when the second package arrived. I immediately called the customer service number, and after going through both, got given different options for cancelling, including returning at least 50% to avoid being charged. After I got that far, and selected that option, I was cut off. I assumed it had gone through, and that I would receive a cancellation email within days. It has been nearly 24hrs, and I have not received one yet. But less than an hour ago, I checked my bank account and saw that yesterday I was charged for a second set of all three products. When I went online to find the website I found this site. I have checked and I never received an order confirmation email with terms. Also, there is no address anywhere, not on the leaflet, not on the product packaging, not even on the parcel it came in. I know there’s a lot of comments about different stages of the process of sorting this all out, but can someone please be kind enough to tell me what to do now? (Oh, my bank’s HSBC, if that helps. I haven’t contacted them yet.) Thanks, and sorry you have to see another idiot in trouble.

  125. Nelly49 says:

    I to fell for this scam, followed all advice given via forum, items still have not arrived from order placed on 31st Jan, received RMA No’s for both items, cancelled order same day as I realised it was a scam, I purchased via Credit Card not Debit Card like all members of this forum, Question ‘Why did you pay by Debit Card and not Credit Card’? But to ensure that no more monies would be taken I cancelled my card just in case. I emailed the company and informed them that they had failed to comply to ALL the Distance Selling Act 2000 and that Trading Standards have been informed along with Hampshire Fraud Squad and that any attempt to obtain monies from my cancelled account is considered as theft and fraud through deception with out authorisation, I am still waiting for a reply and for the items to arrive.

  126. Nelly49 says:

    At the time of my submitted order I failed to enter my house number as it was an system automated process whether I will receive such items I am not sure, foolishly I emailed them prior to my findings that they were a fraudulent company, let’s wait and see to what happens…. but they had taken monies from my account, I have also Emailed them again today informing them that I have instructed my Credit Card provider set against my cancelled card and any other that I hold with them a ‘Charge Back’ policy to which was mentioned earlier on with in this forum, again let’s wait and see to what will happen next, Good luck to us all and let’s hope WE all come out of this with lessons learnt and that they will be punished some how.

  127. Aimee Thornton says:

    I to fell for this scam!! , cancelled my card straight aWay I have also get the bank to out. St to them taking further payments but have said IF they do happen to take more they will refund this n they will deal with company. I received tablets which r going straight back tomorrow morning with the rma nmbers.. I have contacted them with some very choice word emails which I have heard absolutely nothing back from after reading some info on here I have sent another few emails saying that I report them to oft etc etc and what they have done is fraudulent ! And if they dare take any more money out of my bank! I hope it works, I

  128. alex says:

    i too fell for this on saturday.
    never fallen for anything like this before. realised within half an hour of ordering that it is a scam. cancelled online but realised that they will send the pills anyway! explained to bank (HSBC) who have been great. spoke to someone who had experience with this and with rolling subscriptions. i cancelled my card.I was concerned having read some views on this, that despite cancelling my card, money could still be taken as the account is linked to the card.
    he has told me that even if it is a rolling subscription, if they only have my card number and my security code, having cancelled this card, they cannot take further payments as they do not have my account number and sort code. I will see!
    this morning i have emailed the company again after receiving the automated email on saturday explaining 3 day delay in answering the email! in todays email I have requested the RMA numbers and return address, although i believe this to be the P.O box 113,shannon address.
    I have also said that i am cancelling my order and contract with them. i have stated that i will return the pills, unopened, return of post with name and address inside and RMA number under address on front.
    I have told them that the pills will be returned by first class royal mail tracked delivery so i will know the date they receive it. i have also said that as i am returning them on the day received, there is no possibility of earlier postage so i do not expect to be charged if this takes longer than 14 days from order!!
    I have told them that any further money removed from my account will be unauthorised and hence stolen and that i will be informin the OFT and the police and European trading standards.
    let’s see what happens now!!
    i had an email saying the pills had been dispatched today.

  129. Nerfaz says:

    Hi everyone :)
    I just wanted to let you all know whats been happening sinceI was scammed on the 1st of this month. I had cancelled my card and on the 5th the amount of £112.50 was finally taken out of my account (it was pending from the 1st). My bank (NatWest) cancelled my card on the 1st and the helpful (but wrong) assistant told me that if i cancel my card they cant take any future payments out of my accoutnt and gave me a number to contact when the money finally left my account. When this did happen, I called the given number and the lady told me that they could still take the money out of my account (sad times) BUT they refunded me the full amount and will continue to do so if they contiued to take the money out. They also started a legal dispute with the company.
    But even though the bank gave me the money and all was well, I continued to email the company telling them that they were not off the hook annnnnd… I GOT A FULL REFUND! They emailed me back saying they made a mistake and gave me a full refund! WHOOOP!
    Keep fighting people! It will be worth it! Hope all your stories end as well as mine did thankfully!

  130. Jenny says:

    Thats good to hear Nerfaz its good to know persistence pays off.
    I have had 2 emails from actual people (Zacky Milton & Paula Williams)but they don’t really read your emails because its the standard reply stating about have product for half price. They have stated that although I had cancelled I still had to Pay for tablets.This being the case even though said tablets were delivered to me,sent back by tracked mail and delivered to Shannon all within 6 days, which is well within their 14 day returns policy.
    They wont except that they could just cancel the whole order now that the pills have been returned well within time.
    I have threatened them with TS, OFT and my bank fraud department but have had no response.
    I am waiting for a response on my last email.
    Interestingly one email I sent was replied to straight away so I think this 72 hours thing is another way of them stalling the whole process.
    I don’t know if its worth contacting my bank again before money is taken out.

    • Nerfaz says:

      Keep emailing Jenny… Tell them that refunding you the full amount will be much less hassel than them having to go through a number of legal authorites and procedures… Just keep going until they get fed up and refund you the money. Hope it works out well for you :)

  131. jovialvicky says:

    Hi All,
    I also fell to these advert on some news website. i cancelled my order within 30 min after reading their terms & condition for shipment. Still they send me delivery of the product and i followed them on daily basis but get no response from them in last 8 days. i did cancel my Credit card today after reading some forum and i’m going back to India day after and didn’t send back the pills to them because i had no details. don’t know what to do, should i throw these packet in dustbin and forget whatever happens or should i send this back tomorrow as its my last day in UK and i’ll be very busy in office work so getting time is also a concern for me. is there any possible legal issue, i amy fall in later due to this or its okay? pls help.

  132. Cristina says:

    My mum and sister have been scammed into this and this Ketone “company” have taken ALOT of money out of their account. I told them never to order Free Trial Diet Pills from anywhere. Anywho, my mum has been trying to contact them through their number but shes not having any luck she keeps getting the same thing over and over. My mum and sister are going to cancel it at the bank (I think) I do hope it works. I also wonder if they have hacked my sisters hotmail account (Im not sure if they can or not) so she can’t check if any email’s have been sent by this so called “company”.However will they ever be able to get their money back? if so could I have some advice on how to do so? It is most appreciated. Thank you.

    • Sarah says:

      its easy to say that cristina but it was sooo easy for anyone to fall into this scam I thought it was all above board cos it said it was endorsed by channel 4.

      • Cristina says:

        Im aware my mum is always so careful I agree its easy to fall victim. My mum isn’t having any luck getting though to anyone on the phones just constantly auto messages. would it be worth emailing them untill my mum gets the money back?

        • Sarah says:

          ive been emailing them everyday being firm and got 3 proper responses I did tell them id report them to trading standards, OFT and action fraud but I reported them anyway and they are looking into this company, so far its been over the 14 days and no money has been taken just the first payment for the P&P. Took me days after ordering what to tell my mum cos I originally ordered them for her I just burst into tears but I manage to hold it together and sorted it myself usually I run to mum for problems hehe its defo a lesson to be learnt never again and im always careful too.

          • Cristina says:

            yeh my mum feels stupid and feels bad that she also dragged my sister into it she also learnt her lesson, i told her not to feel bad but she is aware and will next time ask me first before doing anything on the internet. she went to the bank today and i think she told them to cancel it/block it or what ever so hopefully they will stop taking money. And I will keep emailing this fraud company untill we get a responce, however I’m not sure what to write…

  133. Jenny says:

    Morning all,
    I have emailed Ketone everyday and am getting little or no response.They have told me that they have excepted cancellation of the rolling subscription but that they will still take payment of £37.50 on the 14th day after order date.Then its the same repeated info about not getting to post office,keeping tablets at half price etc etc.

    So today I have spoken to Lloyds TSB my bank, again and because I have logged the problem with them,should Keytone take any money Lloyds will refund me and send Keytone a letter of cancellation. Hopefully this will stop any more payments going out.Lloyds will continue to refund me until the matter is sorted.
    This does bring peace of mind.So I am keeping my fingers crossed.

    • Christina says:

      Did you manage to speak to a human being from Ketone at all?? I’m just desperate to resolve this matter as its causing so much stress to my elderly gran. I cant manage to speak to an actual person and its soooo annoying.

      Many thanks

  134. Christina says:

    My elderly Grandmother has been caught out by this awful scam, its majorly affecting her mental well being, I have emailed Ketone and they have blatantly and obviously ignored my email, all I want to do is speak to a human being but having tried every way imaginable I am beginning to think it’s not actually possible. She has been scammed out of one hundred and fifty pounds before she realised the free trial was not in fact free.

    I am really posting here to find out if any one has any way of contacting Ketone in a way that will allow me to speak to a human being?

    I’d be so grateful if you could all reply with your experiences and if your case is resolved how you managed to resolve it. It’s been a huge stress on my whole family and all we want is to at least see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Christine, Sorry to hear of your Grans plight. As far as I ‘m aware the only way of communication is by email. They are mostly standard replies but if you you keep emailing,even several times a day you will eventually get a human response, but by email.
      Have you obtained a RMA number which will start the ball rolling to cancel your rolling subscription. Go to and enter your details.
      Then when the next lot of diet pills arrive you post them back with the RMA number on the front of theparcel to Ketone Premium Returns, PO Box 113 Shannon, County Clare, Ireland. Send them tracked Special Delivery they should get there within 48 hrs .Then inform Ketone what you have done.They will ask for a scanned copy of the post receipt. . I have just found out that they wont just take the tracking number in an email they want visual proof. They will try everything to try and delay cancellation because it keeps more money rolling in for them.
      Contact your banks despute department.Tell them everthing that you have done,they should be able to help. Mine at Lloyds has been really good.
      Keep watching this site, it has really helped me keep going.
      Good luck. jenny.

  135. Jenny says:

    Today yet another email from Customer services.Even though I have sent them several emails regarding the return of tablets ,dates, times,tracking number and so on, now they want scanned proof of receipt.The tablets were delivered 4 days ago. Dare I say another delay tactic!!!
    So I have sent info with a stern letter stating that I want this to be the end
    of the matter.
    I’m not sure that threats of OFT ,Trading Standards etc has made alot of difference.I think its water off a ducks back.

  136. esther says:

    Hi, annoyingly both my mother and I fell for this. We both ordered the products from ketone premium following the channel 4 rave. The tablets actually worked for us both so we let the membership roll on . We didnt realise it was a money scam till my mum complained they’d charged her £75+p&p AND an extra £37.50+p&p in one day ten the same again the day after her first shipment on the programme arrived. Its only now as I tried to contact them on her behalf to resolve the problem that I find we are in a scam! We have emailed them sperately requesting cancellation of the shipment programe and also filled in the cancelation form online but after reading everything here Im feeling very despondant. My poor mum has been overcharged by £140 already and we still have yet to confirm that subscription is cancelled , never mind get back her money. Please has anyone any advice for us? We feel particularly stupid because whereas everyone else realised pretty much straightaway, we are 6 weeks on in what I expect is going to be a nightmare. Thanks in advance!
    Oh and by the way the address I got is Herkimer House, Mill Rd Industrial estate, Linlithgow EH49 7SF, Scotland (tel 0800 148 8243) to write to to cancel (from the cancelation website)

  137. Catherine says:

    Rasperry ketone”free trial” opened a facebook page on 13th feb to recruit more victims and looks like its working 1,246 likes up to now. The promise being for first 500 “fans” free trial pills and I’m afraid people seem to be falling for it. It seems these people will go to any lengths to con people. Not sure if its same company that conned me, but as they keep changing their name It would not surprise me

  138. Catherine says:

    They are now directing people through links on their facebook page to get the free trial raspberry ketone. I followed the link and I was required to answer 3 questions. Then I was directed to the order page, I declined to fill out the order form but did look over the page and noticed it had the same address and telephone number as your post esther, the people who tried to con me had an address in Ireland. Wonder if they have changed address because people are on to them?

  139. Bridget K says:

    Hi guys,
    I’m ashamed to say I fell for this scam too in January 2013. I receieved the free trial and was stupid to not read the small print on the leaflet. So was shocked to receive another supply in Feb and to see over 100 quid was taken from my acc! I went on ketone premium straight away and cancelled my orders – wrote down the RMA numbers etc. I also emailed them and they replied in 72 hours (of course!) saying everything has been cancelled and i wont be sent anymore or be charged anymore. Ive sent back the last supply as requested via recorded delivery. I sent them an email telling them this but have heard nothing back – not even an automated response telling me they received my email like they usually sent in the past. I went to my bank and they said if i cancelled my card they couldnt get any more money from me. Should I be worried that i havent heard anything else back from ketone “support” services? I feel so stressed and worried and just wish i hadnt been so naive! ANY help at all would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • Gill says:

      Hi Bridget, think you have done all you need too, just keep an eye on your bank account in case any more monies is taken and then you can get them for fraud. Hopefully and fingers crossed you have done everything required and they dont write back with pleasanteries, so dont expect them too!! Shocking company, just in it for the money. :(

  140. Jenny says:

    Hi Folks,
    I think my persistence has paid off,I have received this email today.

    Dear Jenny Price,
    Thank you for using Ketone Premium TRIAL UK. This email is to inform you that your subscription status has been recently updated and any ongoing or all future charges have been cancelled as per your request.

    If you have any questions about the cancellation of this subscription, or if you would like to re-activate the same in the future, please feel free to contact our Customer Service team.

    I have emailed them every day making sure I used the same ticket number in the subject box and it seems to have worked.It is another couple of days before the 14 day deadline so I will keep an eye on my bank account,just in case.
    So I think the best course is to cancel as quick as you can after ordering and then keep bombarding them with emails stating you want payment stopped or a refund should monies have already left your account.
    It’s a bit daunting ,but it’s been good to have the support of other people via this forum.
    Thanks to everyone and good luck to those that are still fighting.

  141. jeannie jean says:


    • Gill says:

      Jeannie…..the very important RMA is a 12/16 digit number+letters that they have to give you before you return anything, it identifies you, so it is unique to you. Wait until you receive this rma. then get returning and fast. Dont phone them it is too expensive and all calls go via. UTAH USA. Keep e.mailing daily and get stronger in your words each time as well. Dont be shy, ask for a refund & fast or say you will take action. Be patient as well……it will happen.

  142. Issy says:

    Please help how do I find to email them can’t seem to understand.Money has been taken from my account and I wish to cancel before they take anymore.I have been conned just like everyone else now I can’t pay my rent.crying.

    • Gill says:

      Issy, go on to this website and cancel straight away, read above comments on what others have done, they should provide a RMA no. so you can return any pills back to them. Dont get too upset, its a nightmare but you will get there in the end, take one step at a time. Ok :)

  143. Isabelle says:

    I’ve had 2 lots of tablets sent& have cancelled them.the RMA is the reference no they send you,do not send back without this number,and send registered post! I’ve been to my bank ,but I paid by Debit card&they said they could not do anything about it,but they gave me their fraud number,which I phoned,and they said they would stop any more being taken.I can only wait & see.
    All banks are different,maybe yours will be more helpful,good luck.

  144. Kerry Theron says:

    Ketone and Cleanse Premium are a scam!!! Do not pay this company ANY money, DO NOT sign up for the free trial, as you will automatically sign up for auto shipments and they will take upwards of £110.50 from your bank account without any permission from yourself!!
    They deduct this money for your so called ‘next months’ supply-which not surprisingly doesn’t arrive!!! But also, which you never even knew you’d agreed to in the first place!!
    They do not acknowledge emails, and there is only an automated message if you ring the number they provide. There is no reciept that arrives withe products, and no return address should you decide to change your mind.
    All highly suspcious-BEWARE THIS COMPANY!!!!!

    • Kerry Haywood says:

      I have been taken in with this scam….soo angry with myself !!
      Like you said no way of contacting or shipping back to them, they have taken money from my account and now in the process of asking my bank to help in retrieving my hard earned money !!
      Iv now had to cancel my card and a new one being sent out, as the company Ketone and Cleanse Premium have designed this scam to keep taking money from your account and it cant be stopped unless you cancel your card !

  145. Brenda says:

    I have to return this product but i am confused about where to post them. I live in Ireland and was first given english address by the company when i cancelled on their website. Then i got an email from the company confirming cancelation BUT with Shannon Po box in Ireland. Which one do i use!!!! What advice would you give me. Thank you.

    • Gill says:

      I would send them back to Ireland. Brenda. the address is : PO Box 113, Shannon, Co Clare, Ireland
      I think they are trying to confuse people and making them pay as much as possible to return these goods without a care, this is how they make their cash. I hope you have got your RMA number from them, without this you cannot return your goods.

  146. Jules says:

    Hello everbody,
    same thing here with the ketonepremium scam.
    They already debited my credit card twice and I saw it just now…
    I sent them an email and will call them as well to try and cancel this.
    They say in their terms and conditions that you receive an email about your order (which I never did) and that you need a customer or order number to cancel your subscribtion which I don’t have.
    Any experiences with that?
    Do they react to emails at all?

    • Gill says:

      Jules, This company are changing their ways all the time, they used to reply to e.mails and I found it best to send an e.mail a day until they responded BUT they now are not responding to e.mails like they used to. It sounds as if it is best to online via their website and cancel on there. Do not phone it costs too much and all calls go via UTAH USA. ! You need to get their RMA. number which is a code specific to you, before you can return any goods. Whichever way you turn they have got you and will take your money any way they can. BEWARE. Hope you get some response: http;//

      • Jules says:

        Hi Gill,
        thank you for your reply, I did cancel online and I will try to have my credit card company take the money back (over 200 quit already).
        How do I get my specific RMA to return the products?
        Still, if I do return will this guarantee that I get my money back? I’m way over the “trial period”…
        Thank you!!

        • Gill says:

          Jules, thought the website might give you your RMA number, I must say I am stumped now!! When you cancelled online did you see your RMA anywhere? There is no guarantee that you will get your money refunded, you will have to rely on your bank to help you and they should as this company are conducting a scam and the payts are a fraud. Maybe e.mail them again and/or go back online and ask for help. Hope this works for you.

          • Jules says:

            Hi Gill,
            thank you for your reply. I got a confirmation number for my cancellation but no RMA number. I wrote them an e-mail asking them to give me the details on how to return the products and give me a refund. I got an automated reply and now wait for an answer. I blocked my credit card for all transactions and asked them if they can help me to get my money back. I guess I now just have to wait.
            If anyone else nows how to get an RMA, please let me know.
            Thank you!

  147. ginni says:

    hi! i received one lot of pills on 28th of january, from ketone premium, didn’t realise scam till about 4 days ago when i stumbled across this site, i cancelled on their website but as yet have had no reply . i went to my bank to see if they had taken any money and they had taken 2 lots of £75-00 IN THIS MONTH ALONE. The bank has put a block on them but told that i would have to lose the money, my bank is barclays and they do know of this company . i have once again tried to ring but as for everyone else they do not recognise my number, i,ve e-mailed them for address as well to return products but have not heard anything back. i.m going to e-mail them again after i have finished here; just thanks to everyone who has wriiten on this site , i suppose it helps a bit that i am not the only one that has been taken in by these people

    • Brenda from Mayo says:

      Hi Ginni, go on this website to cancel ASAP: AND (Now I live in Ireland so you may have to put in UK instead of IE…I don’t know) Also they may initially give you an address in Sheffield to return the good to BUT you will later(next day maybe) get an email telling you to return them to Shannon Co Clare, IRELAND. I have choosen to return to Ireland. I found emailing the company a joke …kept having the emails returned undelivered and as for the telephone number another joke!!!!

    • Brenda from Mayo says:

      Hi ginni, I just realised your pills are ketone premium but I am talking about Bodycleanseplus and Sim Tone Plus but I know they are all the same people !!!

      • Gill says:

        Brenda…….yes it is the same company…..just changed their name to fool us all. It used to be Body cleanse & slimtone etc… Ketone…….I think they think that we will fall for this new approach but NO. they are very cunning and also are getting craftier too not answering e.mails etc. This company need showing up, their prices have shot up too. TAKE CARE EVERYONE. but follow the advise that has been given on this page and you cannot go wrong.

  148. Ali C says:

    OK I too fell for this but have recently been refunded so I have detailed below my story in case it helps any of you get your money back. Feel free to copy any of my emails for yourself.

    21st Jan 2013 – Saw advert on Facebook fell for the Channel 4 bit and ordered! Paid £2.49 for each product by Santander Debit Card. Was aware of recurring payment but not timescales until order was placed. Figured I could easily cancel! Did not receive confirmation emails.

    29th Jan 2013 – Started to become concerned and was going to contact company as still no products but they arrived later that day. By this time I had Googled ‘Ketone Scam’ and OMG what the hell have I got myself into! Called the advertised number which as we know promises live support but doesn’t actually provide it! And yes everything read out far too quickly to write it down. Emailed company via website and also emailed direct to be advised this is by far the best way to deal with it.
    I received 3 confirmation emails that a ticket had been raised and someone would be in contact shortly …… more like eventually!
    Phoned Santander they said there was nothing they can do …… Brilliant! Be advised cancelling your card DOES NOT STOP recurring payments FACT!

    This is the email I sent;

    Dear Sir/Madam
    On the 21st January 2013 I ordered your Ketone Premium and Cleanse Premium from your website. Contrary to your website and ordering information I did not receive a confirmation email or order id for either products. However I did see from my bank that you had not hesitated in taking the post and packing fee’s of £2.49 for each product.
    Having waited 8 days for the delivery of these items I was today (29th Jan 2013) going to contact you to cancel this order as I did not see how I could successfully trial this in the remaining 6 days I had left before the cancellation period. They have in fact arrived in today’s post which again is contrary to your websites Terms and Conditions which states Royal Mail First Class delivery of 1 – 2 days? Being dissatisfied with this service, the Auto Delivery contract and the fact that these items are grossly overpriced I have decided to cancel and return the items unopened and unused. So as stated on your website T’s & C’s I called the customer support number 0844 745 2161 just to remind you these are your T’s & C’s for returns;


    To cancel, call our customer service team on 0844 745 2161. Live customer service agents are available Monday – Friday between 9am and 5pm, excluding holidays and special events. Please have your order number available to cancel. Upon receipt of your cancellation request, you will not be charged for any products that have not already been billed, but you will be asked to return the unused portion of the product if cancelled during the 14 day trial period. Because we send out a 30 day supply of both products, we do require that you send back at least 50% of the Ketone Premium capsules and 50% of the patches. If we receive less than the required number, we will charge £0.52p per capsules/patch.

    So as is becoming all to familiar “contrary” to your website I get through to an automated line offering me no way of speaking to a “Live customer service agent” instead I am given several opportunities to purchase the items at 50% off to save “me” the bother of returning them! Finally and no doubt this call has cost me a fortune in charges I am told “my order is cancelled and I will not be charged” I sincerely hope this is the case? Then the address and RMA number is issued only to have it repeated as it is read out so fast it is impossible to write it down in the end I hung up in complete frustration not to mention anger.

    I then go online and try to cancel via your cancellation form and request the RMA only to find there is a 3 day response time how very convenient! Tick Tock Tick Tock or maybe you are so busy dealing with people like me because of your dishonest marketing tactics?

    Having felt continually misled by your dubious marketing, misleading website, order process and complete lack of live customer support I have looked into your credibility and other people’s experiences. Well if only I had employed foresight as oppose to hindsight! I have yet to come across anyone who has anything good to say about this company, the ethics or lack there of and what appears to actual daylight robbery of people’s bank accounts! With this in mind I have also contacted my bank today advising them of the situation and the possibility of your attempts to take further payments from my account despite my cancelation.

    So to this end and in case I have not made myself clear as one would not wish to mislead, please take this email, my call to your automated customer service and my request for the RMA number via your website as my express wish to cancel this order and any future orders with you forthwith. Upon receipt of the RMA number I will return all received items to you unopened and unused at my own expense and do not expect to incur any further charges from you.

    Please note for your records.

    Online order date Monday 21st January 2013
    Payment of £2.49 taken for Ketone Premium
    Payment of £2.49 taken for Cleanse Premium

    Tuesday 29th January 2013
    Items finally arrive 8 days later
    Attempt to cancel order via Telephone
    Attempt to cancel order via Website
    Attempt to cancel order via Email
    Items remain with original seal, repackaged and ready for return. Awaiting Response and RMA number.

    Please acknowledge this email and send RMA immediately so I can return the items and offer up some satisfactory news to the many disgruntled customers you have.

    1st Feb 2013 – Received email from a Sam Diesel with 2 RMA numbers and several opportunities to purchase at a lower price. Returned products unopened with accompanying letter.

    This was accompanying letter.

    1st February 2013

    RMA Ketone Premium 248313710214176787
    RMA Cleanse Premium 24831794559488575

    Further to your email received today please find enclosed unopened and unused Ketone Premium and Ketone Cleanse.

    Given your overall delay in delivering and response to my cancellation I do not expect to be charged anything by this deceitful unethical company.

    For your information these are your delay tactics;

    Online order date Monday 21st January 2013 Day 1
    Payment of £2.49 taken for Ketone Premium
    Payment of £2.49 taken for Cleanse Premium

    Tuesday 29th January 2013 Day 8
    Items finally arrive 8 days later
    Attempt to cancel order via Telephone
    Attempt to cancel order via Website
    Attempt to cancel order via Email
    Items remain with original seal, repackaged and ready for return.
    Awaiting Response and RMA number.

    Friday 1st Feb Day 11
    Eventual reply with RMA numbers
    Items returned via Royal Mail first class

    Your email has stated:

    Thank you for the request to cancel your subscriptions to the Ketone Premium and Cleanse Premium auto ship programs; this has now been done for you.

    Please note that we have to receive the product before 18/02/2013 in order to avoid being charged the full price of the product.

    The products will arrive before this time I therefore do not expect further attempts from you trying to withdraw money from my account. My bank have been advised.


    18th Feb 2013 – Received 2 emails confirming cancellation of order and recurring payments.

    20th Feb 2013 – £75.00 and £37.50 taken from bank account! Livid! Emailed them immediately via reply to Sam Diesel.

    This is email;

    Further to your email below and the 2 emails I received on the 18th Feb 2013 confirming my cancellation and the fact that both products were returned to you unused and unopened on the 1st Feb 2013 can you please explain why today the sums of £75.00 for Ketone Premium and £37.50 for Cleanse Premium have been deducted from my bank account?
    This is outrageous given I did implicitly adhere to your terms and conditions after being sucked in by your false marketing of these products the way you operate is underhand to say the least and company ethics diabolical.
    Please refund these monies immediately today not in 10 days 21 days or whatever unacceptable term you deem fit as I will not hesitate to seek legal advise and report you to the TSA.
    I am as you can imagine furious at this companies’ devious method of trading.

    22nd Feb 2013 – Emailed again via reply to Sam Diesel.

    25th Feb 2013 – Emailed again via reply to Sam Diesel 5 times!

    26th Feb 2013 – Sent new email to also called the useless Santander they said they would send out forms to fill in to reclaim monies and I would have to send copies of all correspondence.

    This is email; You may notice I copied some of this from someone else on this site!

    Please be advised due to your failure to respond to my previous emails I will today be contacting the Police regarding your illegal withdrawal of funds from my bank account. I am also in the process of reporting this company to Trading Standards, Ofcom, and Office of Fair Trading, and Consumer Protection.

    Having followed your cancellation policy to the letter and returned the goods the same day I received them unopened and unused on the 1st February, on the 18th February I finally received 2 emails from you confirming cancellation of both Ketone Premium and Cleanse Premium as follows;

    Cancellation Notification
    Order Number: 2729381 Ordered on 02/18/2013 02:56am

    Dear Alison ………,

    Thank you for using Cleanse Premium REBILL UK. This email is to inform you that your subscription status has been recently updated and any ongoing or all future charges have been cancelled as per your request.
    If you have any questions about the cancellation of this subscription, or if you would like to re-activate the same in the future, please feel free to contact our Customer Service team.

    Cancellation Notification
    Order Number: 2729380 Ordered on 02/18/2013 02:56am

    Dear Alison ……….,
    Thank you for using Ketone Premium REBILL UK. This email is to inform you that your subscription status has been recently updated and any ongoing or all future charges have been cancelled as per your request.
    If you have any questions about the cancellation of this subscription, or if you would like to re-activate the same in the future, please feel free to contact our Customer Service team.

    However on the 20th February 2013 you illegally withdrew £75.00 and £37.50 from my bank account leaving me in financial hardship. I have emailed you on the 20th, 22nd and 25th February asking for the monies to be returned yet you have failed to respond.

    Your actions are in breech of the Distance Selling Regulation you have taken an amount of money from my account having been specifically advised not to do so. Nor have you emailed me to say that you have.

    If you do not return any monies you have illegally withdrawn from my account I shall begin litigation against you.

    Be assured that I take this ignoring of my wishes extremely seriously and will pursue you through the courts if you do not accede to my cancellation of your products and trials and refund all monies taken.

    27th Feb 2013 – Received 3 emails confirming monies had been refunded.

    28th Feb 2013 – Money is back in the bank! Phew.

    I have also since found out via the MoneySavingExpert website that despite what banks tell you regarding recurring payments they are legally obliged to stop these upon your request so I will today be emailing Santander quoting their legal obligation to ensure the Ketone scam artist can never take anymore money from me at anytime in the future.

    Hope this helps you all.

    • Helen says:

      Hi, I ordered this trial pills like everyone else i was lured into believing the scam. I did not read the small print, and ordered my pills around the 8th of march, received the pills and got charged on the trial price about £2 something each bottle with free delivery which i dont mind, however by 28th march have been charged £70.00 and £37 for ketone premium and cleanser premium which i am not happy about.

      I automatically rang the company on the 30th march but it was an automated message and cancelled the subscription which states it is cancelled. Now I did not realise the small print about the rolling payments, I feel so stupid. The pills did not even work, and did not realise I had to cancel within 14 days or else I would be charged. I have emailed them to ask if I can get a refund today and am awaiting theirnreply, and have called hsbc who said I need to contact them tomorrow due to being bank holiday I think to speak to the dispute team to see if they can get me my refund, my bank also said I should cancel my card which will stop anymore further payments going out.

      Now do you know if the company will still charge me, do I have to return my pills even though it is over 14 days or shall I bin them, and will I get a full refund?

  149. Gill says:

    Three cheers to you Alison……….brilliant info. here, well done and so glad you got your money back. I have said all along that e.mailing is the best way and as many times a day as you wish, if this is what is needed to get through to this lot. Surely there must be a way to ‘report’ this company, anyone got any ideas?

  150. Rachel says:

    Thankyou for all the comments on here, on Saturday I pursued raspberry pills from a company call slimzene and NeuCleanse. After reading this page and others I cancelled yesterday and my bank said they will look into any payments going out. Hopefully I’ve caught them in time (but I doubt it) thanks for all the above advice on what you all did. Might come in handy but I’m really hoping I won’t have to use it.

    • Watchdog Staff says:

      Thanks Rachel for taking the time to comment on here. We recently received an email from a customer in a similar position and posted a Consumer Report on this product here.
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team

  151. Chris says:

    I was recently conned into this as well. I immediately tried to cancel and quickly realised that it would not work. I went straight to my banks, lloyds and barclays and both of these new about the scam and have put s stop on future payments. The products arrived today, but to be honest I don’t see why I should spend my money sending them back to this scam company. Do we have to send the products back?? does anyone know? I am much more likely to just bin them.

  152. Charlotte says:

    Hi, Much like everyone else i am mortified and embarrased to have been conned into this also. I make fun of people for falling for this kind of thing and yet here i am, it was a very convincing channel 4 like page i have to say. Anyway, I purchased the free trial yesterday morning and realised it was a scam about 20 minutes later, i received the conformation email and rang to cancel straight away, got the same old american recorded voice asking me if i want to select the ‘most popular option’ of still paying, about 50 times, i hungup and proceeded to email them angrily 3 times stating that i knew it was a scam and not to bother sending me the products, i also used their online cancelling service and recieved the email with the RMA number, i rang my bank to explain and they seemed to already be aware of this scam, they cancelled my card for me, when i went to check my account they hadn’t actually taken the postage cost, so im hoping that they won’t actually be able to access my funds whatsoever now because my card is cancelled and they haven’t taken any payments atall, does anyone know if that will be the case or if they can still access my account? I have transfered all my funds into another account anyway so if they did try it would fail but i don’t want to end up with any unarranged overdraft charges. Any advice or help would be appriciated, i spent most my night lastnight reading all the above comments!

  153. jacqueline says:

    cancelled premium i hope but cant seem to get rid of cleanser just keeps offering other supplements will have to go to bank to cancel debit

  154. Nicola says:

    Hi can anyone offer any advice, I ordered both products never receiving any. I contacted them via customer support requesting a refund due to products never being received . They expect me to pay to send a form to prove I never received their products. I have lost over eighty pound. Feeling like such an idiot!!!

  155. Amy says:

    I have just signed up for both these so called ‘free trials’ then read these forums!!! What do I do now? I have emailed them and also filled in their online cancellation form. Should I go to my bank straight away and block any payments they try and take?

  156. Ruth says:

    I have been through this scenario. I got my money back from the company no problem, but because they took the money out of my account AFTER emailing me to say they wouldn’t, I now have bank charges totalling £90, which they are refusing to pay. How can I get this money back? My bank don’t want to know anything about it & neither does the company, I’m piggy in the middle trying to come up withan extra £90 which I don’t have through no fault of my own.

  157. Caro says:

    Hello, I was victim of Ketone Premium yesterday, saw the ad on Facebook, it redirected me to a web page of a magazine and there accept the offer … After buying felt I had made ??a mistake, and that was … I started reading about the scam and immediately called the Bank (AIB), canceled my debit card, I sent several emails yesterday asking not to send the goods and I wanted to cancel the order and any subscription to which was tied, today they answered that the goods had already been sent and that my cancellation was being processed but we still had to pay the goods if is not returned it in 21 days, also sent me the email with the RMA. I went to the bank again to make sure they could not do another debit, told me that there was no way because they only had the card number, not the data on my account (I still worry that many people say they still do debits). The address they gave me to return merchandise is PO Box 4802 Sheffield S10 9FE and i live in Ireland. I must admit I’m really scared. If anyone has any advice I would appreciate again.

  158. Debs says:

    I fell for it too. Facebook advert for Slimzene. £2.49 postage for a FREE TRIAL. Checked my bank today and 69.95 came out today. After scrawling through various sites through Google I realised I was scammed. I managed to get through to a lady called Katelyn and I asked my “subscription” to be cancelled as I wasn’t aware I would be charged for FREE TRIAL!!’ she advised she had cancelled it and no further payments would come off my card details I had given and no further orders would be dispatched! Then tried to offer me a FREE GIFT PACK, which would cost me 2,99 delivery and 45.95 for membership which could be cancelled at no obligation after 21 days and to just confirms card details…ermmmm no thank you!!!!
    I then rang my bank to cancel my card and be reissued with a new one.
    I will keep an eye on my account over the coming months and if they do attempt to take money out I will be heading straight to my bank again as this will be an unauthorised transaction!
    Fingers crossed!!!

  159. Katie says:

    I have recently purchased 2 types of slimming pills (raspberry ketone and GCBX) both on ‘trial offers’.
    I found the websites through a Facebook link and was led to a page stating free trial!
    I paid the costs of postage and was told this was all I needed to pay.
    Happy with the products I had no reason to want to return them until I checked my bank account and found that nearly £200 has been taken out!!!
    I rang the bank who cancelled my card and any existing payments from them but was told that as the payment had already come out I would have to contact the companies directly to find out about refunds.
    When I finally got through to someone and explained my situation that nowhere were the terms and conditions of payments visible and that a large sum had been taken from my account I was told that the most I could be refunded was 25% of the cost for my ‘inconvenience’ as it was 2 days after the trial period had ended and I had used some of the products!

    Can anyone please tell me if there is any way that I can get a FULL refund?

    • Katie says:


    • lisa watson says:

      This has happened to me I cancelled the payment at the bank as I also had no paperwork thought that would be the end of it and they have taken out another payment under a different name!! The bank say nothing they can do if they change their name. I have emailed the company as they sent another bottle of rubbish out to me with dispatch note this time.

  160. Katie says:

    SCAMMERS! Raspberry Ketone Advanced I have ordered from (the failed to change their name from beyond raspberry ketone in the email however!) I ordered them yesterday (22nd) and had a funny feeling about it after the confirmed email so I looked it up and saw what a scam it all was! Thankfully I haven’t fallen into the trap where I’ve had to dish out the massive sums of money unknown to me (YET!) like some of you poor people (I hope its been sorted for all of you!!).
    I have cancelled my account with them by 4pm yesterday so within the 14 days as per their terms and conditions so I will not be charged the 4th/5th september the full amount (89.95)
    I plan to send the pills back within the 21 day RMA validity (by 12th september) etc via recorded delivery(scan the receipt take photos of the package & email and badger them to show i’ve done it). and badger them until they admit they have recieved them and fully cancelled my subscription.

    I have explained my situation to a lovely lady at hsbc on the telephone all she could do was cancel the card (not sure how much that can do) And as long as I have played by the t+c’s as above then they have NO reason to charge me any monies on my account so I can badger them and opt for a refund. I can’t do anything until they have taken the unauthorised payments from me. I’m hoping it doesn’t get to that. Just twiddling my thumbs waiting for the damned pills to arrive now, more trouble than it’s worth thought it was too good to be true.

    Havent tried ringing any of the numbers just yet (0800 014 9645 or 0800 148 8243) because i’ve done all i can do at the moment by cancelling my account. All is exacerbated by myself moving out of my house on the 1st september!! So it just a massive waiting game and praying they come before then!! I cannot believe these people.

  161. bella says:

    im worried I have been scammed, just ordered a free trial of the following website
    [website link removed]
    There are no contact details, can somebody advise me on what to do?

  162. ralph says:

    cannot believe i fell for this trap, it was a pop up on facebook endorced by a celebrity to make it a look more real, i filled in the mail address and paid £4.95 for a free risk free trial of raspberry ketone and the same again for the clense extreme i ordered them both on the 12th of nov they arrived in separate packages but together with nothing inside other than tablets which i thought was a bit weird, and then bingo wallop 14 days later i have £95 taken from my account,i get onto bank and they do a check and see the mistake that i made by not reading the t&c they had tried to get the other payment of £89 but there was not enough money in there that day i asked the bank to stop paying them anything from that day forward and then low and behold two days later they go for the other £89,i go crazy with bank and its with there complaints dept in total £5 short of two hundred pounds for two bottles of tablets bargain eh?? im a single parent on a low income and this has left me rock bottom ive got two kids one of 12 and one of 11 oh and look its nearly Christmas. this company Pure Raspberry need sorting out and trust me they have messed with the wrong man i will follow this to the death , the old adage dont get angry get even springs to mind,lets take these scum down once and for all.

  163. Loo says:

    This company is total rubbish, they take your money without notification. Argue with them and you are made to feel the criminal. Keep arguing and they will make a token offer of a refund, making out they are being generous. Want to get hold of them try 0845 528 1163 they will cut you off a few times but keep at it. Head of the group is a person named Henry Disousser (not sure how to spell this ) and they are based in Kidlington, Oxon. GOOD LUCK

  164. bkaur says:

    hi i had done same as most of us……gutted .they took 175£out for two products …..they nevr sent me conformation mail for my order…just signed up for free trial only.i have no company info….just found a phone no…..if u see these phone no consider it a scam…0800 014 9645 and 08001577409. spoke to my lloyds bank they said they cant give my money back as they have no info about this was debit card.they blocked further payment…anyone suggest me how can i find company name???or address.they denied to tell me website or address over those two phone numbers.

  165. Louise says:

    I feel like a complete moron but thanks to the info provided here I was able to get official cancellation notices through for the 2 products they charged me for.I’m 300 pounds down but at least I will not be charged any more, all I had to do was quote the right to cancellation in their elusive terms and conditions and the distance selling regulations and then threatened to pass my portfolio of correspondence to the relevant authorities in the USA and uk if I did not get a reply by return, 2 hrs later I received cancellation notifications. Hopefully this will help some other people before they loose out to this scam.

  166. Helen says:

    In the case of Diet Ultima, there is an address given in the Netherlands as follows: Super Ketone Nutraceuticals Limited, Customer Support, Postbus 13, 6670AA ZETTEN, Netherlands. Do the same Distance Selling Regulations apply in this case?

  167. Surendra says:

    This is totally frauds they took my money every month about £96 plus without any agreement.

  168. pat parton says:

    I am in the same boat as I paid postage for free trial now on my Barclays card I have been told 2 payments of £92.78 is now on my account Barclay have now cancel the two amounts but i have been asked to phone them with the number on my statement but can not get through any ideas please

  169. Marilyn Barton says:

    I fell for this scam with Raspberry Ketone and Ultra Cleanse. Sendt for trial and two payments of £89 and £95 were taken from my account shortly afterwards. When I order on website there was no obvious small print or 14-day trial period info. My bank cancelled future debits (bank knew exactly what I was taking about so therefore used to this!). I contacted the company NUMEROUS times and eventually got an an Edinburgh ddress to send pills pack to. Heard nothing for 5 weeks then Royal Mail sent my packages back marked “gone away”. Contacted company again and asked for proper address as the pills had been returned to me. How can an address change from the moment it is given to my sending the pills the same or next day??? Was given another address and reference number as before to put on envelope. Sent them back to second address and they were refunded after a couple of weeks, minus £20 on each transaction (administrative costs!). Never mind the phone calls and double postage they had cost me !! Advice – if posting back, keep postage receipts as proof they were sent in case they insist they have not been received. Do not deal with this company!!

  170. Nina Chidgey says:

    I have been caught out. I’m so careful I couldn’t believe it!! I have cancellation notices and have sent copies to my credit card provider. I also have an address, telephone number and email in London on the paperwork sent with the pills, which I kept just in case and copies of my credit card statements. I’ve asked for the money back and told them in no uncertain terms not to request more money from my account. I have forwarded the details to Trading Standards in the hope they can stop this happening to others. Will just have to wait see.

  171. Edith sloss says:

    I fell for the rasberry ketone free trial. Im 64 yr pensioner suffrring arthritis, l needed to lose weight but exercise was limited. I sent off on line for rasberry ketone, and aloe colon cleanse. I received them 2wks laterl l had only tried them for 1 week, when l wrnt to lift money out of bank l discovered £92.38 pence had been taken which is the bulk of my state pension. I rang my bank straight away and the young girl who l spoke to knew right away what l wad talking about, ad the same thing had happened to her. She give me a direct number which she had used and l rang right away and explained thst l was not aware that l had signed up to a monthly scheme as l couldnot afford it on my income. l cancelled any future claims and recieved a cancellation no. I then emailed the customer support dep several times stating that l was very distressed that a huge amount of money had been taken from my bank leaving me with no money to support my self , as l am a widow and live on my own, l asked that the money be refunded back to me ads soon as possible., still several emails later l still not have recieved a refund. This whole situation has left me ill with stress.

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