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This product has been on our radar for a while so after getting a request, we decided to take a closer look at HCG Platinum and see if we can find out the real deal behind the claims being made.

The HCG Platinum brand of diet products has been re-invented a few times since it first appeared on the market. We take a look at why and whther the latest “new and improved” version is any good!

HCG Platinum Pros

  • Nothing whatsoever

HCG Platinum Cons

  • False claims
  • FDA warnings
  • Court Judgements
  • Dubious ingredients
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HCG Platinum x30

HCG Platinum Review

HCG Platinum Facts

  • Completely discredited product
  • Dubious ownership
  • Poor ingredient profile

Normally we start off our investigations by going to the product website and simply trying to get in touch with the company. By doing this, a trustworthy and honest company will normally offer to send out a sample of the product, especially if they have nothing to hide. It’s usually a win-win for all concerned. If the product and company can meet our criteria then they will go on our approved lists and consumers will feel confident there is no scam involved.

However, if they are hard to get hold of and refuse to send a sample then this doesn’t look good at all. It’s usually the first sign that they have something to hide.

We found the official site at and gave them a ring on the numbers on the front page. We were greeted by a very surly individual and were told to not contact them again! First time this has happened, normally these companies are quite polite, but never mind it must have been a bad day.

Not to worry, lets take a closer look at the website and see what its all about.

We find some contact details:

HCG Platinum contact details

But then in the footer we find that this site is wholly owned and operated by HCG Platinum Limited.

A bit more digging and we find that this is now a UK owned company, so who actually owns HCG Platinum (products)? Is it owned in the US in that good old diet scam capital, Utah or is it now a UK company?

HCG Platinum Warnings:

  • FDA warning
  • Court Judgement against the company
  • No evidence that it works
  • Using “free trial” scam at present

What Does HCG Platinum Claim To Do?

Hmmm…. normally these guys are proud to boast some unrealistic weight loss amounts but this time it’s not exactly clear what HCG Platinum does. They have three products available at the present time, HCG Platinum X-30, HCG Platinum maintain and a meal replacement shake.

The main headline is “bottled confidence”, we have no idea what this is meant to mean with regards to a diet product, but they follow this up with “say goodbye to fat and hello to confidence.”

So what are we dealing with here? A weight loss product, or some sort of confidence booster magic pill?

Instead of any real claims or evidence of what HCG Platinum can do the site is relying on the old psychological tricks to try and fool you into thinking what it “might” do for you.

There’s a lovely picture of Carmen Electra who supposedly endorsed the product a while ago, as well as some referrals relating to awards received from GNC as the “rising star of 2010.” All pretty old stuff and we need to dig deeper into this we think.

What is HCG?

HCG is the abbreviated term for Human chorionic gonadotropin and is a hormone produced by pregnant mothers by the developing embryo.

FDA in 6th December 2011 banned the sale of “homeopathic” and OTC hCG diet products and declared them fraudulent and illegal.

Over the counter HCG diet drops now are usually completely hormone free.

Source: Wikipedia, FDA

So What Is HCG Platinum and What Are The Ingredients For HCG Platinum?

The more we look into this product the worse it gets. The formula you can buy now is not the same formula that was endorsed by Carmen Electra and received the awards back in 2010.

So it must be even better now, right?

Err, not exactly. The original formula was the subject of an investigation by the Federal Drugs Administration and resulted in a warning letter being issued in November 2011:

HCG Platinum FDA Warning

Basically it says that Rightway Nutrition LLC, owned by Kevin Wright is in violation of multiple aspects of the FDA acts. This is extremely serious and only happens when manufacturers are making unsubstantiated claims.

This is because the original formula was claiming to be a homeopathic remedy containing;

“HCG Platinum” lists its active ingredients as “HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) 6x, 12x, 30x, 60x, L-Arginine 3x, 12x, 30x, Acetyl L-Carnitine 3x, 12x, 30x, L-Omithine 3x, 12x, 30x.” Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG), L-Arginine, Acetyl L-Carnitine, and L-Omithine are not established homeopathic active ingredients included in the HPUS or any of the addenda or supplements. Furthermore, to our knowledge, HCG, L-Arginine, Acetyl L-Carnitine, and L-Omithine are not listed in any recognized materia medica containing information on the preparation of homeopathic medicines.

So Rightway Nutrition were making some serious mistakes and as a result were ordered to cease making the claims it did. Rather than disappear altogether they then changed the formula completely to get around the FDA order but they have carried on using the same branding and references to Carmen Electra in order to “trick” any future customers. Very manipulative, in our opinion.

So HCG Platinum Is Totally Different To What It Was Before?

We don’t know if this is a good thing or not, but yes the formula has completely changed.

X-30 Plus is the latest formulation of HCG Platinum’s best selling product. Each serving of the new and improved formula now includes:

  • HCG Platinum Brand Amino Acid Blend (100mg)
  • African Mango (Irvingia Gabonensis) Seed Extract (150mg) – Worth noting here that clinical proven studies have shown you need at least 300mg of African Mango extract per day in order to promote increased fat burning!
  • Vitamin B12 (60mcg)

Included in your box:

  • 2 FL OZ Bottle of HCG Platinum Brand X-30 Plus (A 30-Day Supply)
  • Healthy Menu Guide (With 14 healthy recipes and coupons for other HCG Platinum products)

But this is nothing to do with HCG is it? No, but by keeping the name and the branding and referring to previous awards and endorsements, they can associate it all together. Pretty sneaky eh?

Taking a closer look at the ingredients and the serving size, there is absolutely no evidence at all that this could be effective for weight loss, confidence boosting or lifestyle changes as they are insinuating.

This is precisely why there is very little information offered, they can’t make any claims like before, as there is no evidence it works and the FDA is closely watching them.

So What Does All This Mean?

Well, we are at a loss to be honest. We’ve looked at some dodgy stuff in our time but this is starting to look like one of the worst case we have investigated.

So far we have a product with no real indication of who owns it and where they are based. We have a warning letter from the FDA, and we have a product profile that has no evidence as to its effectiveness.

Interestingly we also found another site owned by the same company, which this time was making the same claims it was warned against doing by the FDA. which says its owned by the same outfit as the main site:

HCG Platinum Carmen Electra Promotion

None of these claims are allowed to be made under the FDA warning letter but they are still doing so, this is possibly the reason why the company has been “relocated” to the UK. It would be far harder for the FDA to go after the company again if they are based in the UK, however the Office of Fair Trading are catching up with the FDA in this area so hopefully it won’t be too long before they get shut down again.

Does HCG Platinum Have Any Side Effects?

This is impossible to answer. The original formula was quite rightly banned by the FDA, due to its ridiculous claims, amongst other things.

The new formula offers such low quantities of any effective ingredient that it is unlikely to cause side effects, as there is simply not enough of anything to be worthwhile.

Any HCG Platinum Reviews From Customers?

There are a number of “testimonials” on the website, but there is no way of knowing how true they are. Bearing in mind the FDA warnings and the way it was originally promoted, we very much doubt that this product could do what it is claimed.

We found the search engines awash with complains from disgruntled customers, ranging from the product not working. No product received as well as dubious billing for the “free trial”.

So Does HCG Platinum Work?

There is zero evidence to prove that HCG Platinum could be effective for anything at all.

Where Can I Buy HCG Platinum?

As shown above you can buy HCG Platinum online from the main website. The original HCG Platinum and HCG Platinum X15 were previously available at GNC but they have quite rightly discontinued stocking it since the FDA warnings. This hasn’t stopped the company still using this claim and referring to their award in 2010.

The newer and so called “improved” version HCG Platinum X30 is available from GNC and was originally priced at $75.99 but now selling for $59.95 – shipped to US consumers only.

I Wish I had Read This Review Before Buying HCG Platinum

We wish we had started this website before now, so we could have helped many more people falling for any of these scams. That is our whole reason for being but there is light at the end of the tunnel for anyone who fell for the HCG Platinum scam.

One brave lady, Christine Wike has brought a class action lawsuit that has been settled in the Los Angeles Superior Court by Judge Johnson. Anyone who fell for the scam between December 13 2006 and February 9 2012 is entitled for full refunds for the product.

The case is known as Christine Wike, on behalf of herself and all others similarly situated, Plaintiff, vs. HCG Platinum, LLC, Rightway Nutrition, LLC, Defendants, Los Angeles County Superior Court, Case No. BC451080 (“the Action”). The person who sued is the Plaintiff. The companies she is suing, HCG Platinum, LLC and Rightway Nutrition, LLC, are the Defendants. The proposed Settlement resolves all claims related to the HCG Products, other than claims for personal injury arising from the consumption of HCG Products.

Full details are available here:

Watch Dog Verdict

How this product is still being promoted is beyond belief. FDA warnings, Court Judgements, false claims and dubious company ownership are a recipe for disaster.

Avoid this product like the plague.

Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

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Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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  1. Martha Maos says:

    I applied for a £5 sample and unfortunately used my credit card they then tried to take £89 from my bank account for an order I apparently made which I obviously didnt read the small print! I cancelled my card so they couldnt take the payment as I couldnt get hold of them on their customer service number. They have sent me an email stating they are sending me my order even though they wrote asking why they couldnt take payment so I hope they havent managed to take payment from my new card which it looks like they have. I wont know until I receive the product or keep checking to see if this payment has been taken again. Very dishonest company.

    • Pauline says:

      I am in the same position, I cannot make any contact with the comany on the phone I have emailed them and they have now taken two payments even though I have returned the products with letters saying I do not want to know them. I feel very stupid. I have written to Visa disputes but will probably never see my money again. I am on a low income so it is a big amount they are taking


      Iam so angry i also got the free triel for platinum and purifier, i didnt sighn up for any more, and was horrified when on wed they took 89 pound from my bank, ive called my bank and asked them to stop them taking anymore, to block them, they said they would try, then today thet took 99 pound, again i called my bank and they say they cant stop them, im so upset, i havent even recived any other products yet, how can these people get away with this, i need my money back, so upset, AND TO TOP IT ALL OFF, IT DOSENT WORK AT ALL, TOTAL LIES,

  2. Darren says:

    I also fell for the trial scam. I rang and rang and rang and sent e-mail after e-mail. I did eventually get hold of them and discovered they also owned (Another autobilling scammer). I am struggling to get a refund but will keep trying. They insist that they have now cancelled my account. The product itself was reported to the FDA in america in 28th Nov 2011.

  3. Joy says:

    I have also been scammed they have taken £89.95 x2 and £99.95. I have phoned both credit card companies and they are trying to contact this company. They take money under false pretenses. I purchased trial packs they did not say I had to had to pay all this extra money.This company needs reporting to trading standards.
    I feel let down.

  4. Melanie says:


    Feel better now, this is how these lot made me feel. If anyone ever feels like ordering HCG then DONT do it…… will be sorry

    Mel x

  5. Eve says:

    I tried free trial supposedly with no strings? They took 89.95 without my permission sunday morning. when i ring number all i get is music. ive emailed to request my money back. Talked to Action For Fraud who have reported them to police. They say the more people who contact them they can help police build a case against this company.

    • NICOLE says:

      i am having the same problem and have just got off the phone having been told that i cannot cancel my order for another couple of days.Wish i had read this before i ordered

  6. admin says:

    Thank you all for your detailed responses, it at least gives us some small consolation that our investigations are not in vain, as precisely what we warned about is happening to innocent victims.

    Although we are still a relatively new site, we have been trying to find out the real facts behind these companies for quite a while now. Everything we uncover will be reported and with the help of the “victims” of these scams hopefully we can all do a little bit to help others falling into the same trap.

    There ARE some good products, and honest reputable companies out there in the diet pill world, however finding them is not too easy. The only way to get the message out is to publish what we find and then for our visitors to help spread the word. If you have a twitter, facebook, or any other social media account then please help us by passing on this page or this site details to everyone you can.

  7. paul the chef says:

    hello all thanks for posting all this info.

    I like many others have taken the trial and paid the £5 delivery charge for the products. Then I see the amounts stolen from my account so I have contacted them and same as everyone else I get fobbed off.

    How-ever I contacted my back and submitted a Visa-Debit despute. Visa refunded the money straight into my account and said they would take it up with HCG themselves for the company to show adequate proof that i signed up for a monthly subscription of these products.
    I believe that trading standards are clear on the fact that just having details in the small print isnt enough (look at all the PPI claims current due to the same sales tactic) so the money is back in my account.

    I wanted to let you know you too can open up a dispute!
    best of luck

    • Mona says:

      Have spent the last 2 weeks phoning & emailing. I have got nowhere. They promised to cancel & notify me by 29th. may ( they did not) . I cancelled my card & now have a new one with a different number. Does this mean I am safe from them?
      Trading standards need to stop them NOW. I remain worried.

      • Sarah says:

        Hopefully, I did the same. They insist my boyfriends is cancelled, as if I believe that load of crap. We are going to cancel his account too, just to make sure. I assume you’re safe when you change your card number as after I cancelled mine I went onto my bank website and tried to manage my card there to see if it existed. And it didn’t, meaning if I can’t use it, neither can they. I got my new card coming soon. I am disgusted and want my money back, I will not stop until I do.

  8. Laura says:

    I too signed up for the free trial, after doing so I searched information on the product (should of before I know) I then saw a lot of customers with the £89 taken from their account. I Immediately cancelled my debit card and have been assured by the bank that they cant take more money out. Tried to cancell and they were very rude saying i had to wait for the trial to end. I have now sent back the drops with a typed letter saying I wish to cancel, I called the again trying to cancel with the traking number….blah blah bla so Im having to call back tomorrow after they recieve it. Im still very concerned about this and not sure what to do. I feel very VERY stupid. Life lesson very well learned!

  9. rachel says:

    omg i cant believe ive been so stupid! i read there aritcal that has apparantly road tested this product and it had the BBC logo to boot. So i went and orderd on 29/05/12. I read the small print as i should have but it seems not to matter as i have called to canx and have been told that i can’t till after 7 days(although the small print says you can canx “at any time”) giving me 06/06/12 as my canx date(which is actually the 9th day). so untill then im stuck. I did pay on my credit card and have contacted the bank so they are on to it. Please please do not order this product even if it does work as they are proving a very slippery bunc to deal with.

  10. rachel says:

    To any one who wishes to know the web address i found this “amazing” offer it is… There are testamonials by various big names. How is this legal??

  11. Abbey says:

    I thought I had signed up to the trial version, but after being sent 4 products (2 of which I have sent back and are now lost in their warehouses somewhere) and countless wasted time listening to their hold music I finally managed to talk to someone.

    I held for 20 mins for the surly, obnoxious youth at the end of the phone to question why it took me 4 months to talk to them to which I stated in not-so-polite terms that their Customer Service lines were so diabolical that I could not get through.

    It seems that the small print says I signed up to be ripped off at the best part of £90 a month for a product I do not want and couldn’t stop!!

    However after a small shouting match match, I managed to cancel any further orders (awaiting email confirmation) and get a refund on the latest one (again, waiting for confirmation) however they clearly know how ridiculous this product is as they don’t even want me to return their merchandise apparently worth £90! It would seem they have money to burn… our money.

    As an extra precaution, I will be contacting my bank to prevent them being able to take any more money.

    I really really hope people see this before they give the slimey money grabbers any credit card details. I feel so stupid about being pulled into this scam, but these people do a great job of preying on the vulnerable.

    Thanks so much for your testimonials and this website, you gave me the strength to battle them, and helped me realise I was not the only one.

    • admin says:

      Hi Abbey,

      Many thanks for your in-depth reply, it is really appreciated.

      Unfortunately your story is all to common, but its really inspires us in our work if we can help even one person.

      We are presently putting together a step by step action plan in order to help people get their money back and get out of the auto billing, like you have experienced. Hopefully we can release this in the near future, once we have finished the research

      If enough people stand up and take action then hopefully we can all see some positive changes in the diet pill world :)

      Once again, many thanks and good luck in the future.

      Diet Pills Watchdog Team

      • Sarah says:

        Tell me what to do too bring these a******s down and I’ll do it! Everyone should come together and put an end to this disgusting scam

        Yes, cancel your card and get a new one with a new number sent out. Tell them about the scam, just to make sure it’s done right. I have, just got to do my boyfriends. They are not going to get another penny!

        YES! Please do tell me how you got your money refunded, I got the accounts ‘cancelled’, don’t believe it for a second! I want my money back, we all do, if tips on what you said would be great. Any ideas on who to report them too.., let me know, I want to join and bring these f*****s down!

      • Gonnagetyou says:

        Dear Abbey,

        I did the same thing as abbey had done. They even told me that if I did complain about them to the authorities that their actions are Legal??

        They are now located in Harpenden please find the following link:

        Please everyone do the needful

      • Kate says:

        2 years later and now they are doing the same scam with Raspberry Ketone blast! They use English actresses to promote the pills, unfortunately they don’t know their likeness is being used and have never heard of them. This company or companies are so deceitful and are committing fraud, because they are American our English laws are not so strict. I have gathered a file on this company, I have several women helping as the have lost £320 each even though they returned pills. They had no help from bank, I did my bank were straight on it trying to get my money and said they would not let them take any more money out. I contacted BBC Watchdog who just did a warning on their show last Wednesday, but have been advised to contact the FDA, FTC and Medicines & Healthcare products (MHRA) in the USA! How is your case going, have you got any fresh information that will help us? My next task is to write to my MP to try to get stricter regulations in place, this effects so many people. Look forward to hearing from you, it might be better to email me if possible thank you????

  12. lisa says:

    ive just ordered and then read this stupid or what think ill phone bank and cancel my card !!!!!

  13. Catherine Scallan says:

    I too ordered the free trial HCG and Total Cleanse for a postage feeof £4.99 x 2.back in April 2012. I was taken by surprise when I received my CC statement to find £89.95 and 95.95 taken out without authorisation from me. these packets of stuff began to arrive in the post. I’ve made numerous attempts to phone, I’ve been on to the CC company and find them very slow even though I made a complaint to them they were still able to take more money from my account the following month.
    I did manage to get someone on the phone and found him quite patronising but I wasn’t having any of it. I hadstrong words with him and eventually he said he’d refund the last payments taken and would cancel the account, I got emails to say they had refunded £89.95 and cancelled the account, but I’m not sure I believe him. I am going to do everything in my power to get the rest of the money they have stolen from me.
    I did not order

  14. sherrie says:

    I too have had the same problem, with £90 being stolen from my account, I managed to get through to them after 20 minutes on hold, apparently i can keep the product when i receive it and i will have £60 returned to my account within 1-3 days, after reading these comments i will be contacting trading standards and will hound this company until i receive my money back, especially as this so called product doesn’t actually do anything!

  15. Alice says:

    I have also been scammed. Just received a bottle of this in the post and when i checked my Credit Card Company, they have charged £89.95 to my account. My credit card company have now blocked them from taking anymore money. I was also advised not to bother returning the bottle for a refund as I probably wouldn’t get it. The Bank have also opened a dispute with the company, and are sending me out some paperwork. I feel stupid for having fallen for this scan, and can honestly say, I did not see any small print at all when I originally placed the order. I thought I was getting a free sample. BE AWARE, EVERYONE, THIS IS USELESS STUFF.

  16. Patricia Usher says:

    I’ve been talking with Fraud Dept at Barclays this pm after noticing £89.95 and £99.95 taken out of my account by HCG Platinum and Purifier Naturellement. I, like every other customer signed up for Sample and just paying for packing and postage. I have been sent 2 packages from Purifier which I have returned with a letter saying that I did not order the and do not want them. I also feel such a fool for being taken in and I just hope that somebody can get them shut down – after we get our money back!

  17. Mary Hayes says:

    I am afraid to say that I have also been scammed. Just been in touch with Barclays fraud department. I feel such an idiot but because I only get statements 3 monthly I had not noticed payments going out. So far I have had £569.70 taken from my account. Because the company are using my debit card number payments cannot be stopped and I will need to change my card.

  18. Christine Davis says:


    Yes, another victim to add to the list. I have had nearly £200 taken from my account from HGC Platinum and Purify Naturally. I had to cancel my card and am absolutely appalled at this blatent theft from my account. Have been on to Trading Standards who said that despite it being poor business practice, they are not breaking the law so there is nothing they can do as it is buried deep within the t&c’s that they can take this money.

    Personally, I cannot see that this is anything other than theft and have now gone to the media and also Citizens Advice to see if they can help. As for the helpline number to call – no-one ever, ever answers so how are you ever supposed to get any kind of refund? I am also concerned that they will charge me premium rate for the call.

    These people need to be locked up!!!

  19. carole says:

    I too fell for the ‘free trial’ con but I am pleased to say that after numerous calls I have now been refunded for both items less 15%. I have had a confirmation email stating they are refunding the money and cancelling any further orders. I have checked my creditcard statement and the money has been refunded.

    My advice to everyone is to keep ringing and not to be fobbed off. Fortunately I made sure I had read this instruction before I rang. This was the first thing they tried to catch me out with. I was then offered to keep the items at a reduced rate. I told them I wasn’t interested and even if they had worked I couldn’t afford nearly £200.00 a month. I was then told I could return them and I would be refunded less 15% admin charge. This I agreed to and was told I would have to ring back the next day for a ‘RAD’ number. I asked why she couldn’t give it them but she said it had to go thro they system. I rang back the next day and the next and the next and I finally was given the the number. I posted the items and gkept checking my credit card statement and after two weeks and no refund I rang them again. After waiting nearly 5 mins to get thro I was asked how they could help me. As soon as I said I had returned some items and immediately he put me on hold so I hung on and hung on and eventually he came back to me, obviously disappointed I hadn’t hung up. I then told him I had returned the items two weeks ago and hadn’t had a refund. He told me they hadn’t received them. I then lied and told him I had sent is recorded delivery so he went off line again and then came back to say that they had received them and that he would do the refund there and then. I asked him to email the confirmation to me whilst I was still on the phone. This he did and my credit card was refunded two days later. I too feel stupid like everyone else who has fallen for this scam and this has certainly been a learning curve. I hope everyone else has the success that I have had. All I can advised is to persever and not given. Good luck

    • admin says:

      Thanks Carole for commenting and credit is due to you for your persistence. Well done.

      Diet Pills Watchdog Team

  20. Sandy says:

    I to have been taken in by this scam! I have returned the automatically sent products, which I have not ordered, did this by recorded delivery so should get a signature when received. I think I will have to ask Visa to cancel and reissue my card so I do not get charged for any further products. Thanks for all of the above comments, and like others I feel really stupid. I hope Visa will not pay for the goods returned.

  21. admin says:

    We really feel for all of you who have fallen foul of from any diet pill scam. Some of the amounts involved has certainly shocked us! Despite your bad experiences here it’s worth noting that there are some good quality products out there and importantly owned by honest ethical companies.
    It may be of interest to anyone who is reluctant to pay for more diet pills if you have been recently scammed, to enter our FREE prize draw. You can win FREE Watchdog Approved diet pills by signing up to our newsletter:

    Every month there is the opportunity to win diet pills that have been given the Watchdog seal of approval.

    Diet Pills Watchdog Team.

  22. Trevor Howard says:

    Snap! I got caught just like so many others by these daylight robbers.
    They have agreed to repay 85% of the cost if I send the products back by recorded delivery and then I have to ring them a week later and they will make the refund.
    However, I have to let my credit card company know we have resolved the dispute so they can credit the refund. I am not happy about this but what can you do?
    Hope this site continues to alert others to this diabolical scam

  23. Bella Swan says:

    I really wish i had looked into this more. The reviews i had seen all look like this was an amazing product. How wrong was i to believe! I have ordered the trail packs and now i am really worried about moremoney comimg out of my bank.. What can i do to stop it? Like many others i have tryed to phone and got no answer. Please help?

    • Mand says:

      Very Very nearly was another victim, Luckily this page came up when I was seeking info about the product ,I had already ordered the free trial. Immediately rang my credit card company ( very helpful ) said I could block payments,but not until Mon or Tues , Luckily mislaid my credit card on Sun so got it cancelled !! Rang this morning to cancel my order again long wait ,then a persistent sales rep ,did not give up .Just received e.mail from them cancelling all further orders!!! Do not trust them though

  24. Liina says:

    OH NO! I’m feeling cold shivers down my spine, as I read all this… Just placed my order for the free trial… Ordered 2 products of 2 different sites. One of them being the HCG Platinum and the other Total Cleanse from Purify Naturally. With having an joined account, cancelling my card seems more difficult and we are going away for the weekend in the morning. What worries me, is that I found the recommendation off what claimed to be Channel4. I’ve never fallen like this before, but it seemed to be safe and effective coming from a trusty source and in my silly mood I jumped on it.
    Scared to check my bank account… :(
    Any suggestions, or is there anyone who actually hasn’t been scammed with this programme?

    Thanks for your help

    • admin says:

      Hi Liina,
      We are dishearten to hear about your predicament. Unfortunately going from past experiences from consumers you are likely to be charged for the full amount, possibly even before you receive the product.
      The “Channel4″ website you visited was almost definitely a fake news site. Please take a look at our Diet Pill Scams page that reveals the common tricks:
      In this case it is likely to be a combination of fake news site and free trial scams!
      In terms of action you can take we are in the process of producing a guide for this. In the mean time you do need to contact your bank and unfortunately get in touch with the company to cancel your trial and to stop further charges. From the experience of consumers reporting on Watchdog site this may be challenging but we suggest you persevere.
      Please let us know how you get on as it may help others in your situation. The more we can fight this sort of scam together the better!
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team

      • Mrs DAUGHNE TAYLOR says:

        I cannot believe that I too have been taken in by this,having read your reviews I immediately rang my credit card company and put a block on my account and they will be issuing a new card thankfully,I just hope I got there in time,I have also e mailed the company and cancelled my order.THIS IS A LESSON LEARNT THE HARD WAY but thank you for making me see sense.

  25. sharon clegg says:

    Did you get your £60 back? /i was told a few minutes ago that i will get £60 back, that was after hanging on the phone for 13 minutes for an answer and begging for my money back, i was told i wouldnt get the £89.95 but £60 back

    • carole says:

      Hi Sharon,

      As I stated above, I did get my money back less 15%. I asked them to send me a confirmation email whilst I was on the phone. They did this confirming the refund and stating that they would not send or charge me for any further products. Check you emails. My credit card was credited within two days.

  26. rachel says:

    Pls help i also have been scammed by these. i thought i was buying just one product little did i know that they have been sending me bottles and charging £89 therefore £200 taken from my account. I have now cancelled them through my bank and have been trying to contact them ever since to send the bottles back and have a full refund but not had any luck via email or phone

  27. Mrs DAUGHNE TAYLOR says:

    I managed to cancel my credit card and am being issued with a new one so hopefully they will not be able to take any money,this morning despite me having sent an e mail cancelling my trial order the HCG PLATINUM X-14 arrived in the post i assume this is the trial sample,I will keep sending them e mails to ensure they don’t send any more product though.

  28. sarah says:

    My husband unfortunately fell into this trap and ordered the free trials of both products 2 days ago. They billed the £4.95 and £4.99 yesterday but I checked my credit card statement online today and no further amounts have yet been billed. I tried calling the card company and they said they cannot block the payments. I then said that I was not prepared to let the company take nearly £200 off my card and then battle to get a refund so asked the card company to close my credit card account as it has only a small balance on it and I have plenty of other cards. She suggested rather than closing my credit card account, that if I had ‘lost’ my card then the old one could be cancelled and they would not be able to take any further payments so I have done this. I will not be wasting my time trying to contact the diet pill company to cancel the account or wasting any money returning any products they may send to me in the post. My card is now cancelled so as far as I’m concerned they can whistle for their money or any products being returned. Revenge is sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. terri says:

    i also fell for this scam after seeing the channel 4 website endorsement. I called them waited 25 minutes to get through after 7 days and spoke to a guy who agreed to email me a cancellation, which i did get, however do you think i need to cancel my card too just to be sure?

  30. trish says:

    yes i have been scamed to!! like every one else they have taken £90 off my credit card but my credit card company is fighting this for me and hopefully the money will be refunded to me soon. these people are spineless toe rags who need to be stopped taking inocent peoples money shamelessly!! these people are the scum of the earth and hope they get there comeupence very soon as god knows they deserve whats comming to them. you would never quess just how angry i am at this moment in time!! just wish i could meet them face to face but i know that will never happen as they have not got the guts to face us the public.

  31. Iphie says:

    Like everybody on this page,I fell for the scam too. Called them this morning and they told me to call back in two working days time to get my RMA number,then when I send it back,they will refund me my money 85%. So I will be calling them by tuesday to get the number. Paid with credit card,should I cancel it?(its a joint account). Somebody pls help!

  32. sarah says:

    Hi Iphie, If you have cancelled the account and they have agreed to refund you then I wouldn’t cancel the card just yet as they won’t be able to refund you.

    I was lucky as per my post on 19th June as I cancelled my card before even the samples arrived so they haven’t been able to take any more money. I have also fully researched this method of taking payments from your credit card on money saving expert website. It is called a continuous payment authority (CPA) and if you pay on a card that is linked to say your current account then cancelling the card will not stop them taking payments as the CPA is linked to your account number and not your credit card number. However if you have a stand alone credit card then usually your card and account number are the same so reporting your card lost will result in you being issued with a new card and account number. Simply closing the credit card account won’t stop CPAs being taken as closed accounts are usually left suspended for 6 months so they could still contiue to take payments from it.

    Martin Lewis also refers to some financial services regulations 2009 which mean banks have to cancel CPAs upon your request and will then be liable for any money taken after you have asked them to cancel it. They often won’t tell you this and you need to quote the guidelines to them as they will say you need to get the company to stop requesting payments and there’s nothing they can do about it. For everyone who’s been scammed, I highly recommend you have a look at the moneysaving expert website.

    Also for anyone calling customer services of this dodgy company to cancel, which I eventually did, despite saying I wasn’t going to bother – I got through first time and cancelled my membership with no problems. I simply told them that since joining up I have discovered I am pregnant (totally not true) and cannot take the supplements – if you can’t beat them, join them!. They bought it and sent the confirmation emails on the same day. The guy was actually quite helpful and offered to cancel both memberships to save me calling the other number which he said still goes through to them.

    • admin says:

      Hi Sarah,
      Thank you very much for taking the time to write your VERY informative reply.
      Your advice will help many other consumers in your position and we will look to add this and more to our guide to avoiding diet pill scams.
      We really loved your “if you can’t beat them, join them!” statement!
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team

  33. James says:

    Rubbish Product Please dont buy, block your credit cards or get new one they take money out without your permission

  34. trish says:

    after cancelling my subscription with them they still tried to take another £89 off my credit card then had the check to email me to say they are receiving difficulty trying to take payment from my card!! i emailed them back saying that i have caneled my subscription and the reasons why they then emailed me back in french which i passed on to my credit card company!! and i have also blocked them from any more emails from them!! a lesson well learnt i will be more careful in future not to give my credit card details to any one!!!

  35. Karen says:

    Hi. I purchased the free sample just over a week ago, with just a £4.95 postage charge. Which still hasn’t been taken from my bank account. No sample as yet , but received an email yesterday stating that the sample had been shipped and I should have already experienced 4-5 days of the product and if I hadn’t received it then to call their customer services number immediately. Prior to doing that this morning I read your website :( And i’ve have withdrawn all funds from my account and just about to cancel my card. Feel very stupid and ask myself why didnt I research the product prior to handing over card details. I’m hoping that I’ve managed to prevent them from taking any money! Watch this space.

  36. Karen says:

    As an update: I’ve just phoned customer services and asked to cancel the order as I’m now pregnant (Thank you Sarah 2nd July ) for that idea :) And lady said she would cancel and confirm this by email. Very nice lady and no further questions??

  37. admin says:

    We have produced a guide to help in getting refund from “free” diet pill trial scams. By highlighting your rights as a consumer you can be better prepared when getting your money-back, take a look here:

    Lots of useful advice to help you get your money-back!

    Diet Pills Watchdog Team

  38. Mr Potter says:

    Ok, I’ve been caught out too. Have cancelled my card, but they managed to get the free trial postage before I did.

    Just so you are aware, they are advertising on Facebook as sponsors. The link leads to this site ….
    [Link removed]
    The links then lead onto the sites to purchase the free trials. I did not see any small print saying any thing about continued payments, and I did look.

    • admin says:

      Thanks Mr Potter for highlighting they advertise on Facebook too. We removed the link so as not to give them any further exposure.
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team

  39. julie carrington says:

    i ordered diet drops a few hours ago,then looked on watchdog,i just cancelled my
    debit card,hope i done it in time,like everyone else i feel stupid im normally the person
    that tells eveyone to always say no! it just shows you!

  40. Mr Potter says:

    I’ve just spent 20 minutes talking to an american woman, who point blank refused to cancel my orders, has no knowledge of english law, and was point blank rude.

    Does anyone have a phone number and email adress for this company, that will get me in touch with someone who will cancel my order?

    • Nursecats2006 says:

      Hi Mr potter, I have got a number that you could try calling. I dont know if you have already tried it. 0808 189 9651.

      Hope this is of some help

  41. Mr Potter says:

    Interestingly, I’ve just recieved an email confirming the cancellation of my order for HCG, and that all further payments are cancelled………..concidering I phoned the other company, I’m amazed. They still havent agreed to cancel.

  42. Mr Potter says:

    Heres the mail…………………

    Dear Tim Potter,

    As per our phone conversation of today we have cancelled your standing auto-ship order for HCG Platinum.

    You will no longer receive shipments of this product, nor will you be automatically billed in the future by HCG Platinum.

    The confirmation number for this CANCELLATION is


    For any future orders of HCG Platinum, or any of our other great products, please visit us at [HCG Platinum website removed]

    We are sorry to see you go, but hope that you’ll choose HCG Platinum again in the future.

    Also, please keep in mind that our support specialists are standing by, Monday through Friday, from 9:00AM to 6:00PM GMT at ************* to assist you and answer any questions you may have about our products or our programs.

    HCG Platinum Support Team

  43. Mr Potter says:

    And now the other has agreed to cancel. heres the mail…………..

    Dear Tim Potter,

    As per our phone conversation of today we have cancelled your standing auto-ship order for Total Cleanse.

    You will no longer receive shipments of this product, nor will you be automatically billed in the future by Purify Naturally.

    The confirmation number for this CANCELLATION is: ******

    For any future orders of Total Cleanse, or any of our other fantastic products, please visit us at [Purify Naturally Website URL removed].

    We are sorry to see you go, but hope that you’ll choose Purify Naturally again in the future.

    Also, please keep in mind that our support specialists are standing by, Monday through Friday, from 9:00AM to 6:00PM GMT at ****************** to assist you and answer any questions you may have about our products or our programs.

    Purify Naturally

    Hopefully, thats the end of it!

  44. Mr Potter says:

    Appologies, I meant to star out the website adresses too.

  45. Nursecats2006 says:

    Hi everyone, well unfortunately I have also fallen into this trap thinking that it could be the answer to all my problems. Well I might as well kiss my dream body goodbye lol!!. I only ordered the HCg today but thankfully started reading all your useful comments. I have since logged my credit card as lost and this will hopfully stop them taking any more payments. Unfortunately tho they have already got my £4.95.I will be e-mailing them tom to cancel my free trial. Thanks for everyone useful tips. It just shows you that there are so many con-artists out there.

  46. Mr Potter says:

    When I spoke to them, I kept quoting the UK distance seller regs, especially the cool off part. I also pointed out, that as a company claiming to be from the UK, they are legally bound to provide a business address in the UK, and a UK landline contact number. I also demanded to speak to a supervisor. I also informed them that I had cancelled my card, and that the bank had been informed. I was hung up on.
    However within ten minutes I recieved the cancellation mails.

    Persevere, dont take no for an answer.

    • admin says:

      Thanks Mr Potter for keeping us informed of you’re progress and congratulations on your persistence!
      Many UK based free trials fail to disclose company registration and contact information on their sites and would appear to be breaking UK law. Many of them (including those who promote them) also appear to be going against the terms and conditions for Google Paid Per Click advertising and Facebook advertising.
      With more and more consumers becoming aware of the practises that “free trial” companies employ the practise will hopefully disappear.
      Thanks again for providing such excellent and invaluable information for our visitors.
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team

  47. Hola says:

    I got a PO address for these people anyone interested in making further complaints:

    PPF Shipping Ltd, P.O. BOX 13511, Linlithgow, West Lothian, EH49 7YH, UK

  48. Hola says:

    [link removed] please also find their bogus terms and conditions.

    I ordered the product on 19/07/2012, the money from my bank account was deducted on the 23/07/2012 and the product has been received today on the 16/08/2012. I need my £4.99 refunded back to me.

    These are unlicensed people and their products are bogus toooo with Health Hazards.

  49. Hola says:

    I called them for a refund and telephone operator’s called Jenny, Kevin and David answered the phone. They also have another telephone no. 080 8134 9850.

    Please do the necessary to STOP these people from operating in the UK.

  50. julie carrington says:

    no problem spoke to a nice man on the phone and cancelled my order,finger crossed they dont take any money from my account.

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