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Hoodiarene is a diet supplement that combines the appetite suppressant qualities of Hoodia extract along with a fat burning formula called Z Plex. These days the effects of Hoodia have been discredited, so the name of this supplement does not inspire us with confidence.

We take a look into Hoodiarene to see if it is worth a try despite the unfortunate name.

Hoodiadrene Pros

  • Contains vitamins and some good ingredients
  • Sold by Biovea – website available in UK, USA and across Europe

Hoodiadrene Cons

  • Hoodia not effective for weight loss
  • Potential side effects
  • Incomplete ingredients profile
  • Very expensive
Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

Hoodiadrene Review

Hoodiadrene Facts

  • Supplement made by Newton Everett Biotech, available from Biovea
  • Each bottle contains 150 capsules
  • Contains Hoodia and bunch of vitamins

Hoodiarene is said to be a powerful thermogenic, designed to give your metabolism a lift and fat burning boost. It is combined with Hoodia – once believed to be a powerful natural appetite suppressant. Hoodiarene contains stimulants including caffeine and synephrine so will not suit everyone.

Hoodiarene is made by Newton Everett Biotech an American company based in Arizona. The company produce a wide range of products relating to weight management, sleep problems, sexual dysfunction and more and these are available in both the USA and the UK.

Hoodiarene is part of their weight loss range, which includes Hoodia spray – an appetite suppressant you spray on your tongue and Advantrima – described as an extreme fat burner, and this product appears to combine both these features into one supplement.

Hoodiarene is marketed by Biovea an international online supplements retailer who also sell other Newton Everett products.

To use Hoodiarene take three capsules three times a day with meals for the first ten days. Then reduce the dose to one capsule three times a day if you feel it is too strong.

According to the company, Hoodiarene works to target all of the issues associated with weight gain.

The Hoodia content suppresses your appetite so that you are less likely to over eat and the fat burning formula Z plex – which is largely a patented formula Advantra plus a few extra ingredients and vitamins, promote energy.

Advantra Z contains Citrus Aurantium, which has an androgenic effect. This means that it increases your adrenaline levels, which may make you, feel anxious and too wired to eat. Synephrine works as a natural ephedrine – which has a stimulant effect and there are some health risks associated with this ingredient. It can increase blood pressure and heart rate so is not suitable for everyone.

The advertising offers some information about ingredients but they don’t make it easy to understand. However, it all sounds nicely scientific and if you have any idea what sentences such as “The metabolic results of adrenoceptor activation also include effects on lipolysis and [metabolism],” really mean, you will probably find it full of useful information. For the rest of us, it appears that Hoodiarene is a stimulant combined with an appetite suppressant.

Hoodiadrene Concerns

  • Hoodiarene may have potentially dangerous side effects
  • Hoodia does not work to help weight loss
  • No customer feedback available
  • This supplement can work out very expensive

What Does Hoodiadrene Claim To Do?

Hoodiarene claims to offer the following benefits and features. It will:

  • Burn Fat
  • Suppress your Appetite
  • Increase your Strength and Energy
  • Improve your Muscle Tone
  • No dangerous Side Effects
  • Formulated for Men and Women

The advertising claims,

the Hoodia in HOODIADRENE® is a new, exciting and powerful nutritional supplement that will suppress your appetite like no other product

The advertising cites clinical references, but it is not that easy to wade through all the text and is simply not that readable. Hoodiarene appears to have written all their advertising in “small print” and it is as about as interesting as reading a mortgage agreement! By the time you get a third down the page, most people will glaze over – the Diet Pills team certainly did just that.

However, it appears that Hoodiarene suppresses your appetite and affects the processes of the brain by reducing appetite and boosting dopamine – a pleasure giving brain chemical,

Since there is increased availability of substrates (the free fatty acids which are released from the fat stores) for oxidation, the body has access to greater amounts of energy.

So from this we can work out that it burns fat and boosts energy, but they don’t make it easy.

So What Is Hoodiadrene and What Are The Ingredients For Hoodiadrene?

Hoodiarene is a diet pill that is said to work as an appetite suppressant and energy boosting fat burner. It contains the following ingredients in each serving of three capsules.

  • Hoodia Gordonii extract (400mg): According to the advertising is special extra strength pure Hoodia powder. Hoodia is a natural cactus type plant that seemed to be effective as an appetite suppressant when it was used by native tribesmen of the Kalahari Desert. It was once regarded as the wonder of weight loss but has been largely discredited. It is not proven to work for weight loss and has spent years in testing, without any results. Major pharmaceutical companies gave up on clinical testing due to its negative results. Source: The Big Hoodia diet pill scam

Hoodiarene also contains the following vitamins and minerals in moderate quantities. An orange for example contains around 75mg of vitamin C.

  • 100mg Vitamin C
  • 10mg Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5)
  • 10mg Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)
  • 10mg Magnesium

1425 mg Z Plex Blend formula. The precise quantities of ingredients in the formula are not revealed.

  • Ginger root: Often taken as a folk medicine for nausea and classified as a stimulant. Source:
  • Quercetin: Is plant pigment and a flavanoid found in numerous plants and foods including green tea, onions and apples. Flavanoids are powerful antioxidants with many health benefits and Quercetin sometimes taken to improve endurance and performance. Source: Quercetin on WebMD
  • Cocoa extract (Containing 6% theobromine): Has a stimulant effect similar to caffeine and can increase heart rate and lower blood pressure if taken in sufficient quantities. Theobromine is found in all chocolate with dark chocolate having the highest levels. Source:
  • Yerba Mate Extract: Is commonly consumed as herbal tea and has proven effective for weight loss with high levels of flavanoids and antioxidants. It has a stimulant effect due to the caffeine content but amounts contained in the supplement are not disclosed See our earlier article on yerba mate. Source: Yerba Mate on Ingredient Watch
  • DL-Methionine: Amino acid found in some proteins, which plays a vital role in cell formation. A healthy diet will probably deliver sufficient quantities of DL Methionine. One of the most common uses of this chemical is to counter the effects of Paracetamol (Acetaminophen) poisoning because it prevents damage to the liver. Source: Methionine on WebMD
  • Grape Seed Extract: This by-product from grapes has high quantities of vitamin E and polyphenols – antioxidants which include flavanols. There may be benefits to many health conditions and this substance is undergoing clinical trials.
  • Advantra Z: A trademarked ingredient used in many diet supplements and is a patented form of bitter orange extract. Bitter orange extract is effective for weight loss and is often used as an alternative to banned substance ephedrine. It can increase the heart rate and raise blood pressure and Synephrine – the active ingredient of bitter orange is sometimes used to treat low blood pressure. Source:

So What Does All This Mean?

The exact quantities of some of the ingredients of Hoodiarene are not specified. Some of the ingredients do not appear to play a role in weight loss but you may notice a stimulant effect and the vitamins and magnesium promote good health.

However, the principle ingredient for weight loss is Hoodia and as this is now proven to have zero effect upon the appetite, this lets the supplement down.

The other problem is with the stimulant effect of the Z Plex formula. Advantra Z is used as an ephedrine alternative and can cause side effects of increased heart rate and blood pressure.

Does Hoodiadrene Have Any Side Effects?

Hoodiarene has a high stimulant content and you may notice this effect especially if you are sensitive to stimulants. You may notice increased heart rate, sleep disturbances and jitteriness; alternatively, it may act as a pick me up. The advertised appetite suppressant effect that is caused by Hoodia is unlikely, but anything that contains caffeine and stimulants can suppress the appetite by putting your body into flight or fight mode.

The manufacturers do not provide any warnings apart from advising consumers to reduce the dose if weight loss is achieved too quickly. We feel that you are more likely to find the stimulant effect too unpleasant rather than the loss of too much weight.

Hoodia can cause side effects, including nausea, vomiting, skin disturbances such as itchiness and rashes. Hoodia was also found to affect heart rate, increase blood pressure levels and pulse rate. Its potential risks, side effects, and interactions with medicines and other supplements have not been studied and Hoodia’s safety is unknown.

Caution: Avoid Hoodiarene if you suffer from a heart condition or high blood pressure. Do not take if you are on medication without consulting your doctor. Avoid if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Any Hoodiadrene Reviews From Customers?

Not one! Hoodiarene is now available via Amazon but as yet, no customers have left reviews. The advertising does not include customer testimonials and it appears that nobody is actually talking about Hoodiarene.

So Does Hoodiadrene Work?

It may work a bit and some of the ingredients may help promote energy. The big problem with this supplement is that it is built around Hoodia and Hoodia has been shown to not work for weight loss (read more in our Hoodia diet pill scam article).

Some of the world’s major companies, including Unilever spent millions of dollars on the research and development of Hoodia as a weight loss supplement and it just does not work. It does not cause weight loss and the major companies have also been concerned about the potential health risks of this ingredient.


Where Can I Buy Hoodiadrene?

You can buy Hoodiarene direct from the Biovea website. Country specific versions of the website make it easy for international customers, but the price varies from country to country.

One bottle of 150 capsules (15- 16 days supply) costs £31.95 for UK customers, plus shipping costs, whereas in Europe the same bottle of pills costs 39.95€ – roughly the equivalent price. However in the USA, Hoodiarene is cheaper, and the same quantity costs just $39.95 (approximately £25).

Hoodiarene is also available from Amazon where it is sold by Biovea. Same price variations apply.

Consumer Alert: Customers need to be aware that 150 capsules is only around 15 – 16 days supply. This means that a month’s supply will cost around £60 per month!

How About a Money-Back Guarantee?

Biovea do not offer a money back guarantee for Hoodiarene.

Watchdog Verdict

Hoodiarene has some good ingredients that will promote health but a few of the ingredients are a matter for concern. Advantra Z is a powerful stimulant that can have an effect upon heart rate and blood pressure and although some people like the stimulant effect of fat burners, they may be potentially dangerous.

More seriously, the effects of Hoodia remain unknown and it has been discredited for as a weight loss supplement. Considering that Hoodia is a vital component of Hoodiarene, plus the concerns about side effects, we have no choice but to reject this supplement.

Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

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