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We’ve already been asked to look at various hCG and Liquid Diet Drop type products by several people and what we found was nothing short of disappointing. Let’s take a look at the whole liquid diet drop industry and separate the facts from the fiction.

Do these diet drops really work, or are they another figment of the imagination of the very overactive diet pill marketeers. Let’s look at the science behind the claims and trace these products back to the early days.

What Is The History Behind HCG Liquid Diet Drops?

The whole scam was started several decades ago, when some initial research was done into hCG and how it could be effective for weight loss. This is what the scammers latched on to but unfortunately (as is usual in these cases) everything was taken completely out of context.

Dr SimeonsWay back in 1954 a physician by the name of Dr. Albert T. Simeons in Great Britain did some research while working in India that seemed to show that pregnant women on a low calorie diet lost fat rather than muscle tissues, whilst importantly the foetus was protected.

He therefore came up with a hypothesis that claimed the brain was being reprogrammed to lose fat rather than muscle when on a low calorie diet. There was no evidence whatsoever to support this theory but off the back of it Simeons went on to setup weight loss clinics and manufacturing centres.

How Did the Original hCG Diet Work?

The technique that Simeons first used was daily injections of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). This is a naturally occurring hormone that is produced during pregnancy by the cells that form the placenta. Its effect is to stimulate the hypothalamus, which is the area of the brain that controls the metabolism. By doing so it helps the body mobilize fat to be used as energy for the growing foetus.

HCG Liquid Diet Drops Facts:

  • Goes all the way back to the 1950’s
  • Has been resurrected and slapped down several times
  • Millions of victims over the years
  • Millions in fines imposed on scam companies
  • Dubious products still trading off the hCG name

Of course all this is specific to pregnant woman and an unborn child but Simeons linked this with the Indian women having a naturally occurring low calorie diet (through poverty), forming the basis of his theory. It was more a case of 2 plus 2 equals 5 than real scientific evidence but for a time many people were convinced this treatment could work.

His idea was to give the somewhat costly injections whilst subscribing to an extreme low calorie diet of 500 calories per day. This was dubbed the “protocol” and is still being used (abused) to this day.

But Isn’t 500 Calories a Day Dangerous?

Well that was the big problem. In normal healthy humans 500 calories a day can be very dangerous. It is not enough to support normal brain functioning and can lead to irritability, light-headedness and strange thought patterns.

The body will begin to literally eat itself, with stores of glycogen, muscle tissue and fat reserves all getting depleted. Sure, you might lose weight but the potential dangers far outweigh any benefits you might get.

Didn’t Simeons Present Any Scientific Evidence?

Unfortunately not.

He was very good at pushing the weight loss dream and made substantial money from doing so, but no proper evidence was ever undertaken or presented. Sound familiar doesn’t it?

Eventually the FDA had enough of the crazy claims and in 1976 they stated that all advertising and marketing for hCG should have the following disclaimers:

HCG has not been demonstrated to be effective adjunctive therapy in the treatment of obesity. There is no substantial evidence that it increases weight loss beyond that resulting from caloric restriction, that it causes a more attractive or “normal” distribution of fat, or that it decreases the hunger and discomfort associated with calorie-restricted diets

They also ordered a number of clinics, including Simeon Weight Clinics Foundation to stop claiming that the hCG diet could be safe, effective and/or approved by the FDA for weight loss.

Around that time the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) also published findings that totally discredited hCG diet as having any effect on weight loss.

The combination of the FDA rulings and real scientific findings meant that the diet was virtually wiped out.

Great, So That Was The End of the hCG Diet?

Kevin TrudeauWell it should have been the end until a guy called Kevin Trudeau came along.

He was an “infomercial king” who was all over the screens of junk TV in America in the early 1990’s onwards.

He pushed a book called “The Weight Loss Cure They Don’t Want You to Know About,” which basically dragged up and resurrected the work of Dr. Simeons and the hCG diet.

Despite the hCG diet being totally refuted, Trudeau pushed it hard with the infomercials and once more, innocent victims fell victim to the scam.

In 2007 the FTC caught up with him over the claims in his book and he was fined $5 Million for making false claims about the hCG diet!

“Stating that Trudeau was “not a credible witness,” the judge noted several “undeniably false” statements in his infomercials, finding that, contrary to Trudeau’s claims:

  • the diet protocol could not be done “easily” and “at home,” because the protocol described in Trudeau’s book requires colonics, which must be done at the office of a licensed practitioner, as well as injection of human growth hormone;
  • dieters could not “complete” or “finish” Trudeau’s four-phase program, because Trudeau’s book states that “Phase 4 is for the rest of your life”;
  • dieters could not eat “anything” they want, because Trudeau’s book prescribes that dieters following Phase 4 must eat “only 100% organic food,” and no “brand name” food, “fast food,” or “food served by regional or national chain restaurants”; and
  • the diet protocol did not require “no exercise,” because Trudeau’s book states that three of the diet’s four phases, including Phase 4, require walking one hour outside every day. “

The alleged “cure” consists of hCG injections and a list of 50 to 60 recommended do’s and don’t’ that you must follow.

Despite this the hCG industry was once more resurrected. Millions more people had once again heard about hCG and bought into the whole fictitious myth.

So What Was The Next Step For the hCG diet?

Now that it was known about again a new industry was born. This was the “homeopathic” version of hCG.

Here a myriad of outlets sprang up and started pushing a bottled version of hCG which was merely a totally ineffective version but used all the same claims as Simeons, and then Trudeau had made.

Once more the FDA had to step in and they declared that weight loss products claiming to be homeopathic are both fraudulent and illegal.

Although there is no clear evidence that homeopathy actually worked, it was touted as the latest miracle fat loss cure. Take a few drops of this magic potion every day and combined with a very low calorie diet you will lose all the weight you ever wanted without even trying!

The only problem was that hCG was illegal even in worthless homeopathic dosages and also a very low calorie diet (VLCD) is very dangerous to the average person.

FDA Steps In Once More

Due to the way the new hCG diet drop system was being promoted the FDA stepped in once more and declared its use was illegal.

It issued a number of warning letters to several companies who were pushing it at the time. These included;

  • Nutri Fusion Systems Inc.
  • Natural Medical Supply, LLC DBA HCG complete Diet
  • HCG Platinum LLC
  • HCG Diet Direct LLC

Taken from the FDA website on Fraudulent HCG Products for Weight Loss

These companies were told they were violating federal law by selling “homeopathic” drugs that had not been approved and by making unsubstantiated claims. They also stated that a low calorie diet could be dangerous and should only be done under strict medical supervision.

So That REALLY Was The End Of hCG Diet Drops?

HCG Ultra Diet DropsYou would have thought so. With a history going back over 5 decades right to Dr. Simeon and his quackery, then on to Kevin Trudeau and his ridiculous claims, you would have thought that alone would spell doom for anything hCG related.

This didn’t stop the next generation of companies falsely claiming their “magic potions” could work for weight loss, and again the FDA stepped in to put an end to this.


They came back!!!

Yup, unfortunately the famous hCG diet and its name are still being pushed.

This time it’s a bottle of “amino acids” and other ingredients in a liquid diet drop form.

Again there is absolutely no scientific evidence that any of these products can actually work for weight loss but because they do not contain ANY hCG whatsoever they can get away with using the name. They are simply trading off the back of the hype surrounding liquid diet drops, which as we know is covered by a history of prosecutions, fines and warnings from the authorities.

Once more they are advising a low calorie diet, the “protocol” which must be followed when taking the diet drops. This could be potentially dangerous depending on the type of diet being recommended, however ANY weight loss that people see can usually be put down to this form of starvation diet.

Extreme dieting is not good for you in the long run, as many medical practioners have advised, so always proceed with caution.

So Do HCG Liquid Diet Drops Work?

It’s extremely unlikely that any hCG diet drop will work. Any weight loss would be likely from the very low calorie diet and would not be healthy or sustainable in the long term.

HCG Liquid Diet Drops Warnings:

  • Potentially dangerous to health
  • Does not work for weight loss
  • FDA warnings
  • Never touch anything with hCG on the label

Where Can I Buy HCG Liquid Diet Drops?

Unfortunately there are still a whole host of hCG diet type products being flogged all over the place. Some are sold on a “free trial” basis where you will get completely ripped off by signing up for recurring billing.

They are also available at a number of shops offline and a number of medical practices pushing it.

What About a Guarantee?

It depends where you buy them from, but seeing as there is no evidence whatsoever that anything labelled hCG can have any effect on weight loss then it would be a pretty empty promise.

Overall Verdict

hCG and anything related to hCG liquid diet drops is simply not worth taking. Not one single brand or version of this product has got any evidence to support it.

It has got one of the worst histories any diet product going right back to the 1950’s in one form or another.

Every single time the FDA or FTC has had to step in and completely discredit anything hCG related as having any effect on weight loss. This has not stopped greedy marketers pushing them time and time again.

When will it stop? Who knows?

In the meantime all we can do is spell out the facts and hopefully put some people off from falling for the hype.


Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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  1. weight loss programs for women says:

    Nice! Thanks for posting.

    • Ann says:

      I disagree with this. My sister, her husband and myself took the HCG drops. Each of us lost weight. It worked great! Until Walmart stuck their nose in you could still buy directly from HCG. There were alot of off brands out there that were not the same. But, it did work.

  2. helen says:

    I have taken the hcg drops and lost about an average of 1/2 lbs. a day. I took the drops for 40 days and lost better than 20 lbs. But the problem was that I couldn’t stay on the maintainence diet and gained most of it back, which was probably my lack of self-control. I know of a dozen people who have used the drops, and lost a lot of weight, but some of them ended up like me- regaining it, quite rapidly.

  3. Rahad says:

    This is a great read, I really feel like this subject isn’t talked about enough, personally. It’s great to see such dedication on your part!

  4. Brenda says:

    I do not know about the drops but I am here to say that the protocol and injections worked wonders for me!!! And my sister!!! FDA has ruined it for people like me to get the maintenance if we need it….I have tried many weightloss diets! pills etc. and nothing worked except HCG….sorry to say I think some people made money off of getting it out of the market.

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